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Title: Another Sky
Publisher: Lorrie Cherry and Melanie Guttierrez
Date(s): 1991-Present
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Another Sky is a gen Star Wars zine with an emphasis on Luke Skywalker stories.

The flyers for all issues state "positively no slash and no Han-starring fiction."

A note regarding swear words: "Note to readers: We allowed the use of the expletive 'f--k' in this [issue #4], and one previous issue. It does not, and will not, appear in any others. -- The Editors."

Twelve issues were published.

Some of the zine is now online; however the site was last updated in 2010 so it remains unclear if more issues will be put online.

Issue 1

Another Sky 1 was published in 1991 and contains 134 pages.

cover of issue #1 by Z.P. Florian


  • Darkshine; also here by Z.P. Florian Art - Z.P. Florian & M. Guttierrez (After the fall of the Empire, Luke and everybody around him must find out what it means to be Vader's son. Later in the series, he discovers more clones of himself that anyone would be expected to cope with.) (reprinted in Darkshine)
  • Whom the Gods Recall by Jacqueline Taero and Pat Nussman Art - M. Guttierrez
  • Symphony for Whistlepipes and Drumlyophones by Z.P. Florian. Art - Z.P. Florian & M. Guttierrez (Could Luke Skyvalker work his way thru his many problems as he recuperated in a Rebel Med-Center, or would he take the easy path and work his way through the Zornom physicians digestive system? Post ESB)
  • A Deed Without a Name by Mesarthim and Stardancer, Art- M. Guttierrez (Alderaan was far more than a lovely world destroyed capriciously by an unimaginable superweapon. Its last hours were spent preparing for a Rebellion they would never fight, and a Jedi they would never see. Pre ARB.)
  • Shore Leave by Yvette Ghilan Art - M. Guttierrez (Two weeks of R&R on the peaceful planet Radian, teaches the galaxy's last Jedi how to face his past, and his future, and changes the life of a troubled young woman forever.Post ROTJ.)

Poetry here:

  • Heir To The Jedi by Jacqueline Taero
  • Make Believe by Stardancer
  • The Bluest Eyes on Endor by Deborah H. Kittle
  • Believe The Lies by Stardancer
  • Skywalker Synopsis by Jacqueline Taero
  • Thoughts by Tammy Olsen
  • Lost Soul by Stardancer
  • Jedi Prayer by Mesarthim

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

ANOTHER SKY is a first-time effort by the editors and at first glance it looks to be a noble, if not fully realized, effort. The pages are cleanly typed in a script typeface and bordered uniformly by an ornate frame. The binding is brads through three- hole punched paper, something I had a little bit of trouble with only because the brads used were not quite long enough and kept pulling loose as I read the zine. The cover is a color photocopy by Z. P. Florian. The cover, unfortunately, is probably the thing with this zine that needs the most work. The color photocopy did not reproduce smoothly and looks stark against a white background and a clear laminate overlay did not go down smoothly, leaving the paper wrinkled. I have seen color photocopies used on other zines and the process failed to translate well in most cases. However, once into the contents of the AS#1, I found that this is a meaty, well-written, engrossing STAR WARS zine. Although avowedly a Lukezine, there is actually a good cross section of other characters, including many very well-conceived and executed created characters. Most of the art is by Melanie Guttierrez, a professional artist, whose pencil sketches here are masterfully done line drawings. Other art is by Z. P. Florian, another very talented artist.

