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Title: Echo Three
Publisher: SkySongs Press ("a publication by MARKEed 4 Good Press") (also: "Cosmic Flareweavyn' Press") (also: "ECHO THREE is published annually by "WOT?" Press")
Editor(s): Kymm August and Amanda Palumbo
Date(s): 1994-98
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Echo Three is a gen Star Wars zine. There were three issues.

a 1994 flyer for the first issue

The emphasis of the zine was Luke Skywalker. The editors considered it the third zine published during this time with this emphasis: the other two were Another Sky and Only Hope.

From issue #1:
ECHO THREE is published twice a year by MARKed 4 Good/COSMIK FLAREWEAVYN' PRESS and is not the work of evil persons trying to profit and exploit the characters created by George Lucas. No copyright infringement held by LUCASFILM LTD. and Twentieth Century Fox is intended or presumed. We do this with love and respect. The only people who will see dosh from this here zine are the printers and the post office.


[From a submission request]: Now we proudly present a third magazine dedicated to Luke Skywalker! We NEED : art, fiction poetry, etc. - ALL MUST include Luke... NO HAN STARRING, SLASH, OR EXPLICIT SEX!
[From a flyer]: LUKE SKYWALKER: Jedi, caring friend, brother and babe! Since there aren't enough Luke 'zines in SW Fandom, your pals at MARKed 4 Good/CF Press decided to do something about it! Please welcome from the snowy tundra of NY (aka HOTH)-the third LUKE 'zine: echo three!

Part of a "Family Tree"

A similar zine to "Echo Three" was Another Sky, published three years earlier. A similar zine to "Only Hope" was Only Hope. These zines fed a hungry audience for those who considered Luke Skywalker as their One True Character.

The editors of "Echo Three" and Only Hope made many references to the encouragement and mentoring that the editors of Another Sky gave them. The editors of "Echo Three" and "Only Hope" consistently referred to "Another Sky's" editors as "grandma" and to themselves as their "children" or "babies." The editors of "Another Sky" played along with these references in their letters of comment, as did other readers, with similar comments.

Issue 1

Echo Three 1 was published in 1994 and contains 70 pages. The art is by Jennie Jivan, Z.P. Flrorian, Melanie Guttierrez, Judy Heom, Theresa Hazelton, Jason Rodgers, and Kymm August.

front cover of issue #1, Melanie Guttierrez
[From issue #1]: Hello gentle folk, good beings, fellow Sisters and SW fans:

Welcome to ECHO THREE, the latest magazine to chime the feats of my favorite Jedi: Luke Skywalker. I'm surprised this puppy came out close to the time I wanted it to. Y'see, as many of the contributors know I was in the market for a new computer/word processor and after 2 attempts I decided to wait and pound out all the material on me ol' warhorse here! I dunno why I reckoned doing a SW 'zine would be so easy, especially ' since I've been producing 'zines for about seven years now-maybe I thought the FORCE would bless me and I'd wake up one morning with the finished product being handed to me by Dark Helmet ^ on a Tauntaun.

BUT...after marathons of my nose to the page with the BLACK SABBATH, CATHEDRAL, REVELATION & BOLT THROWER ( blaring-and simultaneously working on my other 'zine-here it ( is-ECHO THREE ! The mag wouldn't be here at all were it not for the splenderifically groovy stuff the talented contributors sent in. Speaking of which....

ECHO THREE welcomes all fiction, poetry, filks, art and cartoons: but kids please make sure that LUKE is included. HE is the focus of this publication. You can include original characters too, and base your pieces in any time period. I ask that you DO NOT SEND any Han-starring, slash, or only original character works. For specifics send an SASE/2 IRCS for guidelines. Deadline for ish #2 is 10/21/94. 'Kay!

Last, and not least, please send LOCs. If you like what you are reading let us know, if you hate it let us know, if you were expecting a 'zine without typos then tell us. But don't count on us being typoless! It means a lot to the talented to the talented folks producing the materiel herein to hear from you! please send all submissions, LOCs, longhaired lads w/baby faces, Tauntaun snacks, and pieces of Luke's Hoth uniform to Echo Three.

