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Title: Delta Source
Publisher: Delta Source Online
Editor(s): Mark Richards
Date(s): 2000-2003
Medium: fanzine
Fandom: Star Wars
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Delta Source is a UK publication of fan fiction and articles written about Star Wars.

This zine was a continuation of Tales of the Empire.

The regular issues were edited and published by Mark Richards and was sold under a variety of annual subscription options.

In addition, The Delta Source Fiction Special was published twice a year in February and August and showcased Star Wars stories around along with artwork. The team of contributors was led by Tim Goddard, Assistant Editor of Delta Source with regular contributions from Richard Thompson, Sharon Crombie, Jamie Richards, Davis Crombie, Mark Richards and Tim himself. Each issue was approximately 36-pages.

In 2001, the zine format changed from completely themed issues into ones, which contained 'Special Features'. The Special Features focused on particular aspects of the Star Wars universe and allow the press to cover several related topics in one issue rather than being totally dedicated to a single theme. Another change was the linking together of issues, by a continuing fan fiction story, over three parts. Each part of the story was related to the theme of the issue as well as forming a continuing narrative.

In 2003, Delta Source ended with 13 issues.


This zine was one in a series, all by Mark Richards.

Some "Delta Source" Stats

The stats reported below include information in Tales of the Empire, this zine's predecessor:

Delta Source was launched on 1 August 2000.

Since then we have produced 13 Issues and 4 Fiction Specials, which has seen more than 600 pages of Star Wars content.

The fanzine was originally launched as Tales of the Empire in February 1998.

Since our 1998 inaugural issue, we have had the contributions of 7 cover artists and a total of 32 artists and writers.

Those writers have helped us profile 42 different characters from the obscure to the well known including Niles Ferrier, Ysanne Isard, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Aruk the Hutt.

Seven characters have featured in-depth profiles twice in our five and a half year run including Grand Moff Tarkin, Prince Xizor and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

We have featured interviews with Ralph Brown, David Prowse, Michael Sheard and Paul Blake.

From our total of 34 issues, 7 have had colour covers and a further 3 wrap-around covers including this issue.

Jamie Richards and Sandra Scholes have provided 9 covers apiece.

Since launch of Tales of the Empire in February 1998 we have produced more than 1,100 pages of Star Wars news, views, articles, features, stories and illustrations. Fiction has always been one of Delta Source's strengths and our four Fiction Specials have showcased some of the best fan fiction. In total we have brought you 52 stories over the last 5 and a half years.

Delta Source/Tales of the Empire has presented five original comic strips starting with Jamie Richards' Dark Alliance, followed by A Fistful of Dataries, For a Few Dataries More and the No Good, the Bad & The Ugly and Tim Goddard's The Hunt for the Lost Legacy Crystal.

We have reviewed more than 25 books and novels, 9 conventions and exhibitions, 30 comic titles and 47 different toys and figures as wel as DVD's, computer games, soundtracks, role-playing games, videos and fan fiction.

Delta Source has won the SFX Fanzine of the Month Award for our seventh issue, which featured our first colour cover from Gerald Crotty depicting Princess Leia.

Issue 1

Delta Source Issue 1 - Heroes of the Alliance was published in August 2000 and contains 36 pages. Includes features on the heroes of the Battle of Yavin - Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca and the droids. Plus exclusive interview with Paul Blake (Greedo) together with the latest news stories in Imperial News Network, Com-Scan and the Editor Bites Back!

cover of issue #1
  • Requiem by Alison Dobell
  • Han Solo by Tim Goddard
  • Chewbacca by Jason Grant
  • Leia Organa by Mark Richards
  • R2 and C3PO by Mark Richards

Issue 2

Delta Source Issue 2 - The Lost Stars of the Wars (October 2000, 32 pages. Delta Source remembers Sir Alec Guinness and other lost stars of the wars including Peter Cushing, Don Henderson, Richard Marquand and Leigh Brackett. Cover by Matthew Price featuring Sir Alec Guinness. Feature fiction from Alison Dobell and the irreverent Dougal Bright returns with Ewok Hell. Plus all the regular features, news and information.

