Tales of the Empire

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Title: Tales of the Empire
Publisher: Delta Source Online
Editor(s): Mark Richards
Date(s): 1998-2000
Series?: yes
Fandom: Star Wars
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Tales of the Empire is a series of Star Wars fanzines published in the UK by Mark Richards.

There were fourteen regular issues and one fiction special published.

This zine series was immediately continued as Delta Source, also edited by Mark Richards.


  • Dark Jedi (November 1997-September 1999)
  • Tales of the Empire (February 1998-June 2000)
  • Delta Source (August 2000-Summer 2003
print flyer


From the publisher's print flyer:

If you enjoyed Dark Jedi then you'll love Tales of the Empire. This new bi-monthly Star War's 'zine dedicated to the Dark Side is looking for you!

As well as articles, profiles and fiction on your favourite Imperial agents, Tales of the Empire needs reviews of everything in the Star Wars Universe - books, toys, games, CD-ROM's, videos etc. If its got Star Wars on it, I want to hear about it, and Tales of the Empire will include it. Tales of the Empire is also looking for talented writers and artists to contribute articles, short stories and illustrations of the Empire's finest. Or if you just want to let of steam then get pen to paper and start a busy and lively letters page, including...

The Star Wars Master: Will answer questions on the Star Wars movies, novels, games etc. Write to The Star Wars Master [redacted] Brentwood, Essex, CM15 OLX (Answers will appear in Tales of the Empire)
From the publisher's online zine flyer:
The world's only regularly produced Imperial-based Star Wars fanzine! Issue #10 Women of the Empire is available now. Featuring Ysanne Isard, Mara Jade and Admiral Daala, we reveal the most powerful women to have served the New Order. With stories, an exclusive illustrated story and intelligence reports, we bring a fresh and original look at these often forgotten but influential characters...Back issues are available including our Episode One Special, a 40-page comb bound edition. [1]

The Editor Reflects Two Years In

In the December 1999 issue, the editor wrote at length about the journey he and the zine had taken so far:

Launching the fanzine itself was a huge challenge. I was feeling cocky after the relative success of Dark Jedi and I was determined to get my idea for an Imperial-based fanzine off the ground but it wasn't easy. Firstly, I didn't have any readers and still being an almost complete novice to fanzines, I was somewhat out of my depth. However, I was encouraged by the positive feedback on Dark Jedi and with a lot of determination (although at the time not much confidence in its future) the 'zine was launched in February 1998. At first we stretched to just 24-pages with a commitment to publish quarterly. I believe that the fanzine worked because it was an original and fresh idea and still to my knowledge, the only fanzine of its kind in the world.

The aims of the fanzine have always been quite simple and have largely remained unchanged. Our vision back in February 1998 was for "Tales of the Empire...to be a forum for all Star Wars fans who are interested principally in the Empire, its agents and machines of war. It is hoped to make Tales of the Empire a collaborative process, and the input of a team of dedicated people will ensure that it remains fresh and interesting.


Issue #1 was born despite my complete lack of experience or knowledge of what a fanzine should look like. Looking back it looks basic and uses very simple, straightforward styles of presentation. I could blame that on the limited capabilities of my computer at the time but in truth it was also due to my own complete inexperience of what it should be like! Something must have worked though and people liked it. For me the most impressive thing remains the front cover. Designed by the ever wonderful Sandra Scholes, it also established the distinctive Tales of the Empire banner. The cover because it stated exactly what the - the Empire.


The success of #1 boosted the page count to 28 for the following Emperor Palpatine issue, the first to debut at MediaWest in the USA in May 1998. I have ever since been grateful to Suzanne Godsalve for introducing me to Debbie Kittle, who acts as agent for a number foreign fanzines in the US. I was very proud when I got my first four orders for Tales of the Empire from the States and it was a great buzz to know that this very humble 'zine was going to be out there amongst the best Star Wars 'zines in the world. By now, I really knew that this was going to be a success and that feeling was a very satisfying one.

Tales of the Empire #3 established most of the current presentation and format of the fanzine. A new PC and scanner meant that the fanzine could be more creative and also developed a new style, which has remained popular since. I really did experiment on this issue and I took to heart a lot of what Jason Grant had mentioned about issue #2. The Grand Moff Tarkin edition was a conscious effort to really liven things up - new fonts were used, Com- Scan was revamped and the whole 'zine began to look a bit more legitimate. 1 was beginning to get a feel for this and I was loving it!

I wasn't content to rest there though. For Issue #4, I planned something quite ambitious and involving, certainly the most detailed issue attempted at the time, expanding the page count to a huge 40-pages to begin a two-part profile of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

The number of readers was continuing to expand and this special edition was very well received by the readership. My own abiding memory of this particular issue is the hours of research that was required to put it all together. It was the most demanding to get together but one, which I am also most proud of (despite a few bloopers!). Feeling like I had not punished myself with enough work, #4 led to the appearance of the fanzine on a bi monthly basis!

The Grand Admiral Thrawn profile was concluded in issue #5, which was also a Christmas Special. This was the first time that Sandra Scholes did not provide the cover design. For Tales #5 Gerald Crotty created a marvellous scene of stormtroopers roasting an Ewok for Xmas Dinner - it proved to be one of the most popular covers so far.


I was keen from the start of 1999 to ensure that we covered the new film in the best and only way that a fanzine can. It was pretty pointless trying to keep up together with the rumours and news, particularly in the fast moving world of the Internet. Instead, I wanted our Countdown to be from the fan's perspective and promote some debate and provide information for the fans. It was also time for our readers to choose their favourite moments from the fanzine over the previous twelve months with our readers' poll. Soldiers for the Empire has one of my favourite and what I personally think is one of the best covers of all with General Veers and a posse of Imperial troops This was also the last time that the logo used from issue #1 would appear.


For #9, the name of the fanzine was changed very slightly to Tales of Before the reflecting the fact that this issue was covering the events of The Phantom Menace. As with most things that have been improved and liked about the fanzine, this was not my ideal I take no shame in saying that I always listen to and quite often use other people's ideas. As I said in the beginning, the ethos of Tales is to be a collaborative effort and I have always believed that is the way it should be. It was in fact Jamie Richards who suggested the change of title, a subtle difference, which was noted and appreciated by a number of people. I also felt on reflection that it was more in keeping with the theme.


