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Name: Feel Our Pain
Dates: 2001
Fandom: Buffy, Badfic
URL: it was here
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Feel Our Pain was a ranting, badfic website.

Opening Announcement

From a 2001 post: "Message: 1 Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2001 05:03:01 -0000 From: "Raving Bitca"

What with the Buffy Fanfiction Terror Squad pussying out, and the CABS folks being all nice to everyone, and we won't even mention the other criticism sites...a few of us decided that it was time for someone new to step in and protect the world from the dangers of bad fanfiction. Feel our pain. Share our pain. Because when we're pissed off, we're not happy until you are too.

Severe bad language and bitchiness alert. Be prepared to see yourself inside. Enjoy!" [1]

The Bitcas"

From the Webpage

"Hi. We're cranky and all about sharing. There's a lot of crap getting passed off as fanfiction these days. It's getting feedback; it's getting awards; it's getting us sick. In an effort to keep ourselves from involuntary bulimia, we put our bile to better use: we made *another* badfic site. Mind that puddle of vomit on the floor. The maid hasn't been in yet.

The Buffy fandom. Spite, evil, icky monsters (not just the characters on the show, but the people in the fic community too!).It's a fandom about murderous demons, and we want to partake. So we made this little home away from home, in an effort to educate today's youth about the destructive power of bad fic. Enjoy.

Oh, and before you send us that bitchy e-mail? Let us save you some time.

A) Who do we think we are? We're readers with a basic grasp of the english language and a modicum of taste.

B) What right do we have to say these terrible, terrible things? You put 'em out there, sugar, we just read 'em. *dramatic pause* Unfortunately.

C) Are we going to hell? Very probably, thanks for asking. We appreciate your concern for our immortal souls.

D) Where's our fic? It's out there. Look hard under the rocks.

Got something else to ask? Ask away, the e-mail link's right there. Don't be shy. We love to hear from our fans. Really.

If you have bile of your own to spew about someone or something, please drop us a line from a fake e-mail account with a fake name, and we will put it up if it doesn't suck." [2]


Yet another badfic site from the Buffy fandom. This one comes complete with a counter-rant to our "Underage" guest rant. The other rants are the usual fare, such as why "1/?" sucks, annoying feedback, how writers should not include complete lyrics in their songfics, "prostrate vs. prostate," etc. I liked the verb/subject agreement thing. Anything by Ripe W. Plum is pretty good. Not overly exciting yet, but it doesn't suck. [3]


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