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You may be looking for the Star Trek zine: Galactic Traveler.

Title: Galaxy Travellers
Publisher: The Moons of Yavin, a UK fan club that began in 1984
Editor(s): Suzanne Godsalve, Jamie Spracklen
Date(s): January 1995-2002
Medium: fanzine
Fandom: Star Wars
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Galaxy Travellers was a Star Wars anthology fanzine published in the UK by Suzanne Godsalve.

Twenty-six issues were published, starting in 1995. Average zine page count was around 25 pages. They contain fiction, puzzles, art, articles and LoCs.

This zine was originally titled Gutter Rag, then Force Sensitive before it was titled "Galaxy Travellers."

Issue 1

Galaxy Travellers 1 was published in January 1995 and contains 26 pages.

front cover of issue #1: "The photo on the front cover came from 'The Evening Standard', which printed the photo in promotion for the release of the digitally mastered videos."
back cover of issue #1

The editor mentions that she was trying to produce an issue every two months, but that this has turned into four times a year: roughly February, April, July, and October.

From the editorial:

Welcome to the first issue of "Galaxy Travellers." I that it was about time that Force Sensitive had a face lift so armed with a new disc drive typewriter, the time has come.

The name "Galaxy Travellers" was chosen to reflect the material which is published within these pages - it is galaxy wide and does not always cover Star Wars material alone, as reviews of other sci-fi media is also featured, an example of this is the review by Jason Grant on the X-Files novel 'Goblin'.

Since I have been a member of 'Moons of Yavin', this zine has been called Scenario and then Force Sensitive. It seems that when some one new takes over the mantle of editor, a name change ensues, so here is the first issue, a bit late in the coming considering that I have been editor for the last year, but a change none the less.

The material which appears in these pages belongs to you. This is your zine which is written by you (I am only the editor who collates the pages). You are the ones who make this zine possible. Without you there would be no "Galaxy Travellers," and this arm of 'Moons of Yavin' needs you, the members, to contribute to survive. Without entries to individual issues or competitions (I have only had three entries for Bob Cole's Princess Leia competition set last issue - and one of those is mine - so where were all the rest of you red blooded men!!!!!), it is

getting to the stage where I am seriously thinking about folding this armof 'Moons of Yavin', so if this is to happen, you need do nothing. However, if you want to continue receive "Galaxy Travellers," please send me your contributions at the usual address.

  • End of the Year Stuff by Jason Grant (2)
  • The Anoat Review by Jason Grant (reviews of other zines, pro books) (3)
  • Future Events (a planned con called "RebelCon" by The Falcon Society and another Star Wars Collectors Day planned for March) (4)
  • Reminiscences, fiction by Suzanne Godsalve (Star Wars) (5)
  • uncredited art (8)
  • Sacrifice for a Princess, fiction by Anon (9)
  • Ode to My Husband, poem by Suzanne Godsalve (Star Wars) (14)
  • art by L.M. - "The Leia Lemming" (15)
  • One of Our Princesses is Missing, chapter one by Craig Stevens (16)
  • Things We Missed in Star Wars, a top ten list (26)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Galaxy Travelers: nice name. I enjoyed this month's but I haven't finished reading Craig s story yet. Who's Anon? Very intriguing or should I say mysterious. It was a good story anyway. I'l try and be a little creative when I come back from Cariada and do you some drawings. I'm planning some TIE fighter ones, using the SW Archives as inspiration, of course. [1]

I still can't get the author of that Princess story (I know which sicko wrote it). The Moons of Yavin these days seems less active. I know how disheartening it be to do loads of work & not get any input from elsewhere. I'll tell you what we need that will lift everyone's spirits, a good old fashioned knees up. Me & Rob have been trying to think of a place to be able to have

it, or what to do, we haven't thought of much. [1]

Hello there! Congratulations on the first issue of 'Galaxy Travelers'!!! I really enjoyed every page especially the cover photo of Carrie Fisher and Darth Vader (where did you get it from?) and Pamela's The Leia Lemming'. Great stuff!! Don't get me wrong, 'Force Sensitive' was a good read too - it's the layout that I prefer on this one. Neat. [1]

Issue 2

Galaxy Travellers 2 was published in March 1996 and contains 27 pages.

front cover of issue #2, not credited
back cover of issue #2

From the editorial:

Hello. I think that Spring has finally arrived, not only have the days t>een getting longer, the weather seems to be getting warmer. Maybe when the mild days stay with us for several days at a stretch, we will know that Summer will arrive soon and we can put away our jumpers for a few months.

First of I suppose that I had better let you know the results of the Princess Leia competition Rob Cole set a couple of issues ago. He awarded first prize to me, second prize went to Craig Stevens "One of Our Princesses is Missing' (he received the Palitoy/Kenner Imperial At-At Walker) and a runner-up prize of a cuddly toy was sent to Pamela MacKie. For the winners of the Star Trek Micro Machines see later in this issue.


This issue sees the latest installment of the Widow stories, a short story about Ood Bnar, details about Star Destroyers which Chris Newell pulled of the Net and other bits and pieces.


After this issue of "Galaxy Travellers," I am hoping to obtain new material from outside Moons of Yavin. I am sending some flyers off to the States and will advertise in a couple of magazines over here. The aim is that we produce a more varied selection of artwork and stories which do not rely solely on the Star Wars universe. As a start, Jason has scanned a photo of Skinner from the X-Files virtiich I have included at the end of this issue. I have already had a promise of an X-Files story for the next issue, so if there is something out there which you would like to show off your artistic talents but never got around to it, now is your chance. The subject matter can be anything in the sci-fi area, I will even consider Star Trek, and it could be a report on a comet crossing our skies as well. There is plenty of inspiration out tiiere so I hope that you can all find something that you want to see in print.

The sci-fi area certainly seems to be expanding. We have Star Trek, (and its spin-offs), Babylon 5, Space: Above and Beyond (I've seen the pilot for it and it looks excellent), Sliders, X-Files to name but a few of the series which can be found on cable, satellite and terrestrial TV.

  • Editorial by Suzanne Godsalve (1)
  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • Anoat Review by Mandy Oxton (3)
    • Illustrated Star Wars Universe
    • Return of the Jedi Topps Widescreen Cards
  • Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fridge: A Report on the Star Wars Collectors Day, Sunday December 10, 1995, by Bob Cole (4)
  • The Next Star Wars Day (info sent in by Derek Tate) (5)
  • KDY's Imperial Class Star Destroyer, article (File Downloaded: Datalink x245: Baron Tagge) (6)
  • newspaper clipping (11)
  • The Cowl on the Bun-ie Girl, filk by Bob Cole to the tune of "The Owl and the Pussycat" (12)
  • Rebel Agents, fiction by Suzanne Godsalve (Star Wars) (13)
  • Things We Missed in Star Wars: Top Ten Sexually Titled Lines in Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back (a top ten list) (21)
  • The First Annual Bob Cole Cissy Awards (appears to be a male fan issuing pick-up lines to female fans, something several people complained about in the next issue.) (22)
  • Ood Bnar - Special Branch, fiction by Jason Grant (Star Wars) (24)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Thanks for GT, a good read, good introduction & lines of comment. Anoat Review excellent read. The info about the Star Destroyers also excellent, t think I'm guilty of the sexually titled lines in SW; ESB, which makes my next few comments rather invalid. The Cissy awards a bit 'cringish', don't get me wrong, Rob or anyone else can nominate anyone as 'nice'. I'm honoured people think Ingrid is a 'cissy', but I think to that 'The Cowl on the Bun-ie Girl' nice material but wrong venue - perhaps 'Gutter Rag' for one particular (poem) piece of work. Your Rebel Agents story very nice, & Jason's 'Ood Bnar' I found very clever - a few strange lines but nice to incorporate 'aliens' into an alien universe.

'Out of the Frying Pan etc...' could be a little controversial if taken a specific way (the way I took it) Anyway I sound as though I don't appreciate the work you & others put in - I do, great work, I enjoy it.

[Editor: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion..... As for your comment that The Cowl on the Bunie- Girl should have appeared in 'Gutter Rag'. I agree that that would have been an ideal place but at the time, I was not intending on producing 'Gutter Rag'. It was only after I had put the zine together and run off the first few copies that I received Jamie's "Gutter Rag'. If I had received that earlier, I would have changed the format.[2]

I had a lot of fun reading through this latest edition - your story 'Rebel Agents' and Bob Cole's song The Cowl on The Bunie Girl' were both excellent. I could picture Jason's 'Ood Brar - Special Branch' as an animated cartoon as I was reading it. Great stuff. I'd only read "Dark Empire 2" shortly before, which was lucky, otherwise I would've gone barking mad about who Ood Bnar was. Keep up the good work.[2]

[From one of the female fans who was mentioned in the "Awards" in the last issue]: Thanks for the latest Galaxy Traveller, it was interesting to see something of mine in it. Bob Cole's little ditty was a bit saucy wasn't it. What was the idea of the cissy awards. I was very surprised to find the Micro Machines in the envelope. They look very nice on my shelf. [2]

Anyone not contributing at least one L.O.C. by postcard or phone call should not receive the next issue of Telesponder or "Galaxy Travellers." [2]

Issue 3

Galaxy Travellers 3 was published in July (?) 1996 and contains 21 pages.

front cover of issue #3
back cover of issue #3, James Simmonds

From the editorial:

You can read three stories this time. There is the continuation of "Rebel Agents," a short story from Jason Grant 'Contraband' and the start of a new seriel "Dealer's Heat: Chapter One: CIS Blues" by Jamie Spracklen. There are a couple of book reviews; the final part of the sexually tilted lines from Star Wars and an update as to what is happening in the various Star TRek spin-offs.

Since the last I have been to another 'Robin of Sherwood' convention but as Jeremy Bulloch was unable to attend, I'm not inflicting another review on you. There has also been another Empire Day, this time held in Watford, at the start of June which I was unable to attend by but Jason, Emma, James and Craig attended.

In May there was a profile of George Lucas in the latest Sunday broadsheet to hit the newsstands 'Sunday Business'. Entitled "Richest man in Hollywood", the article profiles Lucas and announces that with the deal he has struck with PepsiCo "will cover all production costs and leave Lucas with a substantial profit." The article also stated that George Lucas plans to cast Kenneth Branagh as Ben Kenobi (now where have I heard that before?) As a lot of the content is culled from other sources, "Sunday Business," should be seen as not that authoritative but it was an interesting read nonetheless.

I have also been asked to invite you to a party/weekend get together at Bob Cole's home on Friday 10 January to Sunday 12 January [1997]. If you would like to add the dates to your diaries, please let Bob know, either by dropping him a line to [address redacted]. or pick up a phone and give him a call on [number redacted] It should be a good weekend.

  • From the Editor's Chair (1)
  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • Book Reviews by Suzanne Godsalve (a review of the tie-n book "X-Wing: Wedge's Gamble") (3)
  • Contraband: A Story of Law Enforcement in the Star Wars Universe, fiction by Jason Grant (Star Wars) (5)
  • Rebel Agents, part 2, fiction by Suzanne Godsalve (Star Wars) (7)
  • illo (12)
  • Dealer's Heat, part 1, fiction by Jamie Spracklen (Star Wars) (13)
  • Things We Missed in Star Wars: Top Ten Sexually Tilted Lines in Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi (17)
  • An Admission, essay by Pamela Mackle (about being a fan of other shows that aren't Star Wars) (18)
  • Doctor Who: Enemy Within, essay by Gareth Preston (Doctor Who) (19)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

Thank very much for GT3... I loved Gutter Rag too! Very funny! Oh, and thanks for the chocs too - they were really nice! I don't know what it is about Yavin - but people keep sending

me things! Well, Bob Cole mainly![3]

Thanks for your letter and GT....Nice intro to Galaxy Travelers, very good lines of comment, I like to be controversial in LOC. People think I am probably a prat (yes!) but I like to argue - anyone wants to disagree - write to me. I did think Bob's LOC was a little strong. Running a zine on good will get more contributions than running it with an iron fist! We are rebels, not Imperial scum (directed at Roger!)