Issue #10 was another new departure for the fanzine, for the first time featuring entirely female characters from the Empire. I thought that after ten issues of largely male orientated features it was time to let the girls in! So, we had profiles of Ysanne Isard, Admiral Daala, Leia Organa, Mara Jade and Preesia Mieel. [2]

Issue 1

Tales of the Empire 1 was published in February 1998 and contains 24 pages. The art is by Sandra Scholes.

front cover of issue #1, Sandra Scholes
The editorial:

Hello and welcome to Ta/es of the Empire, the first of a new quarterly Star Wars 'zine. However this one has something of a difference to others that you may have seen. The emphasis here is on the Empire, its agents, machines of war, and its history. That doesn't mean that we don't look at other Star Wars material though, as you will find out in these pages.

Tales of the Empire is a spin-off from the Dark Jedi storyzine and is here to keep all of you Imperial-buffs entertained, informed and maybe educated. I am always looking for willing contributors to fill these 24 pages of articles, reviews, fiction and artwork, so get pen to paper and let me have your thoughts and ideas - I want to hear from you! In the meantime read on and enjoy!
  • TIE-Fighters: A Profile ("Robert Doublas takes a look at the Empire's most reconisable ships.") (3)
  • Face of Evil: Emperor Palpatine ("The Emperor comes into sharp focus in this detailed profile.") (6)
  • The Emperor Trivia File: Top Ten Emperor Facts (7)
  • Com.Scan ("Detecting and reviewing the latest and some of the best in Star Wars merchandise.")
    • a review by Jason Grant of the Star Trek: TNG/Star Wars fanfic Honor of the Empire (9)
    • a review by Mark Richards of the tie-in book by Timothy Zahn, "Spectre of the Past" (10)
    • review of "Star Wars Chronicles," pro book by Deborah Fine & Aeon Inc (11)
    • review of "Star Wars Calendar" by The Ink Group (12)
  • The Star Destroyer Fleet, part 1 ("Stephen Mohammed begins his definitive history of the Star Destroyer.") (13)
  • Imperial Dossiers: Emperor Palpatine (14)
  • The Twelfth Admiral, fiction by Mark Richards (19)
  • The Star Wars Master ("Your trivia questions answered by our resident expert.") (23)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

I just got through Tales of the Empire today, and I was very impressed with it.... That drawing of the Imperial Star Destroyer - loved it. [3]
Thank you very much... for Tales of the Empire. I read it immediately. I really enjoyed the stories and the profiles on the infamous Imperial masters. Great work from all concerned. [4]
Congratulations on Tales of the Empire] I've not had the chance to read the whole thing yet, but the stuff I've read so far is top, and the illustrations are superb. [5]

Issue 2

Tales of the Empire 2 was published in 1998 and contains 28 pages. The art is by Sandra Scholes.

front cover of issue #2, Sandra Scholes
From the editorial:

This issue we look at Darth Vader, going beyond the mask of the Dark Lord, and also exploring what really happened on Cloud City in Empire, with Jason Grant's Cloud City Sanction. Sandra Scholes has joined us again, and provided some more fabulous illustrations, while Stephen Mohammed continues to profile the Star Destroyer.

There is so much crammed in this issue that The Star Wars Master has to be held over to issue 3, but please keep your questions and comments coming. There are a couple of new writers that have been invited to contribute over the coming months so keep a watch out for them. It just gets better with Tales of the Empire, and to ensure it remains that way, please keep your contributions, comments and ideas coming - I need you!

Finally, a special hello to our new subscribers in the United States, and too anyone who is reading Tales at MediaWest in May - welcome along!
  • Beyond the Mask: Lord Darth Vader (4)
  • The Sounds of Darkness: The Imperial March, article about the music (5)
  • The Darth Vader Trivia File (6)
  • Fear of a Dark Lord, article (7)
  • Art: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader (9)
  • The Skywalker Files, article (10)
  • ISB Chronicles: Cloud City Sanction, fiction by Jason Grant (11)
  • Art: Vader and Luke Duel on Cloud City (18)
  • Imperial Dossiers: Lord Darth Vader (19)
  • Picture Special: Senator Palpatine (20)
  • Com.Scan ("More reviews of the best in Star Wars merchandise.") (21)
    • a review by Mark Richards of the tie-in book by Kevin J. Anderson, "Dark Saber" (22)
    • a review of an LP: "Alien Invasion- Space and Beyond 2" (22)
    • a review of the pro book "Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Characters" (23)
  • Star Wars Special Edition Laserdiscs, review and article by Mark Richards ("A special report.") (24)
  • I Have a Bad Feeling About This ("The first of our brain-teasers to win a free subscription to "Tales of the Empire."") (25)
  • The Star Destroyer Fleet, part 2 ("Stephen Mohammed continues his definitive catalogue of the Imperial Star Destroyer.") (26)
  • Did You See That, the Star Wars Bloopers (28)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

The artwork was superb as usual. Sandra Scholes is a genius and another hidden talent... I enjoyed the Darth Vader trivia page.

As for the latest "ISB Chronicles" - "Cloud City Sanction", Jason has produced another of his wonderfully light-hearted stories. The pairing ot Acen and Alex is wonderful and there are so many comments which had me smiling. Jason has a great gift of writing some light-hearted pieces and hopefully he will write some more."[6]

Although it didn't look like much from a distance (the cover), up close I liked it quite a lot. Darth Vader and Palpatine, and an extra special touch is that Star Destroyer partially obscured by the material of the Emperor's cloak - I think that was a lovely touch.

Com Scan was good.[7]

Issue 3

Tales of the Empire 3 was published in July 1998 and contains 28 pages.

front cover of issue #3, Sandra Scholes

The art is by Sandra Scholes.

  • News and Bits (3)
  • TIE Bomber in Profile, article by Robert Douglas (4)
  • The Great Moff: Grand Moff Tarkin ("The commander of the Death Star is profiled.") (6)
  • Com.Scan ("The latest Star Wars material is reviewed and rated.") (8)
    • review by Mark Richards of the strategy game, "Star Wars Supremecy" (8)
    • review by Robert Douglas of the pro book "The Essential Guide to the Series" (9)
    • a con report by Mark Richards for Empire Day IX (hosted by Falcon Society) (10)
    • a review of the Star Wars fan film spoof, "Troops" (11)
  • Imperial Dossiers: Grand Moff Tarkin (12)
  • Emergency on Gateway, fiction by Jason Grant (14)
  • Imperial Profiles: Bevel Lemelisk (17)
  • Once Upon a Death Star, fiction by Gary Tester (21)
  • Competitions (24)
  • That's No Moon... The Death Star, a profile by Gary Tester (25)
  • The Star Wars Master, with Robert Douglas (27)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

