Harry Potter Companion

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Name: The Harry Potter Companion
Owner/Maintainer: John Kearns
Dates: 2009 - present
Type: fanart collection and canon resource
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: http://hpcompanion.com/
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The Harry Potter Companion is a Harry Potter website run by John Kearns, an ex-Harry Potter Lexicon editor. It is primarily a chapter-by-chapter guide to the Harry Potter books with every major scene illustrated by a piece of fanart, compiled from a wide variety of artists. It also contains sections for character portraits, essays, and artwork of "off-camera" events from the books, as well as artist profiles for every artists whose work was used on the site (currently over 100).

The site was inspired by Makani's Project HBP, Marta's website, Tealin's Azkaban Project, and the Harry Potter Lexicon's Reader's Guides.[1]


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