  • Full Circle, fiction by Alison Dobell

Issue 3

Delta Source Issue 3 - Review of 2000 was published in 2000 and contains 32 pages.

Festive issue looks back on the events of the last twelve months sharing memories with the contributor team. Delta Source also looks back at the top Star Wars news stories, plus all the regular features, festive fun and a guest appearance from Lobot.

  • Happy Christmas R2-D2 by Tim Goddard

Issue 4

Delta Source Issue 4- Leaders of the Alliance was published in 2001 and contains 31 pages.

Delta Source takes a look at the leaders of the Rebel Alliance, including Mon Mothma and Admiral Ackbar. Plus the start of a new three-part story, Time for Attack, sees Mon Mothma preparing the Alliance for their most audacious strike. Further fiction from Alison Dobell and Tim Goddard plus all the regular features.

  • Echoes from the Past by Alison Dobell
  • He Was Too Late by Tim Goddard
  • Time for Attack, part one by Mark Richards

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

Delta Source Issue 5- Darth Maul. was published in 2001 and contains 36 pages.

Sith themed issue, Delta Source takes a look beyond the terrifying visage to uncover the real Darth Maul. Includes features on the Sith and their rise to dominance in the galaxy. Also features the second part of Time for Attack and a colour cover from Jamie Richards. Ewok Hell exploring the science behind "Maul's Moped" and more of our readers comments in The Reader Bites Back!

  • What Can Be by Doug Bright
  • The Tools of a Sith by Tim Goddard
  • Time for Attack, part two by Mark Richards

Issue 6

Delta Source Issue 6- Coruscant (2001, 36 pages). Delta Source takes a look beyond the scintillant orb that is Corsucant and meets some of the characters that have shaped and controlled this city-wide planet throughout the Star Wars eras. The issue also includes the thrilling conclusion to Time for Attack, which you can also read here. Plus there is the second part of Jamie Richards' unmissable comic strip, "For A Few Dataries More."

cover of issue #6
  • Time for Attack, part three by Mark Richards

Issue 7

cover issue #7 by Gerald Crotty

Delta Source Issue 7 was published in 2002 and contains 28 pages. It was edited by Mark Richards.

  • colour cover from Gerald Crotty featuring Princess Leia, artwork throughout from Matthew Price and Scott Burrows
  • Episode II Countdown -
  • A review of 2001 - Delta Source takes a look back on the last twelve months with the memories of you - the readers - plus a look at the headlining Star Wars stories in 2001.
  • Feature Fiction: The High & The Mighty - Tim Goddard brings us an amusing and entertaining parody featuring the Emperor and Darth Vader and a certain soap opera…
  • Feature Fiction - Serpents Kiss Part 1 - The first part of Ken Blackmore's dark and provoking story of a slave girl rescued from the clutches of the Hutt's. However she must undertake a dangerous mission to Nal Hutta if she is to live…
  • Plus the latest news and reviews, The Editor Bites Back and of course, the best features!

Issue 8

Delta Source Issue 8 was published in 2002 and contains 36 pages. Edited by Mark Richards

  • Cover from Jamie Richards featuring Jabba the Hutt and Prince Xizor's Virago. Inside more artwork from Jamie, and also Sandra Scholes and Matthew Price
  • Episode II Countdown - The conclusion to the countdown in Episode II, rounds up all the information on Attack of the Clones so far, including the Clone War trailer. Plus Mark Richards looks at what Episode II may bring.
  • Crimelords - Delta Source delves into the dark and murky underworld and meets some of the nefarious characters that inhabut the Star Wars galaxy. From Jabba to Xizor, we look at the masterminds behind from of the most successful criminal empires.
  • Feature Fiction: Abandoned Brothers - Jamie Richards puts pen to paper but unlike you have ever seen before! A short story from Jamie set in the deserts of Tatooine shortly after the destruction of Jabba's sail barge...
  • Feature Fiction - Serpents Kiss Part 3 - Ken Blackmore's dark and provoking story of a slave girl rescued from the clutches of the Hutt's reaches a deadly and explosive climax as Nita finally escapes from Nal Hutta... not for the faint hearted!
  • Feature Fiction - Errant Fire Part 1 - Mark Richards introduces us to Durmiga the Hutt in the beginning of a new three part story arc that will link together coming issues of Delta Source. An unhappy Hutt is not a pleasant one as Garrett Aideed learns to his cost as he is sent on a deadly mission to retrieve lost cargo...
  • Visual Scanning - Leona Crutcher takes a peek inside the pages of Star Wars magazines in both the UK and across in the States. Leona starts her perusal through the Star Wars publishing empire with an overview of the UK Star Wars Magazine and the Star Wars Fact Files.
  • Plus the latest news and reviews, The Editor Bites Back and of course, the best features!

