Melvin's Mauve Mansion of Manlove

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Melvin's Mauve Mansion of Manlove
Author: Ellen Smithee
Dates: 2000
Fandom: Highlander, The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, HtLJ/XWP, crossovers
URL: (Wayback link)
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Melvin's Mauve Mansion of Manlove was a personal slash fanfiction site. It highlighted badfic. It was one of many similar sites that sprang up during this time.

Welcome to Melvin's Mauve Mansion of Manlove! This is the home of a Kronos we do not often see: sensitive, caring, and in love. A man appalled by his past deeds of evil, driven to do penance, saved from vicious insanity by Methos, the horseman of his dreams. A man torn by his passions and baser instincts who dreams of nothing more than holding his snugglebunny in his arms, cuddling by the fire, while Celine Dion croons softly in the background. A man who - well, read for yourself.


A comment at Citizens Against Bad Slash:

More intentional badfic. It seems that this would be hard to pull off and do well, and I don't trust 90% of the slash authors I know to be able to do it, so I haven't read any of the stories here. You can't make me. Stop it. You're not the boss of me. [1]

A comment in 2000:

Melvin's Mauve Mansion of Manlove has a collection of stories by different authors, mostly Highlander and X-Files. Some are just bad, and not very funny. I can't bear to read deliberate spelling and grammatical errors; it hurts too much. However, Diary of a Horseman is absolutely hysterical. [HL, raping, pillaging, humor, crossover] Something of Interest is kinda hot. The fact that I find it more arousing than humorous probably says more about me than about the story. [XF, gunsex, videotape] "The Dream" and "Sewer Rat" are short Mulder/Krycek things. Kinda funny. [2]



Snugglebunnies: (Kronos/Methos) A badfic series: An ongoing, moving, magical tale of love lost and found and lost again. Kronos at his sensitive best.

You Light Up My Life
The Greatest Love of All
Without You - Warning! Implied romance between Duncan MacLeod and Methos. (Eew!!!)

Kronos hat dich lieb !(Kronos/Methos) A filk in German: Kronos's contribution to the "Grand Prix d'Eurovision" competition. Music by Guildo Horn. Warning! Implied sexual violence and torture.


Psychoanalysis (Mulder/Krycek) A serial parody: Mulder in therapy.

The Dream
Sewer Rat - Warning! Rape fantasy.

When Sunny Gets Blue (Mulder/Krycek) Badfic: Mulder goes to great lengths to save his marriage. Warning! Rape fantasy.

Scoldy's Discography (Mulder/Krycek) Badfic: Can Mulder and Scully's partnership survive this?

Affinity (Skinner/Spender) Badfic: Skinner has some good, clean fun and discovers true love along the way!

Something of Interest (Mulder/Other) Krycek gets an interesting package. Warning! Sexual violence and disturbing sexual practices.

Ka-Bum ! (Krycek/CSM) A filk in German: What was going through Cancer Man's head when he tried to blow up Krycek? Music by Tic Tac Toe.


I Will Survive (Ares/Widow Twanky) Badfic: Widow Twanky helps Ares when he's down and out. Warning! Character death.

I Love Ares (Joxer/Ares) Badfic: Singing an homage to Ares brings Joxer more than he expects.

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Nature Boy (Spike/Angelus) Badfic: Looking for love in all the wrong places, Spike gets more than he bargained for.


Diary of a Horseman (Multiple pairings - m/m + m/f; Highlander/Pretender/X-Files/fairy tales) Co-authored by Boadicea

Fun and hijinks in the Bronze Age. Warning! Non-consentual sex, torture, murder, and mayhem.

The Proxy (Kronos/Jim/(Blair; HL/The Sentinel) Badfic: Jim meets up with an old nemesis. Warning! Character death. Necrophilic and non-consentual elements!

Bride of Kronos (Kronos/Drusilla; Highlander/Buffy: The Vampire Slayer) Badfic: Kronos and Drusilla find their destiny together Warning! Multiple character deaths!

The Lives and Loves of Elaine du Forgeron

The continuing saga of Elaine du Forgeron, the smartest, loveliest, sexiest, dreamiest, most passionate, most unusual woman who ever existed in the entire universe through all of time.

Wicked, Wanton Lust (Elaine/Ares) Elaine is forced to leave her greatest love. Can he ever learn to live without her? A tale of Olympic proportions.

Coming soon! Sweet, Savage Surrender (Elaine/?) Out of love for Elaine, one man's life is ruined. A blood-curdling story of soul-consuming passion.

Baby's First Badfic

Menses Enough for Me (John/Bailey; Profiler) John discovers Bailey's deepest, darkest secret. Will it destroy their newfound love? "This was my very first badfic, my one and only Profiler piece, never before posted anywhere. The perceptive reader will notice technical devices (so-called "gags") used in later badfics."

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