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You may be looking for Crossfire, a Starsky and Hutch zine.

Title: Crossfire Zone
Publisher: Surreal Press, out of Louisiana, US
Editor(s): Melanie (Don't Panic!) Guttierrez, Lorrie (What Are You Prepared to Do?) Cherry (aka: Mesarthim and Stardancer), and Todd Parker (issue #1), and Melanie Guttierrez and Lorrie Cherry alone (the rest of the issues)
Date(s): 1993-95
Medium: fanzine
Fandom: Star Wars
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Crossfire Zone is a series of quarterly anthology Star Wars zines published between 1993 and 1995.

Fifteen issues were published. The zines averaged 30 pages per issue and won a few Star aWards.

This zine picks up where Hibernation Sickness ended, at least in terms of printing some of the chaptered fiction.

Note: the editors often refer to the zine's "members." These are "subscribers," not members of a fan club or other official community.

General Reactions and Reviews

Zaniness from the Bayou...this zine has art and stories (including a nine-zillion-part SW soap opera called Back to Bespin) as well as stuff like clippings, crossword puzzles, reader profiles, and classifieds. Lorrie and Melanie's pro-fandom zeal is what gives CZ its charm. For newer fans especially, this is a very user-friendly zine. And, since it comes out five times a year, it's a good way to get a steady supply of SW/ fanzine fixes.[1]

Issue 1

Crossfire Zone v.1 n.1 was published in March 1993 and contains 26 pages. It was edited by Melanie Guttierrez, Lorrie Cherry, and Todd Parker.

front cover overlay from issue #1, with "authentic Ewok fur"
front cover from issue #1

On the cover: "Authentic Ewok, Origin: Endor, Pelt #0__" (this number varied).

"As for our "politically incorrect cover" HEY, it's US! Besides It's WEARING fur that's insensitive (And the Ewoks are no longer wearing any!) not mailing it...right?"

  • Briefings, editorial (3)
  • Never a Doubt, filk by Tammy Olsen, to the tune of "Listen to my Heart" by Roxette (4)
  • Young One's Destiny, poem by Tammy Olsen (4)
  • Our Lives Forever Changed, filk by Tammy Olsen, to the tune of "Endless Summer Nights" by Richard Marx (5)
  • illo by Z.P. Florian (6)
  • The Giggling Zornom ("politically incorrect ethnic jokes from around the galaxy") (7)
  • wordfind (8)
  • puzzle solution (9)
  • Back to Bespin, part 9, fiction by Mesarthim and Stardancer (The first eight chapters were printed in Hibernation Sickness.) (10)
  • reprinted clippings (18)
  • Crossfire Zone Operative Dossier (fan questionnaire about what readers would like to see in this zine) (19)
  • zine flyers (20)
  • ballot and info about the STAR aWARdS (23)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Let me say I am glad that the staff of the former "Hibernation Sickness" is back to work on a new Star Wars regular zine. I was sorry to see HS go, but am pleased to see the same type of material rejuvenated in Crossfire Zone". I hope you are around for a very long time. I know I will be around to support it.

The "Ewok" hide cover was surprising and original. Just how many Ewoks paid the price for that venture? [ALL of 'em, we hope. - Eds] I guess we won't he hearing 'nubb nubb' any time soon.

I was nice to see Back to Bespin continued. Hope to see more. However, I think it might be a good idea to have a short summary of the past "BTB" events,for the newcomers out there, thrown in for right before the next episode. This is especially important since it is being continued in a new zine, and some new readers may pot have ever read the previous HS issues. Caught somewhere in the Crossfire. [2]

What to say about issue #1! What'a cover! I loved it! Thank you Melanie & Lorrie. Unfortunately my cats (Chewie & Yoda) liked the cover too. Luckily I caught them before they had chewed it to bits. I loved the jokes; they were great! Who thought of them? [Z.P.Florian did, we forgot a "by line, sorry. -- Eds] The "Zapper", what a good idea. I know who I'd like to get rid of, right, Melanie?

