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You may be looking for Green Harvest, a Star Wars advertising zine.

Title: Blue Harvest
Publisher: Tydirium Multimedia and James Teitelbaum
Editor(s): Mary Jo Fox and James Addams
Date(s): 1993 - 2000
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Blue Harvest was a Star Wars letterzine. It ran for at least twenty-two issues (includes one special issue), each issue was called "Episode."

flyer printed in Southern Enclave #36

The title comes from the "fake" film title used to cover the filming of Return of the Jedi; George Lucas put out that the shoot was for a film called "Blue Harvest: Horror Beyond Imagination!"

a 1997 flyer, printed in A Tremor in the Force #10

An interesting tidbit: the two editors didn't meet in person until around the fifth issue.

There was a single piece of fanfiction published in the zine series, a poem in issue #2.

Content Online

See "Blue Harvest". Archived from the original on 2007-02-05..

Reviews of Fanzines

The zines contained lots of reviews. A few of these in the beginning were about fan-created zines, but most were about tie-in books, games, and card sets.

From a Fan in 1999

A rather excellent fanzine site already on the Web is Blue Harvest, which has a detailed introduction into what is the longest running Star Wars fanzine in the world. It is run by Mary Jo Fox and James Addams in the United States, two people who clearly have a great deal of affection and enthusiasm for the whole Star Wars saga. The next issue of Blue Harvest, which appears

three times a year, will be available in June and features major reviews and news on Episode One: The Phantom Menace. [1]


From a 1997 flyer:

The Emperor of Star Wars Zines!

a 1997 flyer printed in Sarlacc #2

Founded in 1993, Blue Harvest is a fanzine for the fans by the fans. Each issue is packed with news. rumours. reviews, articles and interviews, all done by our readers and the editors. over the past a years we have scooped even the professionally-produced magazines; in 1994. we were the first publication anywhere to reveal who was going to be producing the prequel trilogy. that same year we were the first to report plans for the star wars special Edition. In 1995, we ran an article about the "Donny and Marie" skit, which was covered in the Star Wars Insider a year and a half later.

Our regular features include the prequel rumour column. Delta Source Fax-n-Rumours. Clone Wars (a look at SW wannabes), reviews, tips and advice for the CCG, Hyperwave Scan (SW references in the media), Sarlacc Pit (collectibles that aren't all that), and plenty of stuff on that bugaboo of fandom: continuity.

Blue Harvest is irreverent, absurd, thought-provoking, and filled with pretty pictures and graphics, it is not a zine out to bash things because we can. We're dedicated SW fans. So join 150 or so of your paisanos around the globe and subscribe...Or we'll send over a crate load of Hoojibs!

From the zine's website (now offline):

Each Episode (or issue) of Blue Harvest contains reviews of current Star Wars novels, comics and collectibles, news on upcoming events and merchandise, editorial comments, and feature articles on a wide range of topics. These articles range from a comparison of Star Wars to Asimov’s Foundation, to a look at the Star Wars episode of Donnie and Marie Osmond’s 1970’s TV show. From an ongoing examination of how the Star Wars video games tie into the continuity established by the films and novels, to an article in the ineptitude of the Imperial Stormtrooper. From a report on a fan who saw each of the three Special Edition films in a different European country to a report on poster collecting, Blue Harvest truly is the Voice of Fandom.[2]

From the twentieth issue:

[much about James Addams' personal life and his part in a fan film snipped].... Unfortunately, no one he knew had any interest in Star Wars. Most of his friends were would-be rock stars. This was before Cyberpunk made comic books and SF acceptable in the music community, although that was just starting to happen. When Dark Horse Comics' Classic Star Wars #6 landed in his lap one day, he read a letter from a young lady who was not only into Star Wars, but into lots of other cool things as well. Master James was lonely in general, and hungry for some SW buddies in particular, so he dropped a letter to a complete stronger halfway across the country.

Cut to McLean,Virginia,(also on Earth). Mistress Mary Jo Fox was living in McLean in 1993. She was in the second half of her first year of law school and still not sure what to do with herself. For the hell of it, she sent a letter to Dark Horse Comics praising its Classic 5lor Wars series. The letter appeared in CSW #6, March 1993. Within days of buying that particular issue, she received a letter "from a guy named James in Florida". He was the very first person who wrote Mistress Mary Jo regarding that letter. A few weeks later, a reply landed in Master James mailbox. And so it was, through that correspondence, that Mistress Mary Jo suggested they do a 'zine. She had long since been acquainted with a thriving subculture of SW fans who had survived the late 1980's Star Wars siesta state by writing fan fic and playing the RPG. While there were already fanfic compilations and gaming 'zines that these people were putting together, there was no source for news, reviews, commentary, and essay on the saga and the newly christened "Expanded Universe". They went through a series of names for this theoretical 'zine ; "Procession" was a mutual favorite for a while, even though it had nothing to do with Star Wars. It was the title of an old New Order song from 1982 that they both liked. In one letter to Mistress Mary Jo, Master James suggested "Blue Harvest", but "wondered if it was too obscure a reference"! She liked it too, and assured him that people would 'get it'. Shortly thereafter. Master James moved to Chicago, and they got to work on Blue Harvest.

The idea came along early on to call each issue an "Episode", like the movies. Mistress Mary Jo was worried that this might cause confusion if Episodes I to III of the movies were ever made. Master James replied, seriously, "Nah, that'll never happen! If George was gonna make more Star Wars movies, he would have done it ten years ago!".

From the first issue:

Not too long ago, in a galaxy not far from your own, a couple of kids had a nutty dream...a Star Wars fanzine unlike any other, a fanzine with it's pulse on the thriving fandom scene, yet which took it's inspiration from other realms, peculiarly underground music-oriented 'zines. We wanted a fanzine that inspired and challenged others not to be satisfied with the mundane, but to keep expanding and progressing, reaching for the outer limits of the galaxy.

I hope what you have in your hands is that 'zine. (If not, we'll sound really pretentious and stupid.) Anyway, what you'll find in here, hopefully, is something for everyone who loves Star Wars, whether you're into collecting, gaming, fanzines, or just plain reading whatever you can about the saga. There's reviews, essays, articles, and even a bit of fiction. We invite you to let us know what you think, and to contribute your own ideas. We would like to emphasize information, essays, articles, etc. over fiction or poetry, as there are already so many 'zines that publish this stuff but feel free to contact us with anything you have. We also want to take this time to let you know that this 'zine is not just for older fans, or for people in their twenties, even. If you're twelve years old and got hooked on Star Wars after buying Classic Star Wars #8 to get the trading card, that's cool by us Nobody's counted a poseur due to youth or inexperience as tar as we're concerned. If your heart is truly with The Force (either side), you're welcome here.

So set your blasters for stun, punch in the hyperdrive coordinates, practice that Krayt Dragon mating call, and get ready for adventure!

From the first issue:

1. We will consider any essays, articles, cartoons, art, reviews, etc. as long as it relates to SW.
2.BH's main emphasis is on information-related, non-fiction stuff. However, we will accept some poetry and VERY short stories.
a. Short stories must be no more than 5 pages long. If it goes over this limit, it will be serialized in multiple issues.
b. Stories, poetry, and art must be G-PG-13 rated, no slash, explicit sex, or excessive violence will be accepted. Editors get final say over what's acceptable. (James will accept naughty stuff for his personal amusement, but MJ won't let him print it...)
c. Fiction must take place in the existing SW universe ONLY, and they must include at least 1 character from the movies, novels, or comics. (NO Hoojibs, Please)
d. You stand a better chance of getting published if you send your submissions on 3.5 floppy disks, preferably Macintosh formatted. We can, however, read some IBM disks. If you don't have a computer or one that's not compatible, send a COPY of your TYPED submission to Mary Jo.
e. Artwork stands a better chance if it is in black and white, and should be no larger than 8.5 x 11 inches in size. Artwork cannot be returned.
f. Beginning next issue, we will feature letters of comment with your feedback and suggestions. Send any LoCs on disk to James, written ones to Mary Jo. Non-fiction material may be longer than 5 pages, but the editors prefer that it keeps to around a 5 page limit. :4.All material is subject to editing. Writers will be notified of any MAJOR changes. We'll notify you if your work has been accepted for an upcoming issue. We'll do our best to accept as much as we can, but we're limited to around 24 pages.
5. Sorry, no free copies for contributors. We're poor!
6. Classified advertising rates are ten cents per word, with a $2.00 minimum. They will be printed exactly as they are recieved.[3] Send them to Mary Jo with a check or money order.

From a flyer in Bright Center of the Universe #8:

Get ready for a new Star Wars trilogy with Blue Harvest! One of the longest-running zines of its kind, BH is a publication by fans for fans featuring some of the best articles, features, interviews and reviews anywhere. We've scooped the officially-licensed magazines many times: in 1994 we were the first to name the producer of the new trilogy and to mention the Special Editions; in 1995 we had a feature on the Donny and Marie skit, written about in "Star Wars insider" a year-and-a-half later; in 1996 we covered the SW/Simp[s]ons connection, which didn't make the "Insider" until 1998; and in early 1997 we were among the first to break the news Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman were being cast in the prequels. Our regular features include Delta Source (news and rumors), Prequel Watch, Hyperwave Scan (SW references in media/pop culture), our CCG advice column, Sarlacc Pit (crappy collectibles), Clone Wars (SW ripoffs), editorials, A Binding Force (continuity) and our extensive review section! Best of all, everything is written by folks like you and me—not just professionals, not just by a circle of cronies. We publish three times a year March, July and November. Each issue is approximately 32 pages.[4]

The Covers

Covers of the zine were sometimes glossy card stock and sometimes non-glossy. Some issues had color covers, and others did not. This was all dependent upon who James Addams knew at the print shop (usually a pal in a band) and what "shenanigans" that employee could pull off.[5]

Copyright and Legal Challenges

This zine struggled with a lot of legal issues.

The zine was a contemporary of, and in fact, often compared by readers to Report from the Star Wars Generation, a zine that had received a cease and desist letter from Lucasfilm the year before.

It ran a 1979 comic strip reprint in the first issue that they were apparently advised/required to quit.

It ran this disclaimer in issue #1: "As BH is a brand new mag, we haven't yet received the battery of fan art that we'd like to publish. Therefore, a lot of the graphics in this issue have been lifted from copyrighted sources. It was this, or make the issue free of any graphics... not an option. We would like to give credit to the holders of the these copyrights and reiterate the fact that this is not a for profit publication. The sources: Lucasfilm fanclub magazine, Topps Trading Cards, The Return of the Jedi Sketchbook, A Star Tours Postcard, an NPR Flyer, Russ Manning/Black Falcon Ltd., West End Games."

It ran this notice in issue #3: "A certain BH classified advertiser was recently contacted by Lucasfilm and ordered to stop selling specific copyrighted merchandise. The advertiser had to produce a lot of paperwork and personal financial records to avoid being sued. Apparently, another BH reader took the liberty of transferring the advertiser's mail-order list to an Electronic Bulletin Board, where it was intercepted by Lucasfilm spies. The merchandise in question was clearly labeled "Trade Only" on the advertiser's mail-order list, but this info did not make it to the BBS version. We realize that the list of goods was most likely passed on with good intent, but we're asking whoever did this to please stop."

In issue #5, the editors scolded a fan for writing a letter about a "nefarious scheme," that of not telling the truth about getting George Lucas' permission for their fan film, one that was being offered for sale. It is unclear if the film was made simply without permission, or if it was made at all. See the letter in issue #3 below, see the editor's response in issue #5 below.

Russ Manning Reprinted, But Only Once

The first issue had a reprint of a 1979 Russ Manning comic strip on the inside back cover, something that was meant to be a regular feature. The editors explained in the second issue that they wouldn't be running anymore of them: "In spite of the astonishing response to our reprints of Runn Manning's Star Wars newspaper strips, we won't be bringing them to you again in this, or any other issue. As many of you know, Dark Horse Comics has obtained the rights to these strips,and will be reprinting them as a part of their "Classic Star Wars" series. That pretty much takes little ol' BH out of the picture. But, never fear, we do have a cruiser full of other newspaper strips to reprint, staring off this month with some vintage Bloom County circa 1983."

Regarding "The Sarlaac Pit"

"The Sarlaac Pit" was a regular column by James Addams. Its focus was the review and recommendations of official Star Wars merchandise.

One example of a particularly blunt one is Sarlaac Pit: The Reason Sorry Products Were Made.