I enjoyed reading Jason Grant's story Emergency on Gateway. He writes with great insight and his descriptions are so detailed I could vision the characters there at the side of me as I read. He makes a great story [8]
I've just received Tales #3... Sandra's impressive illustration on the front, through to the new and improved layout of the first pages... splendid issue. It would be nice to see some pictures of less known characters... Other suggestions I would make are that perhaps the Com-Scan pages could be made a bit livelier by changing the layout a bit and using different fonts, I think it would also be a good idea to use quotes from the books as well as the films. [9]
...It's excellent. I love the logo, I always prefer something which has been done by hand rather than a computer font. Sandra Scholes artwork is terrific. I think that the layout is excellent. You've got a really good mix of reviews, stories, info etc. [10]
The issue was well laid out, and very enjoyable. Sandra Scholes has to be the most prolific artist I have ever encountered. Well done on another good issue. [11]

As always congratulations and thank you for the great 'zine. Issue #3 was excellent, especially the Sections on Tarkin and Bevel Lemelisk. Could you

please pass on my thanks to Gary Tester and Jason Grant for two excellent pieces of Star Wars fiction. I would also like to thank you for the competition prize that you sent me, I am really enjoying reading the book and it makes an excellent addition to my collection. [12]
I like the layout of Tales, and especially the 'quote clips' dotted throughout. [13]
Thanks for the latest copy of the fanzine -- all 'round a great effort. The standouts for me again are Sandra Scholes' contributions. The fiction was of an excellent standard -- especially the Hoth Aftermath story. It reminded me of an old Star Wars comic strip about Wedge Antilles and his gunner Janson and their antics post-Hoth battle. [14]

Issue 4

Tales of the Empire 4 was published in October 1998 and contains 40 pages.

front cover of issue #4: Grand Admiral Thrawn, by Sandra Scholes
  • News and Bits (3)
  • The Grand Admiral: Thrawn ("Our huge 20-page profile of the Grand Admiral with a look at the origins and campaigns of the Empire's genius.") (6)
  • The Thrawn Gallery, art by Sandra Scholes (11)
  • Murder on the Chimaera, fiction by Jason Grant (reprinted from the October 1996 issue of Telesponder) (13)
  • Imperial Dossiers: Grand Admiral Thrawn (16)
  • Com.Scan, reviews (17)
  • Imperial Profiles: Gilad Pellaeon (22)
  • The Link Quiz (23)
  • The Thrawn Task Force: Personnel (24)
  • The Thrawn Task Force: The Fleet (27)
  • The Thrawn Task Force: Land Assault Vehicels, Part 1 (29)
  • The Star Destroyer Fleet, Part 4 (30)
  • Orla's Story, part two, fiction by Joan Montgomery (part one is in "Tales of the Empire Fiction Special" (1998)) (the remarkable life and career of Orla Madine.) (33)
  • Competitions (38)
  • The Star Wars Master by Robert Douglas (39)
  • Did You See That? (unintentional bloopers) (40)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

I especially like the way the Thrawn profile covers so much, is so in depth and is written by a number of different people, and I like the new layout of the Com-Scan pages. In fact, just flicking through the pages there is a nice selection of things in there, as well as a good variation of text, format and page layout.

All in all, I believe that Tales is going from strength to strength and will continue to get better. [15]
I'm just writing to you to let you know that Tales of the Empire is brilliant! It's the best Star Wars fanzine I've ever read. The artwork and fiction are up to novel standards... [16]
Excellent. Tales of the Empire is the best Star Wars 'zine around. I enjoy reading it from cover to cover. The illustrations from Sandra Scholes are really good. Keep up the good work, the layout is just getting better and better [17]
The latest issue of Tales: it is just as good. Jason Grant's Murder on the Chimaera was a fun read. Again we need to hear more about the Phantom and his vendetta against Thrawn and the Empire. Definitely one of the wackiest stories that I have read in a while. The factual material was interesting to read. It makes everything so much easier when the information is all in one place... Congratulations to Stephen and Gary for doing such a good job.[18]

Issue 5

Tales of the Empire 5 was published in December 1998 and contains 30 pages.

front cover of issue #5, Gerald Crotty
From the editorial:

After the weighty comb-bound effort of the last issue it is back to the less grandiose (and thankfully cheaper!) regular issue. But before you all sigh with disappointment, I promise that this issue has just as much if not more, to keep you entertained and amused over your Christmas and New Year hols.

Hopefully you’ll find something amusing crammed in the next 30 pages, together with the wholly serious second part of our Grand Admiral Thrawn profile, rounding off the major feature from October. In addition we are joined this issue by three new artists - Mikal Dyas, Jamie Richards and Gerald Crotty, while Sandra Scholes continues to add her usual magic brilliance to this issue. 1 am also really pleased to welcome Deb Kittle as our regular US Correspondent, with the first of her reports on page 12 with details of the Episode One trailer. Be warned, this contains details of the trailer itself, so if you don’t want to know, don’t read it! Unfortunately to make way for all these exciting extras, The Star Destroyer Fleet and Com-Scan have both taken a break for this issue, but will be returning in force from February.

From the editor: {{Quotation2| Thanks to Jason Grant, editor of Telesponder, and administrator of The Moons of Yavin club, for championing the Imperial cause through setting up an e-mail address for Tales of the Empire (see Hyperspace for more details). Furthermore for constantly praising the 'zine in anyway he can, and for offering his constructive and supportive advice on TOTE. Jason also rightly deserves a mention for his consistently excellent Telesponder, which despite Jason's own modesty really is one of the best Star Wars 'zines anywhere (well, in this galaxy at least).