Nice book reviews, I just wish I could afford the time & money to keep up, so its nice to know a bit about them. Nice stories. Did I contribute the pervy lines, I sent some off to Jason, but I can't remember the content?[3]

Galaxy Travelers: Thanks to Bob Cole for the choccy, it was well scoffed as soon as I opened the envelope! It was a good issue, I enjoyed it. Jamie's story sounds interesting. I liked the Star Trek stuff by Pamela. I do like a bit of Trek every week so it was good to read what the BBC are up to with it.[3]

Sunday newspaper 'The People" in "Yes" magazine: "I'm fond of kissing, God sent me down to kiss a lot of people!" The beautiful Carrie Fisher, issue dated 25/08/96

Well, what can I say about the above quote other than I've been waiting twenty long bun lusting yesr's to accommodate you Miss Fisher but I suppose with me in the current state it'll never happen. However, I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to that Cheshire daisy petal Mandy Oxton for, if only in a proverbial sense, wrapping me up in her shapely naked bare legs and Mothering me back to health in a recent phone call when she found out I was ill. I'd also like to say thank you to everyone's favourite girlie soccer star for the following

Get Well card and sweets, although I must admit I preferred the leggy phone call.'[3]

Issue 4

Galaxy Travellers 4 was published in October 1996 and contains 24 pages.

front cover of issue #4

From the editorial:

The latest news on Bob's weekend is that there are ten Yavin members and four other non-members have already agreed to attend. Bob has told me that the weekend will start from midday Friday January 10 1997 to midday Monday 13 January 1997 but you can arrive anytime, just let Bob know. He would appreciate people taking their own bedding and providing videos of shows that they want to see.

Sorry for the delay in tNs issue. I have been waiting for Jamie's second part of his story. I have just had letter from him apologising, but he has been too busy with college work to write the second part. He has promised that he will get it done by the next issue, the deadline of which is SATURDAY 7 DECEMBER 1996, for every one who wants to send me something.

Anyway I hope that you think the issue is worth the wait. Remember the zine is written by you, fr}r you so so I would appreciate everyone's efforts in trying to send something. It is not hard to pick up a pen and write your comments. It need only be a line. However, those of you have forgotten how to use a pen, Jason and I are on email so you can contact us by your computer terminal if you have access to the Net. The addresses are as follows:

Jason = [email protected]

Suzanne = [email protected]

There should be no reason why you don't keep in contact now!!!!

  • Editorial (1)
  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • To Capture a Fire Minion, fiction by Jason Grant (original fiction, self-insert, written in 1991) (Star Wars) (3)
  • an ad for Bounty Hunter, info about the British Star Wars Fan Club reorganization (6)
  • crossword puzzle (7)
  • Rebel Agents, part 3, fiction by Suzanne Godsalve (Star Wars) (8)
  • illo (16)
  • Galactic News (17)
  • a fan's Membership Application/Profiles Sheet (18)
  • Just Suppose, article by Gareth Preston (a fan's dream line-up on BBC's schedule) (19)
  • Film Reviews by Joe Sales (The Godfather, How to Make an American Quilt) (22)
  • A Brave New Star Trek Into the Final Frontier: Star Trek Voyager, essay by James Simmonds (23)
  • Bob Cole's Top Ten Beautiful Heavenly Bodies in Science Fiction (a male fan's list of hot female characters) (24)
  • the back page is a full-page flyer for Moncon (a Star Trek mini con presented by the fan club USS Monarch, on February 22, 1997)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

Thanks for sending me the new issue of I've had a read of it during the slow afternoon. I like the way you laid out my article and I hope folk enjoy it. I liked your 'Rebel Agents' story although it had unenviable job of filing in yards of character background. Still there's potential in the Widow's history for future stories. If I have a criticism it would be that the characters are a bit interchangeable apart from their appearance. They need to be filled out a bit more....l

The movie reviews by Joe Sales were wel done. I know what he means when he comments that Brando's performance and phrase has been so parodied over the years (including Brando himself in "The Freshman") that it is odd to see them being taken seriously. Still it is one of my favourite films with Part II close behind.... Well done on another enjoyable issue. [4]

Very good introduction and LOC, nice to see my name in it...

The Fire Minion' by Jason was very good, again, a different angle on life in the SW universe. I attempted the crossword & did quite a bits which is surprising for a crossword gimp like me.

Your story as per usual to a high standard. I must admit that I prefer short stories, as my mind is lapsing these days. Good figures on the Blockbusters movies, a lot of them my favourite films...

I enjoyed the Trek input, but every time something Trek is printed a lot of anti-Trek feelings come out in the club, so it's friendly advice, watch your head, some may bite.

[from the editor]: In the Trek respect, it is difficult not to include material on the series as this is what I have been sent. This zine is supposed to cover non Star Wars material as well as the usual SW material and the decision to do this was made when I was not receiving vast amounts of SW material. Needless to say, I am still not receiving enough material to produce a zine on a regular basis so I am afraid that 1997 will see the odd edition of the zine being printed. If I do not receive material then I will relinquish editorship and let Gslaaxy Travellers go to the zine heaven that must exist somewhere. [4]

Thanks for Galaxy Travellers; it is always gratefully received. I liked Gareth Preston's 'Just Suppose' article. I thought that I was the only person in the world who remembers 'Kinvig'! I could only manage half the crossword without cheating, sad aren't I?[4]

"Hi everyone! Glad to hear that at least some of you liked 'Gutter Rag', I made no excuses for its content!! What I really need is for you lot to send in your own funny, p***-taking titbits for future issues!! Thanks go to for sending it out to me!! Send anything to: J. Spracklen [...] See you all at Rob's bash. Remember to bring the booze!!!

[from the editor]: So there you have it. Any contributions to Gutter Rag, send to Jamie. [4]

Issue 5

Galaxy Travellers 5 was published in December 1996 and contains 23 pages.

front cover of issue #5, Karen Collyer

From the editorial:

Welcome to the last issue of Galaxy Travellers for 1996. It seems amazing that yet another year has passed us by. I, for one, am glad that the year is almost at an end. The last six months have seemed like a nightmare at times and have left me feeling emotionally drained. I have been trying to recharge my batteries over the last month and everything seems to be settling down again, at long last. I just hope that 1997 is a far better year.


At the start of the year, I stated that the zine 'is galaxy wide and does not always cover the Star Wars material alone'. In the following zine, I wrote that 'The aim is that we produce a more varied selection of artwork and stories which do not rely solely on the Star Wars universe.' I have had no letter objecting to this so have presumed that people do not mind what they read. I am receiving more material from outside the club for inclusion In the zine but this in its self is not enough to keep the zine on its feet. It is up to you to send me material and comments.

I am seriously wondering whether it is worth my while producing this zine and to this end, I have included a questionnaire with this issue. I hope that you will find the time to fill it in and return it to me in the next three months. Any comments I receive will be treated in confidence, and although may be printed in will be anonymous unless you state othenwise. Of course, you can always send the questionnaires back without putting a name to the form or not bother at all.

Onto more pleasanter matters. Bob Cole has asked me to remind you that if you are going to his house party, the weekend of 10 January [1977]. If there is anything you would like to watch, bring the video along with you. If there are any computer games you want to play, you will have to bring the computer along and of course don't forget your sleeping bags. It might also be a good idea if you dropped Bob a line just to confirm that you will be attending and what time you expect to get there, my arrival depends on whether I can get the time off work or not.

  • Editorial (1)
  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • Galactic News (3)
  • How to Spot the Different Kids of Star Trek Fans, article by Emma Garland (4)
  • Silence in Court, fiction by Bob Cole (Star Trek) (5)
  • Carry On Doctor!, sexually suggestive lines in Doctor Who, complied by Gareth Preston "aged 27 going on 10" (6)
  • illo by Derek Tate (6)
  • Questionnaire (7)
  • Dealer's Heat, part 2, fiction by Jaime Grant (Star Wars) (8)
  • The Tribble with Red Shirts!!!, art (9)
  • Damn That Red Shirt, fiction by Tristam Walker (Star Trek) (10)
  • a publicity still from Space: 1999 (14)
  • News from the Newsstand, reviews of three new Star Wars tie-in books (15)
  • Ewok Village, art (16)
  • Pleasure Trip, fiction by Suzanne Godsalve (Star Wars) (17)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

Nice front piccy; I'm sure Bob appreciates it. Editor's Chair was nice. I understand that people don't submit much, I'm one of them, but at the end of the day telling people your problems isn't going to motivate them to submitting. I'm being a bit hypocritical I know, I'm not suggesting an answer, I wish I knew one.

The Galactic News was enjoyable. I'm not a paper reader so it s nice to include interesting articles that us illiterates (and bad spellers) miss.

Bob sounds like he's flipped! His Silence in Court was one of those balancing on a thin line between insanity & genius'. It was good however. Carry On Doctor was very clever. Its nice to see a fave of mine appearing. [5]

Here is a belated LOC for issue 5, possibly the best yet.

For a start what a lot of laughs! Maybe it was because Christmas round the comer but there was an enjoyably high percentage of comedy articles. The Star Trek parody was mighty fine. Bob Cole's Khan piece having the most bite. Emma Garland's Guide to Trek fans was very amusing, some things just have to be sad! Pleasure Trip was an entertaining story. Did I detect a hint of a send-up in that gunfight, commenting on the way stormtroopers and rebels fire off hundreds of shots in their battles which hit anyone? Siquam seemed quite interesting and may be worth bringing back sometime. He reminded me a lot of Garak from DS9. Thanks for all your effort pulling the mag together. [5]

Issue 6

Galaxy Travellers 6 was published in April 1997 and contains 22 pages.

front cover of issue #6, Bert-Olof Lundin

From the editorial:

Even before the film reaches our shores, the newstands are full of sci-fi magazines offering a "Star Wars" special. After the first couple, I began to wonder what the difference was between them. Ricking through the pages, tb3re was the endless rehash of what we all know - the new scenes which have been added and the bid ones which have been cleaned and computer enhanced. There were interviews with the lesser stars and speculation as to what the prequel trilogy will consist of. Nothing new there really.

Of course, the best solution of all is look through the magazines and decide which met up to your expectations and limit yourself to buying that issue. That is fine but how many of you have done before only to decide to buy the issue later and when you go to buy it, it has sold out.

You would then kick yourself and wish you had bought it when you first saw the magazine special. If you're like me, you are spending far too much money on magazines which you know that you will not get round to reading properly for ages but you don't want to miss out on anything just in case it happens that the issue you don't buy is the one issue which has something special in it.

