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Title: Another Sky
Publisher: Lorrie Cherry and Melanie Guttierrez
Date(s): 1991-present
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Another Sky is a gen Star Wars print zine series with an emphasis on Luke Skywalker stories. It is also a website where these print zines were archived.

There were eleven issues.

A note regarding swear words: "Note to readers: We allowed the use of the expletive 'f--k' in this [issue #4], and one previous issue. It does not, and will not, appear in any others. -- The Editors."

A Zine with an Political Fannish Agenda

The editors created this zine to counter what they felt was fannish favoritism of the character Han Solo and slights given to the character Luke Skywalker.

The flyers for all issues state "positively no slash and no Han-starring fiction."

The first line of the first zine's editorial: "This is the zine that we, as insatiable Luke-fans, have wanted to read for years."

The dedication on the first issue: "Dedicated to the politically incorrect everywhere, and to those who chose -- and still choose -- to die on their feet rather than live on their knees."

From the sixth issue: "This... zine is politically incorrectly dedicated to the awesome Ted (Animals are FOOD) Nugent. We love a man who's armed, dangerous, and right."

This is also evident in many comments such as this one from a letter of comment in the second issue: "Bravo! for being bold enough to put out exactly the kind of zine you wanted to put out even if it meant not being "politically correct" at all times."

These comments by fans addressed feelings that were not new. Fans had been bitterly arguing about who "the star" of Star Wars was for many years. See Church of Ford aka Cathedral of Luke.

A Zine Meant to Be Aggresively Copied and Shared

From the first issue:

We the editors, realize that by offering the contents of this zine, to fandom, we have no control over its reproduction -- in whole or in part.

Therefore, it is the wish of all of us who have worked to created "Another Sky," that those who photocopy will do so in the spirit of sharing, what we as fans, have freely given.

This statement was repeated in other issues, along with: "If you care... share."

In 1994, a fan said in a letter of comment in issue #6:

Your (AS) disclaimer says 'if you care share'. Well, you ladies should be pleased to learn that I did just that. A friend looked through my A.S.'s and wanted to be able to read some things a little better. So we took the zines down to a local copy store and ran stuff off. From #1 we did the lightsaber foldout, A Deed Without a Name, the map and glossary too, and Symphony for Whistlepipes... From #2, we took Stand In Smuggler and Enemy. From #3, we took Alternate Reality and from AS#4, Brotherly Love and Introspection. There, I've done my good deed for the time being. This is what you ladies meant, isn't it?

The editors' response in issue #6:

Yes, Mr. H, sharing with friends is PRECISELY what we mean by our disclaimer. The fannish circle has been expanded! We feel vindicated, not victimized, by your generosity. Your copy store appreciates the business, ours doesn't miss it and the Post Office certainly isn't going to scream about lost profits if we don't mail an extra Priority envelope. We hope your friend gets further involved with zines and that he enjoys the work of our talented contributors.

A Zine that Created a Fannish "Family Tree"

The first issue of "Another Sky" was published in 1991, and it apparently fed a hungry audience for those who considered Luke Skywalker as their One True Character. It also inspired two other similar zines: Echo Three and Only Hope (both published in 1994).

The editors of these two subsequent zines made many references to the encouragement and mentoring that the editors of "Another Sky" gave them. The editors of "Echo Three" and "Only Hope" consistently referred to "Another Sky's" editors as "grandma" and to themselves as their "children" or "babies." The editors of "Another Sky" played along with these references in their letters of comment, as did other readers, with similar comments.

The Online Archive

Some of the zines are now online; however the site was last updated in 2010 so it remains unclear if more issues will be put online.

From the site:

Welcome to Another Sky

This is the only Star Wars print zine online in it's entirety, the oldest Luke zine, and the oldest Star Wars printzine, still in production.

Since 1991, Another Sky has been how we, as Luke fans, shared fiction about the character we loved with other fans.

Another Sky celebrates Luke Skywalker, the myth and the man.

We, the Editors, make no claim to own any fan work we have printed other than our own. We are merely part of a process that gives fan work done by fans, to fans who would enjoy it. That is the sole reason for the existence of a fan press. The presence of the work on this site does not prevent the writers and artists from disseminating their work elsewhere; in fact we encourage that. We believe that fanfiction was created to be read - not dead.

Every piece of fan work on this site was created for the enjoyment of other fans. Not certain fans, for a certain time, for a certain price, but for all fans. We published it with the understanding that the talented writers and artists who produced the work for, and gave it to, Star Wars fandom wanted it to go on giving pleasure to other fans. We have taken the opportunity that the Internet provides to continue that sharing without print and mail expenses that have kept Star Wars fanzines out of the reach of most fans. We want our zine to go on being read, so we will post all of our issues online.

There is something for every Luke fan here, and fans of the other film characters too. If you enjoy what you read on this site, please use our messageboard to tell others about it. Please keep all fiction poetry and art you may download from this site properly credited to its originators. Links to this site will be considered only if your site does not contain pornographic or "slash" fiction. We are always looking for contributors for future issues, but no slash or X-rated material ever has been, nor will it be, considered for inclusion in Another Sky.

While we do not presume to speak for the beliefs and ethics of individual contributors, the Editorial Staff of this zine and this website is Anti-Slash. We respect freedom of choice, andthat includes our freedom to reject slash or any other content for this privately owned site that we deem inappropriate.

No compromises. No apologies. [1]

Also from the website:

Disclaimer and Copyright Notice:

The Editors and contributors of Another Sky realize that, by offering our work to fandom, we have no control over its reproduction - in whole or in part. We only ask that, when you share these stories with friends, they are left intact. It is the wish of all who have worked to create Another Sky that those who enjoy these stories will continue to share them as we have-without profit. No permission has been given by, and no infringement of the exclusive rights of Lucasfilm LTD, George Lucas and/or Lucas Arts is implied, or presumed by anyone involved with this zine or website. [1]

Issue 1

Another Sky 1 was published in 1991 and contains 134 pages.

front cover of issue #1 by Z.P. Florian
flyer for issue #1, note difference in first story's title, Darkshine Rising
flyer for issue #1, printed in Anakin

The poetry is here.[2]

The zine's dedication: "Dedicated to the politically incorrect everywhere, and to those who chose -- and still choose -- to die on their feet rather than live on their knees."

The zine's editorial:

Gentle Readers:

This is the zine that we, as insatiable Luke-fans, have wanted to read for years. Now it belongs to you; and it is our hope that reading it will be as satisfying an experience for you as creating it was for us.

The contributors to this premiere issue have honored us, as fledgling Editors, with precisely the calibre of work we had hoped (some said naively ) to receive.

Z.P., Jacqueline, Pat, Debbie, Catherine, Tammy, and Yvette THANK YOU! "Another Sky..." was just a name on paper until your talents gave it life. We hope you are as happy with the finished product as we are; and we look forward to your work in the future.

Yes, there will be another! We had so much FUN doing this zine that A.S.#2 is already being planned for next Spring.With fan participation, it will be larger and more diverse, with more original characterizations and art.

A lot of love (and money well spent) went into these pages -- maybe even a little magic. All we ask is, if something in "Another Sky..." makes you laugh or cry, sparks an idea or raises a question, please communicate...with each other, with us. Write a letter, a poem, a story; SHARE what you think and feel, what you've enjoyed, with others. That's how this fandom began. That's how it will continue. YOU are what it needs to survive.


Also from the zine:

We the editors, realize that by offering the contents of this zine, to fandom, we have no control over its reproduction -- in whole or in part.

Therefore, it is the wish of all of us who have worked to created "Another Sky," that those who photocopy will do so in the spirit of sharing, what we as fans, have freely given.

  • Darkshine; also here,[3] fiction by Z.P. Florian, art by Z.P. Florian & M. Guttierrez (After the fall of the Empire, Luke and everybody around him must find out what it means to be Vader's son. Later in the series, he discovers more clones of himself that anyone would be expected to cope with.) (reprinted in Darkshine) (3)
  • Lightsaber Schematics (8)
  • Heir To The Jedi, poem by Jacqueline Taero (11)
  • Symphony for Whistlepipes and Drumlyophones, fiction by Z.P. Florian, art by Z.P. Florian & M. Guttierrez (Could Luke Skyvalker work his way thru his many problems as he recuperated in a Rebel Med-Center, or would he take the easy path and work his way through the Zornom physicians digestive system? Post ESB) (13)
  • A Deed Without a Name, fiction by Mesarthim and Stardancer, art by M. Guttierrez (Alderaan was far more than a lovely world destroyed capriciously by an unimaginable superweapon. Its last hours were spent preparing for a Rebellion they would never fight, and a Jedi they would never see. Pre ARB.) (21)
  • Make Believe, poem by Stardancer (89)
  • The Bluest Eyes on Endor, poem by Deborah H. Kittle (91)
  • Crossover in Full by Catherine Churko (93)
  • Believe The Lies, poem by Stardancer (95)
  • Skywalker Synopsis, poem by Jacqueline Taero (95)
  • Thoughts, poem by Tammy Olsen (96)
  • Whom the Gods Recall, fiction by Jacqueline Taero and Pat Nussman, art by M. Guttierrez (97)
  • Lost Soul, poem by Stardancer (113)
  • Shore Leave, fiction by Yvette Ghilan, art by M. Guttierrez (Two weeks of R&R on the peaceful planet Radian, teaches the galaxy's last Jedi how to face his past, and his future, and changes the life of a troubled young woman forever.Post ROTJ.) (114)
  • Jedi Prayer, poem by Mesarthim (132)
  • Appendix: Map of Alderaan, Glossary (133)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

ANOTHER SKY is a first-time effort by the editors and at first glance it looks to be a noble, if not fully realized, effort. The pages are cleanly typed in a script typeface and bordered uniformly by an ornate frame. The binding is brads through three- hole punched paper, something I had a little bit of trouble with only because the brads used were not quite long enough and kept pulling loose as I read the zine. The cover is a color photocopy by Z. P. Florian. The cover, unfortunately, is probably the thing with this zine that needs the most work. The color photocopy did not reproduce smoothly and looks stark against a white background and a clear laminate overlay did not go down smoothly, leaving the paper wrinkled. I have seen color photocopies used on other zines and the process failed to translate well in most cases. However, once into the contents of the AS#1, I found that this is a meaty, well-written, engrossing STAR WARS zine. Although avowedly a Lukezine, there is actually a good cross section of other characters, including many very well-conceived and executed created characters. Most of the art is by Melanie Guttierrez, a professional artist, whose pencil sketches here are masterfully done line drawings. Other art is by Z. P. Florian, another very talented artist.

"Darkshine Rising", written and illustrated by Z.P. Florian, is a short vignette set post-ROTJ in which Luke confronts Leia after a failed assassination attempt that she condoned, if not backed. It is a chilling look at cut throat politics.

Next in the zine is an 11x17 foldout of lightsaber schematics, unfortunately uncredited. They are very well done and include a wonderfully technical and plausible diagram on the workings of a lightsaber ("...subminiature pulse laser...fires repeatedly at dimagnesite tablet, releasing electrons into a negatively-charged particle chamber..."). Fascinating! "Symphony for Whistlepipes and Drumlyophones" by Z.P. Florian, features Florian's lovely, silly creation, the Zornom. The Zornom are highly intelligent, long-lived creatures and this story, told first person, offers the viewpoints of a Zornom physician who treats a badly traumatized Luke Skywalker, following his rescue from the antenna below Cloud City. Beautifully pragmatic, the Zornom offers Luke a lovely (to the Zornom's point of view) solution to his problems. A highly entertaining and funny story. Counterpointing the light mood of the previous story is one of the major stories in the zine -- "A Deed Without a Name", a chapter in the Vanguard Chronicles by Mesarthim and Stardancer. The opening novelette in this series, "Castling", appeared in A TREMOR IN THE FORCE #5. This story, illustrated effectively by Guttierrez, covers the destruction of Alderaan--as seen from the Alderaanians' point of view. I am beginning to love this series. The two authors have obviously put an enormous amount of thought into these stories. Peopled mostly with either their own characters or their versions of briefly glimpsed or mentioned SW characters (Mon Mothma, Bail Organa, Captain' Antilles), the pOlitics are real, the settings three dimensional, the tragedy of a galaxy dissolving into civil war as inevitable as death and taxes. This particular story is especially poignant because we know the outcome and can do nothing to prevent it. It left me wanting to read more of this marvelous series.

The other major story is "Whom the Gods Recall", a chapter in the Triad series by Pat Nussman and Jacqueline Taero. I am extremely glad to see this marvelous series seeing print as the two authors are masterful story tellers and their series wonderfully complements Mesarthim and Stardancer's stories with a gritty look at the realities of war. This story involves a suicide mission necessary for the success of an Alliance battle, and it is told bluntly and unapologetically. The final story in the zine is "Shore Leave" by Yvette Ghilan. I had assumed that this would be a light-hearted look at a little R&R. Instead, I found a sensitive, well-written story in which Luke searches for inner peace during a hike alone through the mountains of a beautiful planet. There, he unexpectedly meets a lady with whom he does not find the required fannish romance, but a possible Force user with her own problems, one who mayor may not seek him out later to train as a Jedi. A good cross-section o f poetry is offered. Jacqueline Taero is represented here by two of her marvelous poems, "Heir to the Jedi", a moody piece, and "Skywalker Synopsis", a nice, silly bit of verse in which Luke decides that life sucks. "Make Believe" by Stardancer is a good character study of Luke, post- Bespin. "The Bluest Eyes on Endor" is a filk by Debbie Kittle, set to "The Bluest Eyes in Texas" by Restless Heart, a song I don't know so I can't judge how well it fits. Other poems are "Believe the Lies" and "Lost Soul" by Stardancer, "Jedi Prayer" by Mesarthim, and "Thoughts" by Tammy Olsen. A two-page comic-type sampler by Catherine Churko is also offered. And rounding out the zine is an 11x17 foldout map of Alderaan by Melanie Guttierrez. This map, along with an index and glossary of phrases, is meant to accompany the Vanguard Chronicles. It is nicely executed and adds another dimension to making this a three-dimensional planet. Production-wise, I found the script typeface and page borders a bit distracting at first. It would, probably be a good idea for the editors to use a more conventional font for the next issue, possibly a Times Roman or something similar, and to tone down the border a bit. The arrangement of the stories could be smoother. It generally gives a zine a more balanced "read" to have the shorter stories first and the big stories as a grand finish, saving the best for last, as it were.