Issue 9

Delta Source Issue 9 - Attack of the Clones (2002, 36 pages)

cover of issue #9
  • Attack of the Clones - Featuring four reviews of the film, a report from our opening day meet-up in London, a guide to what to look and listen out for in the film, the highs and lows of Clones and also some great Episode II competitions. Plus the fans verdict on the latest Star Wars film.
  • Trading Post - A totally new and revamped reviews section provides a comprehensive round up of the latest Star Wars Episode II merchandise, books and a look at the Art of Star Wars in Edinburgh
  • Plus the latest fandom news and events, comment and opinion and of course, the best features!

Issue 10

Delta Source Issue 10- Star Wars 25th Anniversary (2002, 25 pages)

  • Star Wars 25 - Join the celebration! Issue #10 is devoted to the Silver Anniversary of Star Wars, bringing together a diverse range of articles, comments and features on a quarter century of the Force.
  • 25 Years of the Force - Extensive coverage of the last 25 years of Star Wars including three special essays, which look at the impact and development of the Star Wars saga over the last 25 years. In, Did the Internet kill Star Wars fandom? Mark Richards asks whether the advent of global instantaneous communications over the Internet has actually destroyed the Star Wars fan groups and the spirit of fandom. Tim Goddard looks at what place Star Wars takes in our lives in his essay, What void does Star Wars fill for you? The last of our three essays, entitled Attack of the Clones: the new Empire Strikes Back? compares the middle parts of the two Star Wars trilogies and looks at how the films share a similar theme and mood.
  • From a Certain Point of View - In a detailed and personal appraisal of Star Wars and its meaning to the fans, Mark Richards, Ken Blackmore, Paul Wright, Paul Meadows and Richard Thompson share what Star Wars means to them. From earliest recollections of seeing the Star Wars films to the role that it plays in their individual lives today, this is Star Wars as seen through the eyes of the fans.

Issue 11

Delta Source Issue 11- Review of 2002 (2003, 32 pages)

  • Star Wars 2002 - Delta Source takes a look back at the year 2002 from a Star Wars perspective. A Year in the Making looks at the Star Wars stories and events that we have reported in Delta Source over the last 12 months. Some of our readers share their memories of 2002 in A Brief Interlude
  • Always in Motion - Delta Source takes a look ahead to what might be in Episode III
  • What If? - An amusing interlude as we ponder exactly what the Star Wars heroes and villains would have been doing if there was no Rebellion or Alliance, no Death Star or stolen plans aboard the Tantive IV…
  • Errant Fire - The mysteries of the Errant Fire are finally unravelled and terrible secrets revealed

Issue 12

Delta Source Issue 12 was published in spring 2003 and contains 36 pages. It was edited by Mark Richards.

front cover by Gerald Crotty, depicts Moff Tarkin

The art is by Scott Burrows, Matthew Price, Jamie Richards, Gerald Crotty and Sandra Scholes.

From the zine:

Fandom: Role-playing in Milton Keynes:

Four fans had a chance to participate in an adventure on a chilly Sunday morning in misty Milton Keynes, courtesy of Delta Source editor Mark Richards, taking the vital role of GM (Gamesmaster) to Tim Goddard, Paul Wright and myself [Jason Grant].

