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Name: Leela Starsky
Alias(es): Kate McCredie[1]
Type: fan artist, fan writer
Fandoms: Star Wars, Harry Potter, The X-Files, Doctor Who, others
Communities: May the Muse Be With You (fic & art site)
URL: leelastarsky at DeviantArt
leelastarsky at LiveJournal
Leela Starsky at FanFiction.Net
fanart by Leela Starsky at Yahoo! Groups
maythemusebewithyou.com (Wayback link)
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Leela Starsky is a fan artist and fan writer in Star Wars and Harry Potter fandoms.

Fan History

From The Zine Union, circa 2000:

Artist and writer. I have a Comic I've been doing for 25 YEARS! which is the biggest crossover fanfic you could EVER imagine. It has all my favorite TV and movie characters from when I was 12, including Star Wars, of course, which came out when I was 14. I thought I was the only person crazy enough to waste their time like this until I came on-line in November '99! Imagine my total SHOCK. And with my 'first time' paticipation in Kiss2, I now get to share it![2]

Leela's fanfiction has appeared in several issues of the Star Wars fanzine Bloodstripe.


Leela's art is featured at the Harry Potter Companion. John Kearns, creator of the Companion, writes:

"I don’t know how to describe Leela’s marvelous work except to say that she is unparalleled in her ability to create an atmosphere that just feels completely magical. She’s been drawing Harry Potter art for a long time, and I love just about everything she’s done. Her work is a backbone of any great Potter art collection."[3]

She was also selected as a featured artist at the Leaky Cauldron, where she was described:

"LeelaStarsky works both in digital and traditional art media--and seems perfectly content in both worlds. Her art appears to have an inner glow of life and promise. She obviously has a genuine love for the Potter characters, and that warmth radiates from the images! [...] The number one most-viewed image in the TLC FanArt Gallery is this one by Leela, her winning entry for the TLC Deathly Hallows cover contest, viewed over 44,800 times!"[4]

Sample Art


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