Overall, however, I found this to be a grand debut of a new STAR WARS zine and one that is recommended reading.[4]

I just wanted to thank you for the very nice (but unnecessary) acknowledgement you gave me in AS #1. It took me completely and pleasantly by surprise. My compliments to you and your contributors. I particularly liked Z.P. Florian's "Darkshine Rising" and her illustrations. Her work impresses me because she is able to pack a lot of emotional strength into sufh a short space. Her illustration for the poem, "Bluest Eyes on Endor", was especially nice.

Yvette Ghilan's "Shore Leave" was also a standout in the zine. Thank you. [5]

Loved the first issue of AS; absolutely stupendous.

"Make Believe": It caught so much emotion in such few lines; the last verse was deeply moving. With the beautiful illustration, it was terribly effective.

"Skywalker Synopsis": Talk about an opposite effect from the above poem! This was wonder fully wry and really believable.

"Shore Leave": This story really captured one possible reaction for Luke after all the incredible things that happened in JEDI. Wonderful, descriptive material about his mental and emotional reactions!

"Darkshine Rising": Very dark, very unexpected. Z.P.'s story opened up so many possibilities for Luke, Han and Leia to go in a totally different direction. MORE!

"Symphony...": Simply put, I love the Zornom; probably the best alien to come along since Chewie. Just recalling the end can make me howl.

"Thoughts": Another wonderfully introspective look at a moment that's never dealt with in the movie. Again, so much emotion compressed into so few lines; and the illustration makes it especially poignant.

"Lightsaber Schematics": I don't know who drew all that, but detail is incredible. i won't say it all makes sense, but who cares? Nicely done.

It'd be easy to keep going for pages about all the great poems and stories, and the magnificent art.

The whole issue was wonderfully unique. It's hard to believe that there could be another, but I'm glad there will be.[5]

What can I say? "Another Sky" is excellent! I'm not particularly a Luke fan (I like scoundrels), but these were well done and interesting stories. I liked them all and would be hard pressed to pick the best. All the stories were new and refreshing- not a rehash of old material. I liked the borders on the pages- really eye catching. The print is clear and very easy to read. Nothing is more annoying to me than to be reading a really good story and having to squint or try to guess what the blurry print says!

The artwork was really excellent -- loved the cover!

A brilliant first effort and I can't wait for "Another Sky" #2! Put me down for a copy![5]

Congratulations on, at last, achieving zinedom! I know all that you guys went through to get this first issue out, and I think it looks great in spite of all the near-disasters you encountered along the way!

The front cover, by Z.P. Florian, is wonderful-oh... those blue eyes!

"Darkshine Rising" is much too short! Oh, you are cruel, Z.P.! C'mon, tell us more!! Leia in this story is exactly the way I have often perceived her. I find it totally believable that she would arrange for Luke to be assasinated to prevent the truth from coming out; and, of course, she would feel a little guilty about it, but politics will probably always come first with her. She just can't help it; she was raised that way. The concept of this story is a goldmine, Z.P., and again, I wish you'd written more.

The Zornom story was hilarious! I love the Zornom character and hope to see more stories featuring her/him/it/them/what ever.

"A Deed Without a Name"- WOW! I really like Mon Mothma in this story. Such a multi-faceted character, yet there are so tew stories written that even include her at all, let alone feature her as prominently as "Deed " does! And the last page really drives home the meaning of, "A New Hope". All in all it's just a very powerful, and true to the Saga) account of the Rebels' perspective of the events leading up to, and immediately following, the destruction of Alderaan.

Much thanks for the glossary- it helped a lot. Ditto, for the map of Alderaan, what an ambitious undertaking that was!) Also the frontispiece to the story is fabulous- sets the mood of unease, desperation and even fear felt by all throughout...

All of the artwork in AS is tremendous, but I must say that my favorite is Melanie's illo that accompanies Jacqueline Taero's "Skywalker Synopsis". The poem itself is utterly hysterical, but the cartoon of Han holding the money bag really set me off laughing uncontrollably!

On the other hand, Stardancer's "Make Believe" is the perfect tear-jerker for us Luke-lusters. So, so sad. I also found Yvette Ghilan's "Shore Leave" a bit sad.

Basically I liked everything in the zine. The borders on each page were a nice touch. The script typeface looked good but was a bit hard on my eyes in my old age.

I'm glad to hear there will be an AS#2! Hopefully there will be many more after that too!

Bravo! for being bold enough to put out exactly the kind of zine you wanted to put out even if it meant not being "politically correct" at all times.

More power to the both of you. Here's hoping it inspires others to do the same![5]

I really liked and enjoyed the zine. It was a pleasant surprise as I was not expecting it at the time. The cover was nice. ZP did a great job. I did have a few problems with the issue so I'll mention them now because I don't want to end on a slightly down note.

I liked the things used to hold the zine together but next time could you use longer ones? Every time I tried to open it a little farther, the back half of the zine fell off if I wasn't careful. (I wasn't careful three times) The other problem I had was the typos and the lack of apostrophes to denote possession. Sometimes I had to read the sentence twice to determine what the word was supposed to be; possessive or plural. Typos in themselves are not too bad, but there were quite a lot of them and it's one of my pet peeves. I try and correct every misspelled word I come acrosss at home, work and in the zines I read.

I did enjoy the form of script writing used. It's different from the usual type and one I liked to use on my typewriter before I got a computer. I also liked the borders around the stories.

Z.P's two stories were very nice. I loved "Darkshine Rising". Very eerie and believable. The Zornom in "Symphony for Whistlepipes and Drumlyophones" was great. To play music by seeing and feeling a person's aura is a great idea, something incredible to think about.

"A Deed Without a Name", by Stardancer and Mesarthin, depicting Alderaan's last days , was a great story. I really got into it and shed a tear at the end when Bail looked up in the sky to see a light, knowing it was the last thing he'd ever do or see.

I assume the story, "Whom the Gods Recall" by Pat Nussman and Jacqueline Taero is part of their Universe they created and have kept behind locked doors. I really enjoyed it tremendously and hope to see more of their work in the future. I like the character of Panore; a steel rod (or equivalent) for a backbone.

"Shore Leave", by Yvette Ghilan, gave us an in-depth look at Luke's life and some of his turbulent thoughts.

I really liked the fold-outs of Alderaan and the lightsabers as well as the artwork.

I howled at the poem, "Skywalker Synopsis" by Jacqueline Taero. That was great.

Though I didn't mention every single thing included in the pages of this zine, believe me, I did get a lot of enjoyable reading from it. After a while you run out of descriptive words and I hate to repeat myself, at least too often. All in all, it wasn't too bad a job for the first time. Best of luck, continued success and a long, healthy run for you both, Melanie and Lorrie!![5]

Hail and well met! I can't do one of my encyclopedic LOC's for time reasons, but I do want to do a half-way attempt.

Neat lightsaber schematics- but no credit? Reminds me of a story, can't remember the zine author, but the gang discovered an ancient Jedi enclave or something with all kinds of light-sabers-from simple to ornate. I love maps (making them too).

The Alderaan map was a good idea. I wish it could have been a bit sharper in it's delineation of shapes, physically looking at it), symbols and the outline of the landmasses, town/geography names darker against the letter/number grid. Sometimes my eyes get tired (especially after devouring a zine) and going through the map, for me, was not as easy as I hoped it would be. Nevertheless, an enjoyable project on your part, MG.

Nice cover, Z.P. I really got a kick out of your Zornom & the "Whistlepipe..." illo. Very inventive, and MG, the body language on both Luke and the Zornom was priceless. Z.P., really good shading on your Luke portrait, along with lovely texture on the tree, branch and flowers. MG also puts in more good illos for Mesarthip & Stardancer's "Deed Without a Name", esp. the group under the ground & Leia in mourning ribbons.

The illos for "Shore Leave" were also quite wonderful- the composition for Luke and 'the stranger' on Radian, and then, the one of Luke alone, very relaxing inducing. The pissed-off Luke with happy Han and Leia in the background was a comedic touch.

"Darkshine Rising"- Oh, shiver! I hate when Luke & Leia have strife that tears them apart, but (shiver) it was a good tale. Next part? Poor Luke, poor Leia...

"Symphony..." was a hoot! Clever comments on "Stans' prejudices" etc; and I loved the comments on the elemental sounds in Luke's zogat. The Zornom is an inventive sapient and I loved seeing things from his P.O.V.

"Deed..." was my second M&S story and they're definitely setting up a fine tradition of inventive interpretation of the semi-known characters/situations, and the creation of good, invented people; coupled with the exciting, twist and turn drama/action-politics, psychology & Force-stuff. Bravo!

I enjoyed all the poetry and filk. The twin goddesses mythology scenes were particularly interesting to me in "Whom the Gods..."

I must briefly comment on "Make Believe". Hmm...takes me back (to where I never was) to reading the few (very few) just post-ESB zines I've found years later; when some folks were still having ideas about Luke & Leia together- at least briefly. I enjoyed it- or fantasizing about it on Luke's part.

Finally- "Shore Leave". Whoa! That also left me breathless in its Force-sense imagery and psychology of Luke & the stranger. I got the "mental tingles" when I read her - like reading my faves (& fandoms) for the first time. MORE! I want to see what happens to the "Proud" on their planet during the Empire. More of the stranger...more of this author's (Yvette's) writing. Is she totally new? Published elsewhere? Her landscape was wonderful too. MORE, please?

Thanks to all contributors, and to Melanie and Lorrie.[5]

I got it, and I am so pleased with it I cannot tell ya. As if it were my own baby. You must have worked a lot on those borders. The titles are gorgeous. The pull-out pages are great. The map of Alderaan is stunning in its details. Whoever did the pages on the lightsabers did a wonderful job. Finally someone made it clear how those things work.

And thank you for the illos of my stories. I think I'm going to give up illoing than and just let you do it. Your Luke faces are splendid! I love his grimace in the embrace of the Zornom. Among the numerous beautiful poems, I liked "Make Believe" the best, if it is at all possible to say so, because all of than were touching and deep.

The Nussman/Taero story was a real treat. Here it is, the proof that a story doesn't have to have the main characters in it; it could still be fantastic. Teyduardo Derryn is definitely somebody I'd love to get to know better. I certainly hope that there is more written about him and his in credible Goddesses. If not, then would the Nussman/Taero pair please do a prequel to this?

Ghilan's story is as rich as the planet it describes; and the magnificent black lady is exactly the kind of company Luke needs. I loved the gentle rain, the symbol of the cleansing rest Luke enjoys.

"A Deed Without a Name", by Mesarthim and Stardancer. As I expected, after "Castling", this is another story where the background detail is stunning. The military events are so realistic that the reader can't help but be there, on and around Alderaan, just before the annihilating blow. The story shows us the latticework of the Rebellion, enriched with characters like "Major", the terrorist, (what a great sentence: I've seen Hell, this is going to be worse.") and Bail Organa - the indomitable King of a great democracy. Stories like this solidly build up the kind of the Universe movies gave us only in short glimpses. I hope they will continue to write the story from this point of view. The few sentences about the "the Jedi and Skywalker's son..." were tantalizing.

If you can read this, it means there is an AS-2 and SW fandom is on its glorious way to another tradition! [5]

I loved the cover Z.P.!! And I love the picture you drew on page 91 for bluest Eyes on Endor. It's a wonderful picture. You're an amazing artist! I can't draw for anything and I'm a bit jealous! The art on pg. 113 that you did for Shore Leave, Melanie, was also amazing. Both pictures really caught the look of maturity and sexuality we all know, and love, from Luke.

Darkshine Rising sent a chill down my spine. I could actually see in my mind Luke walking into the council meeting with his lightsaber, confronting those who tried to have him killed. I was shocked that Leia would have anything to do with the assasination of her twin brother! I felt such compassion for Luke and how he must have felt knowing what she did.

A Deed Without a Name was great! But it was so painful reading how the last thing Bail Organa saw was the Death Star.

Whom the Gods Recall was a switch from what I usually read. It had such a... haunting effect on me. It was such a heart-aching piece,I just had to comment on it. [6]

Issue 2

cover #2 by Melanie Guttierrez
flyer for issue #2, from a 1992 Southern Enclave

Another Sky 2 was published in 1992 and contains 155 pages.

The art is by Catherine Churko, Z.P. Florian, Melanie Guttierrez, Todd Parker, and A.G. Steyn.

The poetry is here.[7]

The editorial:

Fifteen years ago we were blasted out of our mundane, little lives by a movie called 'Star Wars". Would any of us have believed we would still be waiting to see the whole story? Life is strange. Lucas IS still saying "maybe", SW fandom has kept itself- and the Saga alive thru fan-fiction, and two hopeless, Luke-Lusting Spandex Inspectors from the swamp have put out their zine! The Force moves in mysterious ways!

Happy Anniversary to all who still believe. Enjoy your bookmark!

