Alliance & Empire

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Title: Alliance & Empire
Publisher: Criterion Press
Editor(s): Kathy Agel
Date(s): 1993-1994
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Alliance & Empire is a gen Star Wars zine that ran for two issues.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, cover by Karen Thomas

Alliance & Empire 1 contains 250 pages and was published in 1993. It won the 1994 FanQ Award for 'Best Star Wars Zine.'

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Z.P. Florian

Alliance & Empire 2 was published in 1994 and contains 264 pages.

It won the 1995 FanQ Award for 'Best Star Wars Zine.' Fiction by Lybarger, Anson, Nussman, Campbell, Schuller, Moore, Wilson, Florian, Fix, Blalock, Kittle, Golledge, Shwartz, and the duo of Doyle and MacDonald. Poetry by Agel, Mastoris, and Taero. Art by Lybarger, Florian, and Blalock. Cover by Florian.

  • Editorial (2)
  • Contact on Issquay by Debra Doyle and J.D. MacDonald (reprinted from From a Certain Point of View #4) (3)
  • Sleep Well, Young Man written and illustrated by Z.P. Florian (18)
  • Fortune is a Woman by Mary Jo Fox, illustrated by Z.P. Florian (23)
  • True Jedi by Marti Schuller, illustrated by S.M. Blalock (29)
  • Variations on a Theme by Veronica Wilson, illustrated by Z.P. Florian (49)
  • All in the Family by Cat Anson (55)
  • Stay With Me by Deborah Kittle (Han is wounded in a knife fight. He lapses into a coma. A mysterious female deity comes to claim him in death. Can Leia save him?), illustrated by Z.P. Florian (87)
  • Racing the Clouds by Catriona Campbell Boyle (Behind his guardians backs, fifteen year old Luke Skywalker joins his friends Biggs and Tank on a trip to Bestine Township for the annual Academy Recruitment Fair. And a few lessons are learned.), illustrated by S.M. Blalock (101)
  • Flyin' My Life Away by Kathryn Agel (113)
  • Alderaan, filk by Cheree Cargill, illustrated by Cargill (114)
  • Time Out for Lov by Wendy Schwartz, illustrated by Z.P. Florian (116)
  • Illaru, illustrated and written by S.M. Blalock (119)
  • Leia Explains the Twins by Jacqueline Taero (126)
  • You Mean Him...? by Jennifer Moore (127)
  • My Child, poem by Melissa Mastoris (134)
  • Two, poem by Kathryn Agel (135)
  • Reminiscence by Jacqueline Taero (136)
  • Excelsior!, written and illustrated by Wanda Lybarger (137)
  • Owen, poem by Melissa Mastoris (171)
  • The Return of the Corellian, written and illustrated by Z.P. Florian (reprinted in Han Solo) (172)
  • Love’s Mysteries (21 pages) by Pat Nussman (Han and Leia realize their feelings for each other on the ill-fated trip to Bespin. A definitive Han and Leia story and a classic of Star Wars fanzine fandom. PG13, contains some adult situations. Also in Kessel Run #2) (180)
  • Above All Shadows by Carolyn Golledge (also in Southern Knights #2) (209)