Who's Scruffy-Lookin'?

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Title: Who's Scruffy-Lookin'?
Publisher: Criterion Press
Editor(s): Kathy Agel
Date(s): 1994
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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cover by Wanda Lybarger

Who's Scruffy-Lookin'? is a gen 165-page anthology with an emphasis on Han Solo stories. It contained stories by multiple authors and interior illustrations by various fan artists. Wanda Lybarger won the 1995 FanQ Award as 'Best Star Wars Artist' for her work in this zine. Other art by Barbara Fister-Liltz, and Z.P. Florian, with a special portfolio by Florian.

  • The Perfect Solo-tion by Deborah Kittle (3)
  • Decision Made by Kathryn Agel (10)
  • The Medics Strike Back by Carolyn Golledge and Judy Yuenger--Solo is called to task by Rebel Accounting for all his medical expenses. Most of the injuries mentioned are taken from Golledge stories. (11) (reprinted in Never Say Die #8)
  • A Medal by Kathryn Agel (18)
  • Three Tickets to Tatooine by Z.P. Florian--Cadet Solo is about to graduate from the Imperial Academy...until he meets his Captain’s beautiful young wife. (19) (reprinted in Han Solo)
  • This Could Really Save My Neck by Nora Mayers (27)
  • Feelings by Kathryn Agel (36)
  • Secrets by Martha Wilson--Leia discovers something about Han's past, but will he believe it's by accident? (37) (reprinted in Bloodstripe #1)
  • I Got More Than I Bargained For by Nora Mayers (49)
  • One Plus One Equals One by Cat Anson--After Endor, a routine mission gets interesting for Han and Leia when Han encounters some old enemies...and an old lover. (53)
  • Run Before the Storm by Marcia Brin (75) (reprinted from Kessel Run #4)
  • Reap the Whirlwind by Marcia Brin (80) (reprinted from The Wookiee Commode #4)
  • What are You Lookin' At? by Nora Mayers (83)
  • Han Solo at Wit's End by Rita Wilcoxon--Han and Leia are having their wedding night...or they would be, if everyone would stop knocking on the door. (86)
  • Art Portfolio by Z.P. Florian (96)
  • I Knew There Was More To You Than Money by Nora Mayers (105)
  • At First Sight by Pat Nussman--Han and Leia have an encounter long before the Death Star is built. What do child slavers and militant pacifists want with 6-year old Leia Organa and how did 18-year old Han Solo get involved?) (110) (reprinted from Kessel Run #3)
  • Reputation by Kathryn Agel (134)
  • The Night of the Four-Way Cross by Debra Doyle and J.D. MacDonald (135)

Reactions and Reviews

Fandom's only all-Han Solo zine, this first issue is bound to please any girl who lusts after that cute Corellian. Oh, yeah, there's some action in there too. My favorite stories include an extremely funny tale called "Han Solo At Wit's End," where Han and Leia have the wedding night from hell; "The Perfect Solo-tion," where Han and Threepio end up in an accident, and well...if you've seen "Robocop," you get the idea; "At First Sight," an unusual yet believable story of a meeting between Han and Leia years before ANH; and several vignettes by Nora Mayers that let us know what was going on in Han's noggin as the Falcon travels to Yavin 4, There are also some nice poems by the editor herself and some good illustrations. The really cool thing about this zine is the red plastic binding with the black back cover—if seen at a certain angle, it looks just like you-know-who's bloodstriped pants. Submissions are now being accepted for issue two, due out next spring. [1]


  1. from Blue Harvest #4