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Name: Dafna Greer
Alias(es): dafna, Dafna G., dafnagreer
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: The West Wing, Star Trek: Voyager, The X-Files, Sports Night, Lord Peter Wimsey, Peep Show, Jane Austen, others
URL: dafna at Dreamwidth
dafnagreer at LiveJournal
dafna at Archive of Our Own
Dafna G. at West Wing Fanfiction Central
Dafna's Den of Fanfic (defunct; archived by the Wayback Machine)
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Dafna Greer is a fan writer best known for her West Wing slash and as a frequent participant in Yuletide.

Fannish History

Dafna got into fandom through Star Trek: Voyager. In a 2001 interview, she wrote of discovering fanfiction:

Since my reputation's already shot, I might as well admit that the first fanfiction I ever read was "Mistress Janeway". Not my fault! I was doing a Web search for Kate Mulgrew sites (this is during maybe season 2 or 3 of Voyager) and I just stumbled across it. And then I quickly found my way to more mainstream J/C sites. And then I realized it wasn't just Voyager, but that they had fanfic about everything! And I was very happy. :)

I should say, fanfiction also reminded me a lot of midrash. I discovered fanfiction just after spending a year in Jerusalem studying rabbinic texts -- and while obviously, I'm completely mixing the sacred & the profane, let's just say the idea of making up stories about pre-existing texts wasn't exactly a new one.

The main fandom for which she wrote fanfiction was The West Wing, where she wrote primarily Jed/Leo, other slash pairings, and moresomes. Dioscorea was her first finished fanfic, through she started writing Direction Home (originally known as the "untitled 3some story") before it.[1]

2009 screencap of Dafna's GeoCities site, Dafna's Den of Fanfic.

Dafna hosted her West Wing fanfiction on a GeoCities webpage, Dafna's Den of Fanfic. She also posted her West Wing stories to The Big Block of Cheese,[2] which became part of West Wing Fanfiction Central in August 2005.

When GeoCities announced its closure in 2009, Dafna moved her fanfiction to AO3 through the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project.[3][4] A Fanlore page for her GeoCities site was also created as part of the project.

Involvement with the OTW

Dafna volunteered during the initial planning of the Organization of Transformative Works and Archive of Our Own. In the "An Introduction to the Organization for Transformative Works" post on September 28, 2007, it was announced that Dafna would serve as chair of the OTW's "Public Relations" committee (which was later merged with the "Community Relations" committee to become Communications).

In January 2008, Dafna wrote about why she volunteered for the OTW as part of "Why I Joined OTW Week":[5] 5 Reasons Why I Shouldn't Have Joined the OTW (and One Why I Did), posted Jan. 10th, 2008 at LiveJournal.

She wrote in part:

So how on earth did someone like me wind up volunteering for the Organization for Transformative Works? Why did I, a non-joining, acaspeak-hating, all-but-anonymous member of fandom, not only volunteer, but wind up chairing the Public Relations Committee? It's pretty simple, really:

1. I'm tired of journalists getting everything about fandom wrong. I don't just mean the simple stuff, like what slash is, or that we're not all 12 (or 45, or whatever the narrative is that week), I mean the whole context of fandom. You have journalists writing about mash-ups as if vidding never existed and about user-generated content as if it was something invented 2 years ago. It's just embarrassing.

Not as a fan, mind you. It's embarrassing as a journalist. [...]

This is what I want for fandom. Someplace that's easy for journalists to find -- and that has information written for journalists in mind. A fandom press kit, if you will. [...] So that the next time it's 45 minutes to air and some producer calls me because they've changed the rundown again and they want to talk about Harry Potter slash but aren't sure what it is, exactly, and can I explain all of fandom in 1 minute, while standing on one foot, I can just say, "Hey, there's this web site you should read ..."


Notable Fanfiction

The West Wing

Other Fandoms


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