  • Editorial (1)
  • Questionnaire Results (10 of the 27 the editor sent were returned with answers) (3)
  • Going to Hell, poem by Alison M. Dobell (Babylon 5) (4)
  • Dealer's Heat, part 3, fiction by Jaime Spracklen (Star Wars) (5)
  • reviews and news by Emma Garland, Jamie Spraclen (8)
  • 56 Reasons Why Captain Janeway is Better Than Captain Picard ("sent to us via email by Paramount, picked up off the Internet") (9)
  • Lines You Will Never Hear Said on Babylon 5 by Alison M. Dobell (10)
  • The Rebellion of Scar Pike, fiction by Suzanne Godsalve (Star Wars) (11)
  • Something...., poem by Alison M. Dobell (Babylon 5?) (17)
  • Sale Corner (things for sale by Jamie Spracklen) (18)
  • Weekend Party 2 ("Bob Cole has written to me asking that I mention to you all that following the success of his January weekend party, he would like to host another gathering. At the present time, he does not know where it is going to be held, probably at his parents' home over the weekend of 31st October to 3rd November. Put these dates in your diaries and Bob will let us know final location closer to the time.") (19)
  • Galactic News ("What has been sighted in the papers over the last few months. Not a lot really.") (20)
  • a flyer for The Peter Cushing Association (21)
  • a flyer for The Cushing Courier (21)
  • a copy of Gutter Rag #4 (22)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 7

It was a great read, the introductions are always of a constant level, the artwork on the from excellent, another talented artist? Who discovered him? Lines of comment - always good when I get my nose in it, and it was very nice to see the pictograph of statistics & the comments, it's just a shame only 10 people completed it.

I like the addition of poems into our zines, they distinguish it, and show that we, as sci-fi fans aren't just morons that we get made to be in the media.

The Star Trek '56 Reasons' excellent.... Your story was excellent, I prefer short stories as I seem to have forgotten what has happened by the time the next chapter arrives. The Galactic News is a great idea. I like it, although I recently saw an interview with someone making the new films and he says a lot of rumours about various actors auditioning are a load of lies. [6]

'Thanks for the latest which I enjoyed as ever. I've no objections to non-Star Wars material going into the magazine although as I don't watch Babylon 5 or the X-Files some of the articles were lost on me! As long as the majority of the zine stays Star Wars related though, I don't see there's likely to be any problem. If readers want more Star Wars material perhaps it'll encourage them to send you some! [6]

Issue 7

Galaxy Travellers 7 was published in (July?) 1997 and contains 33 pages.

front cover of issue #7, from the June 1997 issue of "The Observer" [7]

From the editorial:

Welcome to the summer issue. This issue has proved to be far longer than I ever dreamed would be possible a year ago and thanks goes to all of the contributors for this issue. We have several stories, all covering different characters and scenarios. There are also a couple of poems and two of the pieces cover Babylon 5, with one of these also involving Mulder and Scully from the "X-Files". We also have a challenging crossword devised by Emma Garland (the answers are included in this issue so no peeking), Gerald's review of the Special Editions and my convention report from MediaWest.

A lot has happened since March. [R] is now a married man, the convention season is really upon us with a number of different conventions being run each weekend. There has even been a two day Star Wars convention on the Isle of Wight, which I could not attend due to attending another in America. I hope that those of you who did manage to get there enjoyed yourself.


I have been off to MediaWest in Lansing, Michigan which I have reported later in this issue. It was certainly an experience although the strangest, and nicest, thing was coming home to find that people had been worried about me whilst I was in the States. The day I left Lansing to go down to Dallas to stay with a friend, was also the day the tornado hit. It was a lot further south than where I was staying and everyone took it so matter of factly over there that I did not think too much about it. It was only when I got back that I discovered that people thought I might be one of the missing. Well, luckily, or unluckily depending on trow you want to look at it, I am back in England.


I am feeling quite happy at the moment as I have some pieces of material for the next issue of Galaxy Travellers ready to be used. However, I do need more material, especially artwork so the artists out there, please take the hint and send me some shining examples of what you can do. I know you can do it. The next issue's deadline is 6 September 1997.

Remember that I can be contacted by email ([email protected]). However, I am hoping to have access at home soon but I will be informing Jason of the new address for the next Telesponder when I get the new address. However, the other address will still be valid, although only during work hours.

I hope that you enjoy this issue as much as I did whilst putting the pages together and I look forward to hearing your verdicts in the next few months.

  • From the Editor's Chair (1)
  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • Recruiting Delamar, fiction by Jamie Spracklen (Star Wars) (3)
  • Galactic News (5)
  • Crossword Puzzle by Emma Garland (6)
  • A Trick of the Light, fiction by Alison M. Bobell (X-Files/Babylon 5) (7)
  • Review of the SW Special Editions, by Gerald Crotty (17)
  • Darkened in My Eyes, poem by Mark Ward (Star Wars) (19)
  • MediaWest 1997, a con report with photos, by Suzanne Godsalve (see MediaWest Convention Reports: 1997) (20)
  • Glass Armour: A Tale of Boba Fett, fiction by Ralph Chilton (Star Wars) (24)
  • The Promotion, poem by Alison M. Dobell (Star Wars) (31)
  • Myrrk Tales, fiction by Jason Grant (Star Wars) (32)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 7

Thanks for "Galaxy Travellers, which was a good thick read, well done on your presentation, it is very professional.

I'm afraid the picture of someone on the front cover eluded me, weird, can you explain, I must be thick?

Lovely intros, lines of comment always good (only because I thought it up ages ago & let Jason know). "Recruiting Dalamar" & "Myrkr Tales" brilliant both. My congratulations to the writers. Whose this Jamie Spracklen? Is it the same one as says 'gowd, you got an accent ain't ya'? (But of course - ed.)

The crossword by Emma, excellent, real tempting to look at the answers (but Rik has assured me since that he didn't - ed.). The 'X-Files'/'Babylon 5' story was well written attacking a difficult task. Would have convincingly pulled it off it were a crossover between ST, SW, 'Babylon 5', 'Space Precinct' etc but 'X-Files? Just a tetch beyond my imagination. Lovely poems as well. Nice to see James is still publishing 'Bounty Hunter'. I started 'Hyperspace' about the same time, blimey that was years ago.[8]

Thanks a lot for the latest Galaxy Travellers. I quite enjoyed the Boba Fett story - but it was certainly a different side of Boba to other stories that have been written. The poem by Mark Ward was also very thought provoking. [8]

I really enjoyed this latest edition, my favourite article being your report on this year's Media West convention in America. I've been writing to Judith Yuenger for almost four

years now, so it was nice to read an account of the weekend from someone else's point of view. Glad to see some photos too. One thing that puzzled me about this issue though was the cover. Who is it supposed to be?[8]

Enjoyed the latest 'Galaxy Travellers'. It was a nice big issue? But what exactly as the cover art meant to be? Leia's head on a stick? I enjoyed all four of the stories, especially the B5/X-Files crossover. I don't mind seeing a change in a SW zine. Sounded like you had a good time at the Media West Convention. How many zines did you buy manage to buy? Did your suitcase weigh a ton afterwards?

[the editor said: When I counted it amounted to 14 zines, which weighed down the suitcase. I ended up carrying a load of them as hand luggage but the suitcase still weighed too much but they kindly didn't charge me. Some airlines can be nice after all. [8]

Issue 8

Galaxy Travellers 8 was published in August 1997 and contains 30 pages.

front cover of issue #8, Bert-Olof Lundin

From the editorial:

Welcome to Galaxy Travellers 8, and a slightly new look to the zine, partially due to the fact that I have splashed out on a PC at home. I still haven't got a printer but that is the next item I will need to buy. At the moment, everything has to be saved to disc and then taken into work for printing. No real hardship in that really as I do the copying there anyway. I am hoping that you will enjoy this issue. It does seem to be getting bigger and better, but I value your comments as well, so do let me know what you think.


...not to be missed is Bob Cole's weekend get together at the end of October and the SW convention Starcon 97 being held in Basildon at the end of November, so not that far for me to travel for once.

This issue has a fair mix of reviews and stories. I hope that you enjoy them all. Predominantly Star Wars based, this issue sees stories from Stephen Mohammed, Alison Dobell, Mark Richards and myself. Jamie Spracklen has provided a poem and word search, the answers of which will be printed next issue and articles have been provided by Bob Cole, Gareth Preston and James Simmonds. The front cover was a much needed piece of artwork from Bert-Olof Lundin which was donated by Jason. Be pleased that the artwork arrived on time otherwise you would have been treated to an example of my artwork or a collage of Jedi stickers!!

  • From the Editor's Chair (1)
  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • One Hour of Real News, essay by Bob Cole (3)
  • True Story, essay by Bob Cole (4)
  • Doctor Who Meets the Gun Toting Space Bitch (Previously Known as Ace), the New Adventures takes TARDIS into previously unexplored realms of space and time, article by Gareth Preston (5)
  • Force Focus, poem by Jamie Spracklen (Star Wars) (8)
  • Jedi Reflections, fiction by Stephen Mohammed (Star Wars) (9)
  • The Dark Jedi, fiction by Mark Richards (Star Wars) (12)
  • Tales of the Bounty Hunters Wordearch [sic] by Jamie Spracklen (Star Wars) (19)
  • Old Debts, part 1, fiction by Alison Dobell (Star Wars) (20)
  • Competition Entries (entries to "What was your favorite change in the Special Editions?", there were three entries: by Emma Garland, and James Simmonds and Mandy Oxton, with Garland as the winner. Garland and Oxton's were very short. Simmonds was called "Enhancing Legends," and was several pages long) (28)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 8

Thanks for GT. Introduction's brill. Lines of comment excellent. I like the way you've included aspects from each pen pals letter and answered them so they are interesting points for everyone to read. I've heard Bob's true story before - very goo - mysterious. Stephan Mohammed is an excellent writer along with Mark Richards (are they MOY members?).


Lastly - nice reviews on the films. [9]

Thank you very much for the latest copy of 'Galaxy Travellers'. I just LOVED the artwork by Lundin that graced the cover! Beautiful. I also loved Mark Richards' story "The Dark Jedi". He has illuminated die characters of Palpatine and Vader with such detail that you are drawn into the story from the start. I thought his characterisation of Palpatine was particularly astute, defining this shadowy character with subtle surety. It was also goo to see mention of Mara Jade turning up again. Now there is a rich vein waiting to be tapped!

Jamie Spracklen's poem "Force Fools" was very original and it was nice to see Bob Cole covering a little of the 'real space' news. Any of those snippets could have made a good feature and it would have been a pleasure to have seen a well written piece putting some meat on the bare bones he outlined. It must have been frustrating for those without satellite to have these little bite sized teasers set before them without hearing the whole story. I liked Stephen Mohammed's "Jedi Reflections" which gave welcome exposition to Luke's dilemma on Dagobah when Yoda is training him to be a Jedi Knight and he realises his friends are in danger. It was nice to see the creative mix "Galaxy Travellers" show cases so well."[9]

Hello there! Thanks very much for the eighth issue of 'Galaxy Travellers'. I really enjoyed every page once again, especially Gareth Preston's look at the scores of novels that have been produced about Doctor Who since 1989. Bert's cover artwork was outstanding! I'd imagine that it took him

ages to do. Glad that you cleared up the mention of Ewan McGregor [on the cover of the last issue]- not to mention pleased that I was not the only one who had a tough time trying to make out who it was. Oh yes, the Luke and Leia 'we beat Darth Vader..' captioned photo also a very good idea. How did you come up with the inspiration for that one? It reminded me a little of Jason's Kodak Moment that appears in Telesponder."[9]

Galaxy Travellers 8 has a great cover, neat artwork and a clever idea. Thanks for using my article, it

looked very well laid out. The pieces on the Trilogy were great, interesting to read others thoughts. I don't mind the Rancor scene myself. Like so much of SW, it is pure fairy tale stuff, slaying the dragon in his lair. To replace the puppet with a CGI version would have lessened the excitement because such creatures still feel cartoony despite the rendering. The most subtly enhanced film was ESB. Fave new bit? Probably Mos Eisley though the improved Death Star destruction cured the slightly disappointing explosions before which seemed to 'modelly'. Worse scene easily was Jabba in SW, both pointless and unconvincing. "Jedi Training" by Stephen Mohammed was simple but effective, a little moment in time which is one of the ideal short story formulas.[9]

I enjoyed the last Galaxy Travellers, tho' by now it feels like yonks ago when I received it. The cover art was fantastic. The Doctor Who thing was a little beyond me. It's something I gave up in about 1980! Tho' I did enjoy the TV movie last year with Paul McGann. "The Dark Jedi" was a good story. It had the sort of background information you could expect to find in one of the radio plays. The wordsearch was rather amusing in that the letters of the answers were in heavier ink so that made it kinda easy!

