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Name: Judith Yuenger
Type: fanzine publisher
Fandoms: Star Wars
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Judith Yuenger is a Star Wars fan who edited and published Star Wars fanzines. Among them, Imperium and I Don't Care What You Smell which was nominated for and won several FanQ awards. She and Ming Wathne also published The Star Wars Bibliography of Stories in 1994. She established The STAR aWARdS during the 1990s.

A frequent attendee at MediaWest, she, along with Cheree Cargill, Melea Fisher, and Pat Grant, held a Star Wars panel in 1992: "Unifying Star Wars Fandom". A transcript of the panel was reprinted in Southern Enclave #32. The panelists explained that the idea for the panel came after "We discovered that there were still lots and lots and lots of STAR WARS fans out there but we were all broken up into little groups. And nobody knew about anybody else, so we decided we would try to get us all together in one big group again and have lots of fun and I think we've been fairly successful over the past year." The panel was repeated in 1993: The Unifying Star Wars Fandom Panel (1993).