There were many things about AS #1 that did not turn out as we ' had planned them. The pin-fasteners, for instance, were purchased when we expected to put out a 50 page zine. (Ha!) We do apologize for the frustration; problem solved with this issue! We offer Z.P. our sincere apologies for the photocopy quality of her beautiful cover art. We didn't do it justice. Our only intention was to try to give fans more than they expected for $9.00. As for typing and punctuation errors, we can only apologize and hope we've done a better job this time.

Since AS is a bi-annual zine, we had always intended to alternate typefaces. This issue is in block type, but we're still experimenting, learning as we go. Since AS is laeing done the "old fashioned way" we'll try to make up for a lack of fancy production values with enthusiasm.

Many have written asking why the Lightsaber Schematics in AS#1 weren't credited. There is a good explanation.. .we DON'T KNOW who did did them! A friend gave us the photocopies, years ago; and since those weapons needed explaining, we just couldn't resist running them.

Before we sign off, we must take this opportunity to thank all our contributors, especially the new writers and artists who make their debuts in the pages to follow. Welcome to Star Wars Fandom!

We've enjoyed creating AS #2 and we hope you will enjoy reading it.

Walk the Sky!

  • Editorial (2)
  • Letters of Comment (3)
  • And Promises To Keep, fiction by Stardancer, art by Todd Parker (Reece Timbes already knows that a "little involvement" with the Rebellion can be a dangerous thing. Could a family secret make the Alliance a greater enemy than the Empire? POST ANB.) (10)
  • The Past Love That Future Brings, fiction by Michele Dumbrowsky, art by M.Guttierrez (24)
  • Leaving Day, poem by Yvette Ghilan (30)
  • Return of the Jedi, poem by Yvette Ghilan (31)
  • Stand in Smuggler, fiction by J.P. Treleaven, art by M.Guttierrez (32)
  • Family Life, fiction by Tammy Olsen, art by M.Guttierrez (A refreshing look at a typical day in the lives of Leia, Han and Luke nine years after Endor. POST ROTJ) (74)
  • Love Tokens From The Sea, poem by Kritina Johnston (82)
  • Desert Diary, fiction by Mesarthim (83)
  • Inner Conflict, fiction by Catriona Campbell, art by M. Guttierrez (By walking into Palpatine's throne room, Luke Skywalker made the space battle,raging outside,secondary. The real war between the Alliance and the Empire was destined to take place within the last Jedi; between Darkness and Light. ROTJ) (84)
  • Luke's Prayer (Setting Suns), poem by Wendy Schwartz (91)
  • The Lost Key, fiction by Slick, art by Z.P. Florian (92)
  • Enemy by Marti Schuller, art by Z.P. Florian (The lone survivor of a cave-in, Luke Skywalker is forced to overcome his lingering fears to save the life of a young girl who loves him. POST ROTJ) (98)
  • Give Me Time, poem by Kritina Johnston (139)
  • Still Life with a Ghost, fiction by Z.P. Florian, art by Z.P. Florian & M. Guttierrez (Before the search for Han Solo could begin, the victims of Darth Vader's treachery had to recover emotionlly as well as physically. Could despondent Skywalker? PRE ROTJ (140)
  • Luke Sets The Record Straight, poem by Jacqueline Taero (153)
  • Glossary -- Promises (154)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

There are many letters of comment about this issue in "Another Sky" #4.

  1. 2- WOW!!!The cover itself took my breath Melanie,it's beauti

ful!! (Is it possible to get another copy of it?) Tnn^r- Conflict was a well written piece. It showed us toe conflict in Luke's mind that we knew weis going on,but didn't understand till now.

Issue 3

front cover of #3 by Melanie Guttierrez
back cover of #3, A.G. Steyn
flyer for issue #3

Another Sky 3 was published in 1993 and contains 155 pages.

The art is by Catherine Churko, Z.P. Florian, Melanie Guttierrez, Vesvelod Martynyenko, Todd Parker, and A.G. Steyn.

The poetry is here.[8]

From the editorial:

AS #3 is proof that Luke-Fandom is not only larger than we were led to believe - it's growing. It is also not afraid to take a new look at the SW landscape, and not afraid to say "what if.. ?" This issue filld up in only three months! We thank you all for helping to open an exciting new playground; we love how it has turned out. We hope to see all of you next time... bring a friend!

  • Star Wars in Russia, article by Vesvelod Martynyeko (12)
  • The Midwife's Tale, fiction by Mary Jo Fox, art by M. Guttierrez (Magdala Ruijk had delivered new life for fifty years before the stormy night when a Jedi and a sad young woman come to her for help. Theirs was a tragic story, and she became a part of it. Pre-ANH) (14)
  • The Visit, poem by Jacqueline Taero (24)
  • The Parting, poem by Mesarthim (25)
  • Inheritance, fiction by Bambi, art by Todd Parker (A young woman, desperate to unlock the secrets of her past, turns to the one person who may be her only hope—Luke Skywalker. Post ROTJ) (26)
  • Free, poem by Stardancer (32)
  • Conversation on a Sand Dune, fiction by Z.P. Florian ... Art - M. Guttierrez (Could it be that Owen Lars' motive for taking in an orphan was less than noble? Pre-ANH) (34)
  • Hope of the Future, poem by Bambi/Tammy Olsen (37)
  • Alternate Reality #357, fiction by Yvette Ghilan, art by M. Guttierrez (Always in motion is the future... this is a look at a scenario in which the major players in the SW saga could have been only minor pawns. AW, Pre-ANH) (38)
  • Visions, art portfolio by Catherine Churko (46)
  • As Strangers Friends Are Met, fiction by J.P. Treleaven, art by Catherine Churko (Pel Forsstan has good reason to hate his prisoner. The Rebel killed his men, made him question his loyalties, and top of all that, he is a Jedi. Post ROTJ) (50)
  • Alliance Marching Cadence, by the E.I.Z. Group (83)
  • For Sale, fiction by Marti Schuller, art by Z.P. Florian (Luke Skywalker offers himself to the highest bidder in an auction. Proof positive that he will do "anything" to help the Alliance. Post-ROTJ) (84)
  • Imperial Marching Cadence, by the E.I.Z. Group (87)
  • Remnant, fiction by Catriona Campbell, art by Todd Parker (Seven years after the events of Return of The Jedi Luke finds himself accidentally waking a remnant from the days of the Empire. Post-ROTJ) (88)
  • The Seductress, poem by Mary Jo Fox (101)
  • The Outrage, fiction by Mesarthim & Stardancer, art by M. Guttierrez & Todd Parker (During the victory celebration on Endor, a bomb is found aboard the Headquarters Frigate and even Princess Leia Organa is not above suspicion. Who can the Imperial spy be? Speculative Universe, Post-ROTJ) (102)
  • Never Fear, poem by Stardancer (121)
  • The Battles of Peace, fiction by Z.P. Florian (After the assassination attempt on his life, Luke Skywalker disappeared. Six months later he returns to claim a Top Secret Imperial cargo entrusted to Han Solo. The Alliance wants it destroyed and Solo wants answers.) (reprinted in Darkshine) (122)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

A.S. is fast on it's way to becoming a classic. A.S.#3 a wonderful issue. The cover is sensational. Now we all know that it is not wise to upset a Jedi! The first page pix gave a new meaning to the word cute; and the color page in the back was a riot! The illos were beautiful, especially the great howling Wookiee on pg. 102 and the Kenobi on page 34. Splendid pix on page 83, sort of winks at us! Churko's illo on page 79 was outstanding and I welcomed her pictures to the Ghilan story I liked so much. Special praise to the computer illos on page 88 and 93; they fit so well into the SW universe and I'm looking forward to more in the future. The whole zine was a pleasure to look at.

Taero/The Visit- Lady, you'll make me start liking Owen yet! Mesarthim/The Parting: A beautiful example of text and pix working together.

Ghilan/Alternate Reality-This was wonderful! What a great idea, both funny and sad. I hope she'll go through the whole saga in this manner. Five more minutes and Leia is executed. Another five minutes and Kenobi gets away. Five seconds and the rebel base is just so much space dust, leaving Luke up in space!

Campbell/Remnant- A good, smooth, tense story; and very real istic too, thinking of all the Imperial hardware leftovers scattered all over the galaxy. Let me mention here how much I liked her "Missing" too.

Mesarthim & Stardancer/The Outrage- Howl! Aarrggh! What an incredibly wicked, mean,marvelous piece of writing! Loved the masterfully logical proofs of Han's Imperial ties( leading them into the trap at the bunker, etc.) . Also, the idea of Luke going to Vader with MM's approval was excellent! My favorite sentence;"Few people tell a droid 'why'. Master Luke." Ohh, what a dark, great reading it was! Lando's death really got to me. The ending, in Chewie's home, was beautiful. A word of advice: watch your mail, letter bombs from Han fans are to be expected! ((Not so far, Z.P. Really! WHY should there be backlash? Hasn't the "Han Is God Squad" had a field day, for years, writing Luke turns to the Darkside, subjugates the galaxy rapes Leia, or Luke the ineffectual, sissy, eternal gosh & golly stories boy submissive before Solo's macho sophistication stories? Aren't fanzines about "what-ifs"? Are certain character's beyond speculation? Could there be an unwritten double-standard ] in fandom? We're waiting for hate mail! - Eds.)) This, and the Ghilan alternate reminded me that Harrison Ford wanted Han killed off in ROTJ, saying that"...he has no momma, no poppa, nowhere to go..." and he begged Lucas to write Han dead. Anyone feel like coming up with an alternate ending to ROTJ that writes Han's death smoothly into the script like Lucas would have if he'd wanted to please Ford? All actors like a good dying scene!

Stardancer/Never Fear. Sigh...

Schuller/For Sale-Nice, clean, nasty fun!

Treleaven/As Strangers...-Excellent, exciting,riveting and original. Very entertaining to see how an Imperial would react to a Jedi, after all the Imp propaganda. I liked the mature, compassionate, brilliant Luke and the honorable Imperial. The background, with the warring Imp factions, looks like a promising universe for further exciting stories! [9]

Lorrie, Melanie, you should be proud. Each issue just gets better and better. I LOVE the color Rancor cartoon that came as a pleasant bonus. These little surprise additions, like this one,and the bookmark in AS #2, are going to spoil your readers,you know. Thanks.

The "Star Wars in Russia" page from Vesvelod Martynenko was fascinating. Absolutely wonderful stuff! The German proverb at the bottom of the contents page was one I hadn't read before, but I think it's terrific. I may type it up and frame it, or, better yet, have it embroidered into a sampler to go over my typewriter!!! Now to the stories themselves:

The Midwife's Tale/Mary Jo Fox - Nice idea, but is there a time problem? At the start of the story the narrator says that she is near one hundred years old and served as a midwife for fifty years. This is stated in the past tense, implying, at least to this reader, that she no longer practices the service. However, at the end of the story, she closes saying the twins are now seventeen. Am I confused? Anyway, I liked it other than that, especially the name"Lienni".

Inheritance/Tammy Olsen- Interesting idea. This would certainly make the future easier for our fave Jedi, but I get a little tired of everyone ending up related to everyone else.

Alternate Reality #357/Yvette Ghilan- I really enjoyed this story. It was well written and very entertaining. The art by Melanie that accompanied it was good too, especially Luke. Yum.

As Strangers.../J.P. Treleaven- Another well written, interesting and entertaining story.

The Outrage/Mesarthim & Stardancer - While I thoroughly disagree with this alternate story ((Speculative, Marti! It conflicts with nothing in the films and, since ROTJ is open-ended, nothing about events after it can be "alternate" unless — and until — Lucas gives us "gospel"— Eds)) and confess to an aversion to 95% of all alternates in general, this one was exciting and well-written. I also confess to getting a certain perverse pleasure out of it, having heard Han's "virtues" extolled once too often by my Ford friends (snicker wickedly).

My favorite story of the issue was Remnant by Catriona Campbell. Treena has a definite skill for storytelling and this tale proves it. Keep up the good work, my friend!

To those I failed to comment about, please forgive me. I prefer to mention, in all my LOC's, only those pieces that most capture my attention; but I enjoyed everyone's efforts. I look forward eagerly to #4![9]

Well ladies, you did it again! I read AS#3 so fast when I got to the last story I kept checking to make sure I didn't miss anything.

The Midwife's Tale- I never thought of how awful it would be to give Luke to Ben knowing Lienni would never see him again. A very touching story, Mary Jo.

Tammy Olsen's Inheritance - It's nice to see other Skywalkers. I'd like to see more about the family and what is kept in the console.

Taking Freedom Back One Parsec At A Time-What a wonderful slogan.

I like seeing Imps as more than just monsters ruling the galaxy. J.P. did a good job with As Strangers Friends Are Met. I wonder how many Imps joined the Rebels out of good conscience? Would Han kill Leia back on the Falcon? The Outrage by Mesarthim & Stardancer was very convincing. It makes sense that he would be an Imp due to all of his "luck". After all of his trouble though, you'd think he would hide Lando's body a little more carefully. ((He was in a hurry to escape, no one strayed from the paths, he'd, be long gone by the time Lando was found and he plain didn't give a damn. Eds-))

I still don't think Leia would plan Luke's death, but the story works well. Z.P.'s Battles of Peace is very good. I'm very interested see what Luke's kids will be up to and how his story will repeat with Leia on the Dark side. Very interesting!! Keep up the good work. Walk the Sky![9]

#3 was another fine issue of AS. I truly enjoyed it. First off, I loved the cover. Melanie's art is, as usual, quite nice as was all the art and illustrations. I really enjoyed A.G.'s color insert.