Dedicated with FORCE FILLED BLESSINGS to the following: 3D mr. hamill (without whom....), the bands: cathedral, bolt thrower, revelation, black sabbath (w/ozzy), and so many more (for keeping me sane), mom (my yoda), the wizard (for sweet inspiration: Tezzy), pizza, veggies, root leaf, woodpecker cider, mozart, clint eastwoods' westerns, and the authors, and artists who not only helped to produce this magazine, but who keep SW fandom alive and well worldwide. My dearest friend Frankie Q & her fam-luv ya!

Special tanks to me 'grandmums' in the Bayou - Mel & Lorrie for support, guidance, insanity. The two editors mentored those of "Echo Three." Another zine ed: A very 'eavy round of blessings FORCE B WITH YOU ALWAYS LADIES! Wik luv and groov e regards: Kymme the mage (and of the many alias'!) Now if you will excuse me, I have to go do an interview with the band AUTOPSY...PEACE!
flyer for issue #1
  • Storm Winds by Jennie Jivan (Luke comes across a medal of honor that was bestowed upon his father in the Clone Wars. PRE ANH.) (4)
  • Conversations, poem by Tammy Olsen (PRE ANH. Beru defends her nephew yet again!) (8)
  • Beru, poem by Tammy Olsen (8)
  • A Simple Case of Diplomacy by ZP Florian (When it comes to diplomacy, Luke is no Leia: more like Oliver North! This is the mess the young Jedi gets into when attempting to deal with warring religious factions. POST ROTJ.) (12)
  • Reunion Part One by Tammy Olsen (In this alternate New Hope tale, Beru survives the Stormtrooper attack on the Lar's home. Will she and Luke meet again?) (21)
  • Deadly Passions by Cheryl DeLuca (The sequel to 'Victory celebration' (from ONLY HOPE #1), finds Luke regretting his first night of sexual intimacy, for more reasons than one! POST ANH.) (25)
  • Alternate Universe, poem by Stardancer (40)
  • Mirror People by Mary Jo Fox (In Jedi Mode, Luke accidentally gets knocked out, only to awaken to a bizarre world where his friends are NOT their normal selves. Not by a long shot!) (43)
  • My Father, poem by Laura Zucca (48)
  • Despair, poem by Kyla (50)
  • Hum & Clash of Turmoil, poem by Kymm August (51)
  • The Possibility of Losing One's Self to Darkness by Kymm August (On the eve before Luke's confrontation in the Tree Cave, Yoda senses all is not well with young Skywalker. (54)
  • The Harder They Fall by Kyla (Breaking the Tauntauns is no easy feat as Luke and Han discover the ups and downs of life on Hoth. PRE ESB.) (56)
  • Gnome Is Where the Swine Is by Mesarthim & Stardancer (A wild tale of the martial woes of Yoda and his soon-to-be-ex. Guess who gets stuck in the middle of their spat.) (64)
  • ads for fellow SW 'zines (69)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

I liked how Jennie and Tammy attempted to write from Bern's point-of-view—talk about a long-neglected character! After all, she is a big influence on Luke's life and personality, even though we don't see her in the film for very long. Mesarthim and Stardancer's story had some funny and surreal moments. Kymm's vignette was good too. I've a point or two to quibble about in "Deadly Passions." While we all know Luke had a crush on Leia before he realized who she really was, I don't think Leia was attracted to him in the same way. Sure she like him well enough, but I doubt she had a real crush on him. Also, I don't think any gal would be all over a guy who has a social disease after a night with two other women.

Melanie's cover was stunning [I still can't get over it either- Ed.] and the mini-poster was absolutely incredible! How come the artist wasn't credited? That's professional quality work! [1]

Oh Kymm — It's a beautiful baby! My second 'grandchild' [2] arrived the same day the first one did, and I'm so very proud I could just scream! Congratulations 'Mommy'. This is one 'child' that is going places!

I love the binder you used (or as some will say "The quaint little report cover"). Who said a zine has to be spiral bound anyway. Personally, I like punching holes, it beats punching people!!!

The cover by Melanie Guttierrez was perfect for the premiere issue! NEW HOPE, EMPIRE and JEDI faces! I love them all!

