Fandom Whore Hates You All

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Name: Fandom Whore Hates You All
Dates: 2000?
Fandom: Buffy, Badfic
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Fandom Whore Hates You All was a blog-type website that discussed bad fiction, bad websites, and tropes.


"Fandom Whore rather likes her guestbook. It makes her feel all warm and squishy inside knowing that there are people who feel the need to write in it.

And someone asked a very good question on it. "Fandom Whore," they said, "why involve yourself with the Buffy fandom online at all if you hate it so much?"

Fandom Whore doesn't hate the fandom, no! That's why she's Fandom Whore -- she whores herself out to the fandom. She wants to be Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman," hoping beyond hope that the next story that comes along will be Richard Gere and will take her away from all the pathetic stories she's been fucking.

She's doing it for fun, not for hatred. And Fandom Whore keeps on hoping that someone will come along and sweep her off her stiletto vinyl boot-wearing feet and make her love the fandom again.

But I sure don't have my hopes up." [1]

Some Examples


This site is in diary format, which makes sense seeing as it's at Diaryland. Fandom Whore seems to hang out mainly in the Buffy fandom, and what few rants are there right now are Buffy related. (What is it about the Buffy fandom that makes its members so frustrated, anyway?) As I write this, there are only four entries, but I'd like to see more. There's one about awards that had me nodding and cackling - "But isn't it about time we had an awards where the people responsible weren't allowed to be in the awards? That we got rid of this fucking pathetic little incestuous kiss-ass circle and actually had people who deserved to win? There's too little there right now to really form an opinion, but I wish her luck. [2]


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