"Back to Bespin" was too short. I hate it when you two end the chapters at a good part. I'll get you back. I'm not sure how, but I'll get you! I hope everyone writes to Lori Barron. I think this woman might get more answers than she's ready for. Everything else was great too. I'll be waiting impatiently for CZ and AS in May. Good luck with two zines in one month. Walk the Sky. [3]

Dear CZ people. You wanted an LOC, so you got one...and I must say that CZ promises to be one kick-butt zine! I loved the Ewok pelt cover. I laughed hysterically when I saw the tag. You guys have such a beautifully twisted sense of humor. The computer type looks great. I'd like to see more in the way of graphics and art in the future; but everything else, style wise, looks pretty good. Tammy's poems: Although I don't like Roxette or Richard Marx (sorry) I admit I enjoyed the adaptations.

"Young One's Destiny was pretty good, too.

The Giggling Zornom: Z.P., you're behind this, aren't you? I loved the Han joke, and the story about the three Corellians. Back to Bespin: Another great episode! Mesarthim & Stardancer really know how to handle the technology and warfare in the SW universe. I'm glad this story is continuing here. The column on Lori Barron was very interesting. In fact, I wrote to her right away to be included in the survey. Thanks for passing this along...

All in all, CZ shows a lot of promise and potential. If the readers do get involved, who knows what insanity could result.[4]

I got CZ, and boy, this is fantastic! The idea with the pelt cover is out of this galaxy! A true collectors item! No self-respecting SW fan can live without having a fur covered copy of this zine! [Try explaining fat,furry envelopes to the P.O., tho! -- Eds.] Crossfire Zone stepped on the stage with a bang! My only problem is Back to Bespin comes in such small doses, and ends with such torturous cliff hangers that it's not a story anymore, it's the Spanish inquisition for us readers. I understand the page limits, but that doesn't make the waiting any easier... Long time fans of BtBand other stories in this Universe must appreciate the turn of events in this portion. I hope Luke will get his transfer and all the trouble coming with it.

I liked the wide variety of materials in CZ, and hope that a very active LOC section will soon develop. To change the subject, I must share my feelings bout the new SW book (Zahn) that just appeared in the bookstores, the third part of "Heir". I went, and as is my habit, read the ending of it. Never have I seen such unadulterated, skinless, boneless garbage! Can't imagine how Lucas could approve the utter idiocy of it. [WE can. A pimp will sell his own child for $$. He has as much respect for his "product" as he does for the "customers." -- Eds.] Zahn used the "cloning" of Luke's hand idea, something that every fan writer toys with once in a while. Fine, if we can do it, why can't he; however, his clone served merely as a monster-in-the-box, a disappointing plot device. I was so stunned, I actually put the book back on the shelf, couldn't make myself fork out the twenty bucks for it. I'd love to initiate a lively little discussion about the book (eventually, I'll force myself to read it...) Opinions, anybody? [Oh, yeah, PLENTY! We'll "review" Hugo Generic's latest Abomination next ish! Till then, if you want Star Wars buy a fanzine. If you want crap with lots of SW names & terms in it, put $20 in Zahn's pocket. -- Eds.] Welcome CZ, keep it coming! [5]

Congratulations on your new baby! Crossfire Zone looks like it's going to be really good. The layout is clear and very easy to read.(Good job Todd!) And the Ewok cover was a scream; however, as soon as I finished laughing I hid it, or it would have become a rug in my daughter's dollhouse.

Tammy's poems were emotionally very evocative. I had to stop to figure them out a bit, but that's probably just me and poetry. On the other end of the spectrum, the Jedi jokes were terribly funny. Where did you find such howlers?