The stories, art (especially by Jason Rogers) was spectacular! You didn't have one bad story in the whole lot! I know that I should comment on what my favorites were, and how much I liked them, but I can't!!!! I loved each and every story i in the 'zine. For once in my life I can't say I liked this one over that one or vice versa! Jennie, Tammy, Z.P., Cheryl, Mary Jo, Kymm, should all be extremely proud of yourselves!!! Also the new writers and artists, Laura, Theresa ' and Jason. Keep up the fantastic work!!! I expect to see ECHO THREE around for a very long time, and with the kind of submissions you got for this one Kymm, I think you're gonna do alright![3]

This is a GREAT Luke zine. There's drama, humor, there's all kinds of stuff! I can hardly know where to start commencing.

How about that cover? Melanie, I love your Luke. I have yet to see a cover from you that wasn't fantastic.

I'm only commenting on a few of the stories, but they all were great reads. Only you two would think of something like GNOME.... Mestharthim and Stardancer. You have everyone perfect. A female that can frighten two Jedi? Yeah, I can agree with that. I don't want to know how you thought of this.

I really like MIRROR PEOPLE too. Still laughing when I think of those Han and Luke dudes talking to Leia.

Wonder why Beru is on people's minds lately? I can't wait to see what happens next, now that you've got Beru surviving the stormtroopers on Tattooine Tammy. There sure are a lot of possibilities.

The poetry and artwork were really good. I think the whole zine has a very nice feel to it. I am looking forward to issue two. [4]

A pretty decent first attempt at a zine. It looked really nice and the front cover was a wonderful masterpiece by Melanie Guttierrez. Also enjoyed the pullout artwork by Jason Rodgers. He's really quite good. Hope to see more of him in future issues.

Jennie Jivan's STORM WINDS was a nice piece, showing how far Owen would go to keep and protect his nephew.

I got a chuckle out of ZP's A SIMPLE CASE OP DIPLOMACY. I also loved the poem by Stardancer called ALTERNATE UNIVERSE. Great stuff. I really got a great laugh out of Mary Jo Fox's MIRROR PEOPLE. What a riot! I won't be able to see Arnold or 3P0 in the same light again.

Tammy Olsen's REUNION part 1 looks really good aned I look forward to the second part. This is a good what if story.

The only drawback to the zine were the typos which included a major typo-ENSON. It should have been ENSIGN as I'm sure you probably know by now anyway.

I'm looking forward to issue #2.ref> an LoC in "Echo Three" #1 </ref>

Really enjoyed ECHO THREE #1, and wish to let you know my favorites:

STORM WINDS-You can feel the dilemma Beru is in when Luke discovers the newly—found medal is lost again. Also, the way Owen feels about Luke and wanting to keep him safe as long as possible.

CONVERSATION and BERU, it must have been hard for Beru, wanting to keep Luke safe, yet knowing that much of what she and Owen did really made Luke Hurt. The story conveys that. The poem shows that Luke realizes that Beru did understand how he felt and why she and Owen did what they did.

A SIMPLE CASE OP DIPLOMACY- having little patience for some of the arguements that kids tend to get into, I could easily put myself in Lite's place listening to the 2 sides of the Alzadar dispute. I liked his solution...T

HE POSSIBILITY OP LOSING...One of my favorite characters in the Trilogy is Yoda, so having a story written from his point of view is nice. I like the way his character is given depth, why he's doing what he's doing, etc. You get the feeling that Yoda really cares about Luke, doesn't consider him just a student.

DEADLY PASSIONS MUST have been SOME party. I can picture a young Skywalker at a Victory celebration party, etc. and having to deal with the 'aftereffects'. A good read!

GNOME IS WHERE... Cute! I laughed when I read this one. I can just hear Miss Piggy-er-Wiggy yelling 'Shut up you dead person' at Obi-wan. If Luke wasn't wondering why he came when he first arrived at Yoda's cave, he certainly would be after a scene like that! Good story.

