Hibernation Sickness

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Title: Hibernation Sickness
Publisher: out of Charleston, South Carolina
Editor(s): Lisa Thomas and Barbara Gardner ("Babs, Tianna, Tarr, Barb, and David")
Date(s): 1987-1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Hibernation Sickness is a quarterly mini-zine, a Star Wars anthology that ran for eighteen issues. Each issue runs about 24 pages and contains fiction, poetry and art.

The zine Crossfire Zone picks up where this zine ends, at least in terms of continuation of some of the chaptered fiction.

Some Pseuds

Mesarthim and Stardancer, writers of a long-running serial, are Melanie Guttierrez and Lorrie Cherry.

Some Flyers

From a Flyer

HIBERNATION SICKNESS: a medical condition accompanying a return from sus pended animation. Symptoms include temporary blindness, disorientation,stiffness, nausea, hypersensitivity, and, sometimes, madness. Has STAR WARS' current state of suspended animation left you suffering from these symptoms?

Are you tired of hearing that STAR WARS fandom is dead? (es pecially since no one ever informed you that you had died?)

Are you looking for an outlet for your fannish creativity at a time when many STAR WARS fan zines and newsletters are going out of print?

THEN JOIN THE CLUB! LITERALLY! AND HELP FIGHT THE EPIDEMIC!! HIBERNATION SICKNESS is a bi-monthly newsletter/minizine infecting mailboxes every where in February, April, June, August, October, and December. Each issue is 16-20 pages and full of ads, art, articles, news, poetry, puzzles, short stories, and more! HIBERNATION SICKNESS even has its own soap opera—a continuing post-ROTJ series that began with issue #2.

Regarding Photocopying

In response to Ethics and Etiquette: A Proposal for the Buying and Selling of Fanzines and The "Clone Wars" Revisited: "Sorry I missed all the controversy of the past issues [of Southern Enclave], but I'll add my semi-belated declaration here: I, Lisa Thomas, hereby give all fans the permission to make themselves single, not for resale copies of any OOP issues of HIBERNATION SICKNESS for their own personal use. (Issues #1-8 are now officially OOP.)" [1]

Reactions and Reviews

In this day and age, there aren't enough SW zines to satisfy the fans, and the really good ones cost about $20.00. In the reasonably priced zone, besides the well-known and valued newsletter "Southern Enclave," "Hibernation Sickness" provides a regular dose of the good stuff for the discriminating fan. "Hibernation Sickness" comes to you five times per year for a very modest price: $10.00 per year! Two bucks per issue, this is a treasure trove of short stories and long serials, for example "Back to Bespin," a post-ROTJ novel, that manages to end on a breathtaking cliffhanger in each issue. The segment in issue 15 is bound to increase the pulse rate of all readers. "BtB" deals with the touchy issue of "would you fall out of love just because someone told you that the lady is your sister"?

Issue 15 is the two-year anniversary issue, and as such, a good one to review. The cover is a very funny drawing, spoofing "Heir to the Empire." Inside you'll find a collection of past covers, showing a delightful array of b/w drawings from the dead serious to the hilariously funny. Plus, HS contains more than stories: it has reviews (in the anniversary issue, the topic of the dissection is, of course, "Heir"), it has a pile of fandom-related news, poems, LoCs, cartoons, illos, etc. HS proudly advertises itself as the only openly anti-Ewok zine, and its reader have grown fond of the regular Ewok-bashing, that gives them good jokes, fun covers, even a mean T-shirt...HS, now in its third year, deserves to be much better known within the SW fandom, Its stories, poems and illos have that good old Shakespearian ability to swing from the depths of tragedy to the heights of clowning with stylish ease. [2]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Aaron Schofield

Hibernation Sickness 1 was printed in April 1987 and contains 14 pages. The pages are not numbered, and there is no table of contents.

  • Star Find, puzzle by Wendy Schwartz (1)
  • It's a Jedi Life, filk to the tune of "It's a Hardknock Life" from "Annie," by Geri Lightstar
  • From Opposite Worlds, poem by Anonymous
  • Trivia: For the Pros
  • Insights, story by Geri Lightstar
  • copies of Star Wars Logs from the April 1982 issue of MAD magazine
  • For Han, poem by Geri Lightstar

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Hibernation Sickness 2 was printed in June 1987 and contains 17 pages. "As the Galaxy Turns" is the first installment of a what was planned to be a serial. It takes up more than half of the zine.