It was great to see BTB again. I was a tit disappointed when the Abijah turned out to be Jedi "wanna be's"; but then, this mysterious new element appeared so I was hooked once again. The descriptions of Imperial resistance (or at least what the Shadowstrike people are going to face) are really chilling. Please,please!! make sure chapter 10 shows up in less than a year!

Thanks for including the article about Lori Barron's SW project. I had the opportunity to meet her and she already has some very fascinating stories. By the way, she's extended the deadline to Oct.31, 1993, so don't hesitate to write her for the questionnaire. I'm looking forward to CZ#2 already. Great job,everyone!! [6]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Todd Parker

Crossfire Zone v.1 n.2 was published in May 1993 and contains 24 pages. It was edited by Melanie Guttierrez and Lorrie Cherry.

From the zine:

Produced entirely by technologically ancient machinery, in a basic, no-frills format on dining room tables and crowded desks in the midst of "real life". Copied by whatever printer hasn't raised prices in 3 weeks and delivered by the U.S. Post Office. All of which proves the Force is with us!

From the editorial by Lorrie:

Hi Troops!

You'll notice that this issue looks different - that's because we'll be doing CZ alone, the old fashioned way-from now on. Due to unavoidable problems in his personal life, Todd - the Toddster - Parker is unable to continue on staff. We'll miss him and hope that, when things improve, he will get involved with fandom again. It seems to be our destiny NOT to enter the computer age!

I hope you all remembered to vote in the Star Awards; this fandom needs your support and feedback. So do we! Send in those LOC's! Z.P. mentions Timothy (I Wrote Three SW Novels and All I Got Right Were The Names) Zahn's "Last Command". In my opinion it's bad...very bad. Do yourselves a favor, check out the "young reader" books". Though,juvenile, they have the SW

spirit and are, I think, 100% better than "Hugo Generic's". The cover art and matching bookmarks are beautiful! All for now, read on!

From the editorial by Melanie:

Greetings everyone!

Half afraid to open the envelope on this one, weren't ya? Good, stay alert! Actually, except for an occasional surprise or two, it'll be plain paper covers and staples from now on. (I'm still spitting fur!).

We need contributions-can't print what we don't have,y'know! Cover art is needed too, especially if it's humorous!

Thanks to Edgar, Maggie and Mary Jo for sending in their dossiers so fast.

As space allows, we'll print one or two in each issue.

Now that so much seems to be happening in the SW universe, I hope every one will watch for articles,photos,news on products, etc. that pertain to SW and send them to us, just as Lisa Thomas has this issue. Thanks Lisa!

I want to apologize for the too dark copy of the "Time Runner" ad; but I hope all you Mark H. fans check this film out! I found it to be very fast-paced and thought provoking, full of fascinating ideas and minus the vulgarity and excessive gore in other movies of this genre. No sex either,so you can watch it with the family. Mark is dynamic and intense and looks

good! Go ahead and rent it (I'm buying it!) and let us know what you think. Till next issue - get into the Crossfire Zone.

  • Briefings (2)
  • On the Comm..., letters of comment (3)
  • In the Crossfire, list of members as of May 1993 (4)
  • Operative Dossier for a fan named Edgar (5)
  • "'Star' Struck" by Steve Daly, a clipping from "Entertainment Weekly" (6)
  • Meetings, or, Lots of Good Things Fit in Small Places, fiction by Z.P. Florian ("The following masterpiece is the result of a challenge I issued earlier. LOC writing readers of HS could ask for a specific scene, any scene, to be worked into a story. Judith Yuenger requested Han meeting Yoda and/or Han taking Leia home to meet his mom, and Cheryl Pryor wished for a steamy seduction scene with Lord Vader. Well, here it goes. Don't take it too seriously...") (7)
  • Star Toons for Kids (12)
  • "SW fans await return of the Force," clipping by Jay Boyar of the Orlando Sentinel (13)
  • Back to Bespin, part 10, fiction by Mesarthim and Stardancer (15)
  • Ads (24)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Well, here I am, back to rave some more about C.Z! The cover art was way cool, the articles reprinted were great.(I especially loved the one from the Orlando Sentinel - written with just the right amount of fanatacism ), and the kid art was wonderful! It should remind us all that the greatest mission we SW fans face at this time is to make sure our deprived youth are exposed to this beautiful saga and are converted. [You're right! Today’s youth need it even more than we did and it’s up to us to teach the next generation of SW’s classic message.-Eds]