I liked "Old Debts" too and can't wait to see what happens next. [9]

Issue 9

Galaxy Travellers 9 was published in (November?) 1997 and 35 pages.

front cover of issue #9, James Simmonds

From the editorial:

1997 has seen contribution levels rise and I am really grateful to everyone who has sent in material over the past twelve months. It was truly appreciated and I hope that everyone has enjoyed reading the four issues of GT this year. Next year sees GT hitting double figures with the tenth issue due out in March. I have already had a colour piece of artwork which I am going to be using as the front cover and a couple of stories but I still need more material if that issue is going to be special. If you want the opportunity to see something you have written or drawn in a zine, then it is the perfect opportunity. As a reminder, the deadline is March 7th, 1998 so you have plenty of time to come up with something which I will be able to use.


There have also been get other Yavin get togethers throughout the year, with two weekend parties in Worcester courtesy of Bob and people meeting up at various conventions throughout the year, the most recent one being Starcon 97 which I have reported later in this issue. More conventions are planned next year, with one Star Wars weekend planned over a Bank Holiday weekend in May. I am already down to attend a Highlander convention in March, but it will have a SW flavour as Peter Diamond is one of the guests.

But back to this issue, we have the usual LOC page and notices for you to browse through at your leisure. We then have three stories for you - the second part of Alison Dobell's story Old Debts, and short stories from Mark Richards and Stephen Mohammed. There are a couple of convention reports for the Babylon 5 convention The Alliance by Leona Crutcher and my report on Starcon 97. The front cover has been created by James Simmonds and for those of you who want to know the answers to Jamie Spracklen's wordsearch last issue, they have been included.

From the zine:

Bob Cole is holding his third weekend party. He has to be brave, not being fazed by having a whole pile of SW fans descending on him. The party will be starting midday 20 February 1998 until midday 23 February 1998, although you can turn up at any time in between. As he says "Many thanks to all those who came to my second Princess Leia tribute weekend. I had a great time. Any non-attendees feeling guilty may make it up to Princess Leia, and myself, by attending the next little Yavin get together on the weekend beginning February 20 , same location.

  • From the Editor's Chair (1)
  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • Club News and Award Nomination Requests (3)
  • The Outlands, fiction by Mark Richards (Star Wars) (5)
  • Wordsearch Solution (from the puzzle in the previous issue) (11)
  • Old Debts, part 2, fiction by Alison Dobell (Star Wars) (12)
  • Member Profile: James C (24)
  • Con Report for Wolf 359: The Alliance by Leona Crutcher (25)
  • It's a Trap, fiction by Stephen Mohammed (Star Wars) (28)
  • The Day of Q by Suzanne Godsalve, a con report for Starcon '97 (33)

Issue 10

Galaxy Travellers 10 was published in 1998 and contains 49 pages.

front cover of issue #10, John Conway

From the editor:

Welcome to the first issue of Galaxy Travellers for 1998. Unbelievably we have reached our 10 issue and the time has just flown by. The new millenium [sic] is fast creeping up on us which may be one of the reasons why the months are passing us so quickly. Another reason could be age but that should not alter time unless we find that we have more to do than in the past.


As you can see this issue is somewhat longer than most. There are three complete stories to be found within these pages. The first is Alison Dobell's Queen of the Galaxy, the second Joan Montgomery's Bespin Encounter and the final story is the latest story from Mark Richards, Betrayal at Fodor. The wonderful cover is courtesy of John Conway who deserves a round of applause for the time and effort he placed in this piece of artwork. So far, I have only managed to write one new story which will appear in Bert-Olof's Sarlaac 3 so I am hoping to rectify that before the next issue of Galaxy Travellers which will be due out in June.


In these pages there is also a report on the first UK Highlander convention Chronicles 98 which I attended at the start of the month in Manchester. Emma Gardner was there acting as steward and Jason Joiner, with Andrea, were also present dealing with the sound system and large screen which was used for the video screenings. I don't know about Emma, but I am still having withdrawal symptoms and the convention was a fortnight ago. Sad I know but it has to be one of the best conventions I have ever been to. It was not too big, the guests were approachable and everyone had a good time. May there be many more enjoyable conventions and no more Starcon fiascos!!

However, you will notice that there is no LOC column in this issue. I somehow managed to lose the whole document last week so the weekend is been spent re-typing material so that I can send this out by the end of March. Apologies to those who did comment on GT9. I did get your comments and was going to use them but they are now lost to some part of my hard drive which I probably never realised existed. Please send your comments for this issue and I promise not to lose them next time.

Also lost was Bob Cole's space news round up for the start of the year. If I can find it again, I will include it in the next issue with an update covering the first 6 months of 1998.

  • From the Editor's Chair (1)
  • Queen of the Galaxy, fiction by Alison Dobell (Star Wars) (2)
  • Bespin Encounter, fiction by John Montgomery (Star Wars) (29)
  • Chronicles 98 - The First UK Highlander Convention, a con report (with photos) by Suzanne Godsalve (33)
  • Betrayal at Fondor, fiction by Mark Richards (Star Wars) (36)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 10

GT10 was good. The cover artwork was fantastic and it being in colour was a special treat too. Sounds like you enjoyed Chronicles but it's all a bit beyond me I'm afraid. [10]

Just a quick note to thank you for the last Galaxy Travellers. I loved it and like everyone else ADORE the cover. It's a superb likeness to both Palpatine and Luke and he (John Conway) made Han even more dashing and lovely![10]

Just thought I'd drop you a note to say how pleased I am that your readers liked the cover to GT. I've been parading the comments page everywhere I go and may have to photocopy it for framing! I'm so glad it was received so well.

And, like the other readers, may I say how much I enjoyed the stories, especially the Bespin Encounter story by Joan Montgomery. Anything that expands the unseen meetings and confrontations in Mr. Lucas' universe would be eagerly read. I would especially like to know what Han's thoughts were just before he was carbon frozen, or even Lando's, realising he would be forced into betraying his friends. Anyone care to take these suggestion's to task? [10]

Thanks for the latest GT, thoroughly enjoyed it, as always. Your convention report on Chronicles was very good. It made me realise what I'd actually missed throughout the weekend! I only managed to catch Valentine's Saturday talk, and completely missed every other talk. I really wanted to see al three of them on stage together, but I'd got the times wrong. I thought it was on at 3-30, but it was on at 2-30, or something like that. I know I was asleep at the time (Now there's a surprise!).

The cover on this issue of GT is truly wonderful. John Conway is very talented. I wish I could draw like that, but I guess I'll have to make do with my stick-men! (Just ask Jason what I drew for a competition a few months back - it was something like "draw a scene from one of the Star Wars movies" - so I drew an explosion - I can just about manage flames!). Queen of the Galaxy a very well written story, as were Betrayal at Fonder - which uses elements of previously written stories very accurately, and with good continuity, and Bespin Encounter gives a good insight into what happened in the banquet room on Bespin - something that I

have always wondered. [10]

I wanted to say that I think it is undoubtedly the best issue that I have seen so &r. The cover by John Conway is truly amazing. The face of the Emperor really stands out from the

page, and he has captured beautifully the menace and evil of the character. That for me immediately draws me into the cover. The artwork is so rich and textured that it looks almost 'real', and is extremely professional. Well done, Suzanne for discovering someone with such a wonderful eye for detail and talent. I enjoyed the stories as well, although I have to admit that I haven't read Alison Dobell's effort yet, but I enjoyed Joan Montgomery's Bespin Encounter and your Chronicles Convention Report. I especially liked Bespin Encounter because it was such a well-structured and interesting concept, that could so easily have been a scene from ESB. The dialogue was excellent, and both Vader and Leia were described in detail. Brilliant issue al round, has to be the best so far. The only disappointment was that you couldn't recover the Lines of Comment as these are always interesting to read.[10]

Many thanks for the latest issue of GT. And I have to say it's excellent. You are really doing a fine job with this zine. I enjoyed all the stories but I really have to make special mention of the cover by John Conway, this is one of the best covers I've seen anywhere, terrific stuff. [10]

I am blown away by the beautiful artwork on the cover. Please pass on my appreciation to the artist.

I loved Joan Montgomery's story Bespin Encounter and wished it had been longer! Your Chronicles 98 report was really good and gave a good feeling of what it must have been like to be there. I appreciated the photographs of Valentine Pelka who came across as a wonderful chap! (And so good looking in the fleshi! - ed) Mark Richards has again regaled us with another fine story with Betrayal at Fondor though hand on heart I did miss our intrepid heroes and kept hoping they would gatecrash his story! (May the Force forgive me!) His portrayals of Palpatine, Vader, Thrawn, Piet and General Tagge are superb as well as his own characters. Great work. [10]

Issue 11

Galaxy Travellers 11 was published in (June?) 1998 and contains 31 pages.

cover of issue #11, Gerald Crotty

From the editorial:

Welcome to another issue of Galaxy Travellers, issue 11 in fact. I have recovered from sending out the bumper issue 10 and I am afraid that you are back to the usual length zine.

This issue sees a cover by Gerald Crotty, stories by Stephen Mohammed, Bob Cole and Jason Grant, with a piece of poetry by Alison Dobel and a cartoon strip by Gareth Davies. Enough material I think for you to all enjoy and send me your comments at a later date for the next issue.


This month has also seen the first Star Wars convention of the year in Britain. Held at Cheshunt, there were the usual number of guests turning up - Sheelah Fraser, Declan Mulholland, Warwick Davis, Mike Edmonds, Malcolm Dixon, Gary Kurtz, Stuart and Kay Freeborn. It was a great day and was much better organised than Starcon last year. For one thing, the only real queue was for Warwick's autograph and even that went down by the closing ceremony.

There is supposed to be another Empire Day later in the year, hopefully being held at Elstree in one of the studios which will add piquancy to the convention. I haven't been to a SW convention since last November and with the first of the prequels being released next year, they are well worth attending. You never know what a guest might let slip although it would appear that anyone who is in the first film has a gagging order so probably won't let slip anything we don't know already.

  • From the Editor's Chair (1)
  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • Rogue Awakening, fiction by Stephen Mohammed (Star Wars) (3)
  • No Disintegrations!!!, comic/graphic story by Gareth Davies (Star Wars) (20)
  • The Accused, part one, fiction by Bob Cole (original science fiction) (23)
  • Uproar on Ithor, fiction by Jason Grant (Star Wars) (25)
  • retyped article from the Denver Post (5/1/98), The Force is now with Lego by Denise Lavoie (30)
  • A New Hope, poem by Alison M. Dobell (Star Wars) (31)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 11

The front cover by Gerald was excellent. It's about time he turned professional. Nice lines of comment. The story "Rogue Awakening" was very good. The qualities of stories in both zines are excellent. I remember them being very poor back in the

eighties when I first joined.[11]

Great issue as ever. Loved the Boba pic by Gerald. "No Disintegrations" is inspired stuff and long overdue... more please Gareth Davies. [11]

I loved the zine and read it in one go last Thursday. "Rogue Awakening" was superb but I love everything that features X-Wing pilots! The comic was very good and a lot of effort had to go into that. I don't quite know what to make of Bob's Twilight Zone thing but I figure that's the way he wants it. And "Uproar on Ithor" is good too. I love the way Crickit and Tibbs wear pastel jackets and stuff.