Force be with you! [5]

Congrats fellow sister on your first issue of ECHO THREE! It and the 3 other zines I got this week, brought me out of my depression. Please tell me you've got another cover like that the one planned for #2? [well, my dear we can ONLY HOPE right? Ed.]

STORM WINDS What a nice story. The possibility of Anakin getting a medal in the clone wars was great. Loved it Jennie. Got a story for OH?

A SIMPLE CASE OF DIPLOMACY A diplomat he's not, ZP. He had an interesting way of handling the situation.

DEADLY PASSIONS Cheryl why didn't you tell me! You did a much better job with the second part than I did with the first, you had me on the floor laughing.

Those ALTERNATE UNIVERSE poems were great! All I could do was sit and laugh (in the middle of a room full of people who all think I'm nuts for liking SW anyway!). Loved your poems Kyla. Keep 'em coming.

THE POSSIBILITY... What a great little story. It's nice to read something from Yoda's point of view.

THE HARDER THEY FALL I loved it Kyla! I bet you would have liked to have been 2IB during Luke's X-Rays!

GNOME... Oh my god! Did you two have me laughing. I had heard about this story but never realized how funny it was going to be. But I know you two. I should have expected it!

When's issue #2 Kymm? Is your hand ready to fall off from all the art you had to do? Good job tho'- In a way, I'm glad I can't draw.

Force be with you always![6]

ECHO THREE arrived when most zines do in the midst of turmoil. Post zine syndrome had hit bad, and I being bogged down with correspondence and a built up of paper on my desk, really enjoyed the escape it gave me.

Let me first start by saying that the wacky purple cover was wonderful and suited the zine itself. Mel you did another a wonderful job. The rest of the art was good too, and I especially liked ZP and Melanie's illos. And your Tauntauns, Kymm, were exceptional.

The fold out you included was really nice and earned a special place in my home.

Now onto the stories...Wow! Like I said this was a wacky zine with wonderful and creative work. GNOME was a blast, and the fact that I could actually picture it in my head made it all the more funnier. STORM WINDS sounded like it was a realistic view of what it was really like around the Lars farm. A SIMPLE CASE OP DIPLOMACY, was interesting, but bizarre...REUNION part 1, was excellent. It is a fabulous concept and I look forward to reading part #2. MIRROR PEOPLE was wild. THE HARDER THEY FALL, was humourous and very well written, and it fit in well with the rest of the zine. The poems were all marvelous, and DESPAIR, in particular, gave me chills.

Overall, this was a stunning first issue and the work you got was unique and different. ECHO THREE #1 was a memorable read! Take care and walk the skies![7]

HAPPY HAPPY, JOY JOY!! A great Luke zine I didn't have to do myself!

This is one proud 'grandma', lemme [8] tell ya! Where to start?? Can I comment on my own cover? Why not, eh? All bets are off with this zine! I'd fix the mouth the ROTJ Luke on the left, but otherwise, the art copied nicely. I was worried about it being very "in your face" what with the purple [Ahem, Scarlett, you being WORRIED ABOUT 'IN YOUR FACE'? And what's wrong with purple? It's gorgeous and so is your cover! Ed.]

I guess it'll be hard to miss E3 on the zine tables right?

ALL, and I mean, ALL the stuff in E3 was great! Anyone who knows me knows that I call 'em like I see 'em, so this isn't BS- E3 was the most thoroughly enjoyable zine I've ever read. Every zine, my own included, has a piece (or a percentage) of material that just ruins it's perfection for a reader and an editor. Not in here, babel I hope your "luck" holds out, Kymm, and that all future issues have the same quality of unique, imaginative, well written material that #1 had!

STORM WINDS by Jennie Jivan was a wonderful, intimate piece that was a nice way to begin the zine. Liked the medal, and the fact that Owen took it back even knowing that it would make Luke a "liar" to his friends. Seeing a young Luke with friends, in a normal situation, was what this fandom needs more of. Best of all was Beru's acceptance of Luke's place in history.

CONVERSATION by Tammy Olsen was a natural companion for the previous story (Don't you love when this happens, Kymm?). A very dreamy, fatalistic look at Owen and Beru. The companion poem eloquently showed Luke's appreciation of his Aunt and his understanding of her hard life. The love really comes through!