As for the stories: Yvette Ghilan's Alternate Reality #357 was quite intriguing and certainly a possibility. However, I think it needs to be carried out a little further. If the delay to Ben and company had not happened, and they hired Han just to be a diversion, then Ben and the others could theoretically arrive on Alderaan before it was blown out of the galaxy,perhaps coming along a different route to Alderaan and landing(thus not seeing the Death Star). If they landed , that would be the end of Luke Skywalker. If he dies on Alderaan then that means there is no rescue for the Princess and she is executed. Not much left to write about. However, quite interesting.((A.R.#357 continues in AS#5 and everyone will be surprised by the possibilities Yvette presents!-Eds.))

For Sale by Marti Schuller was great! It had me going until the very end. I was wondering how they had gotten into that mess and then...that ending. I was laughing for hours afterwards. Z.P.'s illos were an excellent compliment.

Catriona Campbell's Remnant was a very interesting story. We certainly don't know much about those probe droids and it's certainly conceivable that several of them got left behind intact/buried somewhere, just waiting to be reactivated. The Battles of Peace by Z.P.Florian was a really good story. I anxiously await the continuation of this one and was glad to see it picked up where DARKSHINE RISING, FROM AS left off. I look forward to seeing how it ends.

Now for some less than positive comments; Being a devout Han fan. The Outrage by Mesarthim & Stardancer was a little hard for me to get through. I had no idea where it was leading until I sneak ed a peek at the end and saw that Chewie had killed Han. I know I shouldn't do that but I do it on occasion and thus was a little unprepared for this ending. I kept an open mind as I read the rest of it and found that it certainly could be a possibility.

It was well written but not a favorite of mine because of the ending.. Now on to the zine itself.

The words running into the binding was solved this time and was quite nice. No page problem at all. However, this was not a typo free zine. I found a handful of them only and it is a vast improvement over the other issues. There were still the apostrophe s' problem and more than just a few. So all in all, the zine vastly improved and I liked it.

Though not everything was listed in my comments, all the stories made for great reading and I thank you all for that. Melanie and Lorrie, you both did a great job and I look forward to AS#5.[9]

AS#3 was a wonderful issue and you all have really hit your stride with ) it.'This issue presented a very good mix of stories, all of which were very enjoyable. The overall "look" was uncluttered and easy to read and all the artwork was nicely presented.

The Midwife's Tale by Mary Jo Fox. A little twist on the Luke/Leia Birth theme. A real suspenseful moment when the troopers showed up.

All the poetry was good. Especially nice looks at Owen in The Visit by Jacqueline Taero, at Leia in The Parting by Mesarthim, and Mon Mothma in Free by Stardancer.

Inheritance by Tammy Olsen was a different look at what the last days of the Jedi might have been, and at other members of the Skywalker family. Very plausible too, that other Skywalker children might have been spirited away to be raised under assumed identities and that this scattered, broken family might now be picking up the pieces and finding one another.

Loved the Rebel Alliance poster with Luke! What a hoot!

Conversation on a Sand Dune by Z.P. Florian had Z.P.'s usual deft touch. Owen seems to have gotten the short end of the stick, second only to Ben, regarding fans' perceptions of his personality. I think Z.P. has done a very good job in showing that Owen wasn't an ogre, but a man caught in a difficult situation, doing the best he could and genuinely caring about Luke and trying to keep him safe.

Alternate Reality #357 by Yvette Ghilan was an interesting study in all the "what-if's" that occur with every passing minute.

Catherine Churko's Visions was a nice interpretation of Ghilan's "Shore Leave".

As Strangers Friends Are Met Jay J.P. Treleaven was probably the only story I had a little bit of trouble getting into. It was well written, but I just have a skeptical bias against "bad guys"who turn into good guys" plotlines. Just seems too easy to me. But, different strokes for different folks, and J.P. did a very good job in handling her story here. She's showing a lot of promise as a writer and I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future.

For Sale : Marti Schuller was a giggle. Tell me, was Han up on that block too?? How much did he go for? I can imagine the group that was bidding for that hot Corellian bod! Was Carolyn Golledge right up there in the front row? Hee hee...see " A Night in the Life of Han Solo" in Wookiee Commode #7.

Remnant by Catriona Campbell was a gripping little tale with a very unique adversary for Luke. Enjoyed this one very much.

The Outrage by Mesarthim & Stardancer...I'll repeat here some of the things I said in my letter to Melanie. The Outrage was quite a shocker. A very effective story and it pushed my buttons on several levels. It initially hit me between the eyes as a dedicated Han fan, and my impression on that level was that that it was purely a "Han-bashing" story and I felt a little bit of annoyance (which was exactly the response you were aiming at, I'm sure). ((After all the years of Luke-bashing stories,damn right! Smirking Eds.)) On another level it struck me as a very effective turn-about story, such as I haven't seen in fanfic since about 1983. Us old—time fans will remember that dark stories like this were sprinkled here and there during during the Golden Age, mostly written by Anne Elizabeth Zeek, but also done by others as shock stories. The majority of fandom will probably never have seen anything like it. It was a great, well-written story and I enjoyed it very much! (Now just wait till I finish my "bash Luke " story- "The Last Jedi"...hee hee hee.

And finally, The Battle for Peace by Z.P. Florian set the stage for a suspenseful second half of her story. Did Han do the right thing in throwing Luke and Leia's background into the open? Or will it backfire on him by having the opposite effect he intended?:Lots of politics and hidden, agendas at play here and I'll look forward to seeing the rest of the story. Enjoyed Han's.little power play too," of showing up casually in full regalia and manipulating the media.

Oh, yes, A.G. Steyn's color cartoon was a fun touch!

Overall, this was an excellent issue. Did Old Eagle—Eye (yours truly) find any typos? Yes...I can't help it; it's an occupational hazard...but they were few and far between. Anyway, Melanie knows that I have a theory as a zine ed, that if ever a zine published without at least one typo, the Universe As We Know It would come to an end and we would all be wiped out of existence. In fact, I believe there are typo fairies that steal into your offices at night and put back typos that you have taken out, just to keep the Universe on an even keel. So we can all sleep easy tonight.

Seriously, AS#3 was a wonderful issue and I will recommend it. Give yourselves a hearty pat on the back! I'm looking forward to AS#4! [9]

Another Sky #3 was a fantastic Christmas present. You two are doing a great job at turning out a zine full of splendid art and stories. The art work in this issue was consistently excellent. Melanie's cover is very dynamic; you might expect(hope) that Luke will, jump right out at you. I also love the whimsy of the illo on the first page. A.G. Steyn's color insert is hilarious, a marvelous bonus. I though Yvette Ghilan's Shore Leave was wonderful when it first appeared and Catherine Churko's Vision based on the story are lovely; they really capture the feelings Yvette's words produced. I want to thank her for doing a fabulous job illoing my story, they're perfect. I especially applaud her ability to depict the MAST from my sketchy description.

Now to the stories. Marti Schuller's For Sale was sneaky, lowdown and uproariously funny. I fell for it all the way to the end; a beautiful setup. (And while on the subject of humor: Taking back freedom one par-sec at a time?? An absolute howl!!)

Remnant by Catriona Campbell makes a lot of sense. With all those probe droids Vader sent out, it's logical to expect that some would still be functional. I like the interaction she describes between Luke and Artoo; she does a good job of making even the probe droid seem forlorn as it tries to carry out an obsolete task. The computer graphics type illos give a perfect sense of events from the machine's point of view.

Tammy Olsen's Inheritance introduces an interesting new character; I would like to see more of Ciana. It's awfully convenient when a computer turns up with all the information about the Jedi, but I liked the way Tammy led into the discovery of the password.

The Midwife's Tale by Mary Jo Fox is well written, although Magdala seemed a bit pompous compared to the midwives I've known. (At least we know the "Obi" part of Kenobi's name wasn't short for obstetrician.)

I really liked Alternate Reality #357 by Yvette Ghilan; the possibilities opened up by the one change she makes are mind-boggling. I thought it was great having Han experience a sense of lost opportunity after he does his job of decoying the Imperials. Our knowledge of what would have happened makes his feeling of having missed something important especially poignant.

There were several pieces I enjoyed contrasting with each other. One set of such contrasts is the poem The Visit by Jacqueline Taero and Z.P. Florian's story Conversation an a Sand Dune. The loving and caring Owen Lars of the poem, who drives Ben away to protect his nephew, is so different from the mercenary and greedy Owen Lars of Z.P.'s story. The two pieces set each other off very nicely. As usual, Z.P. offers us a lively and very believable look at a crisis in Luke's childhood. (The illo compliments the story very well.) Ben's expression is awfully good. As he waits out Owen's tirade, he appears slightly sorrowful, as if contemplating the barren life his young charge must lead until he is grown.

The other pair I found interesting to look at together involves another of Z.P.'s stories. The Battles of.Peace. Han's understanding of the hurt and confusion that prompted Leia's backing of the attempt to assassinate Luke, once again raises him out of the realm of the uncomplicated smuggler captain. His manipulation of the media of the media, to expose Luke and Leia's history in order to clear the air, further reinforces this image of a complex and sophisticated personality. With this in mind, I think he slips into being just the dumb smuggler a bit too often and it's disrupting when it happens, especially with those who know him best. He's not fooling them

a bit, so why have him act that way? Otherwise I enjoyed the story and can't wait to see where Z.P. is going with all those Luke clones.([9]

The Outrage offers an absolutely chilling picture of Han as a ruthless double agent. I wasn't totally convinced that neither Luke nor Leia (nor Chewbacca for that matter) would sense the wrongness in him. Chewie's reaction to Han's treachery and to his death is very well done. The point of contrast with Z.P.s story that I found fascinating is what Luke does with the secrecy of his parentage. Depending on how you interpret his character either scenario is believable. I haven't the faintest idea which one is more plausible; that's why this: is all so much fun.

This letter is going to be a marathon unless I stop soon. Let me just say that I enjoyed Tammy's poem, Hope of the Future, although I couldn't figure out who the speaker is or if there is more than one speaker. Stardancer's Free evokes a frightening image of a rebellion fought for one person's revenge, even though Mon Mothma recognizes her flaw and credits the idealism of others for the rebel's success. It's a very shocking and dramatic concept.

I look forward to Another Sky 4 with great enthusiasm. And you two are going to publish another zine??? You're both crazy, but I love ya for it.[9]

I was pleased to see that more of the stories in AS#3 are action oriented. After all we don't want to get too stuck in the mushy stuff.

The Outrage: I choose to discuss this first because it made me as mad as a rabid Wookiee! My lovely Corellian a psychokiller Imp spy?! Never in a million years! Then, to add insult to injury, we have to watch Chewie break Han's neck in front of Leia. You guys are so mean! Was this purposefully written to anger the Han fans in the audience? ((We think it's quite logical, Mary Jo, given what we don't know about Solo.How about Lando, doesn't anyone feel sorry for poor Lando? We're still cringing about his fate! Actually, the primary reason for writing the story was to explore Chewie's character; the alienness of his mind and the tendency of humans to attribute human values,and reasoning to other life-forms who live and work with us. The Wookiees have an old and complex culture of their own, and it comes across in the movie that Wookiee interaction with humans is pretty unusual, especially as intimate friends. On one hand,Chewie is spoken to and treated as an equal by the main characters; yet he is also petted, his neck scratched, like a"lower life form"! All well meaning, of course; but it suggested to us that even the humans close to him consider him, most of the time, like them because he lives & works among them. That's wrong for them to assume, and wrong for SW fans to assume. Chewbacca is a fascinating, unique character who has been too "humanized" in print; The Outrage is Chewie's retelling, for his family, the betrayal of not only a friendship, but of principles that Wookiees value above everything, even life. It was about honor and "Life-Debt" and the uncompromising application of all it implies. Eds.)) Hmmm...I believe the punishment for such behavior is 1000 years digesting in the Sarlacc, or being forced to watch Ishtar over and over.

Inheritance— I liked the idea of Anakin having a(twin?) sister. Good action scenes too.

Conversation on a Sand Dune- Excellent! I Think Z.P. has got Owen down beautifully. I feel so sorry for poor Luke getting punished for something he had no control over. I can't believe Ben would leave this child with such a shmuck, but we all know he's made his share of mistakes.

Alternate Reality #357- A good "what -if" story with a nice intro that sounds like something Rod Serling would say on "The Twilight Zone". Yes, I do wonder how this one would've turned out.

Remnant- It's nice to know that even Jedi have to "go" too! Anyway, I liked the idea behind the story and how Catriona described the planet. I also liked the tension between man and machine. The only quibble I have is how Luke was unable to get his lightsaber out of the water. Couldn't he have used the Force to retrieve his saber? He should be able to with no trouble at all, especially if it's supposed to be seven years past ROTJ. Otherwise, it was a good story.

As Strangers Friends Are Met— I loved the M.A.S.T.— it would've looked cool on screen. Luke's guilt and his ability to feel others' emotions are vividly described. Forrstan's conversion was totally believable, and the ending was really humorous. I think just about every male being in the galaxy had a crush on Leia at one time or another!

For Sale- This reminds me of an idea I had to write a story about the Alliance holding a telethon to raise money; and the good guys were forced into performing lame, tacky acts. It never got off the ground, which is a lucky break for fandom, I guess.

The Battles of Peace - I liked Darkshine Rising very much, so I was glad to see a sequel was written. It's definitely lighter than it's predecessor, but very engrossing nonetheless. I loved the way Luke and Han are portrayed. Luke isn't a whiny manic-depressive, and Han isn't an ignorant putz. I wish Leia was shown in a more sympathetic light...perhaps in part 3? I liked the action scenes too. I've always wondered if some Rebels would react negatively to the truth of Luke & Leia's origin, and this story proves that at least a few would How tragic. Will Luke beat the rap to return to his 24 children on Dagobah. Will he hold a bris for them? Will Leia get a hold of herself and reconcile with Luke? What will become of Han & Leia's twins? So many questions! It sucks I have to wait at least six months to find out what happens! ((Lucas is making us wait 14 years! Talk about "suck"!-Eds.))