  • News and Bits (3)
  • The Grand Admrial: Thrawn by Mikal Dyas (5)
  • Visions of the Future (details of the origins of Thrawn as revealed in Timothy Zahn's latest book) (6)
  • The Noghri ("The role of these assassins in in Thrawn's campaign.") (7)
  • The Thrawn Task Force (9)("Concluding our two-issue profile of Thraw's Task Force we look at the capital ships and land assault vehicles.") (9)
  • The Phantom Menace, review of the movie trailer by Debbie Kittle (12)
  • Once Upon a Christmas by Mark Richards (An irreverent look at the Empire's Christmas celebrations.) (13)
  • Force Bubble by Jason Grant (17)
  • Self Defence Against Blasters by Leona Crutcher (19)
  • Orla's Story, part three by Joan Montgomery (the conclusion) (22)
  • All I Want for Christmas is... ("Our recommendations on some of the best Xmas gifts.") (27)
  • The Star Wars Master by Robert Douglas (28)
  • Did You See That? (a look at the Star Wars Holiday Special) (30)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

I loved the front cover for the Christmas issue of Tales. Gerald Grotty is a great cartoonist from what I can gather. Jamie did a good

job too. It was a very well put together issue.[19]
Thanks for the Xmas edition of TOTE, an enjoyable read as usual... This is the only Star Wars 'zine which I actually subscribe too...! adore the festive cover and I look forward to future issues of TOTE. [20]
I have...received the latest issue of Tales of the Empire. Another good read as per usual, especially the festive front cover. Another shining example of Gerald's genius. I have to admit that the first thing I did was turn to Joan's story conclusion. A pity to see the end of Orla Madine but at least she went out in a blaze of glory, if you will excuse the expression. [21]

Issue 6

Tales of the Empire 1 was published in February 1999 and contains 30 pages.

front cover of issue #6
From the editorial:

At last we've made it to 1999 - the year of Episode One. There is already much hype and excitement about the new film with that only increasing as we head towards May 21st. In the coming issues of Tales of the Empire, starting with the current edition, we'll be looking in- depth at Episode One and the publicity that surrounds one of the most discussed films of all time. What we will not be indulging in is giving away key plot points or discussing revealing aspects of the film's storyline.


In the meantime for the non-Episode One boffins we will continue to provide our usual fare of features, articles, short fiction and reviews. And rest assured that with the release of Episode One, we'll be continuing to look at the Empire, through its various forms whether it be the Sith or the rise of Palpatine to Emperor.

If anything 1999 promises to be one of the most exciting years for Star Wars fans and 1 hope that we can at least capture an impression of that in Tales of the Empire.
From the zine:

The big story in the film magazines at the moment about Star Wars is ironically not about the much awaited Episode One, but about the whole future of the Star Wars franchise. It has been widely touted that George Lucas has said that there will be no more Star Wars films after he has completed the three prequels i.e. no continuation on from Return of the Jedi. But Lucas has yet to categorically confirm that is his intention. His interview in the February issue of Vanity Fair, which everyone seems to have jumped upon, does not rule out the possibility of further Star Wars fiims. However, it does seem likely that Lucas will not make them himself. After all if the prequels prove a huge success and there is still demand for the franchise, then surely there is no conceivable reason why it can't progress into further sequels, with or without Lucas at the helm.

News on Episode One trailers, is that a second, longer and more detailed trailer is due to hit US cinema screens in March. The new version will be four minutes long, replacing the current teaser trailer. It will be interesting to see if this new publicity will generate as much interest and excitement as the first. Already there have been comments that the initial teaser looks rushed and that there is far too much dependence on CGI, with Yoda highlighted as looking particularly "puppet" like in his appearance.
From the editor:

I must say a very big thank you to Jason Grant for showing me how to use the Internet when we met in London during January.


Thanks are extended to Ken Blackmore from Ireland who has been providing me with print outs of interesting Web pages and sites from the Internet and not least for his enthusiasm and interest in the 'zine.
  • News and Bits (3)
  • The Iron Lady: Admiral Daala by Mark Richards and Gary Tester ("Our major profile of one of the Empire's forgotten geniuses and her struggle against the New Republic. We also look at the personnel who served her task force and the daring campaigns of the Daala era.") (5)
  • Com Scan (reviews of Zahn's book "Vision of the Future," Star Wars toys, and the "Behind the Magic CD-ROM) (12)
  • Episode One: The Countdown ("The release date of The Phantom Menace grows ever closer and as part of our commitment to coverage of the new films, we launch a three- page special for your enjoyment.") (15)
  • The Admiral Daala Adoration Page (18)
  • Abandoned, fiction by Mark Richards (19)
  • The Ecology of the Astromech Droid by Jamie Spracklen (22)
  • Wraith Uncovered by Jason Grant ("Jason returns sans the ISB agents Alex and Acen, with another amusing tale.") (24)
  • The Star Destroyer Fleet ("Part 5 of Stephen Mohammed's mammoth profile of the Imperial capital ship.") (27)
  • The Star Wars Master by Robert Douglas (30) ("An irreverent look at why the Empire's only female Admiral is so, well, admirable.")

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

You seem to have taken the whole Episode One excitement and nailed it correctly. The new prequel section looks and reads well - you've taken the best bits from the Net and laid them out rather nicely! [22]
I loved this issue and I want to have its babies! You and Gary did extremely well with the Admiral Daala research and writing; I am amazed at what you were able to dig up! [23]
To say that Jason Grant's story Wraith Uncovered is surreal is a great understatement. Weird, weird, weird! You've been watching too much U [24]
I like your story, Abandoned, a very good insight into Daala's feelings as well as her history. Stephen Mohammed is doing a superb job digging up all those Star Destroyers and Jason Grant as always manages to amaze and amuse us in equal [25]

Issue 7

Tales of the Empire 7 was published in April 1999 and contains 30 pages. It contains no fiction.

front cover of issue #7: General Veers, by Sandra Scholes
From the editor:

Thank you to the few readers who could be bothered to make the effort to return their Best of 1998 votes. For those of you who didn't I can only assume that you are either totally delighted with the fanzine or absolutely hate it. However the consensus from the votes received seems to be the former, although a couple of problems/areas for improvement have been highlighted. You want to see less of the material from the novels, more coverage of minor characters and more artwork. On the other hand, the Grand Admiral Thrawn issue from October 1998 proved to be the most popular.

Mark Richards and Jason Grant were tied as the best writers of 1998, between them receiving all the votes cast. Of the most popular stories this was again a tie, between Once Upon a Christmas, The Land of Lost Dreams and Orla's Story. Sandra Scholes stormed through with the most votes for Best Artist, with Gerald Crotty gaining the rest of the votes. Choosing a Best Cover was obviously going to be difficult, but the most popular were Sandra Scholes design for issue #2 and Gerald Crotty's Xmas cover of Ewoks and Stormtroopers for issue #5.
From the editor:

Yes, the hunt is on for the most embarrassing, silly, or nerdish activity undertaken by a fan in pursuit of their love of all things Star Wars. It doesn't matter how big or small, when or how, but it must be a genuine story, supported by photographic evidence if possible. The idea is not to embarrass Individuals but to celebrate the fans that have kept Star Wars alive through the many long years since Return of the Jedi.