"Darkshine Rising", written and illustrated by Z.P. Florian, is a short vignette set post-ROTJ in which Luke confronts Leia after a failed assassination attempt that she condoned, if not backed. It is a chilling look at cut throat politics. Next in the zine is an llx17 foldout of lightsaber schematics, unfortunately uncredited. They are very well done and include a wonderfully technical and plausible diagram on the workings of a lightsaber ("...subminiature pulse laser...fires repeatedly at dimagnesite tablet, releasing electrons into a negatively-charged particle chamber..."). Fascinating! "Symphony for Whistlepipes and Drumlyophones" by Z.P. Florian, features Florian's lovely, silly creation, the Zornom. The Zornom are highly intelligent, long-lived creatures and this story, told first person, offers the viewpoints of a Zornom physician who treats a badly traumatized Luke Skywalker, following his rescue from the antenna below Cloud City. Beautifully pragmatic, the Zornom offers Luke a lovely (to the Zornom's point of view) solution to his problems. A highly entertaining and funny story. Counterpointing the light mood of the previous story is one of the major stories in the zine -- "A Deed Without a Name", a chapter in the Vanguard Chronicles by Mesarthim and Stardancer. The opening novelette in this series, "Castling", appeared in A TREMOR IN THE FORCE #5. This story, illustrated effectively by Guttierrez, covers the destruction of Alderaan--as seen from the Alderaanians' point of view. I am beginning to love this series. The two authors have obviously put an enormous amount of thought into these stories. Peopled mostly with either their own characters or their versions of briefly glimpsed or mentioned SW characters (Mon Mothma, Bail Organa, Captain' Antilles), the pOlitics are real, the settings three dimensional, the tragedy of a galaxy dissolving into civil war as inevitable as death and taxes. This particular story is especially poignant because we know the outcome and can do nothing to prevent it. It left me wanting to read more of this marvelous series. The other major story is "Whom the Gods Recall", a chapter in the Triad series by Pat Nussman and Jacqueline Taero. I am extremely glad to see this marvelous series seeing print as the two authors are masterful story tellers and their series wonderfully complements Mesarthim and Stardancer's stories with a gritty look at the realities of war. This story involves a suicide mission necessary for the success of an Alliance battle, and it is told bluntly and unapologetically. The final story in the zine is "Shore Leave" by Yvette Ghilan. I had assumed that this would be a light-hearted look at a little R&R. Instead, I found a sensitive, well-written story in which Luke searches for inner peace during a hike alone through the mountains of a beautiful planet. There, he unexpectedly meets a lady with whom he does not find the required fannish romance, but a possible Force user with her own problems, one who mayor may not seek him out later to train as a Jedi. A good cross-section o f poetry is offered. Jacqueline Taero is represented here by two of her marvelous poems, "Heir to the Jedi", a moody piece, and "Skywalker Synopsis", a nice, silly bit of verse in which Luke decides that life sucks. "Make Believe" by Stardancer is a good character study of Luke, post- Bespin. "The Bluest Eyes on Endor" is a filk by Debbie Kittle, set to "The Bluest Eyes in Texas" by Restless Heart, a song I don't know so I can't judge how well it fits. Other poems are "Believe the Lies" and "Lost Soul" by Stardancer, "Jedi Prayer" by Mesarthim, and "Thoughts" by Tammy Olsen. A two-page comic-type sampler by Catherine Churko is also offered. And rounding out the zine is an llx17 foldout map of Alderaan by Melanie Guttierrez. This map, along with an index and glossary of phrases, is meant to accompany the Vanguard Chronicles. It is nicely executed and adds another dimension to making this a three-dimensional planet. Production-wise, I found the script typeface and page borders a bit distracting at first. It would, probably be a good idea for the editors to use a more conventional font for the next issue, possibly a Times Roman or something similar, and to tone down the border a bit. The arrangement of the stories could be smoother. It generally gives a zine a more balanced "read" to have the shorter stories first and the big stories as a grand finish, saving the best for last, as it were.

Overall, however, I found this to be a grand debut of a new STAR WARS zine and one that is recommended reading.[1]

Issue 2

cover #2 by Melanie Guttierrez
flyer for issue #2, from a 1992 Southern Enclave

Another Sky 2 was published in 1992.


  • And Promises To Keep by Stardancer ... Art- Todd Parker (Reece Timbes already knows that a "little involvement" with the Rebellion can be a dangerous thing. Could a family secret make the Alliance a greater enemy than the Empire? POST ANB.)
  • The Past Love That Future Brings by Michele Dumbrowsky ... Art- M.Guttierrez
  • Stand in Smuggler by J.P. Treleaven ... Art- M.Guttierrez
  • Family Life by Tammy Olsen ... Art- M.Guttierrez (A refreshing look at a typical day in the lives of Leia, Han and Luke nine years after Endor. POST ROTJ)
  • Inner Conflict by Catriona Campbell ... Art- M.Guttierrez (--By walking into Palpatine's throne room, Luke Skywalker made the space battle,raging outside,secondary. The real war between the Alliance and the Empire was destined to take place within the last Jedi; between Darkness and Light. ROTJ)
  • The Lost Key by Slick ... Art- Z.P. Florian
  • Enemy by Marti Schuller ... Art- Z.P. Florian (The lone survivor of a cave-in, Luke Skywalker is forced to overcome his lingering fears to save the life of a young girl who loves him. POST ROTJ)
  • Still Life with a Ghost by Z.P. Florian ... Art- Z.P. Florian & M. Guttierrez (Before the search for Han Solo could begin, the victims of Darth Vader's treachery had to recover emotionlly as well as physically. Could despondent Skywalker? PRE ROTJ
  • Desert Diary by Mesarthim