In issue #7 (fall 1995), Addams offers a little background:

I used to get a lot of flack way back in the early days of Blue Harvest, for having what many people perceived as a bad attitude. Y'see, I gave a few collectibles some well-deserved bad reviews and criticized a few other things, and then had the audacity to devote a whole column (Sarlaac Pit), to ripping on inferior SW merchandising.

I thought it was sort of my unfortunate duty to have to do this. Here's why: Have you ever seen a negative review of anything [save perhaps, the SW Holiday Special), in Star Wars Insider or Star Wars Galaxy Magazine? Well, no you have not. The reason for that is because both of those publications exist for one reason only: to sell product. Some of you younger fans who have not yet been burned by our failing economic system may not want to believe this, but it's true. If they show us a preview of a book, a comic book, a set of trading cards, or a new line of toys, if s not because they have some altruistic desire to fill the world with knowledge. It's to keep you hyped about these products so you can go buy them. SWGM and SWI are nothing but big commercials, designed to persuade you to buy, buy, buy. The articles are a way to get you to buy the ads inside the magazine, and, in turn, the products in the ads. Now having said that, this edition of the Sarlaac Pit is not intended to rag on those two publications. The fact is, they have some great exclusive interviews, plenty of amazing if overdone graphics, cool give-aways and at least one tantalizing piece of news about the new saga per issue. I buy'em both. But this brings me to my point (finally). Some Star Wars merchandise sucks. That's the bottom line. SWGM cannot say that "product A" or "product B" stinks, because the companies that produce these products are their advertisers. Without advertisers, the mag will fold. SWI has the same problem, but taking into consideration the catalog that takes up half the rag, they have it worse. The rest of the magazine is just an elaborate way to get you to buy (and order from) the catalog. If they review a product and say it sucks, that will cut down their sales of that product, won't it? This is all pretty basic economics. So who has the responsibility of letting you know what sucks eggs and what is worth all that money you're making cleaning pools or flipping burgers? Me.

Well, me and a few friends who do not rely on corporate advertising to keep this 'zine going. We will continue to let you know what rules and what blows, and we will continue to suffer for it. Yeah, suffer. One of the perks of running this 'zine and not making any money off of it is the fact that I get free stuff. Well, I used to. After my scathingly bad review of Ambush at Corellia, Bantam stopped sending me advance copies of their books. I gotta buy 'em when they hit the stands just like the rest of you peons.

Reactions and Reviews: General

From a review by "Spectrum" #35 which also appeared in Southern Enclave #42 and Chris Potter News:

The publication gets off to a rough start, but by the fifth issue... they're getting more and more in sync. Mary Jo Fox has an interesting series of columns on television and film projects influenced by Star Wars (Battlestar Galactica, Battle Beyond the Stars, etc.'. The third issue contains a nice interview with Tony Akins, artist of one of Dark Horse's Star Wars comic book series... The writing is generally competent and stakes out a middle ground-neither fawningly sycophantic nor boldly analytical and academic. Occasionally, an article misfires-for instance, Fox's strange article 'Writing Hip Fanfic' that delineates how to improve one's Star Wars fan fiction. ("Really long original character stories get old after a while," "Don't try to be too science-fictiony," "Avoid gimmicks, "Be original" get the idea) or Yvette Ghilan's essay on love in the SW saga. And we've made a solemn vow never to read fan poetry (and as little professional poetry as possible!. so we admit to skipping a few items in the issues. The design and production is good and getting better. At times there is too great a fascination with computer graphics tricks. For instance, in the news section, each item is printed in a different font including some bizarre ones that are barely readable. Still, the overall look of the zine is improving dramatically, so the editors are clearly working out many of the kinks of the early issues.[6]

Issue 1

Blue Harvest 1 (or Episode One) was published in 1993 and contains 22 pages. One hundred copies were printed. It sold out quickly.

front cover of issue #1
back cover of issue #1
table of contents page, issue #1

The disclaimer: "Blue Harvest is an amateur not-for-profit publication. No infringement upon the exclusive rights held by Lucasfilm Ltd, or any other entity (Topps Cards, Russ Manning, Black Falcon, LA Times Syndicate, Kenner, Twentieth Century Fox, West End Games, Disney or James' Mom) is presumed or implied by the editors or contributors. What we're trying to say, basically, is please don't sue us: we're just doing this for fun, and we're certainly not attempting to rip anybody off."

Regarding the graphics: "As BH is a brand new mag, we haven't yet received the battery of fan art that we'd like to publish. Therefore, a lot of the graphics in this issue have been lifted from copyrighted sources. It was this, or make the issue free of any graphics... not an option. We would like to give credit to the holders of the these copyrights and reiterate the fact that this is not a for profit publication. The sources: Lucasfilm fanclub magazine, Topps Trading Cards, The Return of the Jedi Sketchbook, A Star Tours Postcard, an NPR Flyer, Russ Manning/Black Falcon Ltd., West End Games."

  • Intro ("Meet the creators of Blue Harvest, and find out exactly why they bothered.") (1)
  • Delta Source ("All the news that fits. Things to buy, 'zines to read, and other groovy stuff.") (6)
  • Star Tours ("A breathtaking summary of Disney's Star Wars thrill ride.") (8)
  • Editorial ("Mary Jo Fox has a few aggro words for those of you who'd put down Mr. Lucas.") (12)
  • Trading Cards ("When, Where, and How Much. A guide and review of SW card collecting.") (13)
  • Clone Wars ("First in a series of explorations of exploitations regarding the SW saga." The subject: Battlestar Galactica.) (19)
  • Fanzine Reviews ("The competition gets what it deserves. (Most of it deserves our highest praise!)") (21)
  • Manning Strips ("The much sought-after daily comic strips by Russ Manning, originally published in 1979") (23)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

I must confess, I never expected anything so slick and good-looking. The paper, the printing, the make-up, look really professional; and the graphics are a knock-out. I liked the great variety of subjects, the reviews and news; and things like the photo of David Prowse and story of the lawsuit against the producers of "Battlestar Gatactica' (that junk!). I especially liked the article on the Star Tours, and the photographs of the "real" AT-AT. Also your article on George Lucas. Why those negative people should attack him is beyond me...[7]

All I can say is you guys did some work. The grafix were awesome... To tell the truth, I don't think I've ever seen a home grown publication made with such high production values. I guess the only problem I had with it was that there wasn't any pictures of the editors. I was hoping I would finally see what you look like.[7]

Got the first issue of Blue Harvest today...devoured it whole. Loved it. I never, ever thought I'd see the Russ Manning strips (and now Dark Horse is doing them too! Isn't it just a great time to be alive?!?!). Well, first, let me just say that even if this was the trashiest rag to grace this world I'd still buy it for no other reason than the words "Star Wars" were pasted across the top. Yes, I'm that bad. But, happily, it's a worthwhile buy. Straight off, the cardstock cover threw me. I honestly didn't expect it! Very, very professional. And on the cover there are already two in-jokes! Hooked, I opened the cover and my jaw dropped. The Manning Strips. Bliss.

Anyway, the field guide was cute. Just trying to keep up with your references was fun.... In any case, the only problem I had with the Delta Source was that it was mostly old news. Part of the problem of the information age, for example, was that I heard directly from Kevin Anderson over the Internet months ago what all the next SW books were going to be. And the toys-what kind of collector would I be if I didn't have all the new Bendies (including the never advertised Kenobi figure) in my greedy little hands? And Mark Hamill as the Joker? That's over a year old. Of course, the problem with a magazine like this, on a quarterly schedule, is that it's gonna be hard to break stories. The format precludes it. However, the fonts are great - what the hell are they? ((In reference to some of the fonts - Creepo was designed by Jim Marcus of the band Die Warzau, Terriz was given to me by Jason Elliott of Permission magazine, and Memphis Display and Variex Bold are via designer Martin Shure. Thanks, guys! - James))

I also liked the information on other fanzines. Keep that in there. Lucas Bashing - well, while I might not deify him (yeah-that Roddenberry thing..jeez..) I do firmly believe that thefaceofthe entertainment industry would be vastly different if not for George Lucas. SWGalaxy - The Wonder Bread series isn't as hard to get as James thought - dealers here in Phoenix routinely sell them for fifteen bucks.... The clean 207 is less common? Hell, I've GOT that one! I want the bad one! Loved the critiques of specific cards - I myself have to go with the Bill Sienkiewicz Vader card. Clone Wars - hee, hee the title. was about Battlestar Galactica, so I don't really care. Fanzine reviews - hmmm.. no sir, I don't like it. Not as a specific section. A general review column, yeah. To be honest, the only reason I really will care about other fanzines is to get their addresses...[8]

I really liked Blue Harvest #1- The computer graphics were great. I loved the Star Tours article...How often will BH be published? You did a really good job. Keep up the good work. Have a happy new year. May the Force be with you...[8]

Thanks for Blue Harvest. I liked the look and feel and those wild fonts in the Delta Source section. Your editorial on George Lucas was spot on the money. My gripe is LFL is releasing fartoo much crap and/or charging ridiculous amounts of money for things we don't need. If that were my name on the company letterhead, I'd be making sure that at least 95% of the product was quality. I know it's not his fault, but when so many things slip past, people get the wrong idea. I just would hate to see this wonderful, great thing he's given to the world go sour. I don't want to even think of the stuff slapped with the SW logo that will come out. So, no it's not the burden on George's shoulders, but I wish to heck he had more control over this. Call me heathen but I don't need Bendee toys or the same action figures released on commemorative cards. There are certain things I will buy sure, but put some thought and love and care into it. Like when George made the I reckon the licensee dept. at LFL needs serious lobotomies. Okay, BH would be even cooler if there were more reviews, and if it were bigger (more pages)...[8]

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed Blue Harvest. What a fun read! It reminded me of the late, lamented Star Wars Generation magazine—the one that got a "cease and desist order!" Same sense of fun!

Loved the reprinted Russ Manning strips—don't tell me—you saved them from the newspaper? Hope you keep it up. The mysterious spy reminded me of the wraith in the Heir to the Empire trilogy. Really enjoyed James' visit to Star Tours. I sort of think of that ride as the Bright Center of the Universe...when I visited I did just what he did—made a beeline then stopped slack-jawed when I finally saw it. He didn't mention the adorable (gasp, choke) costumed Ewoks that sometimes hang around front... If you go on a slow day the clerks love to talk about the set-up—like how someone stole an authentic stormtrooper helmet they had on display. The most frustrating thing about the gift shop is that they don't have a catalog. They sell all of this fabulous, one-of-a-kind stuff, and there's no way to get your grubby little hands on it! Argh! Also really enjoyed the article on the cards. I think I liked the set more than you guys did—but then I'm used to opening up boxes and boxes to get what I want. I even sprang for the book. I missed all the cards when they were first coming out, so it was fun to read childhood memories of collecting. I applaud your Lucas bashing article. Fans are a cowardly and surly lot—it was good to hear someone speak up for the guy. I laughed though at your reference to Trek fans as "powerful and influential"—they wish!

Looking forward to Issue 2—the latest rumors from Delta Source, an update on the editors' piercing, (sorry guys, I like Birckenstocks—but then I'm president of the ugly shoe club), more clone wars. Until then, from the dark side...[8]

I got the first 2 issues of Blue Harvest. I really liked them, though the fancy lettering was a trifle hard to read in some cases. I'll pass along word about it to my friends who are also into SW. The cover was great (Episode One): the AT-AT instantly recognizable, and your calling it '"Episode 1" was a nice touch. The preview to Russ Manning leaves me eagerly waiting for the release of Dark Horses version. Inside jokes abounded and I loved them all: "Blue Harvest' title, '"Delta Source" for rumors, '"Clone Wars" about rip-offs. The slewed/stretched pictures are a little distracting at first but they're starting to grow on me Some are hard to decipher. The faint pictures which provide background for the text was nice; keep them up. Keep up supplying rumors and any other announcements from Delta Source. The review of Star Tours was interesting. I'd heard about it but I've never been there. Lucas—you've said everything already. I certainly agree that people should lay off of him He obviously doesn't want to rush a sequel for the sequel's sake—he wants to make something worthy of the original. Good things take time. Trading cards9 I've got some of them and enjoyed reading about the ones I don't. (Leia on a dewback?) Keep up the sightings. What's Anthony Daniels been up to lately? Clone Wars— I remember BG. What about calling the Ssi-ruuvi organic Borg? Their use of entechment seems like assimilation to me. It's nice to hear about other SW fanzines—I've never encountered any myself (my loss).[9]

Issue 2

Blue Harvest 2 was published in 1994 and has 32 pages.