For the person judged to have done the most stupid, silly, compromising or downright outrageous act for their pursuit and love of the films, an exclusive full-colour certificate that you can frame and display proudly to all your friends, who always knew that you were the craziest Jedi In the galaxy!

So come on, tell us about that time when you actually sat through the titles for a film, just to prove to yourself that it was really one of the Red Squadron pilots who appeared briefly on screen during the movie. Or perhaps you're planning to queue for a month to see Episode One, or maybe you have proudly named your children Luke and Leia.

Perhaps you've done something even more outrageous - write or e- mall us with the evidence.

  • Rebel Rumblings (4)
  • Transmissions Intercepted, letters of comment (4)
  • Soldiers for the Empire Part 1: The Imperial Army by Mark Richards and Gary Tester. ("Tales of the Empire begins a major two-part profile of the armed forces of Palpatine's Empire at the height of its reign. In this issue we begin with a look at the Army, from Grand Moff's to Army Troopers, Tales of the Empire examines the structure and profiles members of this awesome machine.") (5)
  • Com-Scan ("The latest reviews of the best in Star Wars merchandise including a special look at Star Wars toys and figures with Leona Crutcher.") (12)
  • Episode One: The Phantom: The Countdown, Part Two ("Find out what Bono will be doing in Episode Two, details of the new prequel trailer, a look at the upcoming Episode One toys and merchandise and a round up of all the latest prequel news and rumours.") (15)
  • The Most Outrageous Thing I Ever Did for Star Wars ("Now is your chance to come out and tell us about the totally outrageous things you've done in pursuit of your enjoyment of the Star Wars saga.") (20)
  • Docking Bay 94 ("Trying to track down that elusive fanzine? Looking for details of Star Wars conventions? Interested in making pen friends and e-mail contacts? Well, this is the place to come, your friendly port of exchange for everything you want or need to know.") (26)
  • The Star Destroyer Fleet, Part 6 ("Stephen Mohammed continues with his exhaustive profile of the Empire's most fearsome capital ship.") (27)
  • The Star Wars Master by Robert Douglas ("More of your trivia and questions answered by our resident expert.") (29)
  • Hyperspace ("Star Wars Web sites worth checking out and information about the new Tales of the Empire Web Page.") (30)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 7

Received TOTE today after a gruelling week at work, great read as usual...

...for the last two years LucasFilm has done nothing but bitch on about how the internet had been responsible for 'shovelling ludicrous rumours' about The Phantom Menace and releasing the films plot, therefore ruining it for all those who see it? Maybe. But imagine my surprise when I bought The Phantom Menace soundtrack and staring up from the track listing are all the major spoilers from the film as son titles! Unbelievable. How did they miss this? [26]

My fave article in the issue has to be the in-depth 'Soldiers for the Empire'. I am looking forward to the concluding part in the next issue. I also enjoyed Leona Crutcher's Star Wars figures reviews. I'd have to agree with her on all of them. The new R2 sucks and the rest are a big improvement on their original counterparts. I have 65 of the new figures including the Luke on steroids and the Leia, which looks more like Han.

The only disappointment about issue #7 of TOTE is there was no fiction. [27]
A huge thank you to all the Princess Leia fans who remembered and responded to my 26th birthday. Thanks also to Mark Richards and Joe Sales for reading Tales of the Empire and Galaxy Travellers respectively onto audiocassette for me, much appreciated guys. [28]

Issue 8

Tales of the Empire 8 was published in June 1999 and contains 30 pages. It contains no fiction.

front cover of issue #8
From the zine:
I was interested to read on the letters page of Frontiers a new ending to Return of the Jedi. Apparently the Death Star explosion would cause the equivalent of a "nuclear winter" on the forest moon of Endor and kill 70% of life including those cuddly Ewoks... Well, I thought you ought to know.
From the zine:
If you like fan-fiction and not just Star Wars then the voluminous www.fanfiction.net is the place to call in on. There is fiction covering just about every genre you can conceive including Star Wars. You also have the opportunity to submit your own work or review stories already on-line, find out about the authors and give them your score out of ten.
  • Editorial by Mark Richards (3)
  • Rebel Rumblings and Letters of Comment (4)
  • Soldiers for the Empire Part 2: The Imperial Navy by Mark Richards ("Tales of the Empire concludes our profile of the armed forces of Palpatine's Empire at the height of its reign, with a detailed analysis of the Imperial Navy. The most potent symbol of the Empire's supremacy, the Navy was instrumental in holding millions of worlds to the Empire's New Order.") (5)
  • Com-Scan by Richard J. Thompson, Gary Tester, and Mark Richards ("Star Wars Web sites worth checking out and where to find the new Tales of the Empire Web Page. Now on line.") (11)
  • Episode One: The Phantom Menace: The FINAL Countdown ("The latest news rounded-up from the most anticipated film of the last twenty years. With news of a new UK release date, ticket sales and 24 hour openings. Star Wars in the media and how those box office records have begun to fall. Plus Ken Blackmore reports from Canada on The Phantom Menace.") (14)
  • Lord of the Sith ("Dougal Bright examines everyone's favourite Dark Lord and asks is he just an asthmatic in a black rubber suit or a generic baddie?") (19)
  • The Diary of an Imperial Citizen ("What is life really like under Palpatine's New Order? Find out first hand in the first of our reports from our citizen.") (21)
  • The Characters of Episode One ("Bob Cole' irreverent introduction to the characters of Episode One, from Yogi to Broken Windu. You won't find a guide quite like this anywhere...") (25)
  • Docking Bay 94 (26)
  • The Star Destroyer Fleet, Part 7 by Stephen Mohammed (27)
  • Hyperspace (websites) (29)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 8

Thanks for the latest TOTE. It was excellent, I can see you've put a lot of work into the 'Soldiers' article. Gary Tester's 'Personnel' article was also very good with tons of information.

I liked your coverage of Episode One. Loads of information, without giving away the plot. Franz Master's Diary of an Imperial Citizen was also excellent. [29]
Well done on the latest issue of Tales of the Empire. As always its turned out really well; looks good and reads good. It's a shame there wasn't space for more fiction but I suppose we'll get a large dose of that soon with Dark Jedi #2. In this issue I especially liked Bob Cote's joke at the start, the Enemy of the Empire review, which has really made me want to go out and get the comics and I found the Lord of the Sith article to be an interesting read. And I always like to finish off with the easy-to-read and informative Star Destroyer Fleet.[30]

I loved the new issue of Tales! With the Soldiers for the Empire have thought for a few weeks how good it would be to have my characters and ships from my stories included in the list but I never thought you or Gary Tester/Stephen Mohammed would go for it. Imagine my surprise to notice the Gateway mentioned on page 23 and as part of an entry for Major Stanislaw and on the same page. Lieutenants Prem and Thurgau.