The stories are good, as usual. Meetings is another fine piece of twisted SW fiction. Too bad Z.P. never saw my suggestion that Han and Leia get tattoos and Luke goes on a body-piercing binge. BTB Part X keeps us in suspense. Poor Han...I can help solve his fertility problem (hee- hee!) I also spotted all of the Brian Daley references.

I know you guys are going to trash the hell out of The Last Command, and before the frenzy begins I’d like to present my thoughts on the whole ”I—Hate- Tim-Zahn" thing. I’ve noticed most of fandomites weren’t happy with the books yet everybody outside of fandom (or people new to fandom) who have read the books enjoyed them tremendously. No, they’re not perfect, but I liked them a lot and I’ve even re-read them. I think the deal is that we all have different perceptions on things. Zahn seems to have loved all of the spaceship battles and political intrigue stuff, so that's what he emphasized. Those of us who are used to fan-fic probably wanted to see more relationship oriented stories or more mysticism, or whatever. I don’t know, that’s just my theory. Anyway, when I bought Heir two years ago, I kept a few little rules in my mind before opening the cover. This guy’s version of post-ROTJ events are probably different from mine, and that’s okay. #2 This is a book, not a movie, so things like pacing, plot development, etc. are going to be different #3 Nothing is as good as a SW movie, except another SW movie.

Before I go I will shamelessly pitch a zine that I'm doing with James, Titlebaum, called BLUE HARVEST. Ish #1 should be out in August. It's going to be mostly articles on collecting, gaming, etc; essays on whatever I feel like talking about, zine reviews and anything else dealing with SW. We're doing only a little bit of fiction, but we want poetry and art. S.A.S.E. me for more info! "We Were Never Being Boring..." [7]

"Meetings"- issue more of these challenges. This one was a great story. I liked the way Han's mother talked to Leia; like she should shine his boots and serve him night and day! A Solo/Skywalker bastard! That was a shock!

I absolutely loved the ending,but I would have liked to see Han faint too! Great job, Z.P.!

Star Toons was cute. Good idea! Back to Bespin, Han sterile! How wonderful!! So, the little guy finally ran out of luck,good! He's going to 'do whatever he has to', huh? I wonder what that's gonna be, Melanie? Lorrie? [MEDICAL things,Tammy! Although we are considering various experimental 'devices', as well as alien rituals and standing on his head and screaming like a krayt dra gon-nude, of course-in a public place - Joking Eds.] More Luke scenes,please. Nice long scenes! Everything else was great. CZ is turning out to be one great zine. Keep 'em coming!... [8]

...that cover of CZ#2 certainly looks familiar...I'm glad it finally found a home! I hope that Todd will still contribute art now and then, even if he can't do more for the C.Z. production department. It amazes me how few male artists are still active in SW fandom. I can see you worked out some style modifications for the 2nd. issue and they look really good. I always like how familiar headers provide a semblance of order to a zine even when the editors are stark raving mad.(I'm speaking in a general sense, of course!) The computer graphic font for "Briefings", "De-Classified , etc add a nice touch. Ah, the wonders of the computer! [AH...the misery of rub-on lettering. As Techno-Pagans we use NO computer 'input' on C.Z.-Eds] OK, OK, I'll get to the context and lay off the design aspect while you're still awake!