BEAUTIFUL Luke illo with this one. Draw more, Theresa Hazelton, LOTS more! You've captured Luke's expression perfectly. Don't let her get away, Kymm!

A SIMPLE CASE OP DIPLOMACY-Ah Zippy! Trust you to slyly work the stupidity of our own human politics into a SW story. You must have been an alien in a former life, ZP, 'cause Flaming Gundarks, and Blazing Nerfs are ALMOST as good as the Zornoms! I wanted to just smack both Sakir's! Farthinkumpas and pupaks! Wordsmithery of Suess-ian dimensions! Loved it ZP! Cam we assume that Han went and smacked them, or just stirred things up?

REUNION by Tammy Olsen- Ah! If anything like this has been done in SW fan-fic I haven't seen it, and I doubt it could have been done better! What an idea Tammy! Reminds us that we ASSUME far too much about the Saga! Two skeletons does NOT mean it was both Lars! You have a real talent for making the SW folk "real people". Tammy. Mehgan was a good, stright forward contrast to Bem; and the time-line with the movie was perfect. I can hardly wait to see what happened when Beru went to Mehgan's home; how she reacted to being alone and how she finds out that Luke is alive. MAKE THIS A SERIES, Tammy! You could take it all the way to ROTJ, with Beru keeping track of her ' famous' nephew and always just missing him! More! I'm going to nag about this like you do for me of BtB!

DEADLY PASSIONS by Cherly DeLuca -wow- great title, Cheryl, where'd ya get it? Poor Luke! Not a party animal eh? I envy the droids colliding witha naked, wet Jedi! Just like a man to scrounge around int he dirty laundry for clothes but CHERYL! TWO DAY OLD underwear! UGH! Funny tho', I didn't think Wedge was smaller than Luke. The deadpan of "I haven't got any underwear on either" was priceless! Oh, but you are cruel Cheryl! A SHAPE SHIFTER!! The primo scenes are too numerous to mention-but the best were Luke getting "fried" and checking for missing body parts, Luke standing there getting scanned when Leia walks in, Luke's reaction to hearing had the "lopoff" and he had sex with an 'it'. Han's casual "Don't remember having spots when I had the lop...", non-stop imagery!! BEST of all, HAN GOT HIS TOO! You're dangerous Cheryl, my kind of writer, fearless and inventive.

ALTERNATE UNIVERSE by Stardancer found the perfect home. There goes your "rep" Brenna! You really should go AU with this version of Luke!

MIRROR PEOPLE by Mary Jo Fox-OH My! HERE IT IS..proof that all those who bitch about there not being anything "new" possible in the SW fan-fic are not only WRONG, they are STUPID! This is a TOUR DE FORCE (pun intended!) Mary Jo! A screaming good read! SO visual! The Austrian dialog coming out of Threepio is delicious, Leia as a blond bimbo and Han and Chewie as nerds! What I'd give to SEE this on film-even fan produced! The end was perfect set-up for another irreverent romp that I hope we will see. PARTY ON, MJ!!

THE POSSIBILITY OF LOSING... by Kymm is one of those psychological peeks into the moments between film scenes that makes you look at these movies with SO much more insight! Good stuff!

THE HARDER THEY FALL by Kyla. I think I've told you before Kyla dear, you have an unnatural fixation with Tauntauns! A naked Han left with four female Tauntauns sounds about right! He'll probably brag about it later! The BIG question is, WHO IS Oogalas Speck? We GOTS TA know!

Guess that does it for my LOC. I apologize to Yoda and Frank Oz for what my partner in literary crime and I did to the revered Jedi master in GNOME. It just sort of popped out! (Uh-huh! And if I'm lucky Ozzy Osbourne will stop holding out and rejoin BLACK SABBATH! Admit it, it's the. craziness of the swamps Mel- Ed.]