I like the cover too but I'm biased towards the artist. [11]

Issue 12

Galaxy Travellers 12 was published in September 1998 and contains 32 pages.

cover of issue #12

It is the first issue that has an official date of publication on it.

From the editorial:

Welcome to the twelfth issue of "Galaxy Traveller." As I opened this document to start typing up the final sections my heart almost stopped beating. I thought I had lost 31 pages of material but luckily that was not the case and so there should be no major problems with this issue. Fingers crossed at any rate.


The final issue of for this year will be 5 December. Be warned I am attending two Highlander conventions before then so if you don't want these pages to be full of reports from Glasgow and a cruise to the Bahamas, you had better start being creative. My hopes rest on all of you to produce something.

I was also hoping that I would be printing this out on my new printer but as my D drive as gone and decided it doesn't want to play I will have to try other means (i.e. print this at work). So much for slowly having more technology at home.

  • From the Editor's Chair (1)
  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • Crystal Clear, fiction by Sean Koury (Star Wars) (3)
  • Book Review ("Jedi Search" by Kevin Anderson) by Jamie Spracklen (8)
  • The Princess and a Guy Like Him, fiction by Joan Montgomery (Star Wars) (9)
  • proposal for a new zine: "Jamie Spracklen is trying to out together a jokey magazine entitled and needs contributors. To give you an idea the zine is going to be along the lines of the old Gutter Rag but will be longer. Offers of help have already been made by Bob Cole, Gerald Crotty and Derek Tate." (15)
  • Dear Leia, parody advice column, by Gerald Crotty (16)
  • News (17)
  • Fair Trade, fiction by Mark Richards (Star Wars) (18)
  • Moons of Yavin Ranks, members and their rank (31)
  • full-page flyer for Tales of the Empire (32)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 12

I've just received GT12, read half of it and felt inspired to get my letter writing started. It's a really good issue. Dear Lies was a laugh especially the Queen Elizabeth II letter! Tho' I don't know if many other people will find it amusing. I'm not sure I like the latest unconfirmed title of Episode I. It's too similar to A New Hope, but I don't like the other title I've heard of either. Balance of the Force or something like that. Joan Montgomery's story was excellent. I do like a story set in the time frame of the movies. A bit like the radio dramas; I like to know what might have gone on in between the scenes in the movies[12]

Thanks for Galaxy Travellers, excellent as usual. Dear Lies brilliant, one very funny letter from Queen Elizabeth but someone is bound to complain. Excellent news about when Star Wars is to be released.. The story Crystal Glass was brilliant, nice, short story. If it's OK I may use the idea for a short SW roleplaying adventure if that's okay by him. [12]

As for Galaxy Travellers, well the quality just gets better and better, and its nice to have a variety of established writers, mixed with some new talents.


Joan Montgomery has also done it again with her story in GT12. I like the way that she picks up on a pivotal scene of the films, and develops it in her own way. I adds real depth to the story and the characters, and the insights into what may have been happening at the same time. Excellent material, and had to be the best story in GT12. Jason Grant did a fine job with Uproar on Ithor, and he writes very visual pieces. I always find myself able to picture the scene and the characters, and those of Crickett and Tibbs worked very well. The dialogue is sharp, perceptive and full of wit, which is what I like most about Jason's work - he cm do dialogue like no one else.

Just one final mention must go to Gerald Crotty, a man of very many talents, not least the cover for GT11 of Boba Fett mid then in GT12 turning to his alter ego as Dear Leia... Wonderfully funny as was the first in Telesponder. I did think that while the comment about Princess Diana was amusing; it was perhaps a little too close to the mark for my liking. The rest was, needless to say, absolutely spot on - well done Gerald! [12]

Issue 13

Galaxy Travellers 13 was published in December 1998 and contains 25 pages. Aside from some screenshots and a cartoon from an unknown source, this issue contains no art.

cover of issue #13

From the editorial:

This year has seen the first inklings of the first prequel, now known as The Phantom Menace which has had spoilers running throughout the year with pictures slowly appearing in the many fan based magazines which appear on the newsagents' shelves. Of course, we will only know the true title of the film close to the time of release when the merchandise starts to appear in shops. How many of us will be spending our money on buying everything up that mentions the film in the run up to the release - magazines, toys, games, bedding and many other items people will say they cannot live without - if you are not already doing so. I have already told myself that I am limiting myself to books, comics and magazines. I haven't the room for toys as well although I have a feeling that the SW battleship game might make its way onto my shopping list as I have found it available in Argos. It all adds to the paper mountain I have in my flat.

Of course before we get to the prequel, we have to decide which calendar we want to buy and what sort. You can buy a desk top one or you have a choice of seven or more A4 sized calendars. How do you decide? If you like Darth Vader you can buy one devoted to him or there are others devoted to other topics. If none of these take your fancy what about the calendar to go with ANH, ESB and ROTJ. Of course you then need to decide which is your favourite film, if you haven't already done so. Mind you if you cannot decide just by looking at the front, cheat and see which has the best selection of photos and artwork inside. It might be the easiest, not to mention, cheaper way of choosing.

But apart from our mutual love of the Star Wars universe what will we all be doing in 1999. I will have started a Diploma course in Classical Studies with the Open University and am hoping that there will be more SW related conventions happening next year. I would reckon that is a dead cert. I have been to one SW convention this year because I knew Jason Joiner was organising it but there have been others and the organisers I have not been too sure of so have not attended. Plus, these ones have been poorly advertised so I never knew they were happening until to close to the event.

  • From the Editor's Chair (1)
  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • Ruling Tagish, fiction by Mark Richards (Star Wars) (3)
  • The Accused, part two, fiction by Bob Cole (original science fiction) (8)
  • Book Reviews by Jamie Spracklen and Suzanne Godsalve (10)
  • cartoon, not credited (12)
  • The Day I Met the Princess (a.k.a. The Interview), fiction by Mark Richards (Star Wars) (13)
  • some X-Files comments, including a very short opinion of the movie, by Colin Smithson (17)
  • Go Now, My Children, poem by Jaimie Spracklen (Star Wars) (18)
  • The Star of Bethlehem, article by Bob Cole (19)
  • Assignments, fiction by Suzanne Godsalve (Star Wars) (20)
  • Sales Korner (25)
  • ad for two new Highlander zines: Only the Good and Of Shrouds & Shadows (26)
  • flyer for Dark Jedi #2 (27)

Reactions and Reviews: Issu 13

Thanks for all the Galaxy Travellers in 98, I'm looking forward to more in 99.

I see my Dear Leia piece generated a few responses which is always a good thing. I did like Mark's Interview with Princess Leia. It was a good technique to use a journalistic style rather than a typical prose one.[13]

Mark Richards' story in GT13 was excellent. The intro's very good. Lines of comment I always enjoy and the widescreen tv of Luke's very good - could be a good advert for Discovery Channel, or something like that. [13]

Thanks for Galaxy Travellers 13, which arrived before Christmas if I remember rightly. It seems such a long time ago now doesn't it? It was a thoroughly good read as usual.

I was pleased to see the second par of Bob Cole's story The Accused as I had enjoyed the first part of the story and it made a change from Star Wars based fiction. It was well written and with a nice eerie feel to it. Colin Smithson's brief summary of the X- Files movie was cool and the suggestion of a bit of background research very necessary to someone totally new to the X-Files. My favourite piece of the whole zine had to be Jamie Spracklen's Go Now My Children. I am not a great fan of poetry and generally don't read it, but I thought that Jamie's poem was very well constructed and with real emotional power behind it. Excellent. Of course, I couldn't not mention your story, as I found it quite intriguing stuff." [13]

Issue 14

Galaxy Travellers 14 was published in (February?) 1999 and contains 24 pages. Aside from some clippings and screenshots, this issue contains no art.

cover of issue #14

From the editorial:

Welcome to the first issue of of 1999, only another 3 issues to go before we reach the Millenium but in the meantime we have The Phantom Menace to look forward to. Mind you unless we are in one of the lucky countries to have the film premiering before us we still have to wait until mid-July. The front cover is one of the posters being advertised. I'm sure that there will be others. My printer decided to add the lines which I thought actually added something to it.

Everything has articles on the new film in it. A recent issue of Heat had an interview with Jake Lloyd along with yet more photos from TPM. We will have a montage of photos from the various magazines before July, let alone having the official magazines to buy. Keep an eye out for Starburst. There are supposed to be a couple of SW specials this summer so they won't be the only ones. I will definitely be needing to have a major clear out if my collection is going to increase. At the moment, I only have two fandoms I am buying magazines for but if this increases then I will definitely need to have a larger home to accommodate all the paper expected this year.

I expect that most of you will have seen the second trailer as aired on the Big Breakfast a few weeks ago. Did it live up to your expectations or was it another reminder that the film is going to be different from the previous trilogy. For me the fact that there seem to be a load of Dark Jedi about, with Darth Maul being only one leads to the question were they all annihilated by the Jedi or do they still exist fifty years later. Hopefully once the new SW trilogy is completed we are not left with even more questions. If we are I think Mr Lucas will have to make a third trilogy if only outlining the story and let someone else do all of the work. We will have to wait until 200? Before we know whether all of our answers will be fulfilled or not.

  • From the Editor's Chair (1)
  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • Story Competition/Challenge Proposal (3)
  • New Land, New Hope, fiction by Suzanne Godsalve (Star Wars) (3)
  • Sister, fiction by Tristam J. Walker (11) (The X-Files)
  • The Accused, part three, fiction by Bob Cole (original science fiction) (17)
  • Movie Truths, cliches and tropes (19) (multifandom) (19)
  • clippings and reprinted cartoons
  • an ad for Something Else, a social pen pal/fan club (24)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 14

Thanks for Galaxy Travellers which is to its usual excellent standards, the front cover is excellent. [14]

Galaxy Travellers was a good read. I liked the cover, the lines didn't make the poster look that bad! [14]

Issue 15

Galaxy Travellers 15 was published in June 1999 and contains 27 pages.

cover of issue #15

From the editorial:

Welcome to the fifteenth issue of Galaxy Travellers. Less than a month to go before the UK finally gets to see The Phantom Menace and the shops are filling up wUh all of the usual merchandise expected. So far you can buy anything from stickers to sweets, pencil cases to rucksacks, lego to computer games, figures and posters. If you didn't know anything about the film your innocence has somehow been protected. 1 am even being nice by putting in a spoiler zone at the back of this issue (page 25) just in case you don't want to know anything about the new film.

What is annoying me is that no one seems to be calling the film The Phantom Menace. Instead it is always the new Star Wars film as if it didn't have its own name. Yes it is part of the franchise but for me Star Wars will always mean the first film, A New Hope. I am hoping that the new film will be all that I would expect it to be and from the bits I have seen it does look good. I am sure that next issue will be full of comment on TPM and possibly the start of a flurry of new stories, artwork and poetry.

With this issue I have concentrated on printing the three competition entries I have received for last issue's competition. They were from Selinthia Avenchesca, Mark Richards and Tristram Walker. The results of the competition have been printed on page 24.

