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Title: Bounty Hunter
Publisher: The Moons of Yavin
Editor(s): James Simmonds
Date(s): 1992-2000
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
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Bounty Hunter is a Star Wars fanzine published in the UK by James Simmonds, a member of the The Moons of Yavin Star Wars fan club.

The zine series ran for nine issues between 1992 and 2000.

Its Content

"Bounty Hunter" is a zine that contains a small amount of fiction. It's focus, however, is on collectables and information about the movies, as well as the for-profit commercial products and events.

Its Beginning

From the The Moons of Yavin club website:
After a visit to see the Star Wars Trilogy in a Croydon, the club was set up to maintain interest in SW until the next movie release, particularly as other fanzines were not generating the interest that they should be doing. Jason Grant believed that he could greatly contribute to sw fandom. [1]

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Bounty Hunter 3 was published in Summer 1993 and contains 30 pages. The main illustrator is James Simmonds, though there is an interior illo by Martynn that was used as the 1980 cover of Facets #3. This illo is not credited and may have been used without permission.

From the editorial:

Welcome to issue three of 'Bounty Hunter'. In fact, issue three marks the last edition of 'Bounty Hunter as a fanzine that is. This is partly due to the fact that most of the letters I've received about the zine (thanks to every -one who has written) are from fans who collect merchandise connected with the saga. In fact, all of the fans I know are or have been collectors. Collecting seems to have become a big part of Star Wars fandom over the past few years. As a result, I have decided that from issue four onwards 'Bounty Hunter' will be a collectors zine. It'll still be quarterly, but contain more merchandise news and reviews than it does now.

If this sounds like a good idea, please write in and let me know.
the cover of issue #3
  • Hello There, editorial (3)
  • Bossk: Thoughts of a Bounty Hunter, fiction by James Simmonds ("Thoughts of the non-speaking characters from the saga continues.") (Star Wars) (4)
  • Kenner Strikes Back ("The Empire Strikes Back collection.") (6)
  • What's Goin' On Buddy? ("All that's new in the Star Wars memorabilia universe.") (13)
  • Trouble Makers, fiction by James Simmonds (Star Wars) (15)
  • Classifieds Ads ("Your chance to advertise for free.") (18)
  • Star Wars Kids (19)
  • The Yuma Daily Sun by Lesley Davis (21)
  • Who Said It? ("Who said what in the three films quiz.") (23)
  • Han Solo: Cowboy Among the Stars by Lesley Davis (25)
  • Ten Years On and Still Going Strong: Return of the Jedi by Graham Revell (29)

Issue 4

Bounty Hunter 4 was published in Summer 1994 and contains 40 pages of photos, news and articles.

From the editorial:

My sincere thanks go to Dave Prowse for allowing me to use 'The Force Against Arthritis' logo on the cover and for agreeing to answer some questions (which were to appear in this issue, but due to the demand for this issue, they should in these pages next time) by way of an interview. As is stated on the cover, every penny from the sale of this fanzine will go to his charity and that is the other reason behind the price increase. So, by purchasing a copy of this zine not only are you keeping Star Wars fandom alive, you are also helping a very worthwhile cause as well.

This issue sees an in-depth look at Kenner's original range of Star Wars toys (an area of collecting that seems to be very popular at the moment), an analysis of that farmboy from the desert planet Tatooine, a review of the original Marvel comics series, and a special convention report from America - not to mention a whole host of other bits and pieces as well.
front cover of issue #4
  • Hello There, editorial (3)
  • What's Goin' On Buddy ("All that's new collecting wise.") (4)
  • The Star Wars Toy Collection ("Kenner's toy range.") (6)
  • Thoughts of a Jawa (12)
  • Classifieds ("Your chance to advertise for anything!") (13)
  • Media West Convention USA 1993 ("By American fan Judith Yuenger"), see that page (14)
  • Star Wars Kids (17)
  • Collector Spotlight by Graham Revell (18)
  • The Many Faces of Mark Hamill (21)
  • Luke Skywalker: From Farmboy to Jedi Knight, essay by Lesley Davis (22)
  • Try to Figure Out the Action, wordsearch (27)
  • Who Said It Quiz Answers (28)
  • One More Return to the Jedi ("What the papers said.") (29)
  • The Hamilton Trilogy Collection (33)
  • Star Words (And Pictures): The US Star Wars Comic by Edward Marr (36)

Issue 5

Bounty Hunter 5 was published in Spring/Summer 1995 and contains 38 pages.

cover of issue #5
From the editorial:

This issue sees a change in the layout of the fanzine, which I hope you'll like. Please feel free to write in with any comments you may have about it. Next issue is already in the planning stages and will hopefully be dedicated to collectors and their collections of SW merchandise. So, if you have a collection that you would like to showcase in the 'zine, or you know of anyone who would be interested in doing so, then write to the editorial address for further information about how to go about it. Not only will you get your work printed, but also be able to contact other collectors as well. You never know, you may even be able to trade for that elusive item you've been after for years and make new friends into the bargain as well.