It contains a poem, the only fanfiction published in this zine series.

front cover of issue #2
cover of the back cover of issue #2
table of contents page, issue #2

The disclaimer:

Blue Harvest is an amateur not-for-profit publication. No infringement upon the exclusive rights held by Lucasfilm Ltd, or any other entity (Topps Cards, Kenner, Twentieth Century Fox, West End Games, Lucasfilm or that guy who owns the 7-11 on the corner) is presumed or implied by the editors or contributors. What we're trying to say, basically, is please don't sue us: we're just doing this for fun, and we're certainly not attempting to rip anybody off. The Star Wars logo and most of the prominent images associated with the saga are the exclusive property of Lucasfilm Ltd. We're borrowing them, (not stealing them), as a celebration of the work of George Lucas. Blue Harvest accepts only enough paid advertising to cover printing costs.

From issue #20:

With BH Episode 2, Jim Johnson and Debbie Kittle had come aboard as contributors; their 'field guides' on page four listed Debbie as a "Hoth lovin' Snow bunny" and Jim as "X-wing top gun". Two 'Easter egg' traditions began with BH2. On page three, the contents page. Master James used album cover art from his favorite bands as the graphics behind the credits column on the left hand side of the page. This continued through BH 16. He also paid homage to some of his favorite recording artists by using their eyes on the letters page, peering out over the letters as if reading them from his own 'certain point of view'. Anyone who can identify all 15 album covers on page 3 of BH2-BH16 and/or all 15 pairs of eyeballs in those same issues will win a lifetime subscription to BH from here on out. Good luck! Here's a hint to start you off - that's David Bowie in BH2!

At that time, BH was being printed by Clark Street Graphics. Master James had a friend there - named Frank - who was a guitar player. He had done some recording at the studio that Master James was working in (Chicago Trax), and gave him a good deal on the printing after Master James made his record sound good. With glossy covers on heavy card stock, BH had the potential to look like a real pro magazine... ...what is that, Artoo? You say that Master James design skills were lame? How rude!

The division of responsibility fell into place more or less automatically - Mistress Mary Jo was the one will all the friends in fandom, so she handled the subscriptions and editing. Master James had the computer, so he designed it. No further comments from Artoo in that regard.

  • editorial ("Mary Jo explores the "Dork Side of the Force.") (3)
  • Delta Source ("All the news that fits. Things to buy, 'zines to read, and other groovy stuff.") (6)
  • Gaming ("Debbie Kittle debuts a new column on Role Playing in the SW Galaxy.") (8)
  • Timothy Zahn ("A look at the Tim Zahn Bantam books, and the new era of Star Wars fandom.") (11)
  • Relationships and the Saga ("In intriguing essay by Yvette Ghilan.") (17)
  • Clone Wars ("Second in a series of explorations of exploitations concerning the SW saga." Subject: the Japanese "series" "Star Force.") (18)
  • Poetry ("Yvette Ghilian's "Love," as told to her by Leia, and "Going Down," spoken in Han's voice.") (19)
  • Reviews ("Tales of the Jedi", Truce at Bakura," "Jedi X-Wing" computer game, and other fanzines.") (22)
  • Letters ("Love letters and hate mail collected under the startlingly original heading "A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW...") (28)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Slurp, drool—is there ink on my chin? I devoured Blue Harvest #2 so fast I had to lick my fingers. I still can't get over how slick your magazine is. It's like reading an all-SW Vanity Fair.

My absolute favorite thing was "Have You Been Seduced By The Dark Side"" quiz. Where do I get some blood of Kalimir? Hmm, there's got to be a t-shirt in there some where...How about atop-10 list? Loved all the Delta Source news—keep it up, guys, some of us don't care how old it is 'cause there's always something you've never heard of and must possess! Haven't heard any of those Untrue Rumors In A Comic Shop though it's unbelievable how many comic fans are talking about Star Wars lately. Enjoyed the new column on gaming by Debbie Kittle (though I didn't see her piercing information anywhere...). She made a convert out of me, though I went "Argh!" when I saw a couple of things on her list I missed. Time to hit the bookstore. Yvette Ghilan always makes me think (ouch!) and her essay on relationships in the saga was no exception. I liked her description of Luke and Darth's love as "terrible and tragic." Their relationship has always been my favorite and brief though it is, they do a lot with what they get. I have to quibble over Yvette's dismissal of sex as a human motivator. Sex is a dynamic in most male-female relationships, whether vocalized or not. I don't think Luke would have gone chasing to Alderaan so easily if old Bail had been the one in that message in R2. I liked all the reviews. The overview of the Zahn books was especially helpful—I'd forgotten about 2/3 of the crucial plot elements. The other book reviews were fun since I'd just read Search and Truce. Was it just me or did anyone else start humming "Froggy Went A-Courting whenever Moruth Doole popped up?

Keep up the good work folks and I can't wait for #3. From the Dark Side...[9]

I really liked and enjoyed reading BHH2. You can "feel" the passion with that BH is made. A magazine for fans from fans, unlike the sterile Lucasfilm fan club magazine, where the most important part are the merchandising pages. The layout is clearly arranged and the printing is neat. Only the cover was too dark and crowded. It had no "eye-catching" effect, that a cover should have to get your attention.[9]

I LOVE BH 2!!!! The scanned images were printed with higher quality and it shows. The stones and articles were informative and down right fun to read. The fonts and layout was much easier to read. I think the last issue was a little too busy. Overall I say, it's slick and cool!! Two thumbs up!! [9]

Well, first, a gripe. I really am tired of all the Marvel bashing. Really, really tired, I hope that "A Binding Force" can deal with that a bit. Oh well. Anyway.

I'm still blown away by the professional quality of the magazine. It is an absolutely stunning piece of work Cong-ats on a second gorgeous issue. The Dark Side quiz cracked me jp ;i vc been reading it to friends for most of the day).

The Delta Source, unlkn ni; *m.\ issue, had up-to-date and interesting information (a suggestion foi noxt lime, mention the London Planet Hollywood and the items Ihorein .

ust in case, you know,,,), (Okay, that one has Han Solo's carbonite block and the two droids on display—M.J.). And imagine! John Williams in White Zombie. Always pictured him in Cheap Trek, but, you never know. Thanks for the information on the other 'zines. Always appreciated. The Roleplaying's not what I expected. Which is [9]

Well, first, a gripe. I really am tired of all the Marvel bashing. Really, really tired. I hope that "A Binding Force" can deal with that a bit. Oh well. Anyway.

I'm still blown away by the professional quality of the magazine. It is an absolutely stunning piece of work. Congrats on a second gorgeous issue. The Dark Side quiz cracked me up (I've been reading it to friends for most of the day). The Delta Source, unlike the first issue, had up-to-date and interesting information (a suggestion for next time, mention the London Planet Hollywood and the items therein...just in case, you know...). And imagine! John Williams in White Zombie. Always pictured him in Cheap Trick, but, you never know. Thanks for the information on the other 'zines. Always appreciated. The Roleplaying's not what I expected. Which is fine, because now it won't conflict with our magazine (Journal of the Whills, an all-RPG zine, coming your way soon—M.J.) I love the line about some fans dismissing the RPG. Reminds me of certain attitudes toward a certain comic book...!... The Zahn overview. Again, I was astonished by the professional look. And the overview was very nice. The article proper had a bit too much opinion for my tastes, (That was the point!-James) but that's okay since you guys seem to think like I do! It's tough to find an angle on this stuff that hasn't been ground into the dirt, and James succeeded in that. Good job. Page17. Sex is irrelevant to the emotional aspects of humans? I could be vulgar here and say that unemotional sex is the best kind, but I don't act like that anymore. I'm mature now, yessiree. To be honest, I cringed a couple of times reading this one. Same feeling I get when I read The Force of Star Wars. The Clone Wars shows sound God-awful. Glad I stay away from that kind of stuff. James' rant—I can appreciate that! I hate pinball. Can never do any good. Played the game in Vegas a couple of times.

I have to disagree with your review of Truce at Bakura. I thought it was sloppy. Just...sloppy. The alien race was very unconvincing, as were the character portrayals. The only thing I liked, really, was Leia's insistence that Vader wasn't her father, and I don't think that was handled well in the later parts of the book. One problem I had with Jedi Search was that it seemed to contradict Heir to the Empire, where the Senate wanted Luke to rebuild the Jedi and he was hesitant. Sure, the events in Dark Empire caused Luke to rethink his position, but why was the Senate ambivalent towards his plans?... I don't know., .the book got better as it went along, but sometimes it really turned me off. He was almost putting references in with a casual disregard. Yeah, I like the it, for that matter...but don't force it (pardon the pun). The spider-thing spooked me, but the fact that the guy had a carbonite block on the wall annoyed me. Gee, just how derivative can you get, Kevin? Well, we'll see how the next one turns out.[9]

What can I say? Fantastic, awesome, extraordinary, those words come to mind. I thought your zine was great! First of all, it looks really professional. It looks as if Lucasfilm Ltd. did it. Second, the articles are great, funny, and informative. I love the graphics, too. You don't see great works of art like your zine every day. Overall, as I said, it was great. Kind of an inspiration, too. From now on I 'II be trying to make my newsletter look as good as your zine. I'll probably be able to use the Mac at school. I'll be sending some art (actually, all the stuff I have) to be used for either your Princess Leia zine or BH. Most of it will be stuff I did a while ago, but some will be from other members of mine. I hope you like it.[10]

Issue 2: I loved the cover and interview length. The comic was funny. "Seduced" was nice. I never hid my SW toys, only moved them to the basement where there was more room to set things up. The RPG article was good. It'll be nice to see some of the other ones. That quiz was hilarious! Try to have some more like it. I couldn't stop laughing after reading it. The Zahn review was well done. So were the TOJ and "Jedi Search" reviews. 'Truce" is an excellent story. What was this trading card that was mentioned? (It was a limited edition Topps trading card featuring the book's cover art, given free with purchase of the book). "Relationships" was well-handled. She was so right in some of her statements. "Clone Wars" had some more excellent points I saw that "Star Force" show. Yes it was terrible. Hey, I liked "Battle Beyond the Stars." The poetry was beautiful. It moved me, it was so lovely (or else I'm still not over the flu). James' rant went well. The reviews were interesting. Id not heard about the SW pinball game. The computer games sound like fun. The letters page is nice; I enjoy reading other people's comments on everything. May the Dark Side of the Force be with you and the Elemental Lords aid you with their powers! [9]

Issue 3

Blue Harvest 3 was published in summer 1994 and has 36 pages.

front cover of issue #3
back cover of issue #3
table of contents page, issue #3

It includes this notice:

A certain BH classified advertiser was recently contacted by Lucasfilm and ordered to stop selling specific copyrighted merchandise. The advertiser had to produce a lot of paperwork and personal financial records to avoid being sued. Apparently, another BH reader took the liberty of transferring the advertiser's mail-order list to an Electronic Bulletin Board, where it was intercepted by Lucasfilm spies. The merchandise in question was clearly labeled "Trade Only" on the advertiser's mail-order list, but this info did not make it to the BBS version. We realize that the list of goods was most likely passed on with good intent, but we're asking whoever did this to please stop.

This issue has a letter from a fan named David Zarksky, a fan who was "selling" his fan film, one he said he had permission from George Lucas to make. It turns out that some, or all, of this letter was untrue. See the editor's comments in issue #5. David's letter:

Salutations from Long Island, New York. This is actually my first time writing to your fanzine but I wanted to make sure I made this submission at the appropriate time. You see, we have completed our first Star Wars film spoof. There has since been quite a few things that have happened in the last six months as a result.

Firstly, we finished the movie and it came out very well. So well in fact that one of the people that worked on it that is an aspiring film director and goes to film school sent the film into Lucasfilm for them to see. We had no idea what their reaction would be until we heard from the editor of the Lucasfilm Fan Club magazine, Dan Madsen, that we were going to have the opportunity to make the film available to all those Star Wars fans out there through the magazine. We were on cloud nine, as you can imagine! In fact if you get the Lucasfilm Fan Club magazine you will see in the Reader's Forum, an entire column based on our movie spoof. Just look for the winter issue which should be out at the end of (???). The spoof came out quite funny but we made no bones about the fact that what we really wanted to do was a serious amateur movie with the adventures of Leia and Han's children (grown up of course). In fact we have already started the screenplay for this movie. So you see, however good the spoof seems to the fans who have seen it, it was only a rough draft or trial run if you will for the movie we are currently working on. We hope Lucasfilm likes this film as much as they liked the spoof so we can again offer it directly to the fans. I told the Lucasfilm Fan Club that I only wanted the opportunity for fans to see our handiwork so we arranged a system where a Star Wars fan who wishes to own a copy of our Star Wars spoof will not have to pay for it. All they do is send a blank VHS tape and $7 for postage and edit handling to the below address and we will dub the movie onto their VHS tape (or send $9, and don't worry about having to send the tape).