Ya done GOOD Kymm. I wish you many more; a long, enjoyable run. If you and Cheryl and Tammy get going, ol' AS will be able to pass the torch to ya and I can just look forward to getting great SW reading in my mailbox![9]

Issue 2

Echo Three 2 was published in 1995 and contains 133 pages. The interior art is by Kyla August.

cover of issue #2, Cheryl DeLuca
From the zine:

ECHO THREE is published annually by "WOT?" Press. Not daemonic entities attempting to be channeled through copyright-infringing sorts. Seriously, though this is a non-profit, by-and-for-the-fans publication for personal consumption only (Let us know if it tastes good!). No Infringement on the copyrights held by LUCASFILM LTD. and TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX is intended or presumed. PS-Submissions for ECHO THREE #3 are due 1/10/96 We'd like to make #3 a mostly food oriented edition!

Dedicated to: Each Other, Peter Murphy, Sarah McLachan, by Snootles, CATHEDRAL (For their influences musically and otherwise), Mark Hamill, God, all our contributors and Skysistahs, you for buying and reading this, our families, OZZY-era SABBATH, REVELATION, those wicked, nasty and wonderful Knights Templar (the Blind Dead), Luke's cleft chin and other body parts. Zippy's cover for AS #7, Cosmyck and Velvetan for their Divine intervention, and of course, the Majik 8 Ball- "Wot?! "-FORCE BE WITH YOU, "We love you allll!"
  • Editorial (2)
  • LoCs (3)
  • Reunion, part two, story by Tammy Olsen (10)
  • Activation, art by Amanda Palumbo (17)
  • Home Remedy, story by J.P. Treleaven (18)
  • Of Sand and Snow, story by Amanda Palumbo (30)
  • cartoons by Amanda Palumbo (31)
  • Dream Love, story by Yvette Ghilan (33)
  • The Gang @ the SW Premiere, 1977, art by Kyla (67)
  • Tatuntaun Etiquette: Lesson One, poem by Amanda Palumbo (68)
  • Touched By the Force, story by Mary Jo Fox (adapted into a comic in 1996 by Karl Rydholm in Sarlacc #1) (69)
  • Tightwire, Skysong #15, poem by Amanda Palumbo (87)
  • Conned by the Vention, graffiti and fiction by Amanda Palumbo (the Star Wars characters end up at a Creation Con) (88)
  • cartoon by Amanda Palumbo (114)
  • Heard it Through the Pint Glass, story by Kyla (115)
  • 13 Rules for the Jedi Neophyte by Kyla.Amanda (129)
  • The End by Cardinal Fang (130)
  • Ads (131)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Echo 3 #2 is a fun zine. It's nice to see somebody try to put a smiley face back on the SW fandom (it needs it). I enjoyed Amanda's work (art, poems, filks, etc) -- the chick puts heart into her stuff, and it's amazing to see someone who can do it all. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact I'm friends with her. Really. I also got a kick out of Kyla's story - very cool! I liked the way the deities morphed into different images as each character mentioned the gods of each planet. Tammy's alternate universe thing had a nice conclusion, and Yvette's "Dream Love" had some touching moments. Cheryl DeLuca's cover was really nice. All in all, an entertaining second issue. [10]

Echo 3 #2 was great! My favorites were "Dream Love" by Yvette Ghilan and your own "Conned by the Vention". I also enjoyed the cartoons and illustrations throughout and Cheryl DeLuca's fantastic cover.

Yvette's story was beautiful. The character of Alanna Kas is one I hope we will see in another story-hopefully Yvette will write a sequel to "Dream Love" in which we find out if Alanna achieves her destiny. I, for one, would like to see Luke settle down and raise a family. We probably won't see that in the pro novels, but in fan fiction, at least, we can devise alternate reailities in which our hero finds true love and happiness. Yvette's writing style was a pleasure to encounter. Her prose flowed like the Force and the narrarive swept me into the story, into the mind of Alanna Kas, a character that many female Luke Skywalker fans can easily identify with. This intimate, pure, romantic story was refreshing after reading so much pro fiction in which Luke has relationships with women who are totally wrong for him. He's had his heart broken so many times! Why can't there be a happy ending for our favorite Jedi Hero? Perhaps it is his lot in life to suffer...betrayal, abandonment, death...somehow, he is always denied a happy and fulfilling long-term relationship. Maybe he'll end up as a hermit like Obi-Wan Kenobi or Yoda... "Luke, it is your destiny." Let's hope not!