Anyway, I'll let you get on and read the 'zine. Before I go though, I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to this issue, especially Gerald for doing his excellent cover artwork. You all make my job a lot easier.
  • Hello There, report (3)
  • The Elstree Star Wars Day, con report for the UK's first Star Wars convention, see that page (4)
  • What's Goin' On Buddy? ("What's new in SW memorabilia") (6)
  • Trilogy Trivia ("Gerald Crotty takes a look at the Trilogy from 'a certain point of view'.") (9)
  • "Stepping Softly in a Danger Zone": The Droids Collection ("An in-depth look at Kenner's toy range.") (10)
  • A-Z of Magazines Update ("Gerald Crotty uncovers yet more pages of the Force.") (13)
  • Artoo Detoo: Good Things Come in Small Packages ("Lesley Davis looks at the little android who started it all.")n (15)
  • Star Wars Kids (18)
  • Thoughts of a Corellian, fiction ("Take a peek into Han Solo's mind.") (19)
  • The Star Wars Saga: Marvel Style -- Life Before the Dark Horse (21)
  • Wordsearch Solution (26)
  • The Empire Speaks Back ("An interview with Moff Jerjerrod actor, Michael Pennington.") (27)
  • Radio Wars ("What did Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker get up to on Radio One?") (29)
  • Media West '94 ("An American fan Judith Yuenger reports on last year's convention."), see that page (34)

Issue 6

Bounty Hunter 6 was published in Spring 1996 and contains 34 pages.

front cover of issue #6, Gerald Crotty
from issue #6, James Simmonds, back cover of issue #6, "Luke's Back"
From the editorial:

This issue takes an in-depth look at my personal favourite in the trilogy, 'The Empire Strikes Back' by way of three special articles. The first, part one of 'The Missing Scenes Of The Empire Strikes Back', takes an in-depth look at what fans didn't see on cinema screens all those years ago in 1980. I originally wrote this for the UK Star Wars Fan Club's newsletter in 1991 and thought it would be a good idea to update it and reprint it here for those of you who may not have been members of the fan club at the time. Full credit must go to Craig Stevens, collector and fan, for his dedicated research and input into the original version of the article, without whom it wouldn't have been anywhere near as informative - or for that matter, as long either! 'Read and the Force will be with you' discusses the mountain of publications that were released when the film came out, while the short story 'Pride Of Place' takes a look at what might have happened to Boba Fett after he left Cloud City and why he is seen in Jabba's palace at the beginning of 'Return Of The Jedi'.

Lesley continues her analysis of the main characters in the film this issue, concentrating on the Emperor's right hand man, Darth Vader. Jason Grant reports on the first 'Star Wars Collector's Day' from a unique point of view, which sounded like a wonderful event that I wish I hadn't missed out on, but there you go. However, I did attend the second event in December last year. A full report on this excellent event will appear next issue. You'll fmd a separate questionnaire within the pages of this issue. This is really to discover what you, the fans, would like to see in future issues and to give you the opportunity to suggest any improvements that you feel need making to the fanzine as a whole. I'd be very grateful if you would please complete and return it, and by way of an incentive for you to do so, the first fifteen people to retum the completed questionnaire will receive two of the rare stickers from Topps' 'Return Of The Jedi' bubblegum set produced in 1983.

Before I go, I must mention that in May last year, issue four of 'Bounty Hunter' was awarded an Honourable Mention certificate in the Best Foreign Fanzine category at the STAR aWARdS, during the Media West convention held annually in America. I'm very proud of this achievement and hope that issue five will be put forward for the award this year.
  • Hello There, editorial (3)
  • Dark Vader: Dark Lord of the Dark Side (4)
  • Blast from the Past! (7)
  • Star Wars Kids (8)
  • What's Goin' On Buddy? (9)
  • A Force Against Arthritis (11)
  • The Editors Strike Back (12)
  • The Star Wars Collector's Day (16)
  • Read and the Force Will Be With You (18)
  • The Official Star Wars Fan Club (21)
  • The Saga Expands (24)
  • Pride of Place, fiction by James Simmonds (26)
  • Star Tours: Disneyland Paris Style (32)
  • Intergalactic Competition (35)