The various photos have been culled from various web sites on the Net so if you recognise any, which are your Jpegs, please let me know. Contributors therefore are the three competition entrants as detailed above (Selinthia, Mark and Tristram) along with Jason Grant who contributed the final story of this issue.

It is certainly a quirky issue this time round and I think that the mix of fiction, both comic and serious will suit your taste buds. I would love to have some more comments back as you will see on the next page I only received two LoCs. If nothing else you can comment on TPM, saying what was good about it or not. Controversial views can be aired as well along with any comments you might have about this issue.

We have a couple of items for you to look forward to in the next issue already. There is the first in a new trilogy of stories from Mark Richards along with a SW version of Blockbusters from Leona Crutcher. The deadline for issue 16 is 4 September 1999, with the final issue of this millenium [sic] having a deadline of 4 December 1999 so let's make the last issues of the 20th century ones to remember.

  • From the Editor's Chair (1)
  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • Fishing in the Dark, fiction by Selinthia Avenschesca (This was the competition winner.) (Star Wars) (3)
  • A Day in the Empire (a.k.a. Through the Mask of the Emperor), fiction by Mark Richards (Star Wars) (10)
  • Stuff Happens, fiction by Tristram Walkes (Star Wars RPF fusion with George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino) (22)
  • The Vader Tapes: Breakfast, fiction by Jason Grant (Star Wars) (26)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 15

I very much enjoyed Fishing in the dark and A day in the Empire. My congratulations to the authors. Stuff happens, although original was a little strange for my taste. Jason's Vader tapes was enjoyable, but I fear for his sanity. Very good

issue anyway - thanks.[15]

I read GT on the way home. There was some quality stuff in the competition entries. Selinthia Avenchesca deserved to win. Even though I don't go for that kind if story, it was very good.

Mark Richards contribution was interesting. I still don't quite know what to make of it and I have read it twice. I guess my absolute favourite thing in the whole zine has to be Stuff Happens. The woman sat opposite me on the train was wondering what I was laughing about. Then when I read The Vader tapes — breakfast... Well, she got up and moved seat. I laughed so hard. A fine issue by all accounts.

I noticed that it is a bit thin on LOCs. Well, that is as much my fault as anyone's so hopefully I have done something towards rectifying that. Now I come to think of it, it is quite bad that you go through all the trouble of getting contributions, putting them all together and making them into a top zine and very few people bother to express their opinions on it at all. Well, from all of those people like me who read it and enjoy it....

Thank you! [15]

I enjoyed the last Galaxy Travellers which I think I read before I got the house. I can't for the life of me remember where I put in the move but I do remember really enjoying 2 of the stories. [15]

Issue 16

Galaxy Travellers 16 was published in September 1999 and contains 37 pages. It contains no interior art.

cover of issue #16

From the editorial:

Welcome to the sixteenth issue of Galaxy Travellers and by now you will all have been to see The Phantom Menace. What did you think? Did it fulfill your expectations of was it a let down? For my part, when I saw the film for the first time, I came outside wanting to see the next installment and then remembered I have a few more years to wait before that happens. I have to be satisfied with seeing TPM for time being. Each time I have seen the film, three times so far, not that many times compared to some of you but still enough, I have been picking up new things each time. First time I managed not to see Darth Maul falling down the shaft in two pieces so I made- sure that I noticed that next time round. The aliens annoyed me most because I could not understand a word that Jar Jar or Boss Nass was saying. That has since improved and lean now understand what they say. The only thing which jars are the battle droids which keep saying 'Roger, roger' - it just seems to be totally un-Star Wars to me but that is my only real complaint.

I am enjoying the film more and more each time even though al of the characters are new if only by the fact that they are younger. The Obi Wan Kenobi is a different character from the one we saw in the original Star Wars. He is more impetuous and could be swayed to the Dark Side by his desire for vengeance against Darth Maul. Of course, he doesn't succumb but the temptation is there. The other characters we know are Yoda, who is at his most annoying but is otherwise unchanged from ESB and ROT J, and Palpatine. For this character he appears so harmless but it is Ian McDiarmid's half smiles and glances at the camera when only the camera is looking that show Palpatine is not all that he appears. There is no doubt that this man is Darth Sidious but we will have to wait again for him to be unmasked by the Jedi Council.

I now have a wish list for the next film - Qui-Gon Jinn to be reincarnated, if only to appear as a spirit guiding Obi-Wan, the Tatooine slaves to be freed and Palpatine to be unmasked. It's not much but it is a start. What would other people like to see happen in Episode 2?

  • From the Editor's Chair (1)
  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • A Dawn of Shadows, fiction by Mark Richards (This story continues as "Heart of Darkness" in a latter issue.) (Star Wars) (3)
  • Blockbusters, parody of a game show, in script format, by Leona Crutcher (17)
  • Flashpoint, part 1, fiction by Alison Dobell (Star Wars) (19)
  • "Cheaters". Archived from the original on 2003-11-02., fiction by Valerie Vancollie ("A scene that could have occurred between Anakin and Luke if Anakin hadn't turned to the Dark Side.") (Star Wars) (35)
  • Swap Page (37)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 16

Hi, got the latest issue of GT this morning - many thanks. I haven't had a chance to read much but as always I scanned through your editorial and the LOG page. I think this one of the best parts of the 'zine - reading what other people think, especially when it is about something that you have contributed yourself. You are doing a fab job with GT and each issue just seems to get better and bigger.

What I have read is Leona's Blockbusters - very funny indeed! I really had a wonderful mental picture of this when I was reading as Blockbusters used to be one of my fave quiz programmes! I will get round to reading the rest of it soon and I promise I will do an LOC for the next issue. [16]

Mark Richards is very good, I do like his stories and he seems to be most prolific. I like the way he has drawn Tyran Levy and his characterisation of the Emperor is spot on. Poor old Gaila, teetering on the brink of the abyss. What a traumatic ending too. I had to laugh at Blockbusters. I will never be able to watch that programme again with a straight face! Amused are you, yes! Glob, glob, glob. Cheaters by Valerie Vancollie felt a bit timeless, as if we had got a

peek into an alternative Star Wars. Nice to have some interplay between Luke and his father Anakin.[16]

The Editor's chair was very good. I thought the droids were brilliant saying 'Roger, Roger', what would they have said if they hadn't said that. I have a wish list, but it'll probably figure in the 3rd film. I want to see the conflicts

between the Jedi and the Dark Side as they are hunted down. The second film I'd like to see the Clone Wars with the Mandalorian Warriors. It will be sinister to see Darth Sidious marching into the Jedi High Council. I'd quite like to see Yoda getting off of his high horse and legging it from the stormtroopers. Nice to see lines of comment back, I think we should all take heed as Leona says it's our fault.[16]

That was a very good issue of your magazine, but the picture on the front always makes me think that Qui-Gon is wearing a nappy. Unfortunately, the people I related this to will be unable to see that photo without thinking of my comment. [16]

Issue 17

Galaxy Travellers 17 was published in December 1999 and contains 40 pages. This issue contains art by Sandra Scholes.

cover of issue #17

From the editorial:

The past few months have absolutely flown by and I cannot believe that the Millenium [sic] celebrations are just around the comer. Of course, there are those who say that the real Millenium doesn't happen in 1999 but in 2000 but who cares if it means another party. With an extended Christmas holiday season this year everyone will hopefully be able to enjoy themselves without too many worries. I am certainly looking at 2000 as being the start of the rest of my lite and have various plans I am hoping will bear fruit next year, mainly moving into a new house and possibly changing jobs. Fingers crossed anyway that it all happens. I have definitely been enjoying, the past year but next year I want to see some big changes so I am going for it, no matter what happens.

What do we have to look forward to in the 21st century? Well in 2000 we should be able to buy The Phantom Menace on video or DVD in however many versions it is produced in, widescreen or normal, box set or whatever else the marketing team dream up. I will be buying whichever version suits me and that will be it until it is re-released again and again so I will end up with several different variations just as I have for the original trilogy. Actually can we call ANH through to ROTJ the original trilogy any more? It is after all the second trilogy and now that the first film in the series has been released should TPM trilogy be called the original or just the first trilogy of three. The debate will continue with the release of the second and third films in the next five years or so, therefore more money will be spent on buying the magazines and merchandising which is sure to flood the shops yet again. In the meantime we have the novels produced by Random House and the continuing run of comics from Dark Horse to enjoy and keep our interest in the saga alive.

  • From the Editor's Chair (1)
  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • Hearts of Darkness, fiction by Mark Richards (Star Wars) (3)
  • Ways to Walk, fiction by Selinthia Avenchesca (Star Wars) (22)
  • You're Not a Star Wars Junkie Until... by Jim Smith (from the internet?) (23)
  • Flashpoint, part 2, fiction by Alison Dobell (Star Wars) (24)
  • In the Blood, fiction by Selinthia Avenchesca (Star Wars) (39)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 17

GT was very good. The things that make you a SW nut were excellent. I know its difficult to get short stories but one every zine is good. Longer stories are all very good, but when its 2 months since the last it loses its effect. [17]

I received GT just before Christmas. It was a good issue but I must admit I found the longer stories a bit heavy going. I guess that my attention span has shortened. I ended up reading them in little pieces in the end, I did read and enjoy them. I don't know where Mark Richards finds the time to do any of his writing, do you? He does so much of it, as well as editing a zine etc. [17]

Issue 18

Galaxy Travellers 18 was published in March 2000 and contains 37 pages. The interior art is by Sandra Scholes.

front cover of issue #18, Gerald Crotty

From the editorial:

we have the Star Wars event of the year to look forward to. For those of you able to come into London, the Barbican is hosting the Art of Star Wars from April to September 2000 which could well be worth visiting. If you cannot get down to London for the exhibition there is always the release of The Phantom Menace to look forward. Due out on April 4th, we don't have that long to wait for it and hopefully other videos will also be available as well.


In this issue of Galaxy Travellers, we have a selection of material for you to enjoy. We start off with a story from Richard J Thompson Jont's Revenge which is then followed by Mark Richard's When Empires Collide, and to celebrate the release of The Phantom Menace on video, a review of the film by Joe Sales. The artwork for this issue has been provided by Sandra Scholes, with Gerald Grotty supplying our front cover yet again.

  • From the Editor's Chair (1)
  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • Jont's Revenge, fiction by Richard Thompson (Star Wars) (3)
  • When Empires Collide, fiction by Mark Richards (sequel to "Hearts of Darkness") (Star Wars) (8)
  • The Phantom Menace, film review by Joe Sales (35)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 18

I wanted to respond to something, which you mentioned in the last issue of GT regarding long stories and serialising these over several issues. I have to agree with Rik that it can be quite difficult to follow a long story, especially as GT is only published quarterly.

I tend to read the first part of a story and then completely forgotten it by the time that the second part is published. Then you have to read the first part again to get the gist of the story.

What I think would work better would be to include the complete story in one issue. If this means that GT would be longer yet not so frequent, I don't think would be a great problem. Two substantial issues, say 50-60 pages would still be very good value and would be an equally satisfying read as a shorter quarterly 'zine. You might also find it easier to fill each issue by doing it less often as stories can be involved processes and can take days or months to complete. Personally I would prefer having two big issues a year and it would certainly give me a lot more time to get contributions done.

I also think that if you do a long story in an issue, it might be an idea to break it up into parts, say two or three, depending on length. I find it difficult to sit down and read a long story from start to finish unless it has some sort of division, like chapters in a book.