Since this was Part 2 of Gary's listing, I hurried over to the previous issue and noted for the first time the entries for my ISB agents. Gary, thank you. You have made an old man very happy (Jase, shouldn't that be "made a very old man happy?!" - Ed.). This was much better than reading an LOC (Lines of Comment). Especially with Alex and Acen. I was able to count off stories as you mentioned something, e.g. cream cakes. Oops, he's read Cloud City Sanction then? [31]

Issue 9

Tales of the Empire 8 was published in August 1999 and contains 40 pages. The title is slightly different on this issue: "Tales of Before the Empire" to reflect its content.

"The Phantom Menace Special. The Phantom Menace arrives in the UK! Covering the film, from merchandise to news and views and profiles of all the main characters featured in the film."

front cover of issue #9
  • Rebel Rumblings (4)
  • The Daily Suns ("Your free supplement included with this issue and instant digest to the latest news and stories from around the galaxy.") (unnumbered pages)
  • Transmissions Intercepted, letters of comment (5)
  • Evil Has a New Face by Mark Richards, Jason Grant, Dougal Bright, Gerald Crotty, Leona Crutcher, Richard J Thompson, Robert Douglas and Gary Tester ("At last, the most anticipated film of the decade is here and Tales of the Empire begins its massive coverage of Episode One: The Phantom Menace. As well as taking an in-depth look at the chief villains and characters, profiles of the actors who played them and exploring just some of the vehicles and weapons of Episode One, Tales of the Empire, also gives you three different reviews of the film and your verdict on crucial plot points. This is some of the most detailed fan coverage you'll find in print, expertly illustrated by Sandra Scholes and Jamie Richards. Join us as we reveal The Phantom Menace...") (6)
  • Ewok Hell ("Join Dougal Bright in his new column looking at merchandise from the film and his opinions on the furore surrounding the evil Sith Lord himself, Darth Maul.") (25)
  • Apprentice, fiction by Mark Richards ("At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge." Darth Sidious and Darth Maul plot the downfall of the Republic and the destruction of the Jedi order.") (33)
  • many fan comments about the movie (37)
  • Did You See That? ("All those details that you may have missed from Episode One are here, like Indiana Jones at the Pod Race and those amusing and obvious continuity errors. Pick apart The Phantom Menace ") (39)
  • Hyperspace (40)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 9

I must admit that Jamie's becoming quite the artist...He does some great imaginative covers.

Excellent The Daily Suns supplement - morel " More! Loved Jamie's front cover, very stylised and interesting. Also love his Darth Maul! Menacing! [32]

I must say I think Jamie Richards' (any relation?) artwork Is superb. It looks very simple but I know It Isn't, it's very graphic and those simple clear lines must take a lot of time. Just look at the battle droids on the cover, they've been enjoyed reading the various opinions on TPM. I'd like to see more of that.

The Ewok in Hell article was interesting but I'm not sure what his point of view is. Was he defending Ray Park or what? I think Ray Park Is in it for the money. [33]

"The Ewok in Hell" piece was Interesting and raised some good points but my theory Is to only pay for a sign If the money goes to charity and then not more than a fiver, which Is still too much for a minor actor who had less than ten minutes screen time. There was a nice obituary for Declan. I thought that you were taking a bit of a chance with the bloopers though. The In-jokes were fine but you have to be careful with continuity errors as a lot can be explained and It Is easy to be mistaken. There was a list published on the Net and I managed to explain most of them.

The Daily Suns was nice...nice touch about Shmi podracing.[34]

Thanx for the latest TOTE. Definitely the best Issue I have read so far! I can't fault anything In the whole Issue. Favourite bits? It's hard to say. All the character profiles are excellent and the artwork, which goes with them. Is stunning, especially Sandra Scholes' Darth Maul. I also enjoyed your short story Apprentice, which leaves me even more excited about Dark Jedi #2.

I also enjoyed The Daily Suns. It should become a regular feature. [35]
It was perhaps the most professional and mature Issue to date, a great Intro to Episode One. Congrats to all. And If the free supplement of The Daily Suns adds to Its appeal then all the better. [36]

Issue 10

cover issue #10, Sandra Scholes

Tales of the Empire 10 was published in October 1999 and contains 30 pages.

The art is by Jamie Richards and Sandra Scholes.

Welcome to Tales of the Empire and our tenth issue! After the packed Phantom Menace coverage of the last, it's back to the more regular format but with some nice new ideas. Women of the Empire is the theme and we covering in detail Ysanne Isard, Mara Jade and Admiral Daala, along with a selection of others, both familiar and new. I am joined in the profiles of these infamous and powerful women by Gary Tester, Richard Thompson and Jamie Richards who have each taken unique approaches to exploring these characters.

As well as our principal features on the Women of the Empire, we have most of our regulars, although The Diary of an Imperial Citizen, The Star Wars Master and The Star Destroyer Fleet have taken a break for this issue to make way for our extended profiles. We also have the formal launch for our special appeal for the final issue of the Millennium. Tell us about what you were doing when Star Wars as first released in 1977 and what your favourite scenes are from the movies and help us build a unique retrospective on the last two decades of Star Wars fandom. Some readers will already have received their poll's by e-mail but for those not on e-mail, these are enclosed with this issue.