The Visit- Another, piece that captures Owen's personality perfectly.

The Parting- A sad, touching tearjerker from Leia's point of view. Very nice.

Free- So Mothma was merely out for revenge? Wow! What an intriguing idea. I wonder what Palpatine did to her. ((See "Castling", Tremor #5, also by Melanie and I-L.))

Hope of the Future- Great stuff! It fits in with my story!

Never Fear- Very nice too.

I also enjoyed your "paid advertisement", the marching cadences, and the Russian drawings. Kudos also go to Catherine Churko, Todd Parker,Z.P. Florian and A.G. Steyn for their work. Melanie Guttierrez is an illo goddess! I loved her cover and the work she did for my story and The Outrage. Her Luke portraits are the best I've seen so far.

Again, the production has improved a bit. There were a lot fewer typos this time. The graphics were nice, and they weren't distracting from the text. I'm also glad you guys are listing other zines and SW related stuff. We definitely need to know what's out there![9]

The cover looked real good but I have just one question for you—where are all the dead bodies? Somebody went to town and kicked butt real good; are you going to tell me no one was home?

I liked The Visit by Jacqueline Taero. Owen was straight and to the point. Inheritance by Tammy Olsen was good, bui I really didn't like the reference to Zahn's book. Those books...well, I'm not sure what they are, but I know it's not Star Wars.

The ad for the Rebel Alliance-hot damn! It's time somebody started thinkin'- good job, whoever it was.

As Strangers Friends Are Met by J.P. Treleaven-I want to send one piece of advice J.P., do some reading up on commandos. I have a big gripe with Imperial people who suddenly see the wrong they've done in their careers simply because they meet one of the main good guys. Commandos get to be commandos because they're hard individuals who have the stomach (and they feel their government is right) to do the dirty jobs. Forrstan just don't ring true, I'm sorry to say.

For Sale by Marti Schuller. My wife loved it, I thought it was alright. Was everybody in their underwear, including the Princess?

Remnant by Catriona Campbell, a fine job, dear lady. I laughed real hard when I realized what Luke had done. This is the first story I've read in a long time that showed at least one Imperial set on doing his job. The Outrage by Mesarthim & Stardancer. I wanted to say something about this piece

last, because I wasn't sure what words to use. I'll admit to a big lump in my throat. You two have told a story of what honor really means, the bitterness of betrayal and how men -- whether human or alien -- feel about all of it. I am proud to have read such a story. I know there will be those who say 'Han, an Imperial mole'? Yeah-right! But...if most think about it, anyone, ANYONE is capable of doing anything for beliefs that are ingrained deep, or money, or power. Han once said it wasn't "wise" to make a Wookiee mad. Of all the people out there, he should have re membered that himself. [9]

Conversation on a Sand Dune was another hilarious piece. I could just see the look on Beru's face when Luke used the Force to get that toy. And then Owen talking about levitating schoolbooks scaring everyone out of their minds. It was great! So was For Sale Where do they come up with these stories?! I laughed so hard I woke up my dog who was sleeping next to me. I loved these stories and hope to see more of them.

As Strangers Friends Are Met and Remnant were both good stories, but Outrage was really something! I never dreamed that someone would show Han as a murderous spy. It was shocking,and painfully sad to read how Han killed Lando, and betrayed all of those who thought him their friend. This story left a lasting imprint on my mind.

The Battles of Peace l can't tell you how glad I was to read the sequel to Darkshine Rising. I love how Z.P. is portraying Han and Chewie as the loyal friends who risk everything to help Luke and his...children? 24 sons!? I can't wait to see how it turns out! [6]

Issue 4

cover #4 by Z.P.Florian
flyer for issue #4

Another Sky 4 was published in May 1993 and contains 152 pages.

The art is by Sean Cerny, Catherice Churko, Cheryl DeLuca, Z.P. Florian, Melanie Guttierrez, and A.G. Steyn.

The poetry is here.[10]

The editorial:

Happy Anniversary, number 16 for ANH,13 for ESB and 10 for ROTJ. Can any of us believe that it's been so long, or that we're still waiting for the rest of the Saga? And, doesn't it keep getting better each and every time you see it?! Unfortunately LFL has wasted ten years, cinematic-ally. Now that there are signs of life, commercially, for "official" Star Wars, let's not forget that most of the credit goes to SW fandom for keeping Mr. Lucas' "property" alive all these long years-through zines! Judging by the encouragement this fandom has received from it's originator, it's easy to assume that GL would rather we were not here at all. Except as checkbooks, that is. Well, we ARE here, and will be...unless, and until, GL is willing to put on his Emperor robes and Big Brother hat for all to see. There is simply no reason for this sudden resurgence of "official" SW to change SW fandom. We shouldn't let it!

There are, however, a few changes in store for the future of this zine. As much as we hate, hate, hate it, we will have to raise the price of AS, beginning with #5, to $15. We want to keep AS affordable, and we will not raise prices unless absolutely necessary. We scour the city's printers for the best price each and every issue. We hope everyone understands.

The second change involves obscenity. We have, in previous issues, reluctantly allowed the F—K word in these pages. While we applaud the at tempt at gritty realism strong dialog portrays, and we acknowledge the likelihood of obscenities within the SW galaxy, we believe the substitution of "original" words congruent to the character's culture would be more appropriate. Simply put, we both find the F—K word offensive and just plain ugly. Zine's are about escaping our own reality, not bringing the ugliness of it into our fantasy. So, we won't. If that makes us "unreasonable", so be it. The F—k word is in AS for the last time with this issue. We doubt that it will be missed in the future.

The last change for AS concerns art. It's a limited resource and everyone wants more. The few artists working SW fandom are spread pretty thin and burnout is a real possibility. To take a little pressure off — and as an experiment - we have decided AS#5 will be a NO ART issue. Our contributors, so far, have expressed no objections. We hope that our readers will understand too. AS#5 will have cover art-never fear- and some of SW fandom's best reading. Illustrations will return with AS#6. Till December, support SW fandom, stick together, send in those LOC's and....WALK THE SKY!

  • Editorial (2)
  • Sisterhood of the Holy Spandex Basic Precepts by the E.I.Z.Group (3)
  • Letters of Comment (4)
  • Errant Fate, fiction by Yvette Ghilan, art by Catherine Churko ("Luke Skywalker never knew her name when they on Radian. She was one of the Proud, the people of Bons.This is her story...Part One. Prequel to "Shore Leave".") (15)
  • cartoon by A.G. Steyn (34)
  • The Visitor, fiction by Bambi, art by M. Guttierrez (35)
  • The Visitor by Tammy Olsen (35)
  • Viewpoint, poem by Tammy Olsen (40)
  • The Dreamer, fiction by Marti Schuller, art by Z.P. Florian ("Seventeen year old Luke Skywalker has a lot of growing up to do before he can follow his dreams to the stars. When he's introduced to a young, beautiful newcomer to Tatooine Luke's "education" takes an unexpected turn.Pre ANH") (41)
  • Owen Lars' List of How to Discourage a Cheap Farmhand from Leaving Home and Joining the Imperial Space Academy by A.G. Steyn (60)
  • cartoon by A.G. Steyn (62)
  • No Longer, poem by Skydancer (64)
  • Brotherly Love , fiction by J.P. Treleaven, art by C. DeLuca ("Illora is a beautiful,intelligent, independent free trader who has captured Luke's heart.She seems rather interested in him too so Han Solo decides to hurry things along for his brother-in- law by matchmaking a little. It never occurred to him that Illora had an aversion to Jedi or someone from her past who wanted Luke dead. Post ROTJ") (65)
  • Initiation , fiction by Mary Jo Fox, art by Z.P. Florian ("Trapped in a mysterious labryinth, Leia Organa must battle ber own Dark side in a duel to the death with Darth Vader; for her soul and the lives of her children. Post ROTJ") (93)
  • Alderaan, poem by Tammy Olsen (100)
  • Escape, fiction by Z.P.Florian, art by M. Guttierrez (101)
  • Introspection, fiction by Catriona Campbell, art by M. Guttierrez (109)
  • Luke Trilogy Haiku, poem by Jennifer Moore (114)
  • Lord of Darkness, Lord of Light, fiction by Z.P. Florian (Distrusted by the Alliance he served, used by a woman he trusted, Luke Skywalker must now bear separation from his "cloned" sons. Imprisoned on Kirdanol by Sornomes, then on Mord by his own doubts, the Jedi learns to master his doubts and passions, and the Dark.") (part three of the series, reprinted in Darkshine) (115)
  • Luke as Portrayed in Pro Fiction, poem by Jacqueline Taero (152)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

There are many letters of comment about this issue in "Another Sky" #5.

I'll start with Lord of Darkness, Lord of Light since I went to this one first, wanting desperately to see how Z.P. ended her story. I was disappointed. I had a little trouble believing Luke would hop into bed that quickly with that woman; but who am I to judge? But RAPE?! No way!!! Luke would never have done such a terrible thing! I'm almost sorry I ever read this story completely. I'm sorry Z.P., but it's how I feel. I just can't picture Luke hurting anyone.

The Visitor by Tammy Olsen was great. I always wondered why Ben waited so long to talk to Luke. The part where Luke grabs onto his (baby) blanket was a nice touch too.

The picture on page 62 was very cute, A.G., I liked it a lot.

Escape was hilarious, Z.P.! I laughed the whole way through. Where in the world did you get the idea for this story? What about a sequel? [6]

Issue 5

cover #5 by M. Guttierrez

Another Sky 5 was published in 1994. and contains 180 pages. This is a "no art" issue.

The poetry is here.[11]

From the editorial:

We want to encourage all Luke fans to help two new zines dedicated to the "Sky-eyed one," get up and running. Not only do we, as Editors, not consider the emergence of new Luke zines "competition," we welcome them! What's wrong with a little competition anyway? It encourages excellence! It is more important to use, as Luke fans, that there is more than one Luke zine in existence than it is for our own to have "X" number of pages, or that we sell "X" number of copies. Luke fandom CAN support more than one zine! Only Hope and Echo Three still need contributions. Their flyers are at the back of this zine. We ask any contributor who had planned to send work to us for AS#6 to send it, instead, to Cheryl, Tammy or Kymm. AS#6 is, except for art and fillers, filled. And while AS#7 is open for contributors, whey wait till next December to see your work in print? The "Daughters of Another Sky" need you, don't let them down!

Don't worry about us -- we'll be here if if we only have one story to print and one customer! May there be a DOZEN new Luke zines in 1994. May there be a dozen new SW zines! Get those typewriters and computers going! Trade your stories with others if you don't want to do a zine. SW fandom is NOT about fancy production values, huge print runs or discouraging each other. It's about SHARING, not making printers rich. When the sharing of our love for SW and our ideas becomes secondary, it's time to examine motives. We can't say it any plainer... SHARE THIS ZINE. DON'T let whatever pleasure it gives you stop with you! Copy a story for a friend if he or she can't afford, or doesn't want to buy the entire zine -- COPY THE WHOLE THING! It costs us nothing, and it passes on the ideas. Isn't that what fandom are about?

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

Greetings Mother Superior,Prioress,fellow Sisters and SW fans:

AS#5, with it's splendid cover... AS#5 was yet another fine addition to this wonderful addition to this wonderful zine. It's weird to see my works along side those of the writers I enjoy so much.

Without a doubt, the story of the issue belongs to Mary Jo Fox. "Relic" was a poignant,powerful look at religion and icon worship. I would HATE to see the Jedi principles becalm the way they did in Mary Jo's story. Luke as the "Jedi Father"- WILD! Mary Jo's talent is growing! I must have read this one at least 4 times since I've received the zine a few days ago. "Sweeter Than Heaven or Hell" : Good lord, Cheryl! This is only part one!? Powerful,powerful story. Gripping,highly detailed and characters you care about! Who needs pro fiction wen AS publishes material like this! I am counting the days until Pt2 appears in AS#6- Whew!

"Return To Tatooine" was an enjoyable read as well. Marti invested much emotion in Luke's homecoming. The reunion of Luke and Biggs' parents was touching; and when Skywalker rummaged through the remins of his home, I almost felt tears welling in the comers of my eyes. Wow! So, Camie married Deak! That's funny! I always saw her with Fixer...a good story that tugs at the emotions. Bravo!

"Inheritance: The Discovery" was excellent. Bambi, I was surprised to see no beddy-by stuff in this, but it was NOT needed! The puzzle you wrote for Ciana, Luke and Leia to unravel was quite clever and well done. "Inheritance: Forceblind ind" was touching too. Catriona pulled no punches with "You're Who?" She has a fine knack for getting inside people's heads. Are you studying psychology, Treena? A gripping read. Speaking of studying, A.G. Steyn must have been some sort of medic in a past life because "Close Encounters..." was full of detail. I especially liked the sequence when Luke is trying to retrieve his clothes. This particular part in the story is quite vivid, very real.(Of course, I wouldn't mind seeing Luke strip; whether it be his farmboy togs or his Jedi cling! WOOF!)- the time frame evoked makes you really feel for Luke. It seems like an eternity before he finds salvation under the showerhead. Cute story.

Ming Wathne's "A Time Recalled" would have been just as interesting a read without Luke! She gave an in-depth look into Chewbaacca's customs and life. Still, I was not expecting Skywalker to show up.

Nice touch. Z.P.Florian's "In Transit": was yet another fine example of Z.P.'s ways with aliens.