Poetry here:

  • Leaving Day by Yvette Ghilan
  • Return of the Jedi by Yvette Ghilan
  • Love Tokens From The Sea by Kritina Johnston
  • Luke's Prayer (Setting Suns) by Wendy Schwartz
  • Give Me Time by Kritina Johnston
  • Luke Sets The Record Straight by Jacqueline Taero

Issue 3

cover #3 by Melanie Guttierrez
flyer for issue #3

Another Sky 3 was published in 1993.


  • The Midwife's Tale by Mary Jo Fox ... Art - M.Guttierrez (Magdala Ruijk had delivered new life for fifty years before the stormy night when a Jedi and a sad young woman come to her for help. Theirs was a tragic story, and she became a part of it. Pre-ANH)
  • Inheritance by Bambi ... Art - Todd Parker (A young woman, desperate to unlock the secrets of her past, turns to the one person who may be her only hope—Luke Skywalker. Post ROTJ)
  • Conversation on a Sand Dune by Z.P. Florian ... Art - M.Guttierrez (Could it be that Owen Lars' motive for taking in an orphan was less than noble? Pre-ANH)
  • Alternate Reality #357 by Yvette Ghilan ... Art - M.Guttierrez (Always in motion is the future... this is a look at a scenario in which the major players in the SW saga could have been only minor pawns. AW, Pre-ANH)
  • As Strangers Friends Are Met by J.P. Treleaven ... Art-Catherine Churko (Pel Forsstan has good reason to hate his prisoner. The Rebel killed his men, made him question his loyalties, and top of all that, he is a Jedi. Post ROTJ)
  • For Sale by Marti Schuller ... Art - Z.P. Florian (Luke Skywalker offers himself to the highest bidder in an auction. Proof positive that he will do "anything" to help the Alliance. Post-ROTJ)
  • Remnant by Catriona Campbell ... Art - Todd Parker (Seven years after the events of Return of The Jedi Luke finds himself accidentally waking a remnant from the days of the Empire. Post-ROTJ)
  • The Outrage by Mesarthim & Stardancer ... Art - M.Guttierrez & Todd Parker (During the victory celebration on Endor, a bomb is found aboard the Headquarters Frigate and even Princess Leia Organa is not above suspicion. Who can the Imperial spy be? Speculative Universe, Post-ROTJ)
  • The Battles of Peace by Z.P. Florian (After the assassination attempt on his life, Luke Skywalker disappeared. Six months later he returns to claim a Top Secret Imperial cargo entrusted to Han Solo. The Alliance wants it destroyed and Solo wants answers.) (reprinted in Darkshine)

Poetry here:

  • The Visit by Jacqueline Taero
  • The Parting by Mesarthim
  • Free by Stardancer
  • Hope of the Future by Bambi
  • The Seductress by Mary Jo Fox
  • Never Fear by Stardancer
  • Marching Cadences by The E.I.Z.Group

Issue 4

cover #4 by Z.P.Florian
flyer for issue #4

Another Sky 4 was published in 1993.


  • Errant Fate by Yvette Ghilan... Art - Catherine Churko ("Luke Skywalker never knew her name when they on Radian. She was one of the Proud, the people of Bons.This is her story...Part One. Prequel to "Shore Leave".")
  • The Visitor by Bambi... Art - M.Guttierrez
  • The Dreamer by Marti Schuller... Art-Z.P.Florian ("Seventeen year old Luke Skywalker has a lot of growing up to do before he can follow his dreams to the stars. When he's introduced to a young, beautiful newcomer to Tatooine Luke's "education" takes an unexpected turn.Pre ANH")
  • Brotherly Love by J.P.Treleaven... Art - C. DeLuca ("Illora is a beautiful,intelligent, independent free trader who has captured Luke's heart.She seems rather interested in him too so Han Solo decides to hurry things along for his brother-in- law by matchmaking a little. It never occurred to him that Illora had an aversion to Jedi or someone from her past who wanted Luke dead. Post ROTJ")
  • Initiation by Mary Jo Fox... Art - Z.P. Florian ("Trapped in a mysterious labryinth, Leia Organa must battle ber own Dark side in a duel to the death with Darth Vader; for her soul and the lives of her children. Post ROTJ")
  • Escape by Z.P.Florian... Art - M. Guttierrez
  • Introspection by Catriona Campbell... Art - M. Guttierrez
  • Lord of Darkness, Lord of Light by Z.P. Florian (Distrusted by the Alliance he served, used by a woman he trusted, Luke Skywalker must now bear separation from his "cloned" sons. Imprisoned on Kirdanol by Sornomes, then on Mord by his own doubts, the Jedi learns to master his doubts and passions, and the Dark.") (part three of the series, reprinted in Darkshine)

