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Name: Melanie Guttierrez
Alias(es): Mesarthim
Type: fan artist, zine ed, writer
Fandoms: Star Wars
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Melanie Guttierrez was a Star Wars fan artist in the mid 1990s. Her work appeared in several fanzines.

Along with Lorrie Cherry, she was the publisher of Another Sky. She also started AnotherSky.Net, where she uploaded digital copies of the Another Sky zines and offered to email scanned copies of other print fanzines. This raised concerns over the right to archive and share zine stories, and prompted the Open Letter About AnotherSky.Net Fanfiction Piracy.

Melanie and Lorrie Cherry also co-wrote Star Wars Print Fandom: An Expose, an essay about fandom and profit.

In 1990, in response to Ethics and Etiquette: A Proposal for the Buying and Selling of Fanzines, Melanie wrote: "I, Melanie Guttierrez, a/k/a Mesarthim, hereby grant all fans the permission to copy, for personal enjoyment and/or trade (not for resale) any of my work donated to Star Wars Fandom. "If you care, share. [1]


Melanie won three STAR aWARdS:

Sample Fanart


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