"Errant Eate": Pt 2, was eloquent, but sort of ran out of gusto. The Bona are interesting, but I love it when original characters are combined with those we know. Cheryl, Stardancer and Mesarthim all shined with their poetry. I particularly like the way you worked your favorite game into your poem, Scarlett! Hey, welcome Sister Karen! If anyone doesn't know-I'm Sister Kyla of the Kinky Kisses! And much thanks to Mel and Lorrie for their appeal to the talented SW fans to contribute to both ONLY HOPE and my Luke zine ECHO THREE. (There will be a lot of changes now that I have my computer. I can expand; so ladies, lords, feel free to get long winded.) While I did miss the art that so often graces the works within AS, the majority of the material was so detailed that I could see images in my mind. Yes, AS is

most definitely the most dangerous zine in fandom! I wish there could be four issues a year, but with the release of ONLY HOPE and E3, we Luke fans won't have to wait months. Yes, let there be more Luke zines, and SW zines. This year is off to a great start and, till May, I remain yours in the Force.[6]

"A Time Recalled" by Ming Wathne I loved this story because I love nearly anything written about that makes sense that Luke's mom might go into hiding on the wrong side of the tracks to escape. My only question is: would Chewie later recognize Luke in the cantina by his smell?

"Home Grown Special" by J.P. Treleavy Lots of action without too much brooding by any of the characters. Good show!!!

"Close Encouners of the Unpleasant Kind" by A.G. Steyn Luke at the doctor? Bwa-hah-hah!!! I've yet to read something by A.G. that I didn't like.

"Return to Tatooine" by Marti Schuller. Marti really gets inside Luke's head. A very believable piece. I liked the family aspect that was portrayed at the end of the story between Luke,Han & Leia.

"In Court/In Transit" by Z.P. Florian- Z.P. 's take on SW always seens to be a little different than mine. I'm not even sure how to put it into words. That's a good thing though, the more different interpretations the better!

"Relic" by Mary Jo Pox- Luke as a religious figurehead? This short piece uses sci-fi to address a 'real world' religious problem; how difficult it can be to relate to religious men and women because they seen so saintly and somehow 'not like us'. Great job!

"Sweeter Than Heaven Or Hell" by Cheryl De Luca -this story addressed one of my long standing questions; Does Luke still have feelings of more than a brotherly kind towards Leia? Seems logical that he would, because they didn't grow up together. I liked the villains too; especially the wicked Kininin thinking about eating poor Josu. I hope part 2 is on the way.

I also enjoyed Jacqueline Taero's" Helpful Hints" and the other stories and poems. looking forward to AS#6. Neat cover too, Melanie. Luke reminded me a lot of Ben in that drawing. [6]

Boy, this was a biggun, wasn't it?


A Time Recalled by Ming Wathne was a real good read. I like the big Wook. Reminds me of someone I knew in basic training. Big, hairy, and if you made him mad, you were spitting blood for a week!

Then there's A.G. Steyn again, with Close Encounters. Best damn thing I've ever read. I start chuckling every time I think about it.

There's one more thing I need to say. Your (AS) disclaimer says 'if you care share'. Well, you ladies should be pleased to learn that I did just that. A friend looked through my A.S.'s and wanted to be able to read some things a little better. So we took the zines down to a local copy store and ran stuff off.

From #1 we did the lightsaber foldout, A Deed Without a Name, the map and glossary too, and Symphony for Whistlepipes... From #2, we took Stand In Smuggler and Enemy. From #3, we took Alternate Reality and from AS#4, Brotherly Love and Introspection. There, I've done my good deed for the time being. This is what you ladies meant, isn't it?

One thing before I go. Maybe you Editor Ladies could explain to me just when personal preferences became divisive? If some people find you so divisive, how come they're still sending their work to A.S? Am I the only one who's hearing double talk, or am I just confused?

ED'S NOTE: Yes, Mr. H, sharing with friends is PRECISELY what we mean by our disclaimer. The fannish circle has been expanded! We feel vindicated, not victimized, by your generosity. Your copy store appreciates the business, ours doesn't miss it and the Post Office certainly isn't going to scream about lost profits if we don't mail an extra Priority envelope. We hope your friend gets further involved with zines and that he enjoys the work of our talented contributors. As for 'double talk' - there's plenty of it, it will be with us always. - Eds [6]

Another Sky #5 is another wonderful issue, even without the art. The front cover is beautiful - it looks like what might have happened right before the action scene that Melanie did for the Tremor cover. ((I'd never noticed it, J.P., but you're right. I didn't plan it that way, I just like the more mature looking, fully professed Jedi look.-M))

A Time Recalled (Ming Wathne)- It was great to see a Chewie story, especially one that created an alternative background for Luke and Chewbacca. Really good twist at the end. Ming had me going all the way to the last paragraph. I also appreciated her details on the culture of Wookiees.

Close Encounters of the Unpleasant Kind (A.G.Steyn)- A total romp of a story. It was fun all the way through; and as a veteran of the I-hate-needles wars, (I almost didn't get married when I found out about the blood test) I can appreciate poor Luke's reaction to the shots.

In Court/In Transit (Z.P.Florian- Z.P.'s clones have been listening more to their Uncle Han than to their father. I enjoy the way they try to reconcile Luke's advice with the incredible situations they find themselves in.

You're Who? (Catriona Campbell)- A beautiful piece of work. Leia's ruminations about Luke are very touching, the whole scene is well executed, with no false notes.

Inheritance: The Discovery (Bambi)- Ciana's reaction to discovering that Luke and Leia are Vader's children is well done, but the story itself is much too contrived to be compelling. And I don't really have anything to say about her other story, because it's just not my favorite kind of story so I have a hard time commenting on it.

The Rescue (Yvette Ghilan) - I liked her earlier story better. This one made me glad that the original happened the way it did. Errant Fate Pt 2 had several good scenes: Ayo's struggle to return home and her grief over the death of Erol. But I found it hard to stay interested in her throughout the whole story.

Return to Tatooine (Marti Schuller)- The best scene in this story is Luke returning to the Darklighter home. It's beautifully done and has a truly realistic feel. I also liked Luke's coming to terms with his relationship to Owen.

Relic (Mary Jo Fox)- A truly eerie story. I wondered if Mary Jo was inspired by the trading card showing the droid with Luke's hand.

Sweeter than Heaven or Hell (Cheryl DeLuca)- I had several problems with this story. First of all, I'm confused about the motives of Kininin. We're told he is a very evil being,and that he may have had scene dealings with the late Emperor. But who is he after -- the New Republic, the Jedi, or Luke and personally? And why? If he's going to kill the Republic's representatives, he ought to have a vey good reason if he's as clever as the author wants us to believe. Secondly, if he wants to kill Luke and Leia, why not rig their ship to blow up in hyperspace? Also, how does the Inter dictor cruiser know enough to be at that point to intercept than, since the story states that Luke has chosen a devious course to throw off pursuit? And why pick Tatooine? If Kininin is as smart as he's supposed to be, would he choose the planet that Luke is most familiar with? Sounds too sporting for him. Next, I have a very hard time believing that Luke could be sufficiently distracted, even by worry for Leia, to fly into a cliff. And finally, what is he looking for in the pod that is important enough for him to brave the flames? I figured it might be his lightsaber, although I don't know why he isn't wearing it in the first place. Plus, if he needs to retrieve something from the pod, why doesn't he use the Force? He is capable of that.

I really got a kick out of Jacqueline Taero's Helpful Hint's for Jedi. As always, her humor is right on target.

I was fascinated by the chess game for the battle between Light & Darkness in the Game by Mesarthim. It's a totally different way to tell the Star Wars story.

Hope the art is back in the next issue-didn't realize how much I'd miss it until it wasn't there. Sneaky move on the part of the artists!

Once again, wonderful work! [6]

Issue 6

Another Sky 6 was published in June 1994 and contains 185 pages.

The art is by Melanie Guttierrez, Kymm August, Cheryl De Luca, Z.P. Florian, John Fredericks, Brian Harris, Todd Parker, Julie Phipps, and A.G. Steyn.

cover #6 by Cheryl DeLuca
flyer for issue #6

The zine's dedication: "This extremely late zine is politically incorrectly dedicated to the awesome Ted (Animals are FOOD) Nugent. We love a man who's armed, dangerous, and right."

The poetry is here.[12]

  • A Hunting We Will Go, fiction by A.G. Steyn, art by A.G. Steyn ("Looking through old holos brings back memories for Princess Leia of Alderaan and a hunt C3PO would rather forget. Pre ANH.") (10)
  • The Comfort of Strangers, fiction by Jennie Jivan, art by M. Guttierrez ("Streaking toward an uncertain future aboard a battered freighter, a former farm boy finds a kindred soul in a Rebel Princess.") (33)
  • A Life for a Life, fiction by Yvette Ghilan, art by M. Guttierrez ("Alternative Reality #357, Pt. 3. One more look at what the Saga would have been had different decisions been made. A.U.") (37)
  • Luke, Just After A New Hope Thoughts, poem by Jennifer Moore (47)
  • Pilot Emergency, fiction by J.P. Treleaven, art by Z.P. Florian & John Fredericks ("A raid on an Imperial supply convoy leaves Wedge Antilles and a badly injured Luke Skywalker in the middle of enemy territory. Can Wedge keep his friend alive and evade Imperial troops? Post ANH.") (48)
  • Dreaming, fiction by Laura Zucca (63)
  • Highness Fright, fiction by Kyla, art by Kyla (64)
  • The Flames of Winter, fiction by Yvette Ghilan, art by M. Guttierrez (68)
  • Dark Path, fiction by Tammy Olsen, art by M. Guttierrez (92)
  • Star Wars Haiku, poem by Jennifer Moore (103)
  • Gray Shame, fiction by Kyla, art by Z.P. Florian ("After a long, hard life, Leia Organa-Solo looks back with regret at the pain she caused her father. Post ROJ.") (104)
  • The Art of A.G. Steyn (109)
  • Anchored Down in Anchorhead, fiction by Mary Jo Fox, art by Z.P. Florian ("Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight, returns to Tatooine to find that some people never change. Post ROTJ.") (110)
  • Sweeter Than Heaven or Hell, fiction by Cheryl DeLuca, art by M. Guttierrez ("Luke and Leia Organa-Solo face the dangers of Tatooine, and the Empire, with only each other to depend on. Post ROTJ.") (116)
  • The Mostly Dead Jedi Blues, poem by Mesarthim (138)
  • By the Emerald Fire Reborn, poem by Kymm August (141)
  • Time Reversal, fiction by Carol Moffatt & Julie Phipps, art by Julie Phipps ("The galaxy's last Jedi can see into the future, but he can also see into the past -- into the history of the Jedi, and his own family. And he can change both! Pre ANH.") (161)
  • Letter From Jedi Boot Camp, poem by Jacqueline Taero (162)
  • The Odds of Survival, fiction by Brian Harris, art by Brian Harris ("After a fierce battle, Luke Skywalker, forced into an uneasy alliance with an Imperial trooper, must face something even the Empire dreads.... scavengers! Post ROTJ.") (162)
  • Glossary: A Hunting We Will Go (184)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

There are many letters of comment for this issue in "Another Sky" #7.

Issue 7

cover #7 by Z.P. Florian

Another Sky 7 was published in January 1995 and contains 180 pages.

The art is by Amanda Palumbo, Melanie Guttierrez, and Z.P. Florian.

The poetry is here.[13]

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 7

NY-- Hey Ho Scarlett,Brynna and all Sky Sisters!/AS Folk! Greetings from my cozy little slice in good ol' Noo Yawk. ANOTHER SKY #7 graced me by coming whilst I was on the holonet with mum Superior Scarlett.I'm sure I shall be happy to attest that I also did the same thing when I tore open the package and saw Zippy's gloriously scrumptious cover!Woof!Woof! Goohhh... BABY! My gosh,Z.P.,this is the BEST illo you've EVAH DONE! Quite a fitting cover for a virtuously awesome magazine!The most consistent and best material yet was in here with one notably crappy exception which wound up lining my circular file. Anyway,enough slimy stuff-onto the stories! LIARS AND HEROES by Laura Zucca; Was quite good. Sadly it ended just as I was getting into it. THE FLAMES OF WINTER Ft 2 by Yvette Ghilan; Yvette's fluid prose,interesting plot twists and strong characters made for her strongest story in quite some time. Kama's descriptions of Darth Vader were aptly chilling. Her emotional turnout over her feelings for Luke and her empath skills were very vivid. I like that she's a confidant of Lei a and Leia's suggestion at the end. Wot happens? REVENGE OF THE JEDI by Mary Jo Fox;Uh-huh, what a delicious poke at overzealous collectors in the comic realm. A playful crack at the outrageous lengths people go to protect a comic. The "Toxic Jock" was prime, over-the-top silliness; as was Luke's reaction when the stormtroopers destroyed the holo comic! Quite funny. REFLECTIONS by Catriona Campbell: More poignant introspection from Ms. Campbell-Cool! BLIND DATE by Tammy Olsen: Oh,Tammy who do you think you're trying to fool here 'Bambi'? This is the closest anyone's ever been to putting themselves in a story. Don't you just wish you were Ileana? YES YOU DO- ADMIT IT!! Good read! {Hey Kyla, you gotta read more fan fic. "Bambi's doesn't even come close to some transparent "Mary Sue's"! Can you blame her-or ANYONE-isn't Luke the DREAM blind date of all time?! We'd go 'Hitchhiking' with him, he already had his towel!!-Drooling Eds!} WOOKIEE WITHOUT A CAUSE by John Fredericks: was cute and light. BIG TIPPERS by Rich Gawel: was a fresh and cool idea. No doubt the NY cabbies inspired you, pal. OUT OF THE ASHES by Amanda Palumbo, Well, Amanda excels at writing deep and cool tales.This is no exception. I gots to ask you one thing-why couldn't Past Futures have been split betwixt Only Hope and Echo Three? Loved Koob and deff life girl! TIME REVERSAL by Moffat and Phipps: The only blemish in an otherwise excellent edition! I'm anxiously looking for my sibling's Oxy10 to vaporize this. ACK! Girls, girls, girls - it is obvious your talents do not be lying in writing. My heart bleeds for poor Scarlett who had to edit this tripe. I would have taken up hard liquor! To quote my favorite animated being Fox cartoon critic, Jay Sherman, IT STINKS. SWEETER.. .by Cheryl DeLuca: More action,tension & turmoil .Very cool, Cheryl .Finish this-stop leaving me hanging! ON THE MOUNTAINTOP by Jacqueline Taero: Was powerful and poignant and THAT LAST LINE! WHAT A WAY TO END A ZINE! Mel, your art was hauntingly appropriate!

