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Name: Debbie Kittle, Deborah Kittle
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Wars
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Debbie Kittle wrote for many Star Wars zines.

She was the winner of several awards: Fan Q and The STAR aWARdS.

In 1990, she wrote in response to Ethics and Etiquette: A Proposal for the Buying and Selling of Fanzines: "I've been fairly quiet about the zine copying issue but I feel as long as it's done for your own personal use, then it's ok. So, in accordance with Mary and Cheree: I, Debbie Kittle, hereby give all fans permission to make themselves single, not for resale copies of any of my stories (I have my co-author's permission, as well) for their personal use. I think this is a pretty good idea." [1]



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