I am writing to you now as a filmmaker because I would like to offer the members of your fanzine the opportunity to see the film and to become involved in our next adventure. The address is listed below and I hope to hear from each and every one of you, because the greatest excitement I could receive is the excitement of knowing other Star Wars fans are sharing the adventure that I too have shared. Take care and walk the skies.

From issue #20:

BH3 was the 'cocky episode'. The Sarlaac Pit made it's debut, and Randal Yard premiered the first of his long-running "A Binding Force" columns. High on the relative success of BH 1 and 2, they bumped BH3 up to 36 pages, and doubled the print run. Mistress Mary Jo still has more copies of BH3 in her basement than any other back issue, Please buy it. Honestly, it remains, after all these years, one of the strongest Episodes, and is a template by which BH Episodes were measured for several years. Even though Master James fully confesses, without Artoo's prompting, that his cover image was awful.

  • Debut of Sarlacc Pit a semi-regular column in which James lays into the makers of SW goods that aren't up to snuff ("James is mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore. A Journey into the Sarlacc Pit.") (3)
  • Delta Source ("All the news that fits. Things to buy, 'zines to read, and other groovy stuff.") (6)
  • Clone Wars (Subject: "Battle Beyond the Stars") (9)
  • Tony (Freedon Nadd Uprising) Akins interviewed by James (11)
  • Bruce J. Olson writes on Poster collecting ("A Guide to the US issue SW one-sheets.") (14)
  • Debut of Randal Yard's A Binding Force, a regular feature examining how the many diverse tales told outside of the films and even the novels weave together to form the Star Wars continuity. He starts off by examining the comic books. (17)
  • Writing Hip Fanfic ("Mary Jo has some words 'o wisdom for you aspiring fanfic writers.") (20)
  • Gaming ("Debbie Kittle continues her overview of every item in the West End's archive. This time, 1992 releases are examined.") (22)
  • The Star Wars I Remember ("Jonathan Russel saw a version of ANH that the rest of us have only dreamed of. He's gonna tell us all about it." Jonathan Russell claims to have seen "the lost Biggs footage") (24)
  • Star Wars Bashers and other nerf-herders, editorial by Mary Jo Fox (26)
  • Reviews ("New books and zines go under the magnifying glass. Nothing is sacred as we tell it like it is.") George Lucas' Aliens and Monsters, Splinter of the Mind's Eye, Jedi Academy Two: Dark Apprentice, The Courtship of Princess Leia, Monsters and Heroes (German publication), Letters ("Love letters and hate mail from you to us."), Technological Terror, The Truce at Bakura, Guide to the Star Wars Universe (27)
  • Letters ("Love letters and hate mail from you to us.") (31)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

What another terrific issue of BH. I loved all the great pics James found. Keep digging in the warehouse!

Loved the interview with Tony Akins. I can hardly wait for the new Dark Horse comics releases for the rest of the year. They look incredible. Bruce Olsen's article on posters was really great. Certainly helped me to understand more about them. I am one of the fans who enjoyed all the SW Marvel comic books. I look forward to reading Randal Yard's future installments.

Anxiously awaiting #4...[11]

Again, you do not fail to impress. BH Episode 3 looks very professional with photos and illustrations. Nice stormtrooper pix ya got there. Who drew it? (Maikel Das-M.J.) Although the whole mag was about SW ('cept that part about Battle Beyond the Stars) it was all that variety and humor that made it great. The inclusion of Tony Akins' pencils will make me consider #3 to be priceless. Really breathtaking. Sure there were typos (Ulic Quel Drama?) but you and James are really doing a good job.[11]

I got BH3 and loved it. What can I say? You guys do a wonderful job there. The articles are interesting and well-written. True professionals, the whole bunch of you. I only wish I lived a little closer so I could help out. But, it does not seem as if you're doing great without any further help. And, you can quote me on that one. Smile. I really loved it.[11]

BH is one classy magazine. Lots of "attitude" too! That's what this fandom needed for so long!

The info on future novels-although I personally am not inter-ested-is an excellent service to your readers. You should be proud of your sources! Great articles, variety of POV's. Something for everyone!

It was distressing to hear that the LFL goons got on an advertiser. I don't know the particulars, but, if the individual was selling his personal property (not as a business) then the constitutionality of LFL's pressure is in question. Financial records indeed! I just hope he (Lucas) doesn't get on to you guys! Wouldn't it be nice if Lucas was on fandom's side and encouraged-instead of discouraged-those who want to celebrate his creation? Instead we're the enemy—sad. Keep it up, though James and M.J.! BH is a stellar accomplishment! Walk the Sky! [11]

BH #3 is beautiful! All of them have been great! This zine rivals Star Wars Generation. It has great articles, great scanned pictures, and most of all, it is a fan-produced magazine. And a professional-looking one at that!

First. I want to thank you for printing a little paragraph of the zine I am doing with Cheryl De Luca (Only Hope lor those of you who don't know about it). We have gotten several responses from people that have read BH. Thanks guys! I like the reviews of all the books (you even did some zines!) even if I didn't agree with everything. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I respect that. It's nice to see what people thought of the :new books. Some of the info printed in the latest BH I hadn't heard before so it was even better. What kind of submissions are you looking for? I have just recently joined America Online (Tammyo695l for anyone who is Online and would like to contact me) and there is a lot of information and rumors floating around. The interview with Tony Akins was nice. I have yet to get Freedon Nadd but hope to in a few weeks, "Writing good Fanfic" was nice also. As a writer myself, I enjoyed this article. Of course, I didn't see some things the same way, but... I'm glad to know that there is a subscription for BH. Looking forward to another great issue!

May the Force be with you all.[11]

The X-Wing and a lightsaber, what more can a Luke luster ask tor if it's not Luke himself?

I tend to agree with James' comments in the sarlaac pit. I have those metal cards, but I got thorn at cost, and I collect the tins, so that's what I wanted. I would never pay retail for it though. It wasn't worth that. Hey Randal, I LIKED the Shira Brie story! At least we got to see an interesting female character. I get tired of Leia being the only token woman. I didn't think that plot was sloppy. Luke used the Force to shoot Shira, why else would he have done it? And he had to deal with that, and wonder if the Force "tricked him9" That subplot was at least as good as the mafia-style Tagge family. I love the cartoons. I wish I had saved them when they were available in the newspapers. Thanks for printing them again. We had a huge discussion on one of the SW BBS's recently about the issue of missing film footage. It went on for months. Most of the people who swore they had seen additional footage, claimed it was the Biggs scene on Tatooine. I do remember seeing that seen with Han and the human Jabba on TV in late '77 or '78, but not in the theater. Since George so hated the way that came out, it's difficult for me to believe that scene was included in any of the theatrical prints. But who knows, or who will admit it? I remember additional dialogue between Luke and Yoda in the hut on Dagobah during Empire. I know I saw it, and I know I'm not confused with anything shown on TV. I haven't seen it since in the theater. And, although I hate to admit it, I wasn't a little kid when I saw the films, either.

None of this missing scene issue was ever resolved on the BBS. Either you believe it, or you take the position that people have transferred photographs to the screen, or that they are inserting clips from TV into their memories of the movie. I don't know how it can be proved, unless George confesses that he made different prints. I don't think he'd do it. Heck, he won't even release any of the film "bloopers." [11]

Issue 4

Blue Harvest 4 was published in fall 1994 and has 28 pages.

front cover of issue #4
back cover of issue #4
table of contents page, issue #4

One of the editors addresses the issue of a fan in legal trouble after advertising in "Blue Harvest," see issue #3's notice:

The problem our advertiser had was with bootlegged materials. No, he was not selling them as a business, only offering to make a copy for trade only. A list of items appeared on a BBS without the advertiser's knowledge or permission, and this version of the list did not note that the videos in question were for trade, not for sale. Of course, somebody at Lucasfilm saw the BBS version of the list. Normally, you can do what you want with your own copy of a book, movie, CD or whatever—burn it, sell it at 150 times the amount you paid for it, give it to someone else, etc. You can even make copies for your personal use in some cases. When it comes to bootlegs though, in a way it's more like dealing in stolen property, and virtually no one in the world o media tolerates it. It's unfortunate that someone who was only helping other collectors and not trying to make money off of those tapes got busted because of a misunderstanding. All I can say is that if you sell bootlegs, be very careful—the penalties can be very severe even in a civil action, and there's also the possibility of criminal charges if your operation is large enough.

From issue #20:

BH4 equalized financial disaster or overprinting BH3 by going to 28 pages for a while. Notable news from BH4: "Weird Rumor: LFL plans to "update" the special effects from the trilogy, then re-release it", and "Topps plans to unleash a new oil-Star Wars quorterly, and the Lucasfilm Fan Club magalog is going to an all-Star Wars format this fall...". Hmmm... an All Star Wars magazine? Who'd of thought THAT would work? Episode 4 also contained a lengthy article detailing all of the weird and wily Star Wars soundtrack variations. The above mentioned "all Star Wars format" mag, eventually dubbed "The Star Wars Insider" took about four years to get the 'idea' for a similar article, theirs appeared in SWI #40 in 1998.

  • editorial, Diplomacy in Fandom by Mary Jo and James ("All that we're saying, is give peace a chance.") (5)
  • Delta Source ("From Kessel to Coruscant, a galaxy o'gossip") (6)
  • Clone Wars ("Buck Rogers rips off Star Wars? Yup. Part four of MJ's excavation of all things unoriginal.") (8)
  • RPG by Khairul Hisham and Debbie Kittle ("Debbie Kittle continues to catalogue all of West End's RPG releases. This time it's 1991 and 1994.") (9)
  • QVC by Mary Jo ("How to Spend your money on more SW stuff (as if you needed the help!)") (10)
  • Memoir ("Khairul Hisham recounds the glory days of Strikeforce Enteague.") (11)
  • Record Collecting by James ("James knows how to build a record collection more swingin' than Max Rebo's. Here's the scoop, Daddy-O.") (12)
  • A Binding Force ("Randal Yard and the wonderful galaxy of children's books.") (17)
  • Sick for Toys ("This girl I know she's sick for toys she needs a new toy she's tired of her old toys.") (20)
  • Reviews (lots of pro stuff, plus a review for Who's Scruffy Lookin'?, see that page) (21)
  • Letters ("The Readers Strike Back, each one with a "certain point of view.") (24)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

BH continues to get better and better. I love the way you put it together. It is well worth the price, which is very little to begin with! How about making BH longer?! I'd gladly pay more! Don't kill me Mary Jo! I know how it is with page limits! We break them every time with Only Hope! And them we just have to pay more postage to ship the thing!

You hit it right on the head with your "Diplomacy in Fandom' article! I'm glad I wasn't around (or this Church of Ford-' Cathedral of Luke thing too. But I see it all the time. While I still consider myself a newcomer to SW fandom, I have been around for four years and hate it when people try to force (pardon the pun!) their views onto someone else or put down one character because that one isn't their favorite. I wish we could all get along. SW is just a hobby, it is not a life! I love SW with all my heart but I hate it when someone (or newcomers to the fandom, god forbid!) puts down another. We've had discussions about this topic at Media West and I think we need to talk about it more instead of fighting about it! But then again, that is my opinion, that I will hope you all don't hate me for sharing! Debbie, did you send that photo of 3PO/Daniels in?! You are the one kissing a photo of him at Media West one year, right? I like the column though I don't play the role playing game! I hate to take my metal figurines out of the boxes! Wow! James, what a list of music from the Saga! I never knew there were so many versions. I do have one question, though. Do you, or any BH readers, have the English version of the Ewok Celebration song? I have been looking for this forever and can't find it.

I really like the reviews section. I get to read about everything that is out at least before I am able to find it!. Great way to torture me, guys! [12]

BH#4 was great. I read it from cover to cover—yet I skimmed through the record section. That didn't catch my attention much. I have the storybook/record "Planet of the Hoojibs" if you or James want a copy. It's just a kid version of issue 55, the first appearance of our favorite critters (ha!). Tell Randal Yard that I support him. [12]

I applaud Randal Yard's article in issue three ol BH where he shows some much-needed respect that Marvel's Star Wars series deserves. Although I do agree with those Marvel bashers when they criticize some of the stories of the last couple of years of the series, I feel that, as a whole, it was a great book with fantastic stories that captivated me years ago and continue to do so today. Perhaps the critics should give the Marvel series a fairshake instead of coming down on it so hard. [12]

Whoa, another great issue of BH. I loved the cover! I think that it is one of my favorites from the Galaxy II series.