Okay, those are just my ideas and thoughts. [18]

Issue 19

Galaxy Travellers 19 was published in June 2000 and contains 21 pages. It contains art by Sandra Scholes.

front cover of issue #19, Sandra Scholes

From the editorial:

Filming for Episode 2 is under way in Australia and the third actor to play Anakin Sky walker has been cast. Hayden Christensen, the 19 year old Canadian actor, has been described as being "very talented" and well able to play Anakin at his "most complex stage of his life" by George Lucas. This leads me to wonder what about becoming Darth Vader and embracing the Dark Side? I would have thought that was the most "complex stage" but who knows how GL has written it. We know how Episode 3 will end but we don't know as yet how the journey to reach the climax of Anakin becoming Vader will progress. There are plenty of story lines which could be pursued and as fans we have explored them already.

From the Editor's Chair (1)

  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • "Appearances Can be Deceiving". Archived from the original on 2003-11-02., fiction by Valerie Vancollie ("Palpatine's thoughts during Qui-Gon's funeral.") (Star Wars) (3)
  • Father, fiction by Mark Richards (Star Wars) (8)
  • TMS-1: Intruder on the Wraithis, Intruder, part 1, fiction by Jason Grant (Star Wars) (11)
  • The Sacrifice, fiction by Alison Dobell (Star Wars) (18)
  • Top Ten Rejected Titles for the New Star Wars Movie, and Top Ten Reasons Why the Star Wars Characters Would Kick Butt in the Star Trek Universe (from the internet?) (21)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 19

It was great to receive my copy of Galaxy Travellers 19 through my letterbox. The news about the actor to play the older Anakin Sky walker was nice - he's not a bad looking male, is he - who would believe he will later become the helmeted Darth Vader! Spooky.

Great to see Mark Richards at his best again with his thoughtful story Father. I love the way he always manages to conjure up emotion in his stories, though I notice this more so when he isn't part of the Rebel Alliance! Expect more great stories to come from this writer. Believe me, I know!

Love Jason Grant's tale "Werewolf on the Destroyer" - yet another great writer who can convince the reader of anything that could happen. Great work from all included. [19]

Got Galaxy Travellers yesterday - another really very good issue, some stunning artwork by Sandra - where does she find the time? Haven't read the stories yet but plan too do some of them this weekend. [19]

I await to see other people's opinions on short stories. Valerie's short story was brilliant, very well written and ingenious. I may go to her web page to congratulate her.

"Father" was also nicely done, but not my particular angle on things.

I know Jason has been through it a little, but has he flipped! Darth Vader miming scared, saying 'frag' (only Jason says frag) and with a werewolf hunter called Van Helsing?![19]

"Galaxy Travellers" was a good read this time. The Phantom Menace stories were good.

They were the sort of extra, in-depth stuff we got on the radio versions of the classic trilogy. Jason's story was a little bizarre! Where did he get the idea for that?!

With regard to the longer story debate, I think I'd still like to see GT come out quarterly and a summary of longer stories made at the start of the next installment. [19]

Issue 20

Galaxy Travellers 20 was published in September 2000 and contains 19 pages.

front cover of issue #20, Sandra Scholes

From the editorial:

Welcome to the 20th issue of Galaxy Travellers. Unbelievable that the zine has been going for over 4 years now, and even longer than that if you consider its predecessor Force Sensitive. We have come a long way since the days when there was very little Star Wars out there. All we could look forward to was the next novel or comic and now that these are well into double figures, we have the next film to look forward.

  • From the Editor's Chair (1)
  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • TMS-1: Intruder on the Wraithis, Inception of the Monster Squad, part 2, fiction by Jason Grant (Star Wars) (4)
  • The Loving Force, fiction by Tim Goddard (Star Wars) (11)
  • From Luke's Early Years, joke contributed by Jason Grant (Star Wars) (13)
  • TMS-1: Intruder on the Wraithis, The Planet of Terror, part 3, fiction by Jason Grant (Star Wars) (14)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 20

GT was a good read. I liked the funny story about Owen Lars. The short story again on the Jedi duel was fantastic. Jason must be really into Buffy. Nice writing, strange material. [20]

Many, many thanks for the latest GT, although a little short on quantity that has certainly been made up with quality. Tim Goddard's story "Loving Force" Force, demonstrates that he is surely one of the best Star Wars fan fiction writers around. Superbly well crafted effort, which brought to mind many stunning mental images of these two Jedi's and their tragic destiny against the skyline of Coruscant. The ending was deeply moving and you could tell that Tim had invested a great deal of personal feeling and depth into the story, which is so rare amongst other fan fiction writers. This story deserves a Star Award next year as it is without question the best you've featured this year in GT.

Jason's Monster Squad adventures seem to get even more "out there" but he does it so well that it stiU seems to sit comfortably in the Star Wars universe. It made an interesting contrast to the Loving Force and ensured that this GT was one of the best for a long while.

Let's hope we have more stories for the next issue and if the quality stays this good, who can complain if we don't?!!

Excellent effort all round. [20]

I want to thank everyone who mentioned my TMS-1 story in their LOCs or

by letter, even if you only did so only to question my sanity. Yes, I have flipped, Rik. But I have also been inspired by the three title 'The Monster Squad' and drawn to create a suitable adventure for such a team. This story is a sequel, to the original adventure originally printed in a Sarlacc zine, and viewable online at the Yavin site ( /yavin base/tms1.html). In response to previous discussion, 1 would like Galaxy Travellers to remain at its current frequency, and have no problem with the size of stories, though I don't read many of the longer ones myself. That said, may I offer congratulations to Tim Goddard for that Jedi story last issue, as well as all the artists and writers of the previous issues. Oh yeah, and to Suzanne for being a fantastic editor.[20]

Issue 21

Galaxy Travellers 21 was published in December 2000 and contains 51 pages.

front cover of issue #21, Sandra Scholes
back cover of issue #21, Gerald Crotty

From the editorial:

Yep, it's that time of year again where we are all rushing round getting ready for Christmas, buying presents, decorating the house etc. I wonder how many of us have put the re-issued Star Wars trilogy box set on our wish list for Christmas? I am in two minds as to whether I really want to receive it. I already have three versions of the original trilogy so do I really need another set of videos to complete my collection? After managing to avoid knowing the total plot of The Phantom Menace until 1 had seen the film, I am now trying to do the same for Episode 2. However now I am having the problem of do I ignore anything to do with the plot or shall I peak at what is being offered. I have to admit that I am cheating and have been interested in learning what the plot could end up being as well as looking at the photos being posted. However unlike Episode 1,1 have not bought every magazine I have seen which mentions Episode 2 so that has saved me some money but how long will that last.

Talking of magazines, how many other people were surprised to find a Christmas edition of the Star Wars magazine in the shops during the past week. After buying the December/January 2001 issue in November, I wasn't expecting to see another issue until next year. However the publishers know, after the success of selling issues with different covers, that the fans will buy a copy of each magazine to get aH versions of the cover. So somewhat cynically, the publisher has released this extra magazine to generate themselves more money and moving what was supposed to be in the February/March 2001 issue into this one. Of course I had to buy the extra issue if only for the Harrison Ford interview so now I wait for the first magazine to be published next year and if there is a New Year edition published I guess 1 wiU be buying that to add to my collection. For this issue we have a bumper number of pages of complete stories which I hope you will enjoy. First off is the fourth part of Jason Grant's Intruder on the Wraithis saga and that continues with chapter 5 on page 44.

Second story is Mark Richard's For the uniform and then it is onto Alison M. Dobell's new story The Vaults of hell. Our fourth reader this issue is Tim Goddard who has written Tunnel turn around. Three artists grace the pages this issue. Jason Grant has provided the artwork for Chapter 4 of his ongoing story while Gerald Grotty provides his version of Maria at the end of the zine. The artwork gracing the front cover is that of Sandra Scholes as are the pieces dotting the stories in between so do read and enjoy.

  • From the Editor's Chair (1)
  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • TMS-1: Intruder on the Wraithis, A Garrison Breached, part 4, fiction by Jason Grant (was also at "The Monster Squad". Archived from [ the original] on 2003-11-02. {{cite web}}: Check |url= value (help)) (Star Wars) (3)
  • For the Uniform, fiction by Mark Richards (Star Wars) (9)
  • The Vaults of Hell, fiction by Alison Dobell (Star Wars) (20)
  • Tunnel Turn Around, fiction by Tim Goddard (Star Wars) (37)
  • TMS-1: Intruder on the Wraithis, New Rally Point Established, part 5, fiction by Jason Grant (Star Wars) (44)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 21

Thanks for the zine. I will comment on the things that I have read. The intro is good, as is the LOCs. It seems Jason has taken a lot of comments about his radical story, but it was a good read. Mark Richards story was well written and its nice to get away from those action stories, but I wasn't as pleased with the ending as 1 was with the rest of it. I was expecting something a bit more spectacular, but the SW universe doesn't have to always be spectacular, still pass on my appreciation. [21]

I enjoyed the last issue of GT. Jason writes a mad old story doesn't he. He's got the humour down perfect. I love his one-liners, excellent comedy. They other stories were good too, just the right length to read on my train to work! I prefer a tale that's over and done with in one issue. [21]

Issue 22

Galaxy Travellers 22 was published in March 2001 and contains 18 pages.

front cover of issue #22, Sandra Scholes

From the editorial:

In this issue we have short stories from Tim Goddard, Alison Dobell and shock horror a story from me for the first time in ages so I hope you enjoy this issue. It is somewhat shorter than the last issue but 1I am sure you won't mind that too much. Artwork has been kindly provided by Sandra Scholes once again with some additional thoughts on what is the meaning of being a Jedi from Tristran Walker.


If anyone has written to me and not had a reply, since December, please let me know. The local post office was having a deliver 1 letter, dump another in the river offer before Christmas.

  • From the Editor's Chair (1)
  • In My Experience..., fiction by Tim Goddard (Star Wars) (3)
  • Lines of Comment (9)
  • Some Thoughts on the Force, essay by Tristam Walker (10)
  • After the Race: Imagined Lost Scenes from 'The Phantom Menace', fiction by Alison Dobell (The Phantom Menace) (13)
  • A Dream for the Future, fiction by Suzanne Godsalve (Star Wars) (16)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 22

Tim Goddard's story was very contrasting. I liked it. It was very well written and linked two eras very well. Well done to Tim. The lost scenes from TPM by Alison were also written well, the one liners in the conversation were 100% believable from how Qui Gon and Obi Wan would talk.

Your story about the sabaac game was a little horrific, but very good, I enjoyed that. It was all good and I'm glad to see that there were shorter stories - me and Mandy obviously rewarded for our LOCs[22]

It was great to see a new story from you in the current issue of "Galaxy Travellers' which I read as soon as I opened your letter. I really enjoyed Tim Goddard's "in my experience there's no such thing' but what a sad ending! Well written as ever. I also loved your story 'A dream for the future' although the ending shocked me. I was all prepared for a slick and clever escape at the end with her ending up winning the sabaac game. I was saved from drowning my sorrows and having a wake for all the stories by Tristram Walker's light-hearted observations about the Force and the Jedi in 'Some thoughts on the force'. I laughed, loved it to bits. Very nicely written and not taking himself too seriously. Well done all round![22]

Galaxy Travellers was a pretty good read. I can't believe you only had two comments last time. Your story was a little crazy. There we are thinking she'll make it to the sabaac game and live happily ever after then BAM she's frozen meat. You mean bugger!!

Tristram had some humorous thoughts on the force and Tim writes a good yam too. It was nice to see the Vong mentioned in a fan fiction story. And another hero of the story bites the dust at the end. Pity! [22]

A big note of thanks for the last issue, what lacks in quantity is made up for in quality!

