Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit!

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Name: Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit!
Owner/Maintainer: Siubhan, Joan the English Chick
Dates: created sometime around June 2000, last updated 2001
Type: badfic
Fandom: Multifandom, Badfic
URL: Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit!, Archived version
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Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit! is a site with examples and commentary about bad fanfic. Despite the name of the site, it was not like many sites of its time that mocked unintentional poorly-written fiction; it was more of a how-to site, a writing tutorial.

front page

From the Site's Introduction

The purpose of this website is to show examples of intentionally bad fanfic, also known as BadFic, and to explain what makes them bad.

What is BadFic?

There are two definitions of Badfic, which are mutually exclusive:

Fiction that is intentionally bad, written that way for the purposes of entertaining and amusing, and also educating, by pointing out some of the most common errors made by inexperienced writers. Fiction that is unintentionally bad; the author thinks it's good. Often those of us who know the difference between good and bad fic don't know whether to laugh or cry when we read this kind of story.

Please note that the ONLY kind of badfic you will find on this site is the first type. All stories on this site are posted here with the permission of their authors, and all stories on this site were deliberately written to be bad. We are not interested in insulting or making fun of specific authors. We merely wish to do two things: a) make you laugh, and b) point out some of the things that turn a potentially good fic into an unintentional badfic. It's our hope that if more writers learn about the hallmarks of Badfic, there will be fewer unintentional badfics out there. For that reason, we have stories to illustrate our points in humorous ways, and we have Lessons to explain them in more depth.

Who Are We?

Unlike some other Bad Fanfic sites, we have no intention of hiding in anonymity behind a free webpage service. We don't like to name names, but... ah, what the hell, yes we do! The Godawful Fanfiction Page and Bad Buffy (which seems to have disappeared recently anyway) are two examples of sites whose webmasters don't have the guts to put their own names on the sites. We here at "Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit!" agree with just about every single damn word on these two websites, but we don't like their methods. We don't like the way they hide behind the Internet, and we don't like the way they use the First Amendment to excuse being nasty to badfic authors. Sure, the First Amendment gives you the right to do it, but, as your mom should have taught you, it's not nice.

The Contributors

The idea for this website was dreamed up, and the vast majority of the content was written, by: Siubhan and Joan the English Chick. Additional contributions to the content, format, organization, and philosophy of the site were made by: Jedimom, Laura Cooksey, Melissa, Rose, and The Plain Adder.

The Lessons

  • Glossary: A list of common fanfic terms, in case you're new to the "scene" and are wondering what all that stuff is in the intro to every fanfic on your email list.
  • Common Errors: A list of the most common fanfic errors. These include grammatical errors as well as stylistic and compositional errors. A good "intentional badfic" should contain as many of these errors as possible.
  • Sex Tips for Writers: A collection of suggestions and things to think about when writing a sex scene.
  • Why Use a Beta Reader?: An essay on why you should consider using a beta reader. (If you don't know what a beta reader is, read the glossary first!) By Siubhan.
  • Interview with Mary Sue: The Plaid Adder interviews her own Mary Sue character, Ophidia, about why Mary Sue-ism is bad and why it nevertheless runs rampant in the fanfic world.

The Badfic Stories

See: Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit!: The Stories, Archived version

Fan Reaction

Well, of course they have the guts to put their names on their site. There's not really anything ground breaking here. It's a rather "as mild as we wanna be" site where, if you like, you can intentionally read bad fiction. They write their own bad stories and post them so we can learn from them. That's so nice. [1]


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