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Name: Valerie Vancollie
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Wars, Harry Potter. Numb3rs, Stargate SG-1
URL: v_e_vancollie on LiveJournal
Dark vs Light (Wayback link) / alternate link
Dark vs Light Yahoo! group
valeriev84 on LiveJournal, a.k.a 3695 (Numb3rs fic)
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Valerie Vancollie is a fan writer best known for her Star Wars fiction.

She put her fanfiction online in the late 90s, when she started "Val's Star Wars Stories," which later became Dark vs. Light. She subsequently started writing Harry Potter fanfiction--hosted at Fire & Ice, which she created in December 2004--and Numb3rs fiction, which she hosted at 3695 on LiveJournal.[1]


Print zines in which Valerie's fiction has appeared include:


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