Nora Mayers

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Name: Nora Mayers
Alias(es): Tekva
Type: writer
Fandoms: Star Wars, Back to the Future
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Nora Mayers was a fan writer who wrote in the Star Wars universe. She also wrote Back to the Future fan fiction under the name of Tekva as well as edited under the name Nora Mayers in that same fandom.[1]

In 1994, her Star Wars novel Pursuit of the Nashtah won an Honorable Mention in the 1994 Star aWards awards. The following year, her short story "What're You Looking At," published in Who's Scruffy Looking?, won another Honorable Mention in the 1994 SW Vignette Star aWards category.

Her other contribution to the Star Wars fandom was the short story "The Capture of Imperial Hazard," which was collected in the commercially published role-playing zine Star Wars Adventure Journal #10. It was published by West End Games in 1996 and was later made available on Star Wars Hyperspace, an official Star Wars Fan Club.[2]

She also contributed a Star Trek: TNG story to Remote Control #5 which won the 1996 FanQ award for Best Star Trek story. [1] One of her other Star Wars stories also appeared in Tremor in the Force #8.

She created Corollary, a Star Wars Back to the Future zine.


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