On the planet Kwervon, three businessmen (human, Twi'lek and Cerean are holidaying when they visit a local cantina to quench their thirst. Mark had a layout of the establishment showing the tables, bar counter, where the band was playing and so on, and asked each of us in turn what we wanted to do. Unlike some RPG experiences he didn't force us to roll a dice (provided by Paul) for every drokking move. Our three businessmen noticed a friend sitting with an Ithorian in one of the booths but were ignored by him and then, moments later, an Imperial search team comprising stormtroopers and a sub- officer come in, accuse our friend of being a Rebel and terminate him in a hail of laser fire.

The unrolling scenario hitches up a gear and although our respective characters each have holdout blaster, that mere fact meant something to Paul, we are supposed to be respectable merchants. Do we rush in to avenger our friend, enquire as to the situation or cower at our tables? I wanted a fourth option and decided my Cerean - same race as Ki-Ali...Ka-lla...that Jedi with the massive spam anyway-would need to use the loo. That set the tone for the adventure; Paul and Tim attracted Imperial attention, picked over the bodies for clues and even chatted up the girl who claimed to be a friend of our pal.

A thin story? Thin? Her spiel was so skinny it lost a dimension. But dice were thrown to determine our success at doing any significant action, plus any damage caused or felt. This latter becoming quite a consideration in the shootout at the spaceport!

Surely and steadily the GM shepherded us in the direction he wanted, unsure if we would survive the dangers he was engineering. Mark had done a tremendous amount of paperwork, ready to answer any queries we had, handle any step the action took. Even so, he had to do the Cantina bartender on the fly, as he informed us later. We would never have known, for his GM-ing was flawless.
  • Grand Moff Tarkin ("An in-depth profile of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, who devised the doctrines and founding precepts of the New Order and devised the Death Star battle station. Delta Source also assesses just how close he came to usurping Emperor Palpatine.") (6)
  • CSI: Imp Centre, part one by Jason Grant ("Jason Grant introduces us to the Captain Threawn in his previous role as a crime scene investigator.") (12)
  • Admiral Motti, Captain Needa & Moff Jerjerrod ("A series of mini-profiles of three key imperial Officers with illustrations by Jamie Richards.") (16)
  • Gilad Pellaeon ("Indefatigable is the word that encapsulates the character of Gilad Pellaeon, a man of tireless courage who saw the rise and fall of the Empire, the betrayal of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the failure of Admiral Daala to reunite the Imperial Warlords and the humiliating retreat to the Imperial Remnant. Our profile follows the career of this brilliant Imperial leader.") (18)
  • Memories of Thrawn ("A battle weary Pellaeon remembers the glory days with Thrawn and has an important lesson still to learn.") (22)
  • Arise, Lord Vader, part two (conclusion) by Jason Grant ("EndGame -- "Thrawn is about to uncover the Death Star's fatal flaw, while Tarkin celebrates a victory he believes is inevitable. Only Vader can save Tarkin from defeat but where will his loyalty lay?") (25)
  • Admiral Motti, Captain Needa & Moff Jerjerrod ("A series of mini-profiles of three key imperial Officers with illustrations by Jamie Richards.") (28)
  • The Press Conference ("Moff Jerjerrod comes under fire from journalists as news of the Emperor's holiday leaks out.") (30)
  • Trading Post, reviews of "Lego AT-AT" and "Force Heretic: Remnant" and a con report for Collectormania ("Tim Goddard and Mark Richards review some of the latest Star Wars products on the shelves plus Collectormania 3.")
  • The Editor Bites Back! ("Mark Richards has his final word." The two topics of the editorial is the lack of response from fans to this zine, and a review of Attack of the Clones.) (34)
  • Admiral Motti, Captain Needa & Moff Jerjerrod ("A series of mini-profiles of three key imperial Officers with illustrations by Jamie Richards.") (32)

Issue 13

Delta Source Issue 13 was published in summer 2003 and contains 48 pages.

front cover of issue #13, Jamie Richards
back cover of issue #13, Jamie Richards

The editor is Mark Richards, the assistant editor is Tim Goddard, cover art by Jamie Richards, and other art by Jamie Richards, Sandra Scholes, and Matthew Price.