"Conned by the Vention" was funny and imaginative. "Lee" is your alter-ego, isn't she, Amanda? (guilty as charged! :D I've attended too many scl-fi cons not to yield to temptation this one, splce-gold time. I also wanted to pen a character other fans might be able to Identify with, since our fav gang were swept Into our universe) Well, wouldn't we all want to be in Lee's place when she is swept away to that galaxy far, far away?

To live happily ever after with her hero...what a fantasy! (Didn't exactly state happily ever after...wonder how Luke cheers her from her homesickness. If It occurred? :) Did she stay In his realm? Will there be a sequel, not a prequel?) I'm sure you had a blast writing that fun story. (Waay too much,thank the Maker!) And your illustrations! I love the sketches of Luke and the other SW herores your zine had for nearly every story. You are quite an artist, Amanda! All lean say is: MORE!!

Cheryl's cover was, in the words of Lord Vader, "Impressive. Most impressive." I can honestly say I enjoyed your zine from start to finish. It was nice to see ads for other zines at the end of the book. Since I'm new to fan fiction and I don't attend conventions, I only discover new zines through ads and from letters from SW pen pals who have sent me addresses of zines I can write to. This info was very helpful. I'm really looking forward to your next issue.

"The Force is strong in this one..."[11]

ooh, Cheryl, the cover! Gee have I seen that somewhere vefore? Maybe Media West last year. I'm glad you decided to send it somewhere. Youre doing the next cover for OH, right!;)

Kymm and Amanda, must be hard having to do so much art! I don't envy you a bit! I'm glad I can't draw anything but stick figures! hard to say which was my fav piece of art. Probably pg 69, and of course, the taun tauns. [That] must have been Kymm, with the fascination for the smelly beasts, who did that one and pg 69. [Ed: You're right, Kymm's the beastmaster, and I'm the Lukemeister. I've also been after her to illo Qui-Gon Jinn, Episode I'd Jedi Master astride a tauntaun for her May-debuting Jinn zine, and lukes as if she's working on it! So keep probots out for that zine!)

Cartoons were great too. Hey, how about sending us some for Only Hope? We need filler for all the huge stories we have!

"Home Remedy" by JP Treleaven. What a good laugh! I can see that happening to a kid raised on a desert planet! And Han's remedy, what a hoot.

"Dream Love" by Yvette Ghilan. What a good story. I hope you do another part of it. I love the idea of Luke's student falling in love with him and then leaving to find 'her destiny' after she is Knighted. The gold chain at the end was a nice touch.

"Conned by the Vention" by Amanda Palumbo. Why did I know this was coming by one of you two eventually! Cute story, Amanda. Which woman was you! :)

"Heard it through the Pint Glass by Kyla. I can just imagine, with that title, what this story could be about before even reading it! :) "13 Rules". Loved it. Very funny, you two! :)

Keep up the good work! Hey, I think you could do four issues of E3 a year, don't you!

Bye Walk the Sky![12]

Anything Amanda Palumbo does is alright by me!!

(oh, gulp-it's the other way around! Your artwork is superb, and should be on posters book covers and comics everywhere! It's Official; Struzan has

serious competition!) Your cartoons are very funny! [13]
Your zines are really great! I'm inspired to do my own now! [14]

Issue 3

Echo Three 3 was published in 1999 and contains 197 pages. The art is by Kristina Cunningham, Marion Mand, Rhydderch Wiison, Jean Brauner, Tim Wilson, Kyla, Gerald Crotty, and Amanda Palumbo.

front cover of issue #3, Rhydderch Wiison
front cover of issue #3, Kristina Cunningham: "Even in the Future."

The editorial is about thanks, and lateness, and seeing the new Star Wars movie.

