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Name: Elizabeth II
Also Known As: Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms
Occupation: leader
Medium: short film, public events
Works: 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, Ma’amalade sandwich Your Majesty?
Official Website(s): royal.uk
Fan Website(s):
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Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) was the longest serving British monarch, and was well loved by many - delighting people with her mischievous sense of humour and cultural awareness, for example when photobombing an Australian athlete's selfie at the Commonwealth Games.[1]

The Queen took this public engagement further by featuring in her own Real Person Fiction, in collaboration with fellow British icons:

  • secret service agent 007 James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) for the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012;[2] and
  • refugee Paddington Bear (Ben Whishaw) for the Platinum Party at the Palace in 2022.[3]

However she was also considerably disliked, and even hated, often due to the colonialism of the British Royal Family, and her death was celebrated on fandom-heavy sites such as Tumblr, with many memes being created or continued, often involving Doctor Who actor Christopher Eccleston, or the animated film Megamind.

Another meme, involving the idea that Sans from Undertale caused her death after he won a poll about who was the best Tumblr Sexyman on Twitter, lead to somewhat of an influx of related fanworks featuring him, often with Reigen Arataka from MP100 (who came second). Many of these fics and artworks are Sans/Reigen Arataka, and involve one or both of them reacting to, or causing, the Queen's death. Other characters from other media will occasionally show up too.


The Royalty RPF genre of fanworks is well established. There are currently 259 fanworks bearing the character tag "Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom" on the AO3. Those with the most kudos are set in the British universes of Harry Potter, Sherlock, Kingsman, and The Crown.[4]


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