I enjoyed Alison's story in which she has captured how I perceive the master/padawan bond and reinforces what an impact the pairing of Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon has had on us fans, especially fan-fiction writers.

I also enjoyed your story, if enjoyed is the right word! It was very bleak and full of emotion. I hope it doesn't reflect your circumstances to closely as I know I sometimes indirectly transfer my feelings as I write, perhaps not the literal emotions but at least the sentiment. It ended not dissimilarly to my story but in a very different way (if that makes sense!).[22]

I loved the stories as usual in this issue. I especially enjoyed reading Tristram Walker's interesting account of what it's like to be a Jedi Knight. I found it very well put together short story. Alison's 'After the Race' put me back into the film of Phantom Menace, it was so vivid and filled in the gaps the film left behind. Nice to see Suzanne doing another story - long time no hear - keep up the good work team, your din' great. [22]

Thank you for the latest issue of GT, I loved the picture on page 2,1 haven't seen any Wedge art for a while now. It was good to see a Vong fan fic, it reminded me of the fact that the NJO needs some Republic victories to keep interest alive, I have to admit I'm getting fed up with the Vong winning seemingly every round.

It was a very interesting and funny take on The Force' by Tristram Walker but there

was a bit of Luke-bashing at the end and I really don't like that. I thought the story from yourself right at the end was great but as it was the last story and combined with the other endings in the issue - it left me feeling quite melancholy. Plus, I must admit to being disappointed in Alison's story, not due to the writing or anything but the fact that it started with Obi and Qui Gon talking about Shmi and I was hoping to hear more of her but then the story turned to Anakin. I really must do something for Shmi, she is by far the best thing about TPM. [22]

I wanted to let you have my comments on GT #22 as I've noticed that you haven't been getting a great deal of feedback lately. Although GT #22 was a smaller issue than usual, it was more than ample in terms of quality with three excellent stories.

Firstly, Tim Goddard's "In my experience, there is no such thing..." proves what an outstanding writer he is. The tragic story of Alucye Guondwin is beautifully told and there is some imaginative and powerful imagery on hand, both moving and exhilarating and an ending paragraph, which I personally found both profound and moving. Outstanding writing and superb storytelling weaved together to make a perfect short story.

Alison Dobell's "After the Race" was a clever and enjoyable piece, again some beautifully told scenes and excellent characterisations. Not only does Alison succeed in ably recreating moments from The Phantom Menace, she manages to combine these effortlessly with her own version of events. Short, simple but powerful and original.

"Dream for the future" rounded off another issue in style. It seems that the theme of GT #22 was tragedy and failing but in your story as with the others, it was well told. I was surprised that your heroine died in such mercenary circumstances and her dream was so mercilessly shattered.

There is a resonance, which lingers from this issue, of great writing coupled with strong imagery and I think it is a Galaxy Travellers, which I will find hard to forget. Simply superb effort by all involved.

Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to seeing the next issue soon. [22]

Issue 23

Galaxy Travellers 23 was published in June 2001 and contains 19 pages.

front cover of issue #23, Sandra Scholes

From the editorial:

This issue sees further stories from Tim Goddard and Mark Richards while the front cover and artwork have yet again been supplied by the talented Sandra Scholes. For any of you left wondering who the character is on the final page of this issue, it is Gustan and is advance notice that she will be appearing in a story from me next issue. There is a definite feel to this issue having shades of the Dark Side this issue with a story concerning Boba Fett and the Academy. It was not planned as such but that's how things go. Thank you also to everyone who wrote in with an LOG for the last issue - much appreciated by the writers, artists and myself.

Maybe next issue will be a Rebel Alliance issue who knows. I leave it up to those of you who contribute to send in stories for inclusion so this is definitely a zine for you all rather than just a chosen few. Anyone who contributes will see their work in print so don't be shy, do send in your material and I will include it in future issues.


Is anyone else experiencing apathy towards Episode II? Why is there this lack of interest in Star Wars? Is it because The Phantom Menace was a disappointment to the original fans or is it just because our priorities are changing now we are growing up© Who knows? For me, I think I will go for the latter option. What do other people think?

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  • Reacquire the Target, fiction by Tim Goddard (Star Wars) (5)
  • Reflections, fiction by Mark Richards (Star Wars) (17)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 23

Thanks for the latest Galaxy Traveller.

Good to see a few more LOCs and I am glad people enjoyed my story. I liked Mark's Story, it seemed very abstract in the first paragraph then the reader was given a little hint here and there letting them decide the basis of the situation. Very emotionally charged and ultimately very sad[23]

I was very impressed with the stories in the latest issue of Galaxy Travellers. I loved Tim Goddard's story "Reacquire the Target." Harrious Tremp was such as enjoyable character and I thoroughly enjoyed the way Boba Fett was drawn. The little snippets about Fett's past and his solitary existence being one of choice, suiting his personality as well as his profession felt so right The attention to the little details always impress me. For some reason this story reminds me of the old classic westerns, with Boba Fett needing to be the 'best of the best' equating with the gunslingers of old or perhaps even a modem day samurai. What comes across with such consummate ease is what a professional he is and this story really showcases his 'craft' to full effect. The action is good, very well placed, and I adored the countdown sequence and how Fett resolves it by being determined not to be fooled again. Way to go, Tim. Great work! Mark Richards achieved a very emotional and powerful piece in his story similar "Reflections." I loved it. The confusion Janus feels is so beatifically conveyed, his reflection in the transpariteel so clearly drawn you can almost see it as you read the story. It left me wanting to see a companion piece from Janus' perspective. A little look around inside his thoughts to reflect back on the original piece. Lovely work, Mark.

To finish, I tip my hat to Sandra Scholes for her lovely artwork, I cannot draw for toffee and her work is good. Can't wait for Galaxy Travellers 24.[23]

GT was its usual good standard, nice to see people coming out of the woodwork to make comments. I have not read all of the zine yet, but have read the story by Mark and again was impressed. The introductions were good. Anyway, keep up the good work. [23]

Thanks for the latest GT. Glad to see you got a few more LOC's this time round. Tim's story was good but it ended rather quickly. Five minutes later and BOOM he's dead. [23]

Issue 24

Galaxy Travellers 24 was published in September 2001 and contains 19 pages. The interior art is by Sandra Scholes.

front cover of issue #24, not credited

From the editorial:

Welcome to the latest issue of Galaxy Travellers. I meant to get this issue otxt to you last week oik with the events of 11 September 2001 everything seemed to take a back burner.

The terrorist suicidal attack on the World Trade Centre initially seemed to be lifted straight from a movie but it soon turned out not to be. With shock an area of New York I visit each time I stay in the town was destroyed. That afternoon I was glued to the internet waiting for the next piece of news to come in as was everyone else.

Working for an American law firm, some of the people I work with knew others who could have been mere and mey watched the drama unfold with fear for what soon became a worsening situation as the afternoon progressed. We learnt of another suicide attack on die Pentaon and then a crash in Pennsylvania.


So many innocent people were killed and for what? The world is gearing up for what could possibly turn out to be World war Three and nothing has been gained. The terrorist made it clear that nowhere is safe any more. However it has also meant that countries are coming together to combat this new threat to the freedom and democracy that we take for granted. Freedom and democracy will always win no matter the odds, just as Emperor Palpatine found to his cost. Even though he wielded ultimate power with the creation of the Death Stars, they were flawed and he was defeated by the rebels who believed in freedom mm democracy for all. The battle on Earth will not be as easy. There are many factions vying for supremacy against others mm it will probably be a long time before we reach me level of utopia that exists in the Star Trek universe. As John Lennon sang, "Give peace a chance."

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  • Lines of Comment (2)
  • Lost in the Desert, fiction by Tim Goddard (Star Wars) (3)
  • The Coming of Darkness, fiction by Suzanne Godsalve (Star Wars/Magnificent Seven) (11)

Issue 25

Galaxy Travellers 25 was published in January 2002 (though mislabeled as "December '00/January '01") and contains 22 pages. The art is by Sandra Scholes.

cover of issue #25, Sandra Scholes

From the editorial:

After a speedy 2001, will 2002 pass us by as fast 1 wonder? What do we have to look forward to this year? Well we have 'Attack of the Clones' to look forward to in May so in just under 4 months we will know whether it was worth the ticket cost. At least this time round we are not going to have to wait a few months after the film opens in the US before we can see it here. Of course, 1 did get to see the trailer for 'Attack of the clones' which was being run before 'Lord of the Rings'. First time round some people were late in getting to the showing and had to walk in front of me to get into their seats and 1 missed most of it. Second time round I got to see the complete trailer and it looks as if it will be interesting. However after seeing the awesome 'Lord of the Rings', I am left wondering whether if 'Attack of the clones' will be able to live up to expectations. Will we still be calling for Jar Jar Binks to be assigned to the nearest black hole? Will Hayden Christiansen represent a young Anakin Skywalker who is seduced by the Dark Side that the audience will find believable? Will we believe in the romance between Anakin and Amidala? Will the film meet our expectations and dispel our disappointment of "The Phantom Menace'?

Only time will tell and at the end of the year we will know whether Episode 11 has made it to our top film of2002 or will it be the second LoTR film "The Two Towers" which I have to admit I am wanting to see more than AOTC.

  • From the Editor's Chair (1)
  • Turning Points, fiction by Tim Goddard (Star Wars) (2)
  • Allies Made, part 1, fiction by Suzanne Godsalve (Magnificent Seven/Star Wars) (5)
  • Reflections, Too, fiction by Mark Richards (Star Wars) (19)
  • Some Newsy Bits (21)

Issue 26

Galaxy Travellers 26 was published in June 2002 and contains 12 pages.

front cover of issue #26

There are some screenshots, but not any fanart.

From the editorial:

Welcome to the latest issue of Galaxy Travellers. We're halfway through this year and the time seems to have speeded up. There doesn't appear to be any time to spare right now although I am slowly starting to get myself up to date with all of my SW reading. I still seem to be reading the New Jedi Order novels more than the new series of novels focussing around The Phantom Menace and later. I really expected that I would be well through those by now but they just are not grabbing my attention as the NJO novels. Possibly because the prequel novels do not hold characters I have grown to know and love whereas NJO have most of the original characters, plus ones whose role gradually evolved into having their own novels and new characters who I have grown to like over time.

Attack of the Clones has been out a couple of months now and I have noticed a decided difference from The Phantom Menace - my purse is considerably better off than around the release of TPM. AotC has certainly been downplayed in the advertising stakes this time round which is a pity as it is the better of the two films. However if you stop to consider that whatever had happened, TPM was the first prequel and after a gap of close on 20 years it would automatically generate great interest, after all it had a lot to live up to. The true fans would always want to see if the new film would live up to expectations and buy the merchandise while the second film had less to live up to, although with most fans hoping that it would be better. I have to say that I enjoyed AotC more than TPM - not a difficult feat I know and the fact that no translation droid was needed this time round did help matters. I am now looking forward to Episode III with hope that it will answer all the questions that Episode 11 has thrown up - how long the clone war will last and how do they end?; why does it take so long for Anakin and Padme to start a family; how does Mace Windu die (or did he get a better/safer monetary offer from Barclays and escaped to a galaxy far, far away).

Throughout this issue there are various photos from AotC for you to enjoy while you read stories from Tim Goddard, Mark Richards and myself.

Next issue will hopefully be with you in September.

  • Flax, fiction by Tim Goddard (Star Wars) (2)
  • Lines of Comment (7)
  • Suddenly Silent, fiction by Mark Richards (Star Wars) (8)
  • Doubts of Suitability, fiction by Suzanne Godsalve (Star Wars) (13)


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