Han Solo (Star Wars zine)

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You may also be looking for Han Solo: Musings of a Corellian.

Title: Han Solo
Publisher: Soaring Wings Press
Editor(s): Z.P. Florian
Date(s): May 1999
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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the cover is by Z.P. Florian

Han Solo is a 101-page gen Star Wars anthology of twelve stories about the young Han Solo. All fiction is by Z.P. Florian. It has the subtitle, "A Compilation of Her Young Han Stories."

Some of the art is original to this zine and some is duplicated from other zines. It is all by Z.P. Florian.


  • Prologue: Excerpt from Anakin (1)
  • Cadet Solo (from Remote Control) #3 (3)
  • Three Tickets to Tattooine (from Who's Scruffy Looking?) (5)
  • Tattooine Sunrise (from I Have a Bad Feeling About This #1) (11)
  • Lady Luck Can Be Kind (from Bright Center of the Universe #5) (21)
  • Less Than Twelve Parsecs (from Dagobah #6) (33)
  • Corellians Ain't Tame (new to this zine) (39)
  • Return of the Corellian (from Alliance and Empire #2) (45)
  • Takh Solo (from Dagobah #8, where it has the title "Takh Solo Anid Graal") (53)
  • Call It a Tie (from Bright Center of the Universe #3) (61)
  • Errand on Urikk-Ra (from Bright Center of the Universe #6) (71)
  • Ord Mantell Interlude (from Alliance and Empire #2) (85)
  • The Departure of the Jedi (from Bright Center of the Universe #3) (92)