Pursuit of the Nashtah

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Title: Pursuit of the Nashtah
Publisher: Hill Valley Press
Author(s): Nora Mayers
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1994
Medium: fanzine
Fandom: Star Wars
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Pursuit of the Nashtah is a Star Wars novel written by Nora Mayers and published in 1994. It has 175 pages. It was given an Honorable Mention for Best SW Long Story in the 1994 Star aWards. Several full-page illustrations by Dani Lane, Z.P. Florian, and Mark and Melea Fisher. Cover art by Wanda Lybarger.

From an ad in Southern Enclave: "It was not Luke's youth that made Genral Khala Jhen Rhessa dislike him as much as it was his own fear of the unknown. Rhessa was far more secure with a strong arsenal than with old superstitions and he found the idea of the Jedi as a major source of the Republic's protection a frightening concept. Somehow Skywalker had to be stopped."

Reactions and Reviews

"The Pursuit of the Nashtah" by Nora Mayers. Good stuff... Nora has a firm grip on the "and then it gets worse" school of plotting and it had me glued to the page. Two concepts set this apart from other post-ROTJ fanfic (and pro fic) ... the attitude of the New Republic government toward Luke, combined with the general problems of setting up a new, democratic government (a few fanficers have addressed this, but it's fairly rare) and the Real Agenda of Yoda and Obi-Wan re Luke and Leia. I don't want to spoil the novel for anyone by revealing the latter, but ... wow ... I loved it! It's one of those ideas I wish to Force I'd thought of myself. (No Rieekan in the novel, but you can't have everything.) [1]
I picked up a copy of Nora Mayers Pursuit of the Nashtah, flipped through it and was immediately hooked! What a great story! Action, suspense ... trashing! Of course, there wasn't time at the con for real reading. I left that until the flight home. I highly recommend Nora's work. Buy yourself a copy today and join your favorite heroes on another adventure against some unexpected enemies. [2]


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