  • review by Sheila M. Murray of the play starring Mark Hamill called "The Nerd"
  • As the Galaxy Turns, fiction (first installment, soap opera style) by Barbara Gardner and Denise VanVoorhis (Star Wars (mostly)/Star Trek)
  • Cockpit Conversation, story by Rennie Cowan
  • lyrics to the poem or song "Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone" by Glenn Medeiros
  • Dear Master Yoda, poem by Rennie Cowan

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Aaron Schofield
printed in issue #3, a clipping from "Vanity Fair" that caused a fan much distress

Hibernation Sickness 3 was printed in August 1987 and contains 15 pages.

  • One Last Look, poem by Wendy Schwartz
  • answers to the trivia quiz from issue #1
  • Lord Vader, Man of Many Facets, word find
  • We Don't Need Another Hero, filk to the tune of "We Don't Need Another Hero" by Tina Turner, by Rennie Cowan
  • As the Galaxy Turns, Pt.2, story by Barbara Gardner and Denise VanVoorhis
  • some clippings from newspapers and magazines, including one from Vanity Fair for Carrie Fisher's new book; this clipping sparks a fan to write a long letter of comment that was included in the fifth issue of "Hibernation Sickness"

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

I am writing this letter in response to a segment in the August issue of HIBERNATION SICKNESS. Before I get into the main point, I want to say that I am enjoying HS greatly. It is well worth the money I paid to subscribe. Also, "As the Galaxy Turns is a fun, well-written story. I don't particularly care for STAR TREK, but the writers have made the combination of SW and ST universes very interesting reading. I appreciate that.

My foremost reason for writing, though, is in response to the preview article for Carrie Fisher's new novel, POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE, which was on the next to last page of the August issue of HS.

I was disappointed by HS, saddened, and a bit shocked that the editors chose to advertise this particular novel. The article clearly was meant to promote and attract attention to the book. I know that SW newsletters sometimes contain segments about Carrie Fisher in one form or another, but I feel that the editors made an extremely bad choice in publishing this article, or any article for that matter, that promotes POSTCARDS... I'll explain my deep concern.

I consider myself a very dedicated and loyal SW fan. My highest want is to see that the reputation and integrity of the movie and its characters is kept as high as it can be. I always defend the saga I love so much and speak out against anyone that does anything in anyway to hurt or lower that clean reputation and integrity. That's why, as a fan, I am so deeply troubled about the release of this particular book. I have no idea how much the editors of HS know about POSTCARDS..., but ^ know a lot about it. I've heard or read quite a bit concerning it, and one thing I am sure of is that it will hurt the SW saga greatly because of its release.

POSTCARDS is a novel chronicling and based on Carrie Fisher's wild and wasted drug-filled life of partying, sex, and depression. I've read a good part of the book already from different places, only because I wanted to know ahead of time how bad it would be for Leia's image when release date came.

Any SW fan that's truthful, in my opinion, would admit that this book is going to be very bad for the movies. And any truly loyal fan would wish this book never came out, Carrie Fisher author of it or not. You can judge true fans from the rest of the bunch by how much that person defends and stands for the saga, no matter who they have to go up against or what the cost. That's how you measure loyalty. That much said, I certainly wouldn't dare promote that book in any way, shape, or form. As a SW fan, I would use my energy to tell people not to read it. Knowing that it will be bad for SW, I certainly couldn't promote the book like HS did, if I'm at all interested in the saga's clean reputation being kept that way.

If the editors had absolutely no idea what this book would be about, or if the editors honestly didn't know that POSTCARDS... is very bad for the integrity of SW, then that would be excusable. What would be inexcusable, it seems, is if the editors knew what the book was about, and if they realized it would hurt SW greatly, and yet promoted the book anyhow.

I did not write this letter to insult HIBERNATION SICKNESS. HS is a fun, well- organized newsletter. The aim of my letter, really, was to point out the case of, "To be loyal to SW or not to be." That seems to be the question when it comes to promoting this particular book. I've said it over and over in this letter that it will be damaging to SW. Well, that's true. Anyone who hasn't seen the barrage of negative, things being printed about SW lately because of that book must've been off-planet. Everywhere there was coverage of her book, in a ton of magazines and news stories, etc., you'd find a variety of disgusting put-downs of Leia and SW. Examples: "Princess Leia lands in a drug clinic..." (GLAMOUR magazine), "STAR WARS heroine tells tale of wild, messed up life...", "Princess Leia writes a novel...that begins in a drug rehab hospital..."(PEOPLE magazine). Those are only 3 - there were dozens of others. Those things are no good for SW or Leia. You can't possibly say that those lines are doing anything but hurting the movies. I've said very much in this letter, trying to prove my point with examples and give myself credibility that I know what I'm talking about. I had to list every piece of information I had on this subject of Carrie's book so that my cause of protecting the saga's reputation would be believable. This letter is extremely long, I know, but I feel somehow it was all needed to prove my point. There may be other SW fans out there who would look at this letter as nonsense, but I assure you it is not.