Welcome to Delta Source #13 our celebration of 20 years of Return of the Jedi, the final chapter in the Star Wars screen saga.

While we look back at this final part of the original trilogy it is also time to say farewell to Delta Source. Delta Source and its predecessor, Tales of the Empire, has been one of the voices of Star Wars fandom since February 1998. We also hope that this fanzine has inspired others and kept alive the spirit of fandom in the UK.

Unfortunately, the costs of producing a printed fanzine are high and while we appreciate the support of a dedicated core of readers, there really doesn't appear to be the appetite for Star Wars fanzines in the UK.

The fanzine itself demands a great deal in terms of effort, money and time. To constantly invest that level of commitment and enthusiasm over five years is quite draining in itself.

We appreciate that the decision to cease publication will surely come as a disappointment to many of you and we would like to part with one of our best issues ever. Hopefully you will mind much to enjoy and interest throughout this issue, which has been ably illustrated throughout by the very talented Jamie Richards.

Join us on our celebration of 20 years of Return of the Jedi as we round off Delta Source and remember the Force will be with you...always.
Another thank you:

This being the last Delta Source, I would like to take an opportunity to dedicate this issue, to all those that have made this fanzine possible and have contributed so generously their time and talent.

Delta Source would not have been possible without the unfailing support and enthusiasm of some special people not least Jason Grant and Gary Tester who in the early days of Tales of the Empire provided encouragement and constructive criticism and helped shape the future directions of both the fanzine and web site. Latterly I am forever thankful to Tim Goddard for being the most patient of people and again lending his support and enthusiasm.

Jamie Richards has been an inspiration throughout the run of Delta Source, illustrating our very first cover and now our last. Jamie has been more than just a brilliant artist; he has been a friend and a great supporter throughout.

I am also thankful to all of you for reading and hopefully enjoying what we have brought you over the last five and half years.

Thank you one and all. This has been a brilliant experience and I have met some great people over the years. I hope that one day we may do It all again...
Also from the editor:

I want to concentrate on what has made me happy when it comes to Star Wars. Arid conveniently that leads me onto Return of the Jedi, which if I may bore you by saying once again, was the first Star Wars film I saw at the cinema.

It was also Return of the Jedi that I saw at my first Star Wars convention in, I believe summer 1997 or thereabouts. I remember it was the August Bank Holiday and it was on the Isle of Wight at Medina Leisure Centre if memory serves.

The Isle of Wight seemed such an incongruous place to have a Star Wap convention. It is a very quiet and relaxed place and somewhere that I fell in love with as a child. I am sure we can al remember those endless hot summers of our youth and those wonderful holidays, which we always hoped would never end.

Return of the Jedi was being shown at the convention in conjunction with Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back in their Special Edition format. It was a beautiful and warm Monday afternoon, so reminiscent of that afternoon that 1 had first seen Return of the Jedi not that many miles away in Portsmouth fourteen years earlier. I think I had even specifically chosen to go to the convention on the Monday because I wanted to see Jedi!

I remember that day very well, nervously wandering around the convention hall - young and diffident - not knowing anyone who liked Star Wars apart from me. Not that I am not quite so young now! I was too shy to even speak to the guests they had, which was real shame as I believe it was probably the last, if not final, time that Gil Taylor the cinematographer on Star Wars did a convention.