Poetry here:

  • Viewpoint by Bambi
  • Owen Lars List of How To Discourage A Cheap Farmhand by A.G. Steyn
  • No Longer by Stardancer
  • Alderaan by Bambi
  • Luke Trilogy Haiku by Jennifer Moore
  • Luke as Portrayed in Pro Fiction by Jacqueline Taero
  • Sisterhood of the Holy Spandex Basic Precepts the E.I.Z.Group

Issue 5

cover #5 by M. Guttierrez

Another Sky 5 was published in 1994. This is a "no art" issue.


Poetry here:

  • Haiku by Jennifer Moore
  • The Game by Mesarthim
  • To Face Your Destiny by Cheryl deLuca
  • Reflections of Truth by Kyla
  • To Be A Jedi: Yoda's Helpful Hints #2 by Jacqueline Taero
  • Blackened Heart by Kyla
  • Luke's Plea by Kyla
  • Advent by Bambi
  • Haunted by Cheryl deLuca
  • To Be A Jedi: Yoda's Helpful Hints #1 by Jacqueline Taero
  • Game Over/ I've Lost by Kyla
  • Nightdreams by Cheryl deLuca

Issue 6

Another Sky 6

cover #6 by Cheryl DeLuca


Poetry here:

  • Luke, Just After A New Hope Thoughts by Jennifer Moore
  • Equiponderance by Stardancer
  • Star Wars Haiku by Jennifer Moore
  • The Mostly Dead Jedi Blues by Mesarthim
  • Letter From Jedi Boot Camp by Jacqueline Taero

Issue 7

cover #7 by Z.P. Florian

Another Sky 7


Poetry here:

  • Jedi by Amanda Palumbo
  • Warrior of Light by Amanda Palumbo
  • From the Mountaintop by Jacqueline Taero... Art- M. Guttierrez

Issue 8

cover #8 by Rosemary DiGiacomo

Another Sky 8 Stories

Poetry here:

  • Translation by Amanda Palumbo
  • Dancing Round the Same Flame by Amanda Palumbo
  • The Fosterling by Jacqueline Taero
  • Perceptions by Mesarthim

Issue 9

Another Sky 9

cover #9 by M.Guttierrez
  • "The Uncle" by John Fredericks. A Y-Wing fighter pilot crashes in the desert and Owen Lars is stunned that the pilot is the brother he hasn't seen in three years. And what is Obi-Wan doing with a baby? (Pre A.N.H.)
  • "Take Care Of Yourself, Han" by M.J. Mink. Han Solo has promised to protect a young, naive Luke Skywalker; but is it a promise Leia Organa will let him keep. (A.N.H.)
  • "Rebel's Revenge" by Marc Sozynski. Alone, cut off, and wounded, a young rebel pilot watches a space battle from a planet he has crashed on. Who will rescue him? A victorious Alliance or the dreaded Empire?
  • "Stranger Among Us, Part 2" by Bambi. Revenge is a powerful emotion and a man will do anything to be rid of those who destroyed this family honor. HIs target: Luke Skywalker's family. (Post R.O.T.J.)
  • "Borrowed Dreams" by Z.P. Florian. The force was strong in Anakin Skywalker, but no one, especially his son, had any idea just how powerful Anakin really was. (Post R.O.T.J.)
  • And more. Cover by Melanie Guttierrez. More fiction by Dana Marie Carozza, poetry by Tammy Olsen, art by Z.P. Florian, Donna Frayser, John Fredericks, and Melanie Guttierrez.


  1. from Southern Enclave #31