Back To Bespin- It's back! It's back! And it's never going to end, is it? I Only 20 or 30 more chapters! -Cruel Eds] You never cease to amaze me with your vivid descriptions and attention to detail! I'll bet by now you can quote those Galaxy Guides in your sleep! You know the Alliance inside and out and it shows! My favorite scenes are those involving the activities if the Shadowstrike team, if you can believe that. I admit it so incredulously be cause I rarely become so engrossed in sub-plots involving secondary/less important characters.I usually only see them as a bridge between the action of the primary characters, and with many writers that's all they are; but you two give event he most unimportant character a distinct personality-a life- and it truly makes all the difference in the world.[Lisa, in time you will see that the Shadowstrike guys are hardly 'unimportant' to the big picture. Oh, and there are several big guys in black bodysuits who came by asking for your address... they seem a little 'miffed'-Eds] I must say I was hoping Luke would be joining Shadowstrike, as you led us poor, unsuspecting readers to believe with Chapter 9. Or are you, perhaps, saving that for a future chapter?[Are you implying we are in control of these characters? HA! - Eds] In Chapter 10 I found the scenes revolving around Han's infertility somewhat sad and touching at the same time. It's certainly not a common plot development in the "Leia is pregnant with Han's twins" storylines so prevalent in fandom and it is as equally logical progression as the other. Han has never been my favorite character, but you've got to feel for the guy in these scenes. Very nicely done. Meetings, or Lots of Good Things.. .Here's another familiar item I was pleased to find in print at long last. I think Mary Jo Fox once, in reference to this story while if was still a work-in-progress, joked that she wanted Luke getting a tattoo included some where in there, and of course Lorrie wanted Luke covered in jam at some point of the story-I think a sequel is in order!(Ha-Ha!) I'd like for the entire race of Ewoks to be eradicated in any manner you deem befitting of their peskiness. What a great story that would be![What a story it IS—check this ish Eds] You ARE unbalanced, Z.P.! I know those Politically Incorrect Jokes in Issue #1 were your doing. The last one was my favorite. Melanie, Lorrie, I have finally found a worthy outlet for my artwork-Star Toons For Kids! Trust me, you'd never know it wasn't done by a 6 year old! (Actually, that stuff looks better than my attempts at artwork, to be honest!) Nice roasting Ewok sketch-I like this Sean kid, Melanie. More tortured Ewoks, please! [I like the Sean kid too., he's my nephew! I KNEW tying him to a chair all these years, forcing him to watch the Saga would pay off!-M] Tammy Olsen- I don't know if you've had the opportunity to look through some of the older SW fanzines put out by our SW zine forefathers like Jenni Hennig, Ann Wortham, Cheree Cargill, et al, but one form of contribution that was abundant in those pioneer zines that has gradually faded through the years is the filk. I always liked the ones that were done well and made sense; not just the words thrown together to fill out a catchy melody, but lyrics with a true link to the event or character depicted by the song. It really is a lost art, and I'm glad to see someone reviving it. Hope

fully others will follow your lead. (No offense, Cheree, by my references to zines past. They're not old, they're classics!) I'm definitely looking forward to CZ#3. And all I can say is it extremely nice to be on the receiving end for a change; but with each zine I do get, I find myself wanting to go back to the production end.(Of course, then I just drive a nail into my hand and the urge goes away-ha!) A long as you guys keep cranking out stuff like this,though,I can enjoy my 'retirement' a little more! [9]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Judy Heom: "I'm Darth Vader's Son, Wanna Unmask Me?"

Crossfire Zone v.1 n.3 was published in July 1993 and contains 25 pages.

From the zine:

If there's something you'd like to see in the pages of C.Z., all you simply have to do is sit right down...yes, we mean YOU, And write,or clip,or draw a bit of what you like. And we'll print it! (How can we print what we don't get?) ALL SW fans should feel at home within the pages of the 'Zone' S.W. fanzines...don't just take*em. Get involved! C'mon, help make'em! Make this one all that it can be. Contribute! Oh,and L.O.C.!