I enjoyed reading the gaming adventures of "Strikeforce Enteague" by Khairul Hisham. It's nice to see how it can be done and that for a short while you can be in that galaxy far, far away. I have to make a comment on the QVC article Mary Jo did. I was one of the people who bought both the ceramic poster set (with the cheesy stand) and the set of pewter figures for $60. The poster set is really nicely done. And the pewter set of Han, Luke, and Leia are beautifully done. Let me say that the pewter figures look like their counterparts a lot more than those Dakin figures! Anyway, I enjoy those QVC shows and can't wait until 1995's editions. I liked James' in-depth look into the musical portion of the SW galaxy. And yes, there was an album called "Christmas in the Stars." A friend of mine from work found it in his garage sales travels and graciously made me a copy of the recording and I copied the McQuarrie cover which is gorgeous.

Randal Yard's way of looking at the Davids' books was interesting when put in his perspective but it still makes them hard to swallow. BH just gets better and better and I look forward eagerly to #5! [12]

Issue 5

front cover #5
back cover of issue #5
table of contents page for issue #5

Blue Harvest 5 was published in winter 1995 and has 32 pages.

The editors announce that they have finally met in person.

The editors warn fans about unscrupulous fans: "... a few issues back [issue #3], we printed a letter from someone who made a SW video, allegedly with Lucasfilm's approval. This claim is false! Please, if you want to lie to folks, don't use this zine as a means to promote your nefarious scheme. Fooling fellow fans and betraying their trust is extremely uncool."

From issue #20:

Episode 5 featured our first Matt Busch cover, ending Master James' string of lame cover images. His BH5 Boba Fett painting eventually became the inspiration for his superior Tales From The Empire cover. BH5 also confirmed the rumors about The SpEds and the Prequel Trilogy, and offered the first (surprisingly accurate) solid info about these projects. Master James took off that fall on a concert tour playing keyboards for the band Pigface. It was during this concert tour that a momentous occasion occurred: Master James and Mistress Mary Jo met face to face for the first time, after two years of letter writing [no Email yet!) and five issues of BH.Spectrum magazine reviewed BH 1 through 5 in their fourth issue (April, 1995), and were generally favorable, but made a few criticisms that our intrepid editors actually had to agree with.

  • Take a Walk on the Dark side, to the tune of Lou Reed's "Take a Walk on the Wild Side," a filk by Mary Jo Fox (reprinted in Renaissance) (2)
  • the first prequel report ever by Brent Lynch (6)
  • Turn That Frown Upside Down, or, "I am NOT a Merry Fan" by Mary Jo (7)
  • Clone Wars: Laserblast (1978 movie) and Princess Warriors (movie) (8)
  • Role Playing 1990/1994 (9)
  • Jedi Convent '94 report by Maikel Das and Pia Rasmussen (10) (October 1–3, 1995, Cologne, Germany, Anthony Daniels, David Prowse and Stephen Sansweet were GoH)
  • A Binding Force: SW Timeline by Randal Yard (14)
  • Droids N' Ewoks: an Episode Guide, Tom Huff provides and episode guide to the Droids and Ewoks cartoons (17)
  • Bruce J. Olsen's The Resurrection of Boba Fett essay (18)
  • Compendium of Lost Footage by Ryan Silva (20)
  • reviews (25)
  • Letters: a Certain Point of View (29)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

Just got Episode 5...the Editors Strike Back, but with no editorials! I miss the old split-page format, it always was a great way to start the issue.

BH5 was great, though I don't miss the glossy cover at all, and the articles inside were great. I especially liked the Lost Footage list, hopefully all of the filmed segments will be restored and presented to us at one time or another. I don't remember anything else, but I do seem to remember the rebel ships splashing into the Death Star's shield. How can I contact BH contributors? I have a question for Randal Yard (who seems to be of many of the same opinions as I). My question is in what issue of Marvel Age was Dark Empire promo art printed in? He mentioned it in Episode III, but gave no issue number. If you could pass this on, I would greatly appreciate it. One more thing—please, please, please reprint Episode I. if you do, I swear I will never miss another. I look forward to Blue Harvest Episode VI—the Return of the Editorial. James—what numbers of the WV chase cards do you have? I don't like them much either (too hard to find and too expensive to buy) but I would like a complete set. I need numbers 2, 7, 9, 10. If you have them and want to trade or sell them, I'll take them. The same goes to you Mary Jo.

Hot damnit, I just LOVE SW. Thanks.[13]

I have to say BH 5 was a delightful read, especially the article on the SW Con in Germany. I would have loved to have been there. It made me real anxious for our own con down in Florida in two years. It can't get here soon enough.

The cover by Matt Busch is gorgeous. I enjoyed reading Randal Yard's extrapolation of the timeline and the info on Boba Fett by Bruce Olsen. Ryan Silva's article on the lost footage makes me drool in the hopes of seeing some of the restored footage in ANH in 1997. Tammy, no I never kissed C3PO at MW or anywhere else or sent in the photo. I don't take my metal figures out of the box either. If I did play, maybe, but for right now they stay in the box. The last QVC SW special aired in February and it was really nice. I wanted to be sure Mary Jo mentioned the fact that she took the plunge and ordered that beer stein (which is gorgeous).

Anyway, another great issue and I look forward to #6.[13]

Thanks so much for all those Blue Harvest issues, I've virtually absorbed them in a single day, and I think they're all great. Mind you, I was starved for something apart from all those official books and mags... I particularly enjoyed reading the reviews, and then the "Compendium of Lost Footage" in BH #5 was a real revelation. I've been trying to piece things together myself, but you really surprised me with a few details I'd never heard of...(t)hen, of course it's been great reading the report on the Jedi convention featured in BH #5, because I was there, too. Shame I never got to meet the people who wrote the report! [13]

Issue 6

Blue Harvest 6 was published in summer 1995 and contains 31 pages.

front cover of issue #6
back cover of issue #6
table of contents page, issue #6

Editor Mary Jo Fox has a list of her top ten fandom wishes; some of them:

4. I wish that the so-called dino fans can just accept the fact another generation of fandom has arrived, and we don't have to fall in with what's been the "party line." Conversely, we newcomers have to realize that these guys did keep zinedom going through the years, and for that they do deserve respect. 5. I wish that the meanness and bitterness on the part of some fans would dissipate like mist. This is supposed to be a good time for SW, and I won't let a few wet blankets spoil it for me or anyone else. 6. I wish everyone will approach the new movies with an open mind. Yes, I'll miss the old gang, but that doesn't mean that I'm not anxious to meet new heroes and villains. Remember, 10 years ago, no one would've thought Star Trek could exist without Kirk and Spock. At the same time, I hope the Anakin vs. Luke debates are kept to a minimum. This is all part of the same story. Such spats are pointless.

Editor James Addams comments on the zine layout and design:

Around the time we were preparing the third episode of Blue Harvest, we started receiving a lot of mail from readers who were lucky enough to have seen the first two episodes (which are now as rare as a Yak-Face!). A lot of the content of these letters were words of praise for the graphics and the overall look of the 'zine. As I'm not a designer by trade, having created something that impressed others so much made me feel really good... and by episodes three and four, I had gone graphicrazy. These were the issues on which we built our reputation, and it's a fairly good one, I'm happy to say. By episode five, and now, episode six, we've got so many great writers contributing so much fabulous stuff, there's simply no room for fancy compu-art anymore. But, I think BH's true focus is on great reading and plenty of objective views about the Star Wars saga anyway, so theoretically, the "look" should be secondary... right? Well, who can tell! Hopefully, the next pair of issues [seven and eight) will see Blue Harvest come of age, and be a place where truly great writing meets up with a really cool look to be the best 'zine on the market. That's my wish... and for ten of MJ's wishes, see page five! In the meantime, as always, let those gosh-darned Wookiees win!

From issue #20:

With BH6 came the first reports from cyberspace. Master James got Email and hooked up with Daniel Wallace, who did a report on SW internet sites for us; this was Dan's first published writing! As you know, he went on to pen a bunch of official Star Wars books, including The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons.

  • The Truths We Cling To by John Fredericks (4)
  • Wishes for Fandom by Mary Jo Fox (5)
  • Delta Source: News and Rumors (6)
  • Clone Wars: Spaceballs (8)
  • Role Playing: 1989/1995 by Debbie Kittle (9)
  • A Binding Force: Magnificent Seven? (10)
  • Marvel Comics Guide, part one, Jack Camden begins his reappraisal and checklist of the old Marvel Star Wars Comics (12)
  • Confessions of a Star Wars Collector: Props and Costumes by Dave Toof (16)
  • Antilles A-Go-Go, Part One of the Wedge Antilles Wedge-A-Rama by Addams Veaudry and Hilliard (18)
  • Skyrocketing by Steve Head (21)
  • Elstree Day: a UK Star Wars Con Report by Derek Tate (November 14, 1994, Elstree, UK, about 700 guests, four Guests of Honor, for-profit) (22)
  • Star Wired: Navigating the 'Net: Navigating the Net, and Star Wars on the Internet by Dan Wallace (24)
  • Reviews: The Visual Ranting (some pro publications, including Star Wars Insider, see that page and a review of Warped Space #45, see that page) (26)
  • From a Certain Point of View: LoCs (29)
  • The Eight Against A World story line from the old Marvel SW comics examined by Randal

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

Thanks a bunch for BH #4. Enjoyed it immensely. James Addams did a really good job with his record collecting article. Fortunately, the prospect for buying SW records is not as bleak as James put it. Those millions of records sold are still out there. They didn't vanish into thin air just because CD's sell better now. You need to be a little creative when you're hunting. For instance, in 1988, I saw cases of Buena Vista's ROTJ 7th record, still sealed, selling for 10 cents apiece at a Big Lots discount store in Clarksburg, W.V. A few years ago, Lucasfiim Fan Club magazine was gouging people at $10 apiece for the same record. Mail order is a great way to pick up SW records. Discoveries and Goldmine mags each list dozens of dealers who specialize in soundtracks or novelty records. A word of warning: if the dealers charge you the Tomart price, you're getting ripped off. Tomart, like all price guides, is woefully inaccurate. On the SW Christmas A/bum, one of the singers is listed as John Bon Jovi. This gent sounds o lot like Jon Bon Jovi. The album was recorded in New York in the late '70s. Jon Bon Jovi comes from New Jersey and would have been in his late teens or early 20s at the time. Is the one and only Jon Bon Jovi working his way into SW lore? [14]

I just recently received Episode VI and I have to thank you all for the effort so obviously put into this and every issue. Well done.

As usual, Delta Source packed in a great deal of info, and I must especially give kudos to Skip S. for his book list. Incredible! Finally, everything The comic list is also helpful for tying down dates, even though you did leave off the Jabba quarterly. Not to be missed, by the way. I had almost forgotten about Lightsiders—is it still going to be published or is it merely wishful thinking. It's a year or so overdue right now, so I unfortunately think it's the latter.

Other highlights for me were the photos of Dave Toof's prop collection and the Wedge article. Not being much of a Wedge fan, I approached that one with some reservations. I love Wedge the character, but I don't understand why people go crazy over him. But I must say I had a good laugh (reading) Veaudry, Addams, and Hillard expressing the "Great One's" superiority over the Weenie Farm Boy. One or two more things. You mention a zine called Starfighfer Command in Delta Source. How about an address? Until next time, remember, James—some Wooks don't like it when you let them win.[14]

Nice cover. I prefer the glossy to the plain. I am ashamed to admit I can't tell what R2 is in front of. What exactly is the background?

Love the cartoons. Mother Goose was the best. Agree with the wishes. I have read Campbell and also suggest it for other fans. Excellent Delta Source (as usual I hadn't heard most of the rumours). My, there are a lot of books coming out. I better buy another bookshelf. SW milkcaps? Where? I certainly haven't seen any (in Kingston or in Ottawa). I enjoyed the humour oF Spacebars. Brooks never takes any prisoners. when he sloshes the great films, I kind of liked Ice Pirates. When I first saw the film, I was too young and innocent to get most of the jokes. I get them now and they are bad. (Why is it that all the movies you review are ones that I have taped?] Marvel comics hod some good issues (24, 38, 48]. They had some excellent ideas (the Wheel, the Tarkin), but the execution often fell short. Props—oh, to find some of these toys in a local store or friend's garage. Everything about Wedge; finally someone tackles him. Lots of good info, no surprises here, and I'm looking forward to the next part with the other stuff. Skyrocketing was informative. A few things I didn't know. Another SW convention. I love reading about these things. I would have liked pictures, but the text is worth something, Star Wired had a few useful things in it. These BBS's have some excellent names, don't they? Reviews: what can really be said about these?

