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Name: Fanfic's Critics
Dates: 2000?
Fandom: 'N Sync
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Fanfic's Critics was a badfic, spoofing site.

A Description

These girls use their real identities and review 'N Sync slash and het fic, including the bad "author as girlfriend" fic. I presume it's done with the permission of the authors. They're teenagers, and you can tell ("West Siiiiiiiiide! ::sings:: California, knows how to party... Cal-i-for-nia knows how to par-tayyy... I love my home state" - grrr, stop that) but when they get down to the actual reviews, they've got some good things to say, including in their fanfic pet peeves section. (One of Chickpea's peeves: "Writers who claim that they don't need to change their writing when other people give constructive criticism. When they ask for feedback from their readers, these writers are saying, "come on, critique my writing so that I can become better!" To turn right around and take constructive criticism as a personal affront is just stupidity on the part of the writers.") They've especially got good things to say when you take into account that by and large, they're writing for other teenagers. They've put up with some flack in the past (check out the "FictionLyn" critiques) but they didn't back down, which took a lot of gonads. And they're a lot easier on the het Mary Sues than I would have been. They break up their reviews into sections like "MEGO (My Eyes Gloss Over) Factor" and "In A Nutshell." I find them endearing and at least a little cool, like I would have been at that age had I been online and writing 'N Sync fiction. [1]


  1. from Citizens Against Bad Slash
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