From Melanie:

Hello Everyone, and congratulations to all the STAR aWARdS winners, as well as a Wookiee bunch of THANK YOU'S to Judith Yuenger for all the work and dedication necessary to give SW fandom it's own awards! We really appreciate you, Judy!

While on the subject of the STAR aWARdS, I will take this opportunity to thank those CZ readers who participated in the voting this year. Unfortunately many, though they * meant' to, did not send in their ballots. PLEASE PARTICIPATE next time, it doesn't take much time and it means so much to writers,artists and Editors to know they are appreciated by zine readers. VOTE next time! The ballots will be in CZ, it couldn't be easier. VOTE for what you've read, even if it's one zine; if you found it memorable, if it touched you,made you laugh or cry, VOTE for it. Apathy is our only enemy.

If SW zines mean something to you-and they must or you wouldn't be buying them. Let the people who create them know. A word of praise,a question, a simple 'thank you' means a lot to those of us who create fanzines.Knowing your work has 'connected' with a reader is the only 'payment' writers, artists and editors get. This year, Judy has included a list of Honorable Mentions with the awards results-thanks, Judy. Just knowing you were voted for is an honor. Since the voting was so close, perhaps the zine readers who didn't vote this time will see how important one more vote can be!

That's it, I'm off my soapbox, I hope everyone enjoys this issue of CZ. As you will see, BTB is not in this issue. NO, it's NOT some fiendish plot to torture you, it's just that BTB is large and we don't want to take that many pages in every issue when we have great stories from other readers. It's not fair to make other members wait months to see their work in print. BTB will return in CZ4 and we promise it will be worth the wait.

  • Briefings (3)
  • Auction (4)
  • Comm..., letters of comment (5)
  • Journey's End, Journey's Beginning, fiction by M.J. Fox (6)
  • Crossword Puzzle (8)
  • Operative Dossier, fan questionnaire response from Lorrie Cherry (7)
  • clippings (8)
  • Rebus Puzzle (14)
  • Young Love Lost, fiction by Wendy Schwartz (15)
  • Report from MediaWest..., con report by Judith Yuenger (16)
  • Star Awards Winners (17)
  • Inheritance: The Betrayal, fiction by Tammy Olsen (19)
  • If Dreams Were X-Wings, fiction by J.P. Treleaven (Honorable Mention in the 1993 Star aWards for "Best Short SW Story") (22)
  • Ads (26)

Issue 4

front cover of issue #4, Todd Parker
back cover of issue #4, Cheree Cargill

Crossfire Zone v.1 n.4 was published in September 1993 and contains 36 pages.

From the zine:

The only people making a profit on this fan publication are our printers and the U.S. Post Office. The Editors and Contributors of this zine are no threat to L.F.L. financially or legally; and that's the truth!

From the editorial:

Hi Everyone! Yes, we're back already! Not much room for chit-chat this issue but there are several important things we'd like to say before you start reading the great stuff inside.

First,we, as Editors, are faced with a dilemma of sorts. New fans are turning up regularly and they're asking if we know of other SW fans/CZ members in their areas. Often we do, but, we're hesitant to give out names and addresses. It's very difficult to 'welcome' someone to SW fandom,then not tell them where other fans are. If you DON'T want your name & address given to another fan, please ADVISE US A.S.A.P. No one HAS to correspond with the whole world, but all the talk of 'unifying' this fandom is just so much hot air unless we dispense with isolationism as a policy. Which brings us to something that was mentioned at MWC-Foreign SW fans. We've already formed an opinion on foreign SW fans and whether or not their fan fiction/zines should be included in the STAR aWARdS. We'd like to hear from our readers. Should we be concerned with being 'outnumbered' by SW fan groups in other countries? Should we adopt a 'separate but equal' policy as SW fandom re-surges across the world? Would you want to read translated versions of Russian, German or Argentinian SW fan fic? Would you want you work translated for SW fans in those countries? We, in the U.S. have hung-on, alone, for so long that we seem to have forgotten that SW is a worldwide phenomenon and a SW fan is a SW fan. Let's get some dialog going about this!