All in all, this was another excellent issue.[14]

Issue 7

front cover #7
back cover of #7
table of contents page, issue #7

Blue Harvest 7 was published in fall 1995 and has 28 pages.

  • You're Who?, Or, What the Hell Do We Call Ourselves? (4)
  • Revenge of the Sarlaac Pit (5)
  • Delta Source: News and Rumours (6)
  • Clone Wars: Ice Pirates (8)
  • Role Playing: 1995/1988/1987 (9)
  • A Binding Force: X-Wing Video Game, examined by Randal Yard (10)
  • Donnie & Marie: No This Isn't a Misprint, Star Wars on the Donnie and Marie Show, by Dan Wallace (13) (see The Donny & Marie Show Star Wars Special)
  • Wedge-A-Rama: part two, by James and Matt Hilliard(15)
  • Marvel Comics Guide, part two, checklist and plot summaries part 2 by Jack Camden (18)
  • What Is It With Luke?, by Scott Corrales (22)
  • SW: The Next Generation, bonding with a 3 year old over Star Wars by James Addams (24)
  • Reviews/Letters (26)

From "You're Who?, Or, What the Hell Do We Call Ourselves?": A fan is quoted from a letter in SW Galaxy: "In regard to the question of a special name for SW fans, I say don't do it. As someone who considers himself a ST fan, I know there is a social stigma attached to the name Trekker or Trekkie. We are perceived as losers and geeks, people with too much time on [our] hands and in desperate need of a life.... Up until now SW fans have avoided this characterization. Let us not, then, seek it out."

From "Sarlaac Pit": "Have you ever seen a negative review of anything (save perhaps, The SW Holiday Special), in Star Wars Insider or Star Wars Galaxy Magazine? Well, no you have not. The reason for that is because both of these publications exist to for one reason only: to sell product. [see more of this comment at Regarding "The Sarlaac Pit")"

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 7

BH#7's usual array of galactic coolness was as fabulous as ever. I really enjoy getting it to read.

Another slew of hilarious comics. Thequestion of fan-names wasa good one. People haveasked □nd I have no answer. I like "Star Warriors," "Skywalkers," and "Jedi." If pressed, my choice would be "Skywalkers." I love reading James' rants... someone must show the bantha dung among the credits. I agree that Galoob is money hungry; they pulled the Micro Machine ship stunt with ST too. I just rewatched Ice Pirates wtih a critical eye—that show went beyond humour to the new realms...realms under the trash compactor. The "Donny and Marie" review sounds hilarious. I'd like to see it, just to see if it really is so bad. Anyone got it on video? More excellent Wedge stuff. I said it all about the Marvel comic last time—some great story ideas, but poor execution (they needed to send in Vader to motivate the workers). I can agree with those ideas on canon; the rise of conflicting legends over the years would happen. We need Tionne to set things straight. Excellent opinions on Luke's slide into history (I love Dune and King Arthur).

So James has convinced another person into the ever-growing ranks of SW fans. I've done the same with several friends who didn't even remember the original release.[15]

I just got BH#7 and I loved it. That zine is getting better all the time and to think if was great to begin with. How much further can you guys take it before it can't get any better? I loved the article "What is it with Luke?", by the way. Great stuff. And if s great to see that you're doing the Marvel comics some justice. For some reason they don't seem to count in the whole and (think that's a pity. A lot of good characters have sprung from the comic* and J for one would love to see some of them on me big screen. Suchas Dani, the Zeltron. She formed a good contrast to Leia. All in all I can't find one single thing to say. against your zine, so keep up the good work.[15]

Another great issue of BH. Once again I enjoyed reading it. The "Donny and Marie" show was unknown to me. Such things don't get broadcasted here. I don't know, should (we consider ourselves) lucky about it? Although, they've just started to rerun "The Partridge Family"—argh. Also, the "Holiday Special" was never broadcasted. I saw it once on a very poor quality video. Everybody who's responsible for that should be thrown to the lions. My greetings to James. I agree completely with his opinion abouf merchandising and all the hype madness. Keep on kicking asses! I loved his SW: TNG article. Great idea brainwashing his innocent stepdaughter with the SW movies.[16]

Issue 8

Blue Harvest 8 was published winter 1996 and has 28 pages.

front cover of issue #8
back cover of issue #8
table of contents page, issue #8
  • Star Wars: Just a Movie... or Chicken Soup for the Soul? by Mary Jo Fox (4)
  • Sarlacc Pit III, more ranting! (5)
  • Delta Source, news and rumours (6)
  • Clone Wars: Space: Above and Beyond (8)
  • Role Playing: 1995 Wrap-Up (9)
  • Dark Forces, part 6 of A Binding Force (10)
  • Investigation: Did He or Didn't He?, Investigating the Situation: Tackling the "Mystery Vest" Controversy by Mary Joe Fox (13)
  • Star Wars U: An Interview, a trip to Star Wars University by Paul Michael Kane (14)
  • Prop Collecting part two by Dave Toof (16)
  • Reviews (18)
  • Letters (25)

From issue #20:

BH8 featured more Matt Busch art - and writing! Dave Toof came aboard at that time with an article on collecting exclusive cast and crew items, and was essentially plagiarized when Gus Lopez penned a nearly identical article almost four years later in Star Wars Galaxy Collector #8.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 8

I really enjoyed BH8. Agree with James on some of his Sarlacc Pit rumblings. I love the Action Fleet. However, the color changing micro ships irritate me. I half-expected to see red and green ones for Christmas. I also haven't gotten my Making of SW video yet either but have 2 of my 4 Han stormtroopers.

I loved reading about the SW class offered in Florida. That would be one class I'd never skip.

David Toof's article on cast and crew items makes me wish I was in the right place at the right time. Some great stuff.[17]

I just received your letter and the terrific issue of Blue Harvest. I'm glad my little disquisition on Luke went down well with your readers! I read your editorial with great interest—don't feel too bad: I was ostracized by my high school classmates because of my interest in Star Wars and SF in general. Those were 4 lonely years that I'd never wish on anyone—but Star Wars was there! [17]

BH#8: I love that cover. Matt is a fabulous artist. I wish I was a quarter as good. So when do we see him start doing the covers for new novels?

Some interesting comics, as usual. I remember seeing ads for figures...such low prices. Another interesting editorial. I know exactly where you are coming from with those comments. I had no friends in my later years at high school. And yet again, James tells us of the so-called "collectibles" that not even a Jawa would try to sell.

More interesting gossip...for once, it was mostly stuff I already knew from other sources, but still interesting to read.[17]

Issue 9

Blue Harvest 9 was published in summer 1996 and has 32 pages.

The zine reports that "Lucasfilms is reportedly drawing up guidelines for fans who wish to set up SW homepages on the World Wide Web. At least two pages (including the popular UPenn site) have been shut down over the past year for copyright and trademark infringement... my advice? Beware of using video and audio clips from the films on your website."

front cover #9
back cover of issue #9
table of contents page, issue #9
  • Rantings of an Online Newbie by Mary Jo Fox (4)
  • Sarlaac Pit IV, had enough yet? (5)
  • Delta Source, news and rumours (6)
  • Clone Wars: Space Hunter (8)
  • A Binding Force, part 7, the Doomworld story arc from the old Marvel Comics SW series examined by Randal (9)
  • The Empire Strikes... Out?: Stormtrooper Conduct in the Star Wars Trilogy by Jim Johnson (12)
  • Brian Daley, a Remembrance by Alex Newborn (14)
  • Rogue Writer: An Interview with Mike Stackpole by Paul Michael Kane (17)
  • Five Minutes with Chris Sprouse by Mary Jo Fox (20)
  • Revising the Empire: A Lucasfilm Extravaganza: WonderCon 1996, a con report by Matt Busch (21) (a rah-rah official presentation to hype Star Wars in Oakland, California on April 27, 1996, Steve Sansweet was a presenter to 400 fans, included a video with clips of fans saying how many times they'd seen Star Wars, clips from The Simpsons, The Donny and Marie Star Wars Special, The Muppet Show, an Underoos Star Wars commercial, a slide presentation of art work for "Shadows of the Empire," and lots of Star Wars video goodies)
  • A Day Long Remembered: A Con Report by Mary Jo Fox and Debbie Kittle (22) (a Star Trek convention in Maryland on March 24, 1999 that had Star Wars guests)
  • reviews (23)
  • Letters (30)
  • lots of Shadows of the Empire news and reviews

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 9

Sigh. I cannot tell you what it's like to be a part of something so...great?...perfect?.„wonderful? I really can't find the right words. I got BH9 yesterday and loved every page—no make that every word of it. I am really proud to be a part or this zine.[18]

What a great issue! I tried to put it down and get some work done—I really did.

Loved all the Delta Source tips. The PepsiCo stuff I'd heard but y'all had details. And I poured over the list of new action figures. Where am I going to put them all? Can't wait for the shimmering ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Can a shimmering Anakin be far behind? Great interviews this issue. Michael Stackpole seems to take fiendish glee in killing off his characters. I find when I'm reading his battle scenes I start pitching and yawing with the ships. Enjoyed Matt Busch's WonderCon report. I got to see the presentation at DragonCon and my reactions were a lot like Matt's. I'd love to see it again since I was so awestruck the first time.

Looking forward to #10. From the Dark Side...[18]

I really enjoyed BH9. It and Martin Thurn's wonderful zine are my two favorites. I was really touched by Alex Newborn's wonderful piece on Brian Daley—a guy I've heard so many wonderful things about; I'm really sorry I never got to meet him as I'm starting to meet so many of the authors such as Mike Stackpole and Tim Zahn (and so thrilled to find out most of them are fanboys just like us!).

I'll give Matt Busch—whose art I really admire—a B+ on his WonderCon write-up. He got a few facts wrong or out of place (it's a "Ronto," not "Rodar," and the folks who didn't get to see my presentation when Matt did had two more chances during the con, so they weren't completely frozen out).

I sure do agree with your online editorial. It's just so frustrating when know-nothings hiding behind a screen name mouth off on things they know nothing about. Legit criticism is fine, but when someone lambastes me for having a big ego because I have an action figure of myself (which was sent, to my total surprise, as a gift from a German fan)...well, I just boil. Poor Kevin Anderson—a really swell guy—must be beet red.[18]

Issue 10

front cover #10
back cover of issue #10
table of contents page, issue #10

Blue Harvest 10 was published in autumn 1996 and has 28 pages. It includes an insert, a single page with a Christmas-themed filk by Jason Brown: "Luke's X-Wing Got Shot Down by Darth Vader," sung to the tune of "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer."

From issue #20:

BH10 (Autumn 1996), contained Mistress Mary Jo's pioneering Star Wars/Simpsons article, which was reprinted in the nationally syndicated column Zine-O-Phile in early 1997. Looks like Scott Chernoff was reading Zine-O-Phile too, because he used yet another of our concepts as the cover story of SWInsider #38 two years later.

  • Defending the SpEds by Mary Jo (5)
  • RPG Reviews by Debbie Kittle ("Debbie's Back!") (6)
  • Clone Wars: The Simpsons Connection (7)
  • Delta Source (8)
  • SW:CCG, the Star Wars CCG Explored hints from James (10)
  • A Binding Force: Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell by Randal Yard(12)
  • Heirs Apparent: Beware of the Dark Side! a look at the post-ROTJ bad guys by Paul Michael Kane (14)
  • Star Wars: The Homemade Version by Scott Corrales, a 1981 fan-created photo-novel (17)
  • SW comic book artists Kennedy, Vatine and Blanchard interviewed by Uwe Lippick and Maikel Das (19)
  • Reviews: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (21)
  • Letters: From a Certain Point of View (25)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 10

Blue Harvest episode ten was fantastic, as usual! The gangsta cover was absolutely hilarious!

Your article in defense of the Special Editions shredded Mark Altman. I hope he reads it. He'll feel so small. I will definitely put him in his place. Who does he think he is, challenging the wisdom of George Your SW/Simpsons Connection article was also very cool. Move the Simpsons, too, but never really realized how many references to Star Wars there is. Very cool. Jeez that was a lot of work and research for a page! Keep up the good work! My god, the interview with Cam, Olivier, and Fred was so depressing. They are the only SW comic artists that I extremely enjoy. I wish I had gotten my info (on Wondercon) a bit more correct, but oh well. In my defense, the program for the Wondercon only lists one showing on Saturday of the presentation. I had left early on Sunday, and hadn't found out until after writing the article that two more presentations were added last minute on Sunday. Still, people who traveled and bought tickets for Saturday only and missed out, really missed out.

