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Name: Collectormania
Frequency: twice a year?
Location: UK
Focus: for-profit, film buffs, buying stuff
Founding Date:
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Collectormania 1

Collectormania 2

September 2002

Collectormania 3

May 2003

Con Report: 3

I was delighted to be attending the third Collectormania event at thecentrermk, Milton Keynes, which took place over the first Bank Holiday weekend in May. Although I was only involved for two of the four days, it was a fantastic albeit exhausting weekend.

Collectormania has become firmly established in the film buffs calendar with a host of actors from film, sci-fi and cult TV making an appearance at the three events to date. The event also has more than 300 dealers tables selling an amazing range of merchandise and something to satisfy almost every taste or interest. I was helping out at Collectormania 3 and having helped at the previous event in September, I at least knew what I was letting myself in for or though I did!

I arrived at Middleton Hall, thecentrermk early on Saturday morning, surprised to find that there were already enthusiastic fans queuing up to see Billy Boyd and Andy Serkis from Lord of the Rings. I was lucky enough to be sitting with Billy Boyd for a couple of hours on Saturday morning who is a thoroughly nice chap and coped well with all the screaming, giggling and frankly silly young girls! Many of them had been waiting hours, some since 6am!

After the pandemonium of the morning, I was asked to sit with John Rhys Davies, who was no less popular. Indeed the queue of fans was endless, or at least it seemed that way. John Rhys Davies was very patient and took time to speak to each of the fans and profusely apologised for keeping them waiting; I don't think anyone minded though and it was a good humoured afternoon. I was kept busy, trying vainly at times, to organise the queue plus collecting money and taking many dozens of photographs.

The Sunday was fortunately a little less manic, although I was kept no less busy. I was very pleased to be sitting with Juiian Glover (General Veers) and we shared a few laughs and a chat about his work and various other things. He was again a really nice guy, very affabie and interested in talking to the fans that had come to see him and get his autograph. It was disappointing that one or two of the fans were a little off-hand and rude in their approach. However, such things did not really spoil an othenwise excellent day.

Sitting to my right were Sylvester McCoy (who I have to admit is probably my least favourite Dr Who, although I didn't say so!) and Sophie Aldred who was his assistant in the TV series. They were both having an enjoyable day and a steady stream of fans had come to see them and get various items signed.

Fortunately, Collectormania closed a little earlier on the Sunday - around about 5pm but I was still shattered. I hope that Julian Glover made it to the cinema (following my directions!) to deliver his talk before the showing of the Indiana Jones Trilogy. He Joked before he left that it would mean his death scene would be showing at about quarter to midnight. He'd told me earlier in the day that it had taken them three days to film that and it bareiy appears on the screen for 30 seconds!

The Monday was a lot quieter and as I was not down to be helping out I was able to spend some time looking around the various stalls and seeing all those things I hadn't been able too over the weekend. It was only on the Monday that I got a real appreciation of Just how big Collectormania 3 was and it was excellent to see Milton Keynes being put firmly on the map.

Here's to Collectormania 4 this October, which the organisers promise will be "explosive." I can't wait... [1]

Collectormania 4

October 2003


  1. ^ by Mark Richards in Delta Source #12 (2003)