Issue 7

Bounty Hunter 7 was published in Summer/Autumn 1996 and contains 40 pages.

front cover of issue #7, James Simmonds: "Heir to The Empire"
From the editorial:

As reported in the last issue, February 1997 sees the release of 'Star Wars: The Special Edition', which recently had new live-action footage shot for it. Filmed in the 130 degree heat of the Arizona desert, it involves the stormtroopers attempting to find C-3PO and R2-D2 on Tatooine. There will also be a cameo appearance by a character in the Jabba sequence at Docking Bay 94 in Mos Eisley. A couple of fans I've discussed this with think this will be Boba Fett, and I'm inclined to agree with them. Twentieth Century Fox's senior executive Tom Sherak has made public that 'Empire' and 'Jedi' will also get a new lease of life next year, being re-released shortly after the first film. An additional minute is rumoured to be going to be added to ')edi', which may be the infamous sandstorm sequence, although whether or not 'Empire' will have any scenes restored Isn't known at the moment. According to Sherak, "George had so much film with the first one, we thought why not tell it as he originally envisioned it, as one large story."


This issue sees the second part of what fans didn't see in 'The Empire Strikes Back', a wonderful look at the music of John Wiiliams, along with many other articles, including an exclusive interview with actor Jeremy Bulloch. Special thanks go to him for kindly taking the time to reply to my questions, bearing in mind how busy must be. I hope you enjoy reading what he said, along with all the other articles in this issue as well.
  • Hello There, editorial (3)
  • Behind the Hunter ("An exclusive interview with Bobba Fett actor Jeremy Bulloch.) (4)
  • The Legend of John Williams by David Watkins ("The man behind the music.") (7)
  • I'll Swap You a Luke for a Yoda ("Stickers and cards from the saga.") (11)
  • What's Goin' On Buddy? ("All that's new in the 'Star Wars' memorabilia universe.") (14)
  • An Interesting Day fiction by Suzanne Godsalve (16)
  • Endor Rematch (19)
  • Intergalactic Crossword Puzzle by Emma Garland (20)
  • Only a Matter of Time ("Kenner's action figures are back!") (21)
  • The Force at Your Fingertips by Lesley Davis (about the Super Nintendo video game) (23)
  • Star Wars Collectors Day 2 ("Where were you on December 19th last year?") (26)
  • Droids by David Rushforth ("The greatest 'Star Wars' spin-off ever.") (28)
  • Chewbacca: The Gentle Giant by Lesly Davis (32)
  • The Editors Strike Back ("Part two of a look at the missing scenes of 'Empire.'") (35)
  • A Force Against Arthritis (39)

Issue 8

Bounty Hunter 8 was published in 1997 and contains 44 pages.

front cover of issue #8, Gerald Crotty
back cover of issue #8, Gerald Crotty

The art is by Gerald Crotty, Michael Constable, Mark Heaviside, and Peter McKinstry.

In an online ad for the 8th issue Bounty Hunter:
Volume Two - Issue One of the Star Wars fanzine Bounty Hunter is now available. Begun in 1992, the 'zine has featured all things Star Wars related within its pages over the years, from behind-the-scenes articles to fan fiction and collectibles history to cast member interviews. Since issue four, the fanzine has helped raise funds for actor Dave (Darth Vader) Prowse's charity The Force Against Arthritis by donating £1.00 from the sale of each issue to help research into curing the disease. Now in its eighth year, the latest issue of the fanzine includes within its 36 pages.
The editorial:

Well, it's finally here! The twentieth anniversary of Star Wars. It's hard to believe that so much time has passed by since George Lucas' tale of a boy, a girl and a galaxy far, far away first exploded onto cinema screens. Such a lot has happened in those twenty years, both in the advances made in the film making industry and in our own lives. Fans who were young back in 1977 are all grown-up now and some have families of their own. Some may even be preparing to take their own children along to experience the wonder of the re-released film on the big screen. There might even be some of you reading this fanzine that weren't even born when the first film originally premiered. The mere fact that you are reading this illustrates just how enduring the popularity of Star Wars is, how much fun they are to watch, and with the release of the Special Edition in cinemas, just how enjoyable they remain to be.