Of course, my deepest apologies to both Steve Sansweet and Blue Harvest for getting my info incorrect. I took notes as best I could...honest! [19]

BH#10 was another masterpiece. I totally agree with your defense of the SpEds, and the Xmas carol was pretty funny too. And, it was a real kick to see that Boba Fett is a regular BH reader. My favorite article was the SW-Simpsons connection. The Simpsons is my favorite show, and over the years I've definitely noticed all the references. Reading through your exhaustive listing brought back a few that I had completely forgotten about, though you do highlight my favorite: "there's no such thing as a good [19]

...Of course the zine was a wonderful read, as always. "Luke's X-Wing Got Shot Down By Darth Vader" was a special treat that I can only hope will find its way onto Meco's sequel to his "Christmas in the Stars'" recording [if there ever comes to be such a thing!). I agreed with your defense of the Special Editions editorial. I too, read Mark Altman's searing accusations of Lucas's immoral selling out in giving three of the greatest films of all time a bit of a face lift. And, while I think a lot of what Mr. Altman was saying was just trying to stir up a tempest in the fandom community (and it worked, eh?) and thus garner more readers, I too feel a little strange about Lucas's tinkering. I know they'll look great, and the/ are HIS films to do with as he pleases (though I guess you could argue the sentiment that they belong to the world now, but that's just not legally so), I just feel a bit of a twinge knowing something so important to me is going to change (even if it is for "the better"}. I always found the matte lines and "classical" model effects in ANH to be rather endearing. A big Hollywood epic showing its "B movie" roots. I'm afraid the new CGI is going to make the movie cold and impersonal (no smudges and thumbprints of love, if you will). The SW universe is one that's worn and lived in, and the movies as they stood before reflected this (whether they technically meant to or not). Now, with the CGI, I'm afraid everything will be dehumanized somehow, too glossy. But all in all, I still can't wait to see what George has done, and will be first in line come January 31 (my original laser discs safely stored away for when I want to visit my beloved friends again, the way I came to know them the first time around.) [19]

Issue 11

front cover #11
back cover of issue #11
table of contents page, issue #11

Blue Harvest 11 was published in winter 1997 and has 32 pages.

From issue #20: "With BH 11, Blue Harvest became the first magazine anywhere to feature an authentic Prequel image on their cover."

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 11

I love BH#11 to bits! Not only was the cover awesome (thanks, James) ... but Blue Harvest was in glorious blue print on the cover. The inside was just as exciting.

Your editorial was truthful, shocking and humorous. The rumors that get started are so completely wacky sometimes. Fabio? In a SW movie? Ew get real! if Macaulay Culkin weren't bad enough. Who are these people that start this, ! think they've had too much saccharin. Delta Source was way cool with killer info. I hope I have better luck finding the Meco CD than I did that blasted Christmas CD. SW boutiques, right? Bonzer! The Sarlacc Pit had me questioning the OSWFC myself. It should be called the Official SW Catalog. Perhaps someone should clue them in. Clone Wars had me blurting out things like, "Yeah!" or "I totally agree!" Instead of worrying about special effects all the time left work on character and story development first. "ID4" and "Stargate" are very flat and stale. My cat could do a better job coming up with a movie. "ID4" was a speedy and empty movie. It was over before you knew it. Alex Newborn brought up a good issue. Color should matter not...not ever. It saddens me to see a movie like SW get criticized for something it's not. Totally not! People, especially critics, can be so superficial and become such instigators. Blowing things up to the size of the Death Star. I enjoyed James's article on toys. It was a ride of thrills and chills for me. From his youth with SW and his memories (thrills) to the gruesome horror stories that occur at TRU (chills). I love the part James wrote on his pet peeve about molded plastic capes ("No Han, I don't need to borrow some quarters for laundry, my cape is standing by itself in the corner because it is plastic.

Both your reviews were honest and what I like most... it's from a fan's point of view. Your reviews were all that and a bag of chips. Mmmm, mmm good!!! I absolutely loved BH#11!!! [20]

I got BH# 11 and read it cover-to-cover in one sitting; some very interesting stuff! I especially liked your column about "Independence Day." I had no idea that some critics were actually comparing it to SW! It had great special effects, sure, but like you said, I can't remember any of their names. And I've seen it more than once! ID4 is no saga. If s just a summertime-type action Hick to reel in the big bucks. I liked "Zen and the Art of Collecting Toys," too.[20]

Being new to Blue Harvest, I have to say that I am enjoying it; glad I joined. The layout and style is professional-looking and well-set, the content is widely-varied, and it kept me interested from cover to cover. Do you guys by any chance watch David Letterman at night? BH, I think, has a great ultra-hip and in-on-the-joke Lettermanesque sense of humor. Of all the pieces, I enjoy "Delta Source" the most. (If I had to pick a least favorite piece, it would be the continuing articles on the customizable SW card game, which has lost me completely. But that's only because I'm not involved in the game—that's my problem. I'm sure many other fans are playing it, so it's beneficial to them.) The comics and cartoons on the inside cover are also a favorite of mine.[20]

Issue 12

Blue Harvest 12 was published in summer 1997 and contains 31 pages.

front cover of issue #12
back cover of issue #12
table of contents page, issue #12
  • Editorial: If Loving Star Wars is Wrong: Mary Jo defends fandom (5)
  • Delta Source: cool things you shouldn't miss! (6)
  • Hyperwave Scan: cool things you might have missed! (8)
  • Sarlaac Pit: is James sick? no, he's just being nice! (10)
  • Customizable Card Game: James hits a tournament! (11)
  • Wookiee Storybook (children's tie-in book printed in its entirety, along with a bit of art), part ten of a Binding Source, by Randal Yard (13)
  • Shadows of Another Empire: SW and Asimov by Scott Corrales (16)
  • The Sound of Blasters: Paul Michael Kane goes looking for Ben Burtt's Sound FX sources (18)
  • reviews: Planet of Twilight, extensive ESB and ROJ Special Edition reviews (20)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 12

At long last I have the chance to rave about BH! After surviving the perfect MediaWest Vacation—lack of sleep, bad food, too much $$ spent —I made it home with umpteen zines. BH was the first one read through and through. Hey, it's like the Trilogy itself—it rocks! Unlike some overly ponderous and serious zines, BH keeps alive the spirit of SW—if s fun, chock full of humor, and grab-the-popcom-bag-and-hang-on-for-the-ride type of read!

What keeps me coming back for more are the columns, Delta Source, Sarlacc Pit, and other reviews. Plus, I like the other bonus columns such as the Wookiee Storybook in this issue. Whatta hoot! I didn't think anyone else remembered that little book! Furthermore, the movie reviews were pretty accurate. I only had minor, nitpicky disagreements not worth mentioning. All in all, BH #12 keeps up with the honest, no-frills, reporting I've come to expect.

Thanks to everyone on the BH staff for providing a fun, humorous, and alternative voice for SW random. Now where's the ad so I can sign up for a subscription...? [21]

Issue 12.5

Blue Harvest 12.5: (Twelve and a half) was published summer 1997.

cover of issue #125

This special four-page mini-issue was mailed FREE to subscribers and became an instant collectible. It may be small, but Size Matters Not because it also includes a free, full color, 24"x36" Yoda poster, courtesy of Decipher Inc.! Prequel Watch, Delta Source, Con Reports.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 12.5

First, thank you so much For the special edition of BH 12.5 this (past) summer. What o surprise! The Yoda poster is awesome. That's very generous of you to just give them away like that. Also, I couldn't believe the insane amount of prequel news you scooped! I was really torn, like James said in the BH you just sent out. Do I read the news, or be disappointed by spoilers? Tough choice, but I read it all—several limes over, showing it to skeptical Friends.[22]

Issue 13

Blue Harvest 13 was published in autumn 1997 and contains 31 pages.

It contains many typos as the printers printed a rough draft by mistake.

front cover of issue #13
back cover of issue #13
table of contents page, issue #13
  • Star Wars Youth: Or, The Kids Are Alright by Mary Jo Fox, commentary on younger SW fans (5)
  • Delta Source: cool stuff you shouldn't miss! (5)
  • Hyperwave Scan: cool things you might have missed! (8)
  • Customizable Card Game: Asteroids and training decks, James on Dagobah CCG decks (11)
  • Con Reports: Germany, San Diego James and Maikel Das give con reports on JediCon (March 29–31, 1997 in Munich) and Comicon (San Diego) (15)
  • Uwe Lippick interviews Rick McCallum (17)
  • What If...?: Scott Corrales contemplates alternate realities... sober! (18)
  • Return of the Toys, or, Zen and the art of toy collecting, part two by James (19)
  • James interviews Jeremy Bulloch and adds an unexpected sequel to "Zen and the Art of Toy Collecting" from (BH11) (21)
  • Mr. Lucas Goes to Washington by Mary Jo Fox (opening of the Smithsonian exhibition, attended by George Lucas) (23)
  • Randal Yard on the TIE Fighter video game

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 13

BH #13 was worth the wait (for the] prequel update and Jeremy Bulloch was awesome. One of the best ever, though I did miss Clone Wars, I can't wait for "Fifth Element" and "Starship Troopers" to get trashed. "Starship Troopers," the hype lasted about 1 1 /2-2 weeks past its release. Some blockbuster. Also I rented "The Fifth Element" and only got 20 minutes into it and shut it off it was so stupid. I know that really doesn't give it a chance, but it sucked. "Star Wars" for the 90s it wasn't. Definitely. And weren't those two trailers the worst during the SpEds? [22]

And, BH #13 was another masterpiece. Great job on the color pics, too! In fact, you beat the Topps magazine with its pictures to my mailbox by at least 24 hours, once again proving that you got the pros beat, hands down. Thumbs up on Delta Source and the Jeremy Bulloch & Rick McCallum interviews, too. Your column on the next generation of SW fans is right on as well. My 4-year-old cousin is obsessed with SW. He can't siring together complete sentences yet, but he can name all the characters by heart (I quiz nim with the CCG's like flash cards). When he visits the house, he beelines right to my room, with its posters, books and figures oil out of reach. Anyway, dino-fans hove no right saying he doesn't appreciate the maqic and wonder.[22]

BH#13 was absolutely fantastic! The cover (which was in glorious color) was hypnotic and the contents was worth salivating over,

I was discouraged though to see members of the "original" SW generation acting like selfish little twerps ("SW Youth or The Kids Are Alright") over a movie that doesn't belong to them, but to all of us. I'm thrilled that kids today would lake a 20-year-old movie to heart. Who cares if someone knows more SW trivia than someone else. They both share the love for the movies, right? And maybe one could help the other instead of ridiculing them for their lack of SW knowledge. For without a new generation of kids for SW to captivate and inspire the movies/novels/comics will simply age and eventually die along with the "original" generation. I just hope SW doesn't become another soulless icon. James, you have every reason to worry! The Prequel Watch however had me thinkinq...are we a society now that is so "gossip hungry" we can't live without Knowing every detail of the prequels before they're released? Photos I don't mind because they keep you guessing, but when you reveal 25-50% of the movies' storyline, forget it. I'll pass on the "lightweight" and "squeamish" stuff and avoid the last page altogether. No prequel spoilers for me.

Your interview with Jeremy Bulloch was most impressive! I can only hope to see more interviews like that from BH, Mary Jo's experience meeting Mr. Lucas in person is something I'll regret for the rest of my life. (Don't cry too hard—I only sat in the some auditorium with the guy...I didn't actually meet him and I never said I did.—MJ) George Lucas is a man who hasn't let success go to his head. He truly is o legend in his own right. It's just o shame you couldn't take pictures.[22]

Issue 14

Blue Harvest 14 was published in spring 1998 and contains 27 pages.

front cover of issue #14
back cover of issue #14
table of contents page, issue #14
  • Editorial: Ewoks defended (as if they can't defend themselves) (5)
  • Delta Source (6)
  • Hyperwave Scan (10)
  • Customizable Card Game: Cloud City adventures! (11)
  • Prequel Watch (13)
  • The Importance of Being Obi-Wan by Scott Coralles (14)
  • Interview: Dan Wallace, Star Wars: The Magic of Myth "Nickel Tour" by Mary Jo Fox (17)
  • The Magic of Myth: Mary Jo gives you a guided tour of the Smithsonian exhibit (19)
  • The New Trilogy vs. the Classic: Closing the Gap by James Addams
  • reviews: Rebel Dawn, X-Wing: Wraith Squadron (22)
  • Letters (26)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 14

Just received #14. Thanks.

