Bad Buffy

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Name: Bad Buffy
Dates: last updated 2001
Fandom: Multifandom, Badfic
URL: Bad Buffy - The End, Archived version
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Bad Buffy was a badfic, spoofing site.

Its Closing

To all concerned.

This is the time for blunt truths. Bad Buffy is not a nice site. It was never intended to be such. We are not saints, nor are we anything resembling infallible. We have our mean tendencies, and we have our differing opinions of what is funny, legal, and acceptable behavior.

Bad Buffy is no more, people, and while we hold many regrets about the course of this entire situation, the foremost is that the outcry against Kate Bolin got so out of hand. This is over, and we have no reason to lie about it - Kate's involvement was minimal, and she has long since chosen to sever her connection to the Bad Buffy project. Have you ever heard someone else's plot bunny and run with it yourself? Well, we took this idea and developed it ourselves. Kate has not been involved since the beginning, she never wrote a review, and she should be left alone.

We knew feelings would be hurt by the site, and our personal stances on that are our own business. We knew that this would cause a controversy, though we never imagined it would rise to this scale. Perhaps that was simply short-sightedness on our part. It doesn't really matter.

What does matter is that we feel this has grown to be too much. We have recently struggled with what to do in the face of all the criticisms of the site; we actually began revising reviews to take out particularly objectionable material.

However, we recognize that nothing short of ending the entire thing will appease the offended parties, and we concede. In hopes that the Anti-Bad Buffy camp can find it within themselves to be reasonable and let sleeping dogs lie, and let human mistakes be just that - mistakes - we have deleted the site and all reviews.

We are also not above apologizing for certain things. In considering a revision of the site, we admitted that things we said in our reviews were, at times, over the top and unnecessarily offensive, even in consideration of the theme of the site. We believe it is not a nice world, and the point of the site was never to *be* nice, but some things are, as claimed, too much. We are sorry for the instances in which we attacked authors personally, and we regret bad feelings that may linger over this. We realize that this is not much consolation, in hindsight, but it is all we can do.

We sincerely hope that this can end here, and now, and that life can go on. We also appreciate those who, though they objected to our site, made an effort to remain reasonable and objective.

Thank you.


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