  • Briefings (3)
  • On the Comm..., letters of comment (4)
  • No Ifs, And's... or Butts..., fiction by Sean Cerny (8)
  • clippings (10)
  • Inheritance: Magical Love, fiction by Bamgi (14)
  • Adventures in Lucasland: Onstage in Japan, transcript by Wendy Schwartz from "Entertainment Tonight", June 19, 1993 (17)
  • Galactic Pet Advisor, advice column by Z.P. Florian (winner in the 1993 Star aWards "SW MISCELLANEOUS" topic) (18)
  • info about some toys (20)
  • Operative Dossier (21)
  • Back to Bespin, part 11, fiction by Mesarthim and Stardancer (22)
  • Cast List: Back to Bespin (fan casting for the characters in this story) (25)

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, A.G. Steyn: some fan fiction meta!

Crossfire Zone v.1 n.5 was published in November 1993 and contains 28 pages.

From the editorial:

Many of you have written to express your views on welcoming foreign SW fans into U.S. fandom; some in private correspondence, some in LOC's. It should come as no surprise to anyone that our opinion is that no one should be treated differently because they aren't Americans or might offer radically different viewpoints on "sacred" topics. Change is good and necessary to life. "Unity" in this, or any other fandom, is a myth-at least in the homogeneous sense. We want as many SW fans from other countries to get involved in C.Z. as possible. We want their art, their poetry, their fiction and their opinions, and we want their works to be included on the STAR aWARdS ballots if said work is in English; even if it is not - and was available in this country - it should be mentioned for a foreign language award. That's where we stand. Please keep the dialog going on this issue; it would be nice if we could reach some sort of consensus before it becomes a problem.

  • Briefings (2)
  • On the Comm..., letters of comment (3)
  • Operative Dossier for Jennifer M (9)
  • A Lifeday Carol, fiction by Slick (10)
  • clippings (12)
  • Ten Really Cool Things I Wish They'd Do in Time for Christmas, by Mary Jo Fox (14)
  • a color publicity photo (15)
  • clipping, "Interview with Kathy Tyers," about Topps Trading Cards (15)
  • When Skywalker's Meet, fiction by Z.P. Florian (17)
  • Back to Bespin, part 12, fiction by Mesarthim and Stardancer (22)
  • Ads (28)

Issue 6

Crossfire Zone v.2 n.1 was published in March 1994 and contains 25 pages.

cover of issue #6,
  • Briefings (2)
  • On the Comm..., letters of comment (3)
  • Artoo Saves the Day, fiction by J.P. Treleaven (7)
  • clippings and ads (10)
  • Just Desserts, part 1, fiction by Ed Schodde (17)
  • zine ads (27)

Issue 7

cover of issue #7, Melanie Guttierrez

Crossfire Zone v.2 n.2 was published in May 1994 and contains 29 pages.

  • Briefings (2)
  • On the Comm..., letters of comment (3)
  • Helmet to Helmet, fiction by Kymm August (7)
  • News, info about the Star Awards (10)
  • You're Not Alone Anymore (humorous satiric parenting advice, "Reports from the edge of mundane parenthood. This is the place where those from the Zone who have been "cloned", share with every one their unique experiences. Your Editors have temporarily been assigned the task of responding to your questions.") (12)
  • clippings (14)
  • Zornomic Advisor, humorous advice column by Z.P. Florian (Honorable Mention in the 1994 Star aWards for "SW MISCELLANEOUS") (18)

Issue 8

cover of issue #8, Z.P. Florian

Crossfire Zone v.2 n.3 was published in July 1994 and contains 26 pages.