As you can tell it is yet another packed Tales of the Empire so I will leave you now to enjoy the next thirty pages. See you next time!
  • Editorial (2)
  • Star Wars News (4)
  • Letters of Comment (5)
  • Women of the Empire by Richard J Thompson, Jamie Richards, Gary Tester and Mark Richards (6)
  • Com Scan ("Merchandise reviews with a new look and easier to use rating system. Join Leona Crutcher as she hunts out the bargains at the local £1 shop and read through Dark Horse's latest comic book offerings with Richard J Thompson.") (14)
  • More Women of the Empire (19)
  • Trip to Peramont, fiction by Gary Tester ("Kardiss Walker continues his research on the Empire's bloody past, looking for information on the enigmatic Mara Jade. On Peramont he arranges a meeting with the local Imperial Moff - Daltira, hoping to discover the secrets and possibly the identity of the Emperor's Hand. ") (22)
  • Ewok Hell ("Dougal Bright returns with another acerbic look at those damn furry things - the Ewoks - and the earliest days of Star Wars merchandise. Engage for a amusing journey through the plastic and fun of Star Wars toys...") ("I'm sorry, folks, but it really does escape me as to why the Empire's finest, clad in their nice, shiny (and above all, WHITE) armour were overrun, nay, slaughtered, by a bunch of shabby, goofy, overgrown squirrels.") (28)
  • Writing Challenge ("Kill the Ewok! Exclusive Competition. Now it's your chance to have revenge in an exclusive competition in Tales of the Empire. Each issue we are looking for the most devious and depraved ways of killing those furry bastards - the Ewoks! The most painfully childish abomination of the Star Wars Trilogy must die! ... All entries will be vetted by our very own Ewok-executioner, Dougal Bright and the most effectively vicious suggestion, will win a fabulous prize - a drink on us!") (29)
  • Hyperspace ("More of the best from the Net, reviewing and recommending some of the top Star Wars sites plus e-mail contact addresses for Dougal Bright and Gary Tester.") (30)
  • The Daily Suns ("Ken Blackmore brings you the second issue of The Daily Suns. More of the latest news and stories from around the galaxy in the ultimate digest.") (31)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 10

Just received the latest issue and enjoyed it. The story towards the back (I'm writing this at work and therefore have not got it in hand) was very good (the one about the researcher) and being a comics fan the reviews of the latest Star Wars comics were of interest. [37]

Issue 11

Tales of the Empire 11 was published in December 1999 and contains 32 pages.

front cover of issue #11
From the zine:

The new Tales of the Empire Web Site is now open at www.talesoftheempire.co.uk - check us out! The site features a wealth of information on both Tales of the Empire and Dark Jedi, including the following:

  • profiles and pictures of the contributors
  • a huge database of Imperial characters from
  • books, films, novels and the fanzines
  • merchandise reviews
  • a selection of outstanding fiction from Tales and Dark Jedi
  • a section entirely devoted to reviewing and commenting on The Phantom Menace
  • a massive Episode Two preview section

The Web Site is the culmination of months of hard work by Gary Tester, making a site, which stands proudly amongst the Star Wars on-line fan community. It has also been made possible, in no small part, due to the dedication and contributions of the teams who work on Tales of the Empire and Dark Jedi.

The Web Site is still under construction and will feature updates and new features over the coming weeks and months. Its success will depend very much on your support - if you've visited our site and enjoyed it, please mention it to your friends.

For the future Gary is looking to bring an on-line Star Wars Master and a discussion area plus there will also be some exclusive articles and reviews! It's a very exciting future in prospect and join us on-line now to find out about the latest and forthcoming issues and read a selection of the best features, reviews, fiction and articles.
  • Welcome, editorial by Mark Richards (3)
  • Rebel Rumblings (4)
  • Transmissions Intercepted (5)
  • The Millennium Poll ("With the biggest number of contributors ever, Tales of the Empire reveals some of the best-loved scenes and characters from the last four Star Wars films. Plus your memories and recollections in a very personal look back over the last twenty-two years of the greatest science- fiction films ever made. Join us as we celebrate the Millennium of Star Wars ") (6)
  • The Lost Stars of the Wars ("The first of our profiles, looking back at the lost actors of the Star Wars films. The "gentleman of horror" is profiled In the first of our affectionate retrospectives.") (14)
  • Diary of an Imperial Citizen, fiction by Jason Grant (15)
  • Com-Scan (16)
  • Ewok Hell ("The master Ewok executioner is back with a vengeance! Join Dougal Bright on his trawl through the merchandise of the last twenty years.") (19)
  • Two Years of Imperial Tales ("Eleven issues and countless pages later. Tales of the Empire has nearly reached its second birthday. Mark Richards looks back at the development of the fanzine from its humble beginnings, highlighting some of the stories and best features along the way.") (22)
  • The Star Wars Master by Robert Douglas (25)
  • The Star Wars Fact File ("As its twenty-two years of Star Wars, we've taken the same number of obscure facts and compiled them in an indispensable and revealing look at the films.") (26)
  • The Star Wars Millennium Party Zone ("Just for fun, drop in to our Millennium Party Zone, and celebrate the new century with a host of wacky and fun Star Wars themes. Featuring the ever popular Star Wars drinking game, a selection of fantasy board games, rounded off with a boogie to disco hits. Star Wars style.") (includes filks) (28)
  • Tales of the Empire Readers' Poll -- Questionnaire (31)
  • The Daily Suns ("More news and gossip from around the galaxy in Ken Blackmore's unique newspaper.") (unnumbered pages)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 11

Thank you very much for the last issue, I have to say the quality of the 'zine is as good as ever. [38]
Thanks for the latest TOTE. Another excellent issue. I really enjoyed reading people's views on Star Wars and the favourite scenes etc. I'd have to question some of the answers given by Robert Douglas in The Star Wars toaster, how does he know that Paipie/Sidious isn't strong in the Force? And what makes him think that the Clone Wars will be in Episode Three? I also liked Leona's piece on Star Wars board games. 'The Emperor and the Advisors' was very funny. Who wrote it? [39]
Thanks for the latest issue of Tales of the Empire, which I received just before Christmas. It was interesting to read other people's views as to their memories of getting into fandom. [40]
The last issue was great and the colour cover was very good. The illustrations on the front inside page were good... [41]

Issue 12

Tales of the Empire 12 was published in February 2000 and contains 32 pages. The art is by Jamie Richards, Sandra Scholes, Mikal Dyas, Paul Young, Richard J Thompson and Matthew Price.

front cover of issue #12
  • Hyperspace and Transmissions Intercepted (5)
  • Com-Scan (7)
  • The Daily Suns ("More news and gossip from around the galaxy brought to us once again by Cinnamon Pierre and Ken Blackmore.") (unnumbered pages)
  • Affiliates of the Empire ("From bounty hunters and Black Sun to assassin droids and Kir Kanos, Tales of the Empire explores and meets the organisations and individuals that supported the New Order. Though many of these individuals did not swear an oath of allegiance to Palpatine they were nevertheless an indispensable means for the Empire to achieve its ends. With contributions from Tim Goddard, Gary Tester, Leona Crutcher, Jason Grant, Richard J Thompson, Sandra Scholes, Jamie Richards, Mikal Dyas and Mark Richards, this is our comprehensive guide to the affiliates of the Empire.") (10)
  • The Lost Stars of the Wars: Declan Mulholland ("Although never seen on screen, the ebullient Declan Mulholland was one of the best characters of Star Wars. Find out about his short time on the set of the film and his wide-ranging career.") (13)
  • Man of Few Words, fiction by Gary Tester ("The last time we met Kardiss Walker he was about to meet his end on Peramont but will he be able to survive an encounter with the most famous bounty hunter of them all - Boba Fett?") (17)
  • Diary of an Imperial Citizen, fiction by Jason Grant ("Forced to flee Filidora and apparently alone in the galaxy, Frasz Masler has to have his wits about him to avoid Imperial entanglements... Follow the latest of his tales in his continuing diary.") (26)
  • The Star Wars Master by Robert Douglas ("More questions and queries on the Star W a r s universe answered by our resident expert.") (31)
  • The Editor Bites Back: Sex & Star Wars, essay ("More opinions than you can shake an Ewok at, Mark Richards takes a look at the issue of sex in Star Wars. Controversial and contentious this is your forum for debate and discussion!") (32)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 12

