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Name: Laura Freeman
Alias(es): Nasubionna
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Harry Potter, others
Communities: Canon Artists for Harry Potter[1]
URL: deviantArt / Tumblr
Art/Goats Site / HP Art Site (defunct)[2]
art at Leaky Fan Art / Immeritus / Elfwood / HPL
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Laura Freeman, also known as Nasubionna, is a Harry Potter fan artist. Her art has been featured on the Harry Potter Lexicon, FictionAlley, and The Harry Potter Companion.[3][4][5]

Fannish History

In a 2006 interview for Immeritus, Laura explains that she got involved with fandom around 2000, "shortly after [she] started drawing [her] own fan art and became interested in posting them online." She also says of her fanart:

I've always drawn whatever I'm obsessed with... I believe my first fandom was Ninja Turtles and Disney's Oliver & Company, haha.... so, naturally, HP being my biggest obsession yet, artwork had to follow.

[...] Sometimes I'll just sit down and draw whatever I'm in the mood to draw, but often I will re-read the scene I'm drawing to remind myself of the situation, the mood, and of canon details. I usually try to stay pretty canon, but I don't flog myself for slipping up a detail (or intentionally changing details to allow for artistic license... ).[6]

Praise from J.K. Rowling

In 2004, J. K. Rowling mentioned Laura's fanart on her official site when reviewing the Sirius Black fansite Immeritus for her first Fan Site Award. Rowling wrote:

"The fan art on here is very good. For a while I had a picture of the four marauders drawn by Laura Freeman on my desktop. It is a particularly accurate portrayal of Sirius and Lupin."[7]

Though Rowling did not specify which particular work she was referring to, Laura speculates:

"I've narrowed it down to what I think are the two most likely possibilities: the color one of just the four Marauders from the chest up, arms around each other, or maybe the one where Sirius is sticking dungbombs down Snape's robe. I think it's one of those two based on the date she made the comment, and based on which of my artworks were on Immeritus at the time. I could be wrong, though! Believe me, I wish I knew which one she meant for sure...!"[6]

Fan Art Use Policy

Laura's Harry Potter Lexicon bio states:

For banners/avatars/icons - credit is appreciated when possible. It's OK to use my stuff on websites, but no hotlinking and please credit me and link back to my site. If it's an adult website to be using my art, please email me to discuss it beforehand. Teachers are welcome to use my art for their classes, and others are welcome to color my art (send me a copy, will you?) or print/save them for your own enjoyment.[3]

In the FAQ section of Laura's art site, she provided further guidelines for the use of her art:

Q.Can I use your Harry Potter art on my page?

A. Probably! Please follow the below guidelines. If you can do everything below, you may use my art on your site:

  1. Please take only a few drawings.
  2. Credit the pictures to me (Laura Freeman or Nasubionna), preferably on the same page the art is displayed.
  3. Link to me! OR
  4. Send me your website address.
  5. Do NOT direct-link images!!!
  6. Don't remove my watermarking/copyrighting, please, unless the image is being used in a website layout. Then, make sure I'm credited and linked somewhere reasonably easy to find!
  7. No pornographic or out of character fanfic/shipper sites! I hate that sort of thing, and don't want my art associated with it.[8]

Example Art


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