I haven't read the whole thing yet, but I just read your intros. I was immediately struck by an issue: How fans receive their SW info. A year ago, I was just about totally dependent on Zines (i.e printed material) for my info. Today I have 2 computers at my disposal, and I can access SW info just about anytime I want. As much as I dig digital communication, I can't forget what has come before. Zines hove their niceties that the Internet, for all it's quickness, can't touch. It's sort of like the new multiplexes phasing out the Drive-ins. The new things can make one forget about the old things, and all the advantages it had. If this is indeed the "Dark Times" for SW zines, then you guys must do everything you can to keep going. That's where the real spirit is. The fans will come around once they remember what they've been missing. The Internet isn't the to-end-all for SW info. I look forward to 15. And Wow!.... I forgot about my South Park picture. Thanks your putting that in there. I enjoyed your Ewok editorial. You make some great points. They have received some unnecessary bad raps.

But I must admit, I'm no Ewok fan. I don't dislike them. They're what they were supposed to be, amusing. So, I tolerate them, I guess. Anyway, I have three younger brothers who digged them, and still do.[23]

BH #14 was awesome! The create-a-spoiler contest is great! What a good idea. The wheels turn...

As far as the Ewoks go, I'm with you. Maybe they're not my favorite characters in the trilogy, but they are an important part of the plot. (I never realized the Ewok/Wook-E anagram! How frickin' cool is that?!!) I remember when I First saw Jedi, I LOVED the Ewok scenes! They were so funny! But, I also remember being a teenager years after and agreeing with all the cool kids that Ewoks were stupid. Now whenever I Rear Ewok-bashing, I am reminded of silly teenagers that are just too cool to see the big picture.

Ahem...while it's not Star Wars, some people liked The Fifth least it's original! [23]

Issue 15

Blue Harvest 15 was published in summer 1998 and contains 31 pages.

front cover of issue #15
back cover of issue #15
table of contents page, issue #15
  • editorials (4)
  • All in Due Time, or Where's the @#$%E Trailer Already? (5)
  • Delta Source (6)
  • Clone Wars: Lost in Space (8)
  • the bankruptcy of West End Games by Mary Jo Fox (9)
  • CCG: Jabba's Palace by James Addams (10)
  • Dateline: Alderaan by Scott Coralles (12)
  • Prequel Watch (14)
  • Mary Jo's Magic 8-ball by Mary Jo Fox (15)
  • Sex, Violence and Mara Jade, by James Addams (16)
  • the third installment of Zen and the Art of Collecting Toys, featuring the already classic Action Figure Cage Match by James Addams (18)
  • Con Report: Chicago: Wizard World Comic Con 1998 by James Addams (20)
  • Reviews (22)
  • Letters (30)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 15

Hi! I thought that the most recent issue of Blue Harvest was outstanding, especially Prequel Watch." Your zine is very informative and interesting. Keep up the great work.... I'm looking forward to the build-up to Episode I, but I'm avoiding reading your spoiler zones. I want Episode I to be a surprise whenever it gets released in England, so I'm compiling a list of BH spoilers and other magazine spoilers to read next summer. It'll be interesting to see how accurate it all is. Especially your Magic 8 Ball. "Sex, Violence & Mara Jade" was an interesting article. Romance is something the SW universe definitely lacks. I haven't seen the offending pictures in The Lost Command comic book, but I remember being surprised when I sow the semi-naked Leia on the Shadows of the Empire Topps card 47. Not that it showed anything, it was just a surprise. So were the steamy scenes between Xizor and Leia in the novel. Very unexpected! "Zen and the Art of Collecting Toys" was another good article. I don't collect the toys and I didn't realize there were so many figures out there. The vintage v. POTF2 wrestling was a funny comparison and somehow I wasn't surprised to read the Leias were wrestling in Jello!! Anyway, I hope you can both keep up the good work. Blue Harvest is an excellent read and I look forward to receiving it.[24]

Issue 16

Blue Harvest 16 was published in winter 1998 and contains 29 pages. It ten pages of reviews.

front cover of issue #16
back cover of issue #16
table of contents page, issue #16
  • a short obit for Akira Kurosawa (1910-1998) (4)
  • Clone Wars: The Black Hole by Mary Jo Fox (5)
  • Are We Spoiled Rotten? by Mary Jo Fox (6)
  • Delta Source (8)
  • Hyperwave Scan (10)
  • The Sarlacc Pit: LucasArts and The Macintosh Platform by James Addams (12)
  • The Prequel Watch (13)
  • Deconstructing Lando by Scott Coralles (14)
  • Millennium Countdown: An interview with Documentarian Jeff Cioletti by Mary Jo Fox (16)
  • The Force Was With Me by Gina Goad (18)
  • Reviews (20)
  • Letters (29)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 16

Just a quick "hello" and to say that I received the ish of BH in today's mail! What a terrific issue, IMHO. The cover was very "classy" and well executed. I must differ with you, however, about The Black Hole: while it was one of the biggest slices of cheese to ever come out of Hollywood, there was a certain innocence to it—its a retelling of the Captain Nemo situation sans James Mason. The Old B.O.B./Vincent thing was a bit too saccharine, even for a schmaltz-lover like myself. BUT—the soundtrack! My God! That was amazing. John Barry at his finest and one of the neatest pop versions ever done by MECO on his album "Star Trek and Other Themes" (still have the LP).[25]

Issue 17

front cover #17
back cover of issue #17
table of contents page, issue #17

Blue Harvest 17 was published in summer 1999 and has 32 pages.

  • full reviews of Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace by both James and Mary Jo
  • Changes, editorial by James Addams (4)
  • Don't Call Me "Widow" (an essay on Star Wars, the media, and you), Mary Jo's take on the media's treatment of girrrrls in fandom, editorial (5)
  • Clone Wars: The Japanese Connection by Dave Merrill (6)
  • CCG: Musician Decks by James Addams (7)
  • Con Report: Star Wars Celebration in Denver by James Addams (8)
  • Las Guerras de las Galaxias: Darth Vader Rocks Europe, Ginger Dzerk writes about her SW experiences while travelling in Europe (12)
  • The Mind's Splintered Eye: Post-A New Hope Literature Revisited, Scott Coralles looks at Splinter of the Mind's Eye 20 years later (14)
  • Darth Washington: His Suit May Be Black but in the Politics of Stars Wars, Lord Vader Wears the White Hat—Vader: Hero of the Revolution by R. Scott Rogers (16)
  • James Addams is a Total Geek by James Addams (19)
  • Reviews by Mary Jo and James (20)
  • A Certain Point of View: Letters (29)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 17

I am pleased to renew my subscription to BH. I hove been enjoying all the interesting articles and viewpoints expressed therein. I would like to comment on a few things from Episode 17: I especially liked Mary Jo's "Don't cad me widow" article. I can relate-I'm a girl fan, too. Not only that, I'm an old girl fan! I was 27 when SW premiered and I became forever hooked, do the math, I'm nearly as old as Yoda! I was interviewed by the film (ahem) critic of my local paper for an article on SW fans that he was preparing to coincide with the opening of TPM. He had a photographer come to the school where I teach and take my picture with my Episode I teaser poster that's hanging on my classroom door. In the end, they didn't use my photo, though I was quoted a few times in the article. The article mostly chose to focus on - guess who - the fanboys! I guess the media finds it more interesting to pursue the "geek factor." I did enjoy talking with the gentleman who did the article anyway. I got the impression that he thought I was perhaps a bit too "normal" for the parameters of the piece. Who'd a thought that? [26]

Issue 18

Blue Harvest 18 was published in 1999 and has 32 pages.

front cover of #18 by Maikel Das
back cover of issue #18
table of contents page, issue #18
  • Axes to Grind by Mary Jo Fox (5)
  • Magic 8-Ball Revisited by Mary Jo Fox (7)
  • CCG: Endor and Young Jedi, Customizable Card Game by James Addams (9)
  • Weird Moments in Star Wars History by Mary Jo Fox (10)
  • and Separated At... Hatching (11)
  • Phantoms of the Round Table: Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and the Arthurian Cycle, by Scott Coralles (12)
  • The Music of Episode One by James Addams (15)
  • Reviews of: Starfighters of Adumar, TPM Trading Cards, TPM: Behind the Scenes, TPM Comics, Jedi Apprentice books, The Science of Star Wars, TPM Insdier's Guide, various price guides, Incredible Internet Guide to Star Wars, Hard Merchandise, The Art of TPM, TPM Portfolio, TPM Incredible Cross Sections and Visual Dictionary, Essential Guide to Droids, C-3PO Masterpiece Edition, and New Action Figures (20)
  • letters (29)
  • Natalie Portman's yearbook picture (31)
  • Fan art by Maikel Das, Joe Corroney and Jeff Carlisle
  • part two of our reprints of The Norm by Michael Jantze

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 18

Excellent cover art by Maikel Das (BH #18) and I am enormously enjoying your constant stream of SW comic strips; keep 'em coming. Near-perfect insight that far in advance with your "Magic 8-Ball." I would have been too cowardly to go out on a limb like that.[27]

Issue 19

front cover #19
back cover of issue #19
table of contents page, issue #19

Blue Harvest 19 was published in spring 2000 and has 32 pages.

  • Dual covers by Jeff Carlisle and Joe Corroney
  • James Magic 8-Ball (5)
  • Suddenly, Last Summer by Mary Jo Fox (6)
  • Been There - Filmed That by David Toof (8)
  • The Necessity of Fandom by James Addams (10)
  • Dirge for a Dark Lord by Scott Coralles (12)
  • Star Wars Coast to Coast by James Addams (14)
  • Chewbacca tribute by James, Mary Jo, Dan Wallace, Michael Jantze, Debbie Kittle, T-Bone Fender, Jeff Cioletti, Jeff Carlisle, Ginger Dzerk, Amando Palumbo and others (16)
  • Reviews of Vector Prime (20)
  • Letters (29)
  • Ewan McGregor: From Jedi to Junkie
  • Onslaught
  • various CD's
  • A Galaxy Far Far Away

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 19

Just finished the latest issue of BH and wanted to, once again, thank you and James (and all the talented contributors) for your tireless efforts. As always, bis of good stuff inside: the Chewie (excuse me, Chewbacca) tribute. Your blow-by-sticky-theatre-floor-blow of your marathon TPM viewings (wasn't once enough?!); James' cross-country SW exploits (Passing up needed SW figures?! The concept is completely beyond me!); James' assessment of the corporatizing of TPM (I was just as monumentally disappointed by the homogenous, international poster campaign as he was. The across-the-boards marketing design actually turned out to be more soulless than the movie! And that's saying something!); Scott Coralles' wonderful "Dirge For a Dark Lord" (who knew something fresh and insightful could still be written about our favorite Dark Side war horse?) But then that's really where you guys always excel. You constantly manage to put a fresh, impassioned (though not too serious) spin on this venerable fan scene (something the INSIDER is just now attempting to do, though not really all that well) and I, for one, am grateful for your presence. I think it's qoing to be a touchy two years until George (hopefully) redeems himself with EPII (I have two words for you George: Irvin Kershner), thank the Maker that you and James will be there to keep the banner flying high until the world once again finds favor with that galaxy far, far away... [28]

Issue 20

Blue Harvest 20 was published in summer 2000 and contains 31 pages.

front cover of issue #20
back cover of issue #20
table of contents page, issue #20
  • I Thought OT Stood for Over Time? by Mary Jo Fox (5)
  • The Blue Harvest Story by R2-D2 and C-3PO (6)
  • Interview: Meco by James Addams (8)
  • A Paean to the Lego Group by Jim Johnson (11)
  • Han Tangent by Rich Gawel (12)
  • Zen and the Force by Ben Hagood (14)
  • Interview: Shanon (Mara Jade) Baksa by Ben Hagood (14)
  • Zen and the Force by Ben Hagood (15)
  • Interview: Mike (Nien Nunb) Quinn by Ben Hagood (16)
  • "I See Sir Luke" by Gregory M Ahrenhoerster (17)
  • lots of reviews (20)
  • Letters (29)
  • a cover by Jeff Carlisle

Issue 21

Blue Harvest 21 was published in 2000.

  • Destiny in the Balance by Scott Coralles
  • Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet by Brandon Oakley
  • convention reports by Maikel Das and James Addams
  • 1991: The Year SW Broke...Again by Mary Jo Fox
  • reviews of Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter, Balance Point, Onslaught


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