Cover is one of the best so far, great mixture of two very different styles, good idea for the future as well. I see you've really advertised the site a lot throughout, which is really good. Internal Affairs - good read and very funny about the Jeremy Bulloch video thing, wish I'd been there. I like Tim Goddard's Seinar profile, very good. The other ones are all very informative. Sex and SW - should spark some discussion I hope. [42]
Thanks for the latest TOTE, I enjoyed it more than any of the other issues and not just because it had something by myself in it. It was excellent from cover to cover. My fave profile in the issue was of Kir Kanos and my fave piece of artwork was of Zuckuss. (I also thought the wrap around cover was also an improvement). I am looking forward to the Dave Prowse interview in the next issue.[43]

Issue 13

Tales of the Empire 13 was published in April 2000 and contains 30 pages. The art is by Jamie Richards, Sandra Scholes, Gerald Grotty, Paul Young and Matthew Price.

front cover of issue #13, Paul Young
From the zine:

The Star Wars web site is now offering homesteading for fans. The fan pages offer a considerable amount of on-line space - 16Mb to be exact - and a listing in the official site's directory.


Message Boards is a useful tool, which I have recently discovered and made good use of. I used both EchoStation and the Force.net message boards. Anyone can read messages but you have to be a member to join in the various discussions and debates or to post your own subjects. The topics range the full gamut of Star Wars miscellany from the sublime to the ridiculous and are a great way to spark off a hot debate or discuss things with other fans.
  • Hyperspace and Transmissions Intercepted (5)
  • Com-Scan (7)
  • The Dark Side of the Trilogy: Memories & Recollections of The Empire Strikes Back (11)
  • Ewok Hell by Dougal Bright (19)
  • The Lost Stars of the Wars: Leigh Brackett (21)
  • Exclusive Interview: Dave Prowse (22)
  • Exclusive Interview: Michael Sherd (30)
  • The Empire Strikes Back 20th Anniversary Cover from Paul Young
  • Dodgems, part one, fiction by Jason Grant ("The inimitable Jason Grant brings us a rescue story set against the backdrop of the asteroid field featured in The Empire Strikes Back as the Victory Class Star Destroyer Wraithis tries desperately to save the Harridan of Vader's Death Squadron.") (The second part to this story was to have been in in the second fiction special, planned for May 2000, but it is not known if this got off the ground.) (31)
  • Sienar Corporation and the Fighters, Part 2 of 3 by Tim Goddard (38)
  • The Editor Bites Back: Disappointment of Menace by Mark Richards (40)

Issue 14

Tales of the Empire 14 was published in June 2000 and contains 30 pages.

  • Imperial Land Assault Vehicles. The last ever issue of Tales features a wrap-around cover from Jamie Richards and the Daily Suns. Feature fiction from Mark Richards, Star Wars Master, preview of the Round Robin story, The Editor Reflects Back - Mark looks back at the last two and a half years of Tales of the Empire then looks forward to the future and Delta Source! Plus news, internal affairs, visual affairs and Hyperspace.
  • Bloody Fields of War, fiction by Mark Richards (2 pages)

Fiction Special

Tales of the Empire Fiction Special was published in 1998 (sometime before October) and contains 28 pages.

cover of the Fiction Special

A second fiction special was planned for May 2000, but it is not known if this got off the ground.

The editorial:

Welcome to this very special issue of Tales of the Empire, which brings together some fine examples of fiction, artwork and poetry from a team of Star Wars talent. Some of the names are regular contributors to Tales of the Empire, others are one-off submissions, but I can assure you that there is something for everyone to enjoy in this special issue.

This first Fiction Special was put together for two reasons. Firstly, you - our readers - are always requesting more fiction, and also due to the excellent work that I have been receiving over the past few months, there was too much to be included in the regular issues of Tales of the Empire. So here it is presented together in a dedicated edition of the only Imperial-based Star Wars fanzine. In this issue we have fiction from Joe Sales with the first of his Tales of the Emperor, while Joan Montgomery joins us with the first part of her three-part Orla's Story. Also contributing is Stephen Mohamed with Hoth Aftermath, following an Imperial stormtrooper unit through the landing and assault on the Rebel base during The Empire Strikes Back. Suzanne Godsalve has written two wonderful poems about the Dark Side, and Sandra Scholes as ever has provided this issues artwork.

I hope that you're going to enjoy this Fiction Special, and as always your comments are welcome. Turn to the back page for details of our upcoming Grand Admiral Thrawn issue - the biggest yet! I promise that it will be really special!
  • The Parathan Incident by Joe Sales ("The dark and mysterious past of Palpatine is explored in the first tale of the Emperor.") (4)
  • Darkness, poem by Suzanne Godsalve (7)
  • The Land of Lost Dreams by Mark Richards (("One man's search for the grave of the fallen of the Empire, is an exodus to discover the man that he knew as a loving father, but the rest of the galaxy despised as a barbaric killer.") (9)
  • Unseen Invasions, poem by Suzanne Godsalve (12)
  • Orla's Story, part one by Joan Montgomery ("In the first of a three-part story we follow the remarkable life of Cadet Orla Madine from her first days at the Imperial Academy to Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer Executor.") (parts two and three are in Tales of the Empire #4 and #5) (13)
  • Hoth Aftermath, part one by Stephen Mohammed (20)

Reactions and Reviews: Fiction Supplement

I enjoyed the mix of stories in the Fiction Special. It was excellent. I have to admit that I had more empathy with Orla Madine but maybe that was because it was a female character. Orla is an original character who you can believe in reflecting the difficulties a woman must face in the Imperial Navy if they want to promoted. Hopefully there is going to be more Orla stories in the future - hint, hint to Joan. [44]


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