Wookiee Rendezvous

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Title: Wookiee Rendezvous
Publisher: KCG Press
Editor(s): Rebecca S. Wolking & Carolyn Golledge
Date(s): May 1999
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
External Links: Wookie Rendezvous website, Archived version
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Wookiee Rendezvous is an Star Wars anthology. It was published in May 1999 and contains 249 pages.

front cover by Dianne Smith
back cover by Dianne Smith


As described on the publisher's website:

Many Wookiees have found the road to fame and fortune (or at least fortune ... well, at least a living wage) is to be found in the trading routes of the Outer Rim. While Wookiees are perfectly happy roaming the galaxy, they are happiest if they can occasionally meet with other Wookiees to share memories of home, sing the songs they grew up with, test their strength against each other, trade with each other, and, in the evenings, tell stories. So they meet once a year on a designated planet, all converging at the same time along with buyers, a few Wookiees from home, and various other visitors. Wookiee Rendezvous is a collection of those stories, songs, and tall tales.

About the Art

Thanks to Sandi Jones and the artists of StarQuest (1988). I fell in love with so many of the illos in Gus' copy that Carolyn Golledge arranged permission to reprint them here. Carolyn also arranged with Dianne Smith for the stunning front and back covers. And thanks to Candy Cruz for the droid painting. WR just wouldn't be complete without Threepio and Artoo. [1]

An International Zine

Also, to my knowledge, this is the first ever internationally created SW zine! Me, working from Australia, together with the "batcave residents" - Becky, Doc Kelly, Gus, Kate, Jess, and Judy. And then too, Judy and Nicola in England, and Zyene in Germany complete the international flavor. [2]


frontispiece by Nicola Pearce
  • Bespin Delusion (excerpt) by Carolyn Golledge (8 pages) (reprinted from On a Clear Day You Can See Dagobah #3)
  • Circling Round the Same Flame by Amanda Palumbo (poem)
  • The Kiss by Rowan MacGhil (1 page)
  • Profile: Darth Vader by John Burke (2 page)
  • Sunset Embrace by Augusta Downey-Hovey (18 pages)
  • A Day in the Life of C-3PO by Sean Koury (2 pages)
  • Goodbye, Tattooine by Amanda Palumbo (poem)
  • Profile: Princess Leia Organa by John Burke (2 pages)
  • Trust by Martha Wilson (3 pages)
  • Moonbeam Caresses by Amanda Palumbo (poem)
  • A Certain Courage by Carolyn Golledge. Han agrees to aid the Rebels by recruiting a woman scientist who was once a friend -- now she wants to kill him. (20 pages)
  • Celebration by Pamela Scales (4 pages)
  • Betrayal by Anne Marie Gazzollo (4 pages)
  • Contract, Archived version by Kate Birkel (4 pages)
  • Her Son's Legacy, Archived version, also here by Irene Heron. Years after a traumatic event, Luke Skywalker comes to terms with his choices. (4 pages)
  • Reach Out With the Force by Alison Glover. Obi-wan Kenobi watches Luke's progress and his relationships with Han and others in the Alliance. (12 pages)
  • A New Light by Anne Marie Gazzolo (poem)
  • Reluctant Journey by Kelly Kline. A crisis on a frozen moon forces heroes to confront old fears and brings hearts closer together. (16 pages)
  • Profile: Lando Calrissian by John Burke (2 pages)
  • Renewal by Anna Marie Gazzolo (5 pages)
  • [Mountain Rescue] by Judy Ebberly. Han and Leia go on a mission to collect an Alliance contact but she has a small daughter and things get complicated. (13 pages)
  • Profile: Luke Skywalker by John Burke (2 pages)
  • Friends by Rebecca Wolking (28 pages)
  • Cover Art Provided By Dianne Smith; Art by Dianne Smith, Nicola Pearce, Alia, Judy Street, Sandi Jones, Cheree Cargill, Z. P. Florian, Dani, Zyene, Maggie Nowakowska, and Scott Rosema.



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