Being a Star Wars has always seemed to be a strangely solitary experience and that is something I will never understand. Born out of those early convention experiences was a desire to connect with other fans. I did that through fanzines and fan clubs and somehow or other ended up as Editor of Delta Source. Okay, so maybe not purely by chance, then again it I had never seen Jedi twenty years none of this would probably have happened. Looking back I am very grateful that I did because I have had some wonderful times over the years and many memories to treasure.
  • Return of the Jedi by Mark Richards ("Our extensive celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Return of the Jedi begins with Mark Richards' From a Certain Point of View, a personal account of the final film in the original saga.")
  • Why I Love Return of the Jedi by Gerald Crotty ("Gerald Grotty tells us why he loves Return of the Jedi.") (7)
  • CSI: ImpCentre, part two, fiction by Jason Grant ("investigation into the mysterious death of Imperial Governor Bin Essada hots [sic] up and Thrawn's trail soon finds him face to face with the most feared individual in the Empire.") (10)
  • E is for Endor is an A-Z of Return of the Jedi("Recalling some of the best scenes, interesting characters and the quirky facts about the last part of the Star Wars saga.") (21)
  • Return of the Jedi, Return of the Memories ("Our readers reminisce and remember the first time they saw Return of the Jedi in Return of the Memories.") (28)
  • How E.T. Saved the Jedi ("Gerald Grotty reveals how Stephen Spielberg's sci-fi masterpiece, ET, helped save the Jedi." Includes this: "And Leia in her metal bikini, what a surprise that was! In the previous two films she hadn't bared so much as an arm, and now here she was in metal bikini in a bondage scenario!!") (34)
  • Top Five Moments ("Our Top Five Moments from Return of the Jedi are showcased with illustrations from Jamie Richards.") (35)
  • Timeline by Mark Richards ("The Return of the Jedi Timeline.") (37)
  • ("Visual Scanning takes a look at the changes made for the Special Edition plus mistakes, dialogue and scenes to watch for.") (39)
  • Trivia File by Mark Richards and Gerald Crotty ("Our Trivia File reveals some interesting and little known facts on Return of the Jedi.") (41)
  • ("What They Said brings together a collection of quotes from newspapers and magazines from 1983 and 1997 together with comments from the director and some of the special effects crew on the production of Return of the Jedi.") (42)
  • ("Finally our coverage of the Jedi 20th Anniversary concludes with the Glassic Scene - The Emperors Wrath.") (45)

Fiction Special 1

Delta Source Fiction Special 1 was published in Summer 2001 and contains 48 pages. The art is by Sharon Crombie (including the front cover), Jamie Richards, and Paul Young.

front cover of fiction special #1, Sharon Crombie
From the editor:

Hi, welcome to the first Delta Source Fiction Special. The birth of this tome you hold in your hands has been long and torturous. Initially scheduled for publication a year ago, the Dark Side interceded and the idea was put on indefinite hold.

In the meantime I personally began writing more and more stories but was sad to discover that there was just not enough room in the already bulging Delta Source to get them published. As a backlog of stories developed I decided to stop complaining and do something about this! And so the Delta Source Fiction Special was re-born afresh, mainly from my own selfish interests.

As I began to think about putting this volume together I decided that I might as well do it properly,* I contacted some of the best fan fiction writers and artists and asked them to contribute. Spread in these pages is the response I got, and I think you will agree that it was worth the wait. Enjoy your reading!

- Tim

P.S. As this collection is written for the fans by the fans, we would be most grateful for your comments and thoughts. Even better, if you have always fancied having a go at some Star Wars Fiction or art, or are an old hand now would be a great time to put pen to paper or finger to key. The Delta Source Fiction Special is henceforth a bi-annual publication and I am already looking for material for the next issue.
  • Introduction (2)
  • Dodgmes by Jason Grant (3)
  • The Jedi Code by Tim Goddard (11)
  • Written in the Sand by Dougal Bright (19)
  • Coruscant Knights by Tim Goddard (25)
  • Seduced by the Force by Alison M. Dobell (28)
  • A Vision of the Future by Tim Goddard (35)
  • No Longer the Hunter by Suzanne Godsalve (38)

Fiction Special 2

Delta Source Fiction Special 2 was published in 2002 and contains 35 pages. It was edited by Tim Goddard.

The front cover is by Sharon Crombie and features Darth Vader.

  • Cavalier Squadron by Davis Crombie
    • chapter 2
    • chapter 3
  • The Manique by Tim Goddard
  • The Best Seven Days by Mark Richards
  • Treasure Island by R.J. Thompson
  • Serpent's Kiss (part two) Terrible Certainty by Ken Blackmore
  • artwork from Jamie Richards and Paul Young
  • cartoon from Tim Goddard, called the Hunt for the Lost Legacy Crystal.