This issue marks two anniversaries. The first belongs to Bounty Hunter. Originally produced to coincide with the fifteenth anniversary of the saga, this eighth edition marks the fifth anniversary of its release way back in the Autumn of 1992. As those of you who still own an original copy of issue one will know, things sure have changed since that first issue. For one, the whole thing was typed up on a regular typewriter.

The second special event, as mentioned earlier, is twenty years of Star Wars. To celebrate this landmark in cinematic history, this issue contains some special feature articles dedicated to the first film. By way of a tribute to the saga's creator, George Lucas : The Man & His Dreams takes a look at the life and extraordinary career of the man from Modesto. It's A Hit! : The Success Of Star Wars illustrates the impact that Star Wars had on the world in 1977, while A Piece Of The Action shows just how the film changed the face of the toy industry forever.

Bringing things right up to date is Into The Light : Shadows Of The Empire, while short stories ISB Chronicles : Judgement Day, Why Me?, and Askew Hope illustrate just a few ways in which the trilogy has influenced fans of all ages in the creative department. I hope you enjoy reading these and all the other parts of the 'zine as well. There's also a chance to win an extra special prize in this issue's intergalactic competition.

1997 looks set to be a great year for all fans, with the three films back in cinemas to experience on the big screen all over again, and the first prequel going into production at Leavesden Studios in the Autumn. With all this and more going on, it looks as if Star Wars fever the second time around will be just as big as Star Wars mania was the first time around.

So, have fun until next time!
  • Hello There, editorial (3)
  • What's Goin' On Buddy? (4)
  • Obi Wan: The Old Man of the Dune Sea by Lesley Davis (8)
  • Star Wars: Askew Hope by David Watkins (12)
  • George Lucas: The Man & His Dreams by James Simmonds (14)
  • Why Me? by Ashley Simon (18)
  • It's a Hit: The Success of Star Wars by James Simmonds (20)
  • A Force Against Arthritis (24)
  • Boba Fett by Mark Heaviside (25)
  • ISB Chronicles: Judgement Call by Jason Grant (26)
  • Empire Day IV by Emma Garland and Jason Grant (30)
  • A Piece of the Action by James Simmonds (32)
  • Intergalactic Competition (39)
  • Into the Light: Shadows of the Empire by Ashley Simon (40)

Issue 9

Bounty Hunter 9 was published in Spring 2000 and contains 36 pages.

front cover of issue #9, James Simmonds
The editorial:

'For now only a few fans In Britain still collect Star Wars merchandise, and that's the way It will stay until one day in this decade Star Wars returns to our cinema screens...and shops.'

I wrote that sentence ten years ago in The UK Star Wars Memorabilia Guide, a fen-produced publication I helped produce with fellow fen Stephen Nelmes. At the time, a new film seemed an eternity away and it was pure wishful thinking on my part Fast-forward to 1999 and with the release of The Phantom Menace my statement has become reality. Star Wars is back with us once again - and so is Bounty Hunter.

The new Millennium seemed a perfect time for the fenzine to return after an absence of over two years, since issue eight in feet I felt that after all the media hype surrounding TPM that it was time to put the fendom aspect back into Wand this first issue of the New Year takes a look at ail four films in the ongoing saga from a fen point of view. A huge thank you' goes out to everyone who has contributed to this edition, in particular Caroline Blakiston and Sheiagh Fraser, who kindly gave up their time to be interviewed, interviews with the saga's cast & crew will hopefully continue in future issues.

This year sees the twentieth anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back and next issue will be celebrating the Irvin Kershner directed film. If you would like to contribute any articles, artwork, letters, memories or stories about the film then please send them to the address below.

Until next time, have fun and may the Force be with you.
  • First Steps Into a Larger World (3)
  • A Kind of Magic: The Making of A New Hope by James Simmonds (8)
  • The Trials of the Sith, fiction by Mark Richards (Lord Sidious gets an apprentice.) (16)
  • Here We Go Again: The Promotion & Success of TESB by by James Simmonds (19)
  • The Force Revisited (23)
  • Guardian of a Jedi by Ashley Simon (24)
  • May the Gifts Be With You by Ashley Simon (25)
  • Leader of the Pack (exclusive interview with actress Caroline Blakiston) by James Simmonds (26)
  • SW EPI: The Power of Myth Experience (a report of the event sponsored in Europe by Kellog's cereal) by James Simmonds (28)
  • Ever Saga Has a Beginning: The Making of Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace by James Simmonds (30)
  • The Star Wars Collector: A Tribute to the Star Wars Collector Fanzine James Simmonds (34)


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