Smut Scenes and Graph Paper: An Interview With Dafna G.

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Smut Scenes and Graph Paper: An Interview With Dafna G.
Interviewer: Christinecgb
Interviewee: Dafna Greer
Date(s): November 21, 2001
Medium: online
Fandom(s): West Wing
External Links: zendom : Smut Scenes and Graph Paper: An Interview With Dafna G., Archived version
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Smut Scenes and Graph Paper: An Interview With Dafna G. was conducted in 2001 for Zendom.

Some Excerpts

Seriously, if you ever write an orgyfic, I highly recommend diagramming who's where, because it's easy to lose track. :) So, that's how I wound up finishing my first fanfic ever. But I mean, I'd been reading the stuff for years, so it's not like I was unfamiliar with the PWP (plot-what-plot?) genre.
I first posted [Dioscorea] it to the slash list and people there liked it, but it wasn't like, "wow!" or anything. Then later I decided to post it to the CJ/Toby list -- because I think it's really a CJ/Toby story as much as anything -- and the reaction there was quite different. There was a lot more sheer surprise at the very idea. But no one was mean or anything. I just got a lot more feedback along the lines of "I would've never thought of this." Not that there are tons of threesomes or anything in slashfic either (in this fandom, anyway) -- but maybe slash fans, who tend to be older, are more likely to have read something like this in another fandom? I mean, I started out reading Voyager fanfic and Trek fic is just rife with stuff like this.
...Jed/Leo is easier for me, because I feel like I have things to say about them. Whereas I don't really for Josh/Sam -- or at least not that hasn't already been said. I honestly think that certain characters just grab you and make you want to write about them. I find the idea of their long friendship very appealing -- and they're so slashy at times! Plus, I adore threesomes and I totally see Abbey as being in on it from time to time. In a way, it's a good thing that it wasn't a popular pairing because it's what forced me to start writing. As Jae said in a different context, "No one was writing these incredibly obvious stories!" Dioscorea was my first finished fanfic -- but I started writing the threesome epic before that. Also, Josh is *so* every guy I went to college with. And I have a lot in common with Sam, as well. If I'm going to fantasize about fictional characters, I don't want them to remind me of people I know. :)
Since my reputation's already shot, I might as well admit that the first fanfiction I ever read was "Mistress Janeway". Not my fault! I was doing a Web search for Kate Mulgrew sites (this is during maybe season 2 or 3 of Voyager) and I just stumbled across it. And then I quickly found my way to more mainstream J/C sites. And then I realized it wasn't just Voyager, but that they had fanfic about everything! And I was very happy. :) I should say, fanfiction also reminded me a lot of midrash. I discovered fanfiction just after spending a year in Jerusalem studying rabbinic texts -- and while obviously, I'm completely mixing the sacred & the profane, let's just say the idea of making up stories about pre-existing texts wasn't exactly a new one.