Reactions and Reviews: Fiction Special Issue 2

I got the fic 'spec' and a very good read it was.. .the cover was particularly good (and I'm not just saying that, I can't do a good Darth Vader to save my life - copied or not!) so to the top of the class with Sharon...HOWEVER, I must raise the issue of Ken Blackmores' you know me, I have been reckless with my tongue on more than one occasion, however, swearing is not BIG nor is it CLEVER, it is unpleasant and, unless you are SAM JACKSON in character, completely unnecessary. In an ideal world the fanzine would be read by hundreds of young scamps eager to learn more about the wondrous world of SW, but we cannot promote the latest issue in shops and suchlike because of its vulgar language. Am I coming on a bit strong? I see SW as having universal appeal, ok full-on violence is acceptable to kids these days, I believe it teaches them stuff but swearing is SO non-productive...(Jesus Christ, will you listen to me...I'm all 'born again'!)...I don't know...what do you think?

The cover was still ACE! And it was very well edited. [1]
I look forward to everybody's contribution as this is such a gifted group of people. [2]

The second edition of the Fiction Special contained some intriguing work which I really only discovered in the last few weeks. The low of a lowly Imperial bureaucrat is brought to life by Griff in Mark Richard's The Best Seven Days. Nice to see his everyday existence, and then the surprise when a Star Destroyer deigns to show up at the planet.

I liked the generous mix of SW universe detail applied to R J Thompson's Treasure Island, such as Twi'leks, Ryloth, and suchlike - the sort of stuff like in mine. I have not yet read the whole thing.

Other enticing prose was noted in the second chapter of Davis Crombie's Cavalier Squadron trilogy, and Tim Goddard's The Maniquie. Nice to see the Gorax name used again - name of an ewok adventure monster, used here as the vessels moniker.

Artwise, the top three for me in order were the Star Destroyer on P.21 - Jamie Richards, unusual angle to try drawing them from; Sharon Crombie's Darth Vader breathmask on the front cover - nice work on those reflective surfaces, Sharon; and Tim Goddard's graphical Lego adventure. Sweet.[3]

Fiction Special 3

Delta Source Fiction Special 4 was published in August 2002 and contains 26 pages. It was edited by Tim Goddard.

front cover of fiction special #3, Sharon Crombie
back cover of fiction special #3, Jamie Richards

The art is by Sharon Crombie, Jason Grant, Tim Goddard, and Jamie Richards.

  • Letters of Comment (1)
  • Stir of Darkness by Alison Dobell (3)
  • Homicide: The Slain Sith Affair by Jason Grant (6)
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Imperial Fleet by Ken "Give in the the Dark Side" Blackmore (13)
  • Cavalier Squadron by Davis Crombie (17)
    • chapter 4: Payment of Blood
  • Time to Go Home by Tim Goddard (21)
  • The Dark Side of Tomorrow by Mark Richards (25)

Fiction Special 4

Delta Source Fiction Special 4 was published in Winter 2003 and contains 44 pages. It was edited by Tim Goddard.

cover of the Fiction Special #4, Sharon Crombie: "Everyone's favourite Toydarian!"

The art is by Jamie Richards, Jason Grant, and Sharon Crombie.

  • The Hunt for the Hunter by Paul Wright (2)
  • The Gamblers Delight by Richard J. Thompson ("Kravan Tor is thrust into the heart of the galactic civil war after a frightening case of mistaken identity.") (4)
  • A Quiet Journey by Tim Goddard (9)
  • Cavalier Squadron by Davis Crombie (14)
    • chapter 5: Rearmament
    • chapter 6: The New Steeds of War
    • chapter 7: The Battle Begins...
  • The Frag-Off Super Weapon Affair by Jason Grant (21)

Fiction Special 5

Delta Source Fiction Special 5


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  2. ^ from Alison Dobell, letter of comment in the fiction special #4
  3. ^ from Jason Grant, letter of comment in the fiction special #4