  • Briefings (2)
  • On the Comm..., letters of comment (5)
  • Nightdreams, fiction by Tammy Olsen (8)
  • First Kiss, poem by Tammy Olsen (10)
  • No Easy Resolution, fiction by Amanda Palumbo (13)
  • something transcribed by Tammy Olsen, from Entertainment Tonight, 11/23/93 (22)
  • bio of Z.P. Florian (23)
  • MediaWest*Con con report by Judith Yuenger (24)
  • zine ads (26)

Issue 9

cover of issue #9

Crossfire Zone v.2 n.4 was published in September 1994 and contains 29 pages.

Issue 10

cover of issue #10

Crossfire Zone v.2 n.5 was published in November 1994 and contains 18 pages.

  • Briefings (2)
  • On the Comm..., letters of comment (3)
  • An Empire Reborn, part 1, fiction by Randal Yard (6)
  • bio of Randal Yard (9)
  • clippings (10)
  • cartoon by Amanda Palumbo (12)
  • Ten Thousand, All in Advance..., by Kimberly and Jericho Hawk, a rebuttal to the editors' critical review of Star Trek pro novels (14)
  • cartoon by Amanda Palumbo (16)
  • more clippings (17)
  • from issue #10, Amanda Palumbo

  • from issue #10

  • from issue #10, Amanda Palumbo

Issue 11

cover of issue #11

Crossfire Zone v.3 n.1 was published in March 1995 and contains 27 pages.

  • Briefings (2)
  • On the Comm..., letters of comment (3)
  • cartoon by Amanda Palumbo (8)
  • Just Desserts, part 2, fiction by Ed Schodde ("Chronicling the events between "The Last Command" and "Dark Empire".") (9)
  • clippings (12)
  • An Empire Reborn, part 2, fiction by Randal Yard (19)
  • zine ads (27)

Issue 12

cover of issue #12, Z.P. Florian

Crossfire Zone v.3 n.2 was published in May 1995 and contains 23 pages.

  • Briefings (2)
  • On the Comm..., letters of comment (3)
  • clippings (7)
  • Back to Bespin, part 15, fiction by Mesarthim and Stardancer (9)
  • zine ads (24)

Issue 13

cover of issue #13, Z.P. Florian

Crossfire Zone v.3 n.3 was published in July 1995 and contains 14 pages.

  • Briefings (2)
  • bio of Kymm August (4)
  • clippings (5)
  • An Empire Reborn, part 3, fiction by Randal Yard (9)

Issue 14

cover of issue #14

Crossfire Zone v.3 n.4 was published in September 1995 and contains 21 pages.

  • Briefings (2)
  • On the Comm..., letters of comment (3)
  • clipping (4)
  • transcript of "a scene from a rather crude movie called CLERKS (Mirimax Films)" (5)
  • All in the Game, a column about Star Wars gaming by Chris Tarride
  • An Empire Reborn, part 4, fiction by Randal Yard (13)
  • Star Award Winners (19)

Issue 15

Crossfire Zone v.3 n.5 was published in November 1995 and contains 21 pages.

cover of issue #15

Some comments on the long-running, WIP "Back to Bespin" from the editors:

Before we sign off for the year, we apologize for not having BTB in this issue either. We had Ed Schodde's story and BTB's plotline is getting very intricate. We are NOT, as some have suggested, intentionally trying to torture our readers; WE want to read the end too, but we have to GET to it! NO ONE wants to see how BTB ends more than we do, it's the best thing we've read n years! How many more chapters? As many as it takes to tell the story, but we think we'll beat Lucas's release date for Episode 1, how's that? This is one serial that is NOT going to fizzle to an end, trust us, we're Zine Eds. and serious SB junkies! Special thanks to this issues' cover artist (who wishes to remain anonymous) and to all who have stuck with CZ this long. See ya next year.

May The Force Be With You, Always...

  • Briefings (2)
  • On the Comm..., letters of comment (3)
  • clippings (5)
  • Just Desserts, part 3, fiction by Ed Schodde (9)


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