Well, that's all fer now; don't want to take up all the LOC room. Keep on with the great work and, as my muse, a certain Mr. Seasonbringer would say to Luke: "Use that Force Filled Majik."[14]

Beautiful cover as always! I can only imagine what the cover for your zine is going to look like! Nuf said :)

I've never commented on an LOC before but I just have to do it this time. Derrick, and this is just my opinion.what you said was very rude and I don't know why you couldn't have sent these ladies a personal letter instead of saying what you did in your LOC. While I am all for expressing personal opinions, like Mary Jo did with my story,(thank you, by the way, it did help and I will take some of suggestions and work with them) what you said was a little harsh. The 'Give Up Writing' was the worst. Your should have seen some of my first stories, they were terrible! Some still may be. You should encourage people instead of discouraging them by saying that. Give suggestions on how to improve, but that...was downright rude! I'm off my soapbox now,but still fuming. [Rude it may have been,Bambi.But we would no more censor Derrick's LOC than we would anyone else's.We edit fiction reluctantly opinions never! -Eds]

LIES AND HEROES by Laura Zucca: I can see that happening with Luke and people picking on him. FLAMES OF WINTER by Yvette Gh11an:I can't wait to read part three. You've really got us hanging as to what this woman is going to say to Luke,if anything. Good story. REVENGE OF THE JEDI by Mary Jo Fox:You have a talent for writing humorous stories.Keep it up.'Shut up Ben' was the best! :) REFLECTIONS by Catriona Campbell: You have a talent for catching the emotions of the characters, not just Luke, perfectly. Your switch from different timelines confused me a, but then I was reading this when I should have been studying for finals! :) WOOKIEE WITHOUT A CAUSE by John Fredericks: Good story, John. Your art for it was great too and Mel's companion piece was a hoot! :) Nice to see some more about our favorite Wookiee. BIG TIPPERS by Rich Gawel: I love humorous stories."One hell of a tipper..."I'll bet! :) That statement is best left up to the imagination! OUT OF THE ASHES by Amanda Palumbo: It's nice to read about Ariadne and Luke's relationship before they are married or even involved. TIME REVERSAL by Moffatt and Phipps: I still have to read this story very carefully. Time stories always give me problems. I like the characters.Don't be discouraged by what people say either.If someone had said that to me five years ago,I would have stopped writing.Don't stop,as you continue to write it gets better. Are you from another country? If so, that makes it even harder to translate some things into U.S. language. I know, I've had to do it with several German stories and it's very hard to make them flow together. SWEETER THAN HEAVEN OR HELL by Cheryl De Luca: What happened to the 60 page story?! You aren't writing enough at once. I don't like to be kept in the dark as to what is going to happen, Cheryl.This is a great story, and how you are going to get Leia with Luke...can't wait to read that. Mel will be happy, I'm sure! :)

Art and poems were great. Jacqueline's poem was one of the best. You have a talent there girl! Everything else was great and, Mel, I think you two could put AS out four times a year![14]

Just finished with AS#7 and wanted to weigh in with my thoughts.Overall, a nice,clean zine. I had three favorite stories this issue. The first was...

REVENGE OF THE JEDI by Mary Jo Fox:As a comic collector myself, I felt Luke's pain when his holocomic was destroyed(and laughed aloud through the rest of the story). BIG TIPPERS by Rich Gawel: was great too, lotsa action, and Chewie to boot!!

SWEETER THAN HEAVEN OR HELL by Cheryl DeLuca:Clean writing and interesting,real characters;especially Till and Josu.Luke just has to stop drooling over his sis!!! Get a life, Luke! LIES AND HEROES was a good look at Luke's developing Force sense. FROM THE MOUNTAINTOP was a good poem. I usually hate 'zine poetry and often don't even read it;but this one was a good look at how Luke might feel about bringing back the Jedi.

Sorry to say I didn't like TIME REVERSAL, this installment was just too derivative: the time portal was outta Star Trek and the "say Friend and enter " was out of Lord of the Rings. The writing wasn't bad, but it needed more originality. Finally, I agree with the Editors note that 'zine letter columns aren't supposed to be a mutual appreciation society. The only caveat I would add is that criticism should be constructive and not personal. One letter writer, last time, told the authors to give up writing. It would have been better for the letter writer to say what they didn't like about the story, or how it could have been improved. As a writer, I love suggestions but don't take too well to bashing. Anyway, I'm looking forward to #8. [14]

THE FLAMES OF WINTER,PT2- As always, an amazing piece of character introspection, and the myriad angles that can be explored. Including an intellectual dealing with the Leia/Han/Luke triangle. Well done,Yvette. BIG TIPPERS While skimming through before LOCing got sucked into it again,start to finish.That about says it all.. .hey,you'd make a good barkeep,authentic ambience. REVENGE OF THE JEDI-Figures, coming from this exceedingly perverse and WARPED author. Keep i t comi ng,Mary Jo REFLECTIONS- Ski 11 ful, extremely engagi ng.through Skywalker's maturation process; as well as drawing full circle that yearning for the stars, for both the Jedi and Princess Leia as well .Destiny,indeed.BLIND DATE- Omigod,Tammy, between your story, Z.P.'s master-Sky-piece, and Melanie's illo, it's a wonder I got anything done the rest of the day! Talk about every Luke lusters fantasy articulated, your campaign to enlighten others re matters below Sky's belt continues at a gleeful tempo; keep IT up! TIME REVERSAL- THAN HEAVEN OR HELL NOBODY twists that Tatooinian like you,Cheryl; it's a wonder he has time for anything else! WILL our favorite guy recover from Twin Desire,or be led further down that doom-laden path of forbidden

desire? Like, are you gonna finish this, honey, or WHAT? I tell you, it certainly distracts from the exhaustive care of a cancer afflicted mother-in-law! FROM THE MOUNTAINTOP- Well said, Jacqueline Taero. more to bis mentor's manipulative machinations!!. P. FLORIAN'S ART- WOW, in the fullest sense of the word. Talk about inspiration provided when most needed...still have that letter from you posted in the kitchen:" is my greatest ambition to provide thought while entertaining the hormones.." NO KIDDING!!!!!! MELANIE GUTTIERREZ'S ART- Someday, if I'm really lucky,and work VERRY hard, I'll be able to draw Luke a 100th as emotive and accurate as you. Gimme a century or 2...THANK YOU for continuing to illo for all to enjoy. WOOKIEE WITHOUT A CAUSE- Nice continuity from that "Lifeday" SW special.THE TRENCH- A raw tear from the gut of young Sky; damn plausible. LORRIE CHERRY- Unsung hero of the dynamic duo; keep that typewriter above water! Can't have YOU and your Stardancer submerged...[14]

First of all let me start by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed As #7. It was well laid out, and the art you did was fabulous,Melanie. The back piece-with Jacqueline Taero's poem, was in particular my fave. It had a wonderfully gothic look to it and was an immediate eye-catcher. I also enjoyed Rich Gawel's story,BIG TIPPERS.; it was wonderfully thought out, entertaining and unique! A fabulous and memorable read. Amanda's tale of Luke and Ariadne, their meeting, was also memorable. Several of her stories, which contained the ongoing tale of their adventures together, have appeared in OH. It was nice to finally read about their first meeting. It was a nice opportunity to finally read the 2nd part of TIME REVERSAL. The story, while lacking in some 'reality' it read well and was, if nothing else, imaginative. The 2nd part of FLAMES OF WINTER was wonderful, as always, Yvette. Your story drew me in and was a pleasure to read.

To everyone else who had work in AS, I can honestly say that there was nothing in it that I didn't enjoy; and though I haven't mentioned it in specifics you did a great job. And, in closing, to Z.P., who rushed to do art for an overdue "Sweeter"-TH^'KS. You are a saviour and your work was great! And, Mel and Lorrie- I DO know what a deadline is, otherwise how would I know so well how to avoid it?[14]

I liked all the covers for Another Sky! Each one had a lovely portrait of my favorite 'Star Wars' character. The cover of #7 was no exception. Z.P.Florian's vonderTul,appealing Luke seems to look right at the reader! Melanie your artwork in this zine was fantastic!You really create the most expressive Luke's!I especially like your drawings on pps:16,29,42 and 72; but my favorite is the Luke portrait with the lightsaber on p.16. I think it's really magnificent!!! I like the sort of elfin Luke on p.72 also, and I love the expressive eyes on p.42. Please continue to produce such terrific work! Those of us who appreciate the young Jedi Master appreciate your efforts! Jacqueline Taero's FR(»! THE MOUNTAINTOP is a very well-written, very thought provoking poem. I have always enjoyed Jacqueline's poetry; both her humorous pieces and the more serious ones. I liked Amanda Palumbo's JEDI, too. My favorite story in this zine is Catriona Campbell's REFLECTIONS. Catriona took a time frame from each of the three films and created a story which filled in a gap before or during that film, and which helped us to understand Luke and his feelings better. I like the way the author had Luke recall those incidents as he rested on Endor after the battle was over, and the way in which we were able to share in Luke's reflections about them. The whole story fit together very well. I like the way Catriona writes! Her stories have a natural, believable feeling about them. She writes very real, very human characters( no matter how gifted they might be) that the reader can relate to easily. I enjoy her colloquialisms like"...making a canyon out of a womprat burrow." REVENGE OF THE JEDI was a riot! I got lots of good chuckles out of this one! I like the way the author worked the acquisition of the Imperial shuttle into this funny story. I enjoyed Yvette Ghilan's THE FLAMES OF WINTER. I like Xama, but I'm not sure I like the idea of Leia wanting to try to push Luke into a relationship with Xama in order to help him forget about her (Leia). Getting involved 'on the rebound' doesn't sound like a very good idea to me. It could cause serious problems later on. Yvette writes very well though, and her story kept me interested. I did like Part 1 better than Part II. It seemed to flow more smoothly. I am enjoying Cheryl DeLuca's SWEETER THAN HEAVEN OR HELL, however, I DO wish she would hurry up and finish the story!

I hate continuing stories,particularly when they are longer than 2 parts! I don't have the patience of a Jedi when it comes to waiting for the ending of a good story! {...And I hope poor Luke gets over his feelings for his sister pretty soon...) I liked BLIND DATE, but I do think that Luke gave in a bit too quickly about going on this date. And, since Luke IS such a slave to duty,I can't really see him skipping a Senate meeting without good cause; particularly without even letting anyone know he wasn't going to attend. (At least I don't think he told anyone) BIG TIPPERS was nice, light fare. (Pun intended!) It was a clever idea to have the story told by the cab driver and from his point of view. It was a humorous little adventure story. I liked OUT OF THE ASHES too, though the tone of this story was far different from that of BIG TIPPERS. Ariadne has had a very sad life! TIME REVERSAL didn't work for me. I think that the basic idea is really WONDERFUL( and very unique!). I liked the idea of having Luke go back in time to train his ancestors. It's an ingenious idea, actually, however, the authors had too many characters, too many locations, and far too many plot ideas, so the whole thing ended up being rather confusing(for me at least).[14]

The cover was a bit much in my opinion, but my wife liked it a whole lot. Liked the x-wings around The Trrach by Kymm August. Is that drawn, or stamped? I can't tell? Revenge of the Jedi by Mary Jo Fox was one of best stories in the whole zine. Speaking for myself, men get real attached to our 'books" and I can really understand Luke wanting to shoot everybody on sight for losing his issue of "Toxic Jock-vs-Robo Vampire". Having Wedge there made it even better, and I want one of the shirts that says "Black Holes Suck". Reflections by Catriona Campbell -Miss Campbell is real good at telling a story ttet ain't overly sappy or too 'gushing', liked this story a whole lot.Nookiee Without a Cause by John Fredericks- It's good to see the family of Chewbacca from the '78 Star Wars Christmas Special being used. Especially since Lucas wishes the thing had never been made in the first place. More stories should use these characters. John Fredericks told a real good story with little Lumpy in it. Even liked the big bug thing; and that Han wais left without a word to say when Luke told him that Lumpy had taken care of the monster by himself. Big Tippers by Rich Gawel-Without a doubt, the best damn story in AS #7. Rich, you been hangin' out at truck stops or somethin? The cabbies were real, so was the chase.. .everything. Jock got a damn good deal from Skywalker, and the whole story pointed out just what kind of man Luke really is. Generous and one who doesn't forget hose who helped him. Real good of Luke to buy Jock a new cab every year. Didn't like The Flames of Uinter or Out of the Ashes, and part two of Time Reversal made no more sense than part one did and was just as god-awful. Glad to see that story is finally over. Sweeter than Heaven or Hell by Cheryl De Luca- my wife wants the end of this story, and she wants it now! From The Mountaintop by Jacqueline Taero- A powerful piece. Skywalker got a raw deal, and it would teach the galaxy a damn good lesson if he walked away from all of it and didn't look back. Hell, he could get a job anywhere in the galaxy doin' something that wouldn't cost him his life. I'll give him a job-he 'd be great changing tires on a semi. Levitation and all...

