Darkshine (Star Wars zine)

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Title: Darkshine
Editor(s): Z.P. Florian
Date(s): 1998
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
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Darkshine is a single author gen Star Wars 45-page anthology collecting stories in the "Darkshine Rising" series written by Z.P. Florian.

This collection was published in 1998 and consists of the previously published stories from Another Sky.


From Another Sky (where the first story, "Darkshine," appeared in 1991): "After the fall of the Empire, Luke and everybody around him must find out what it means to be Vader's son. Later in the series, he discovers more clones of himself that anyone would be expected to cope with."


  • Darkshine by Z.P. Florian, Art - Z.P. Florian & M. Guttierrez (originally in Another Sky #1)
  • The Battles of Peace by Z.P. Florian (After the assassination attempt on his life, Luke Skywalker disappeared. Six months later he returns to claim a Top Secret Imperial cargo entrusted to Han Solo. The Alliance wants it destroyed and Solo wants answers.) (originally in Another Sky #3)
  • Lord of Darkness, Lord of Light by Z.P. Florian (Distrusted by the Alliance he served, used by a woman he trusted, Luke Skywalker must now bear separation from his "cloned" sons. Imprisoned on Kirdanol by Sornomes, then on Mord by his own doubts, the Jedi learns to master his doubts and passions, and the Dark.") (originally in Another Sky #4)
  • Windchimes by Z.P. Florian (originally in Another Sky #5)