  • Deaditorial (1)
  • LOC's (3)
  • Why Luke?, essay by Jedi Skya (3)
  • Eternal Night, poem by Amanda Palumbo (7)
  • Fractured Light, story by Cara J. Loup (8)
  • Purged, story by Kyla (12)
  • Last Temptation of Luke Skywalker, story by Mary Jo Fox (27)
  • Jedi Funnies, cartoons by various fans (34)
  • Choices, story by Rebecca S. Wolking (45)
  • Party of Three, story by Rosie Sneed (66)
  • Cafe Poetry, poems by various fans (75)
  • Skywalker Art Portfolio by Marion Mand (86)
  • Break-in!, story by Rosie Sneed (93)
  • Full Circle, story by Amanda Palumbo (100)
  • Death of Outrage, story by Amanda Palumbo and Michael A. Pasqua (131)
  • Even in the Future, story by Abra Mitchell (142)
  • Ahriman's Sigh, part two [15] by Susanne Schimbach (Continuing Luke's struggle to surmount prejudice in his own hometown to garner the lover of his dreams who just happens to have appropriated his old battered Skyhopper in the Jedi hero's absence.) (147)
  • Is That You?, poem by Amanda Palumbo (172)
  • No Way Out, part one by Kelly Adams (Action and emotions overheat as the Dark Lady further ensnares Luke and Leia, and Mara Jade learns the Emperor's taint is far from excised.) (173)
  • Time for Tea, story by Matt Kirkby (192)
  • Menace-ing Commercial by James Thoma (197)
  • Zine Ads (196)

Issue Three Oddity

These story titles, authors, and descriptions are from a flyer. But they, aside from "Ahriman's Sigh," do not appear in the zine.

flyer for issue #3, mystery!
  • Regretful Wan by Kymm August (Kenobi remains trapped between two realms thanks to previous attempts to correct his errors impacting two generations of Skywalkers. However, hope might wax eternal as an opportunity for a '2nd chance' electrifies the gloomy shroud. but worthy gifts exact a steep price.)
  • Ahriman's Sigh, part two by Susanne Schimbach (Continuing Luke's struggle to surmount prejudice in his own hometown to garner the lover of his dreams who just happens to have appropriated his old battered Skyhopper in the Jedi hero's absence.)
  • Connections by Z.P. Florian ("A boy alone, yet not... except for the presence of the Dark Seducer..." Palpatine assures Vader he's aware of loyalty wearing thin, but relishes the straining at his retainer's leash while eroding the son's honorable intention to rescue Han from Jabba. Luke's confusion renders him a perfect victim, as had the father decades past, for the Sith Emperor's possession.)
  • Out of the Terror by Sylvia Snavely (Contaminated fuel from a reliable source jepordizes the fledgling Rebellion. Han, Luke and Chewie are sent to investigate, and the the would-be Jedi learns just how valuable a Corellian's pledge is in relation to himself, and what he might grow to be amidst a devastating planetfall.)
  • Dawn of a New Threat by Jennifer Ibarra (The New Republic earned a deadly enemy upon refusing admission to the embers of the formally glorious Faloran system. Retaliation comes stealthy, targeting the Alliance's Chief of State and presiding leader of the embryonic Jedi Council (not everyone's pleased to have Luke back in town) on Coruscant.)
  • Destined One by Samantha Peterson (Kenobi's left yet another mess behind for Luke to clean up; will that old mystic ever butt out? This time Ben's steered his only daughter, a University professor completely ignorant of her heritage, via dreams to the galaxy's sole Force catalyst.)
  • Shattered Chain by Amanda Palumbo (History repeats itself as the Jedi succumb to complacency. Determined not to lose his only son as he had his beloved mento, Anakin manifests to warn aridne of an imminent attack. She must remain silent, acting solely at the cusp to save him and a few students or Skywalker shall die saving the majority of Yavin's growing community. If she heeds the apparation and Luke survives, both know this will tear the bondmates apart, for how can Luke see beyond a morass of pain an perceived betrayal akin to Kenobi's?)
  • Descent into Darkness by Valerie VanCollie ("One day soon Skywalker will wake up and find that he can no longer go back to his friends. He will look in a mirror and he will see his true face, the face of power... the face of the Dark Side.")
  • Where Have You Gone? by Jessica Lee Falkiewicz (Intensely jealous of Han's bond with Luke, Vader finally convinces Luke to meet him, and rushes to prepare all the boy's new favourite foods! Happily ever after at last?)


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