Looking forward to AS # 8, keep it between the lines Ladies, the Southern Hawk is gone...[14]

Issue 8

cover #8 by Rosemary DiGiacomo

Another Sky 8 is not dated (though likely fall 1995) and contains 128 pages.

The art is by Cheryl De Luca, Z.P. Florian, Mesarthim, Kyla, and Amanda Palumbo.

The poetry is here.[15]

  • Out of the Ashes Part 2, fiction by Amanda Palumbo (2)
  • "Windchimes". Archived from the original on 2016-07-10., fiction by Z.P.Florian (Part 4 of the Darkshine Rising series. After the fall of the Empire, Luke and everybody around him must find out what it means to be Vader's son. Later in the series, he discovers more clones of himself that anyone would be expected to cope with.) (reprinted in Darkshine) (24)
  • Rebel Yell, fiction by Kyla (44)
  • Translation, poem by Amanda Palumbo (80)
  • Dancing Round the Same Flame, poem by Amanda Palumbo (81)
  • Dragontamers, fiction by Z.P. Florian, art by Z.P. Florian (84)
  • The Fosterling, poem by Jacqueline Taero (95)
  • Face of a Stranger, fiction by Mesarthim & Stardancer, art by M. Guttierrez (96)
  • Perceptions, poem by Mesarthim (105)
  • Odds of Survival Part 2, fiction by John Fredericks (106)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 8

I enjoyed Another Sky 8! Rosemary Di Giacomo's front cover is beautiful, and the colorful title page is lovely- absolutely perfect for Another Sky!

My favorite stories in this zine were both by Z.P.Florian."Windchimes" and "Dragontamers". I LOVE all of the stories about Luke's 24 cloned sons! Keep them coming,please, Z.P.! It seems that Luke's wish is coming true; his sons are beginning to gain their own identities! I like Luke's boys VERY much! I am SO glad that Luke isn't going to end up with Lil Ha Akaria! I never did like her very much! On the other hand, I do like Elaine, the lady who cloned Luke's sons. I wouldn't mind having Luke marry her someday in your universe. Z.P.! At the moment though, I'm just glad that Luke's 24 little, boys have a mother. I was sort of reminded of the song in Peter Pan, when the boys sing about Wendy. "We have a mother! At last we have a mother!" I hope that Elaine won't change her mind and leave. I was a bit disappointed to read a line in "Dragontamers" in which the three young men, Tarn, Dar and Keri were commiserating with one another about not wanting to kill the mother dragon and leave the little dragons with no mother, just as they had no mother...I hope that Elaine will stay to be their mother,and maybe Luke's wife as well! [We don't presume to speak for Z.P., Marlene,but we're fairly sure that "Dragontamers" was written before "Windchimes. As is often the case in writing, ideas do not always follow in logical order. We don't think Z.P. meant us to conclude that Elaine was a short term mothei or did you, Z.P.?-Eds] Z.P. 's drawing's on pgs. 24 & 84 are terrific. I love the way she portrays Luke and sons!

I liked Mesarthim & Stardancer's story, "Face of a Stranger". I enjoy reading stories that fill in little gaps in the movies, and this one was especially well done. I like the way the authors told the story of Luke's testing and preparations for the Death Star run through the viewpoint of various people: the Princess, Orientation Officer, Flight Command Officer, etc. I liked the drawing that illustrated the story on pg. 96 too.

"The Odds of Survival" by Brian Harris continues to be an interesting and exciting story; but I do wish he would hurry up and finish it. I'm not very patient when it comes to waiting for a conclusion to a good story, I'm afraid! Mesarthin's art on pg. 106 for this story is excellent; you can easily read the expressions on the characters faces. I'm glad that things turned out so well for Ariadne at the end of "Out of the Ashes". After a difficult life she deserves a happy ending; I'm glad Amanda Palumbo gave her one. Amanda, I enjoyed your poems, too; and your drawing for 'Dancing Round the Same Flames".

As usual Jacqueline Taero's poem, "The Fosterling" is wonderful! I love the way her poems always have perfect rhyme and rhythm and have a point or a message too. Poor Owen,I bet having Luke around did scare the daylights out of him; both because of 'the kid's' Daddy and the boy's own Force potential. (Speaking of which,I wonder what kept Luke & Leia from demonstrating their Force powers as children? The Solo kids in the pro fiction are certainly precocious!) [SURE they are, Marlene, but remember these are the same writers that have a FULL GROWN Jedi doing nothing - almost inept - of COURSE Han's kids are more talented in the pro novels - damn near EVERYBODY is! Don't get us started...Fuming Eds]

The poem, "Perceptions" by Mesarthim was also well written. The sadness and loneliness of the the person (Luke?) is plainly evident. It's a gut wrenching poem! The only piece in the zine that I did not enjoy was "Rebel Yell". It portrayed a Luke who is too far out of character for my tastes. I also do not find alcohol or drug abuse to be humorous; and I don't enjoy stories with loveless sex. Call me old-fashioned if you like, but I simply did not find this story very funny.

Another Sky was Another GOOD Read! I'm looking forward to number 9! I do hope that "Sweeter Than Heaven or Hell" will reach it's conclusion in number 9, (and "Odds of Survival" too!) Thanks to everyone for their efforts.

Keep writing, please!!! [16]

Issue 9

Another Sky 9 was published in January 1996 and contains 102 pages.

The art is by Z.P. Florian, Donna Frayser, John Fredericks, and Melanie Guttierrez.

This issue is dedicated to John Fredericks: "A fearless guy in a female fandom."

cover #9 by Melanie Guttierrez

The editorial mentions two things: First, that there was only one letter of comment received for the previous issue. Second, that the conclusion to "Sweeter Than Heaven or Hell" is not in this issue because they'd lost touch with the author. "Is this why so many hate "continued stories."

  • The Uncle, fiction by John Fredericks ("A Y-Wing fighter pilot crashes in the desert and Owen Lars is stunned that the pilot is the brother he hasn't seen in three years. And what is Obi-Wan doing with a baby?") (Pre A.N.H.) (2)
  • "Take Care Of Yourself, Han". Archived from the original on 2016-07-10., fiction by by M.J. Mink ("Han Solo has promised to protect a young, naive Luke Skywalker; but is it a promise Leia Organa will let him keep.") (A.N.H.) (16)
  • Jedi's Lullaby, poem by Laura Zucca (20)
  • I Remember Alderaan, poem by Tammy Olsen (21)
  • Stranger Among Us, Part 2, fiction by Tammy Olsen ("Revenge is a powerful emotion and a man will do anything to be rid of those who destroyed this family honor. HIs target: Luke Skywalker's family.") (continued from "Inheritance: Stranger Among Us" in Only Hope #2) (Post R.O.T.J.) (22)
  • My Son, poem by Tammy Olsen (33)
  • Memories by Dana Marie Carozza (34)
  • Borrowed Dreams, fiction by Z.P. Florian ("The force was strong in Anakin Skywalker, but no one, especially his son, had any idea just how powerful Anakin really was.") (Post R.O.T.J.) (36)
  • Rebel's Revenge, fiction by Marc Sozynski ("Alone, cut off, and wounded, a young rebel pilot watches a space battle from a planet he has crashed on. Who will rescue him? A victorious Alliance or the dreaded Empire?") (68)
  • Only What You Take There With You by Z.P. Florian (78)
  • Wedge: I Don't Envy Him, poem by Jennifer Moore (101)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 9

Another Sky #9 was my first experience with the zine, and I was impressed Melanie Guttierrez' dramatic cover started the issue out on the right track and it didn't let up until the end.

The Uncle by John Fredericks, was a creative and enjoyable twist on the often speculated circumstances behind the adoption of Luke. My favorite port of this story was the remembrance of Anakin Skywalker, which gave him a sense of realism in my eyes. It's not often that Owen Lars' compassionate side is explored, and it was a great change of pace.

M.J. Mink's Take Care of Yourself, Han was another well written back story. I was most impressed with the way it fit snugly into the existing trilogy. It is one of those stories that begged to be told,and was suspenseful and logical.

Jedi's Lullaby by Laura Zucca was great.

I am waiting to read Tammy Olsen's Stranger Among Us until I get the other port of the story. However, her My Son filk was great, and I look forward to seeing more of her work.

Z.P.'s Only What You Take There With You story was nice, especially in that it offered more than one possible outcome... Keeps things mysterious.

Borrowed Dreams took me by surprise...I hadn't even considered such a possibility for the soul of Anakin Skywalker. Great job everyone!

The artwork: As I stated before,Melanie's cover was great! The interior art I enjoyed the most was Melanie's Borrowed Dreams illos and Z.P.'s Only What You Take With You art on page 94! Wonderful work to everyone though! [17]

Issue 10

Another Sky 10 was published in December 1996 and contains about 225 pages. The cover is by Donna Frayser. There is no interior art.

cover of issue #10

This issue is dedicated to Margaret Weiss, "One pro author who would not write in committee. Thank you for not selling out."

From the editorial:

Well, this one has been a long time coming, hasn't it? We take some comfort in knowing that our one issue for 1996 is nearly the size of two, so hopefully no one feels cheated. Luke fans have not had on easy time of it lately, have we? If you're like us, you know by now, that our 'appetites' cannot be satisfied oy sanctioned fiction. Never fear,we hove LOTS more where this come from....

Next year we will be back to two issues a year, if we get enough material to fill out pages.


There's a lot of good Luke fiction waiting far you in these pages, some or it perfect for long, cold winter nights. As always, we thank our contributors without whom no zine can exist. They look forward to your response to their work.

As #11 needs contributions of fiction,art and poetry, so get busy. We know that Luke fans are insatiable...

  • Eyes of Fire, fiction by Christopher Tarride (1)
  • Moment of Doubt, poem by Jacqueline Taero (16)
  • Jedi Ghosts, fiction by Paul Michael Kane (17)
  • Allegiance, poem by Stardancer (20)
  • On Deadly Ground, fiction by Mesarthim and Stardancer (21)
  • Written in the Stars, fiction by M.J. Mink (143)
  • Leuticaian Point, fiction by John Fredericks (149)
  • Complications, fiction by Sue Depping (171)
  • Warning Duly Noted, poem by Jacqueline Taero (192)
  • Sweeter Than Heaven or Hell, Part Four, fiction by Cheryl DeLuca (193)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 10

Let me start out by saying that I am an avid Luke Skywalker fan. I'd like to praise the writers of "On Deadly Ground" by saying that I absolutely adored the story. It kept me spellbound completely and I hated to see it end. I really enjoyed "Splinter," but I though "Deadly" was infinitely superior. I'd be interested in reading a sequel. [Eds: How cosmic! So would WE, that's why we're writing one! To borrow a line heard in the theater -- you haven't seen anything till you've seen everything! "By Force, By Storm" will be an alternative ESB and will be published by us as an independent novel since it will be HUGE!].

I love every issue of Another Sky because they are primarily Luke zines, which is refreshing. I've always thought that Luke should have gotten the Princess and was disappointed when Han won her. He never deserved to because I feel that Luke loved her more than Han ever could. [Eds: A googoolplex of dittoes!!!]

I am usually disappointed in the professional novels because it seems to me that Luke takes a back seat to Han, and others too, which is unfair. Mark Hamill's name was first you know?! [Eds: Dam right!! Mark was the STAR of the SW trilogy, write and remind him of that -- I did!].

Please keep up the good work because I happen to think fan fiction is better than professional fiction. Please keep me posted on future issues of Another Sky. [18]

Issue 11

Another Sky 11 is not dated but published in early 1997. It contains 85 pages. The art is by John Fredericks, Z.P. Florian, Tanya Rizutti, and Melanie Guttierrez.

cover of issue #11, John Fredricks

This issue is dedicated to: "the persistent, the faithful, and the defiant."

From the editorial, which starts out by addressing rumors that this zine is defunct:

We're here, we're Luke fans, and we're IN YOUR FACE!

Amazing how such a 'rumor' could get started about a zine that is published TWICE as often as any other in this fandom. Wishful thinking on the part of someone -- or stupidity! This issue of A.S. makes everyone who spread this rumor a liar and everyone else happy.

Issue 12 -- already filled -- is should be out in May/June 1997. It will contain two novels. The second part of "Viccissitudo" and our own sequel to "On Deadly Ground, By Force, By Storm."

We're hoping to have the final installment of "Sweeter Than Heaven and Hell" in this issue. We waited and waited for it, but we haven't heard from Cheryl in awhile. Hopefully, she will let us all know how this great story ends. If we know for sure that Cheryl will NOT complete "Sweeter...", we'll 'synopsize' the conclusion for our readers.

Thanks to all of you who are out there reading, writing, and drawing. Just because LFL is preparing to inflict it's [sic] version of the beginning of the Saga on us, there's no reason to be limited, or confined, by it. We intend to use what we like, and ignore the rest, just as we always have. We encourage all of you to do the same, and never, never be afraid to "what if!"

  • Love and Empire, fiction by Amy Farmer (2)
  • The Kill Reflex, fiction by Ganelon (8)
  • Everything I Needed to Know by John Fredericks (14)
  • But I Have No Sister, fiction by Tanya Rizutti (16)
  • My Dinner With, fiction by John Fredericks (20)
  • Viccisitudo, Part One, fiction by D.C. (26)


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