All I can say is that I am sincere, and that I suspect they don't love SW as much as I ) do or else we would be in agreement. After all I've written, the main reason I wrote is to ask you and other publications not to publicize or advertise POSTCARDS in any way, shape, or form. I would hope that you personally would not promote the book, but I'm not asking that. As a reader of and subscriber to HS, I am merely suggesting something that I hope the editors agree with, and I am exerting my right to comment on the newsletter like you urge the readers to do.

The situation with this novel is very different from Alec Guiness' novel. HS publicized his novel, BLESSINGS IN DISGUISE in a past newsletter. Although I did not yet read BLESSINGS... I have heard much about it in interviews, and it seems to me that BLESSINGS... is very complimentary and positive on the subject of SW. It was and is totally appropriate for every SW fan to promote BLESSINGS...

I know I can't control HS, that's obvious. But I would hope you will respect this subscriber's wishes, and even more importantly, for the clean reputation of SW, please, honor the suggestions I made in behalf of the saga in this letter.

I appreciate your taking the time to listen to my comments about a very serious matter. Thank you. [3]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, Aaron Schofield

Hibernation Sickness 4 was printed in October 1987 and contains 16 pages.

  • As the Galaxy Turns, Pt.3, story by Barbara Gardner and Denise VanVoorhis
  • Star Quiz, trivia by Aaron Schofield
  • Exceptions, Pt.1, story by Mesarthim & Stardancer (7 pages)
  • The Storm Within, story by Aaron Schofield

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

Applause to Aaron for issue #4's impressive cover! I like your 'negative' style, Aaron, great use of light and excellent depth in a limited medium like black and white. Also, "The Storm Within"—powerful and very perceptive, beautifully written. I LOVE stories told from a peripheral character's pov. Backtracking through the SW storyline and elaborating on the acquisition of the shuttle was brilliant. My kind of story! Give us more, Aaron, and I hope your next one is a big, juicy one! Congrats as well, Aaron, on the SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF THE FORCE cover contest. You deserved it, your art was great.

Barbara and Denise, AS THE GALAXY TURNS? I'm still going, 'huh?' Am I dense or did I miss something in HS #1, 2, and 3? I'm not sure where it's coming from— or going—tut I'm enjoying ATGT, I think! BUT, if those lousy Romulans harm ONE beautiful blond hair on Luscious Luke's body, I'll...I'll...oohh, I'll sic the Wook on both of you!...

Has anyone out there considered a story — or series — of pre-SW droid adventures? Lots of owners and humor to be found there, and the droids' origins are unexplored. Lorrie and I are so busy with our version of SW history, I'll never get the time to do a droids story, but I'd sure love to see a few! [4]

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, Melanie Guttierrez

Hibernation Sickness 5 was printed in December 1987 and contains 31 pages.

From the editorial:

I'd like to officially thank STARLOG for their feature article/apology. All I expected was a little, one-inch black-and-white ad for HIBERNATION SICKNESS among

dozens of other little one-inch black-and-white ads, and look what we got instead!! Response has been incredible! (For those of you who missed STARLOG #125, an article was printed in the Fan Scene entitled "If the Jedi Can Return, So Can We." In it, STARLOG apologized to all STAR WARS fans for its claims that SW fandom was dead, and listed four new SW fan clubs — HS among them.)

  • Editorial and News
  • Star Quiz by Aaron Schofield
  • Exceptions, Pt.2, story by Mesarthim & Stardancer
  • Heroes Aren't Forever, story by Rennie Cowan (3 pages)
  • As the Galaxy Turns, Pt.4, story by Barbara Gardner and Denise VanVoorhis (Authors' Note: "We merely wish to state that we wrote Chapter Three [of As the Galaxy Turns] long before either of us knew about the STAR TREK cartoon episode, "Practical Joker." We wrote the sabotage scenes in the Fall of °86, and Denise didn't see the cartoon until this August. It's not our fault! And we didn't copy. And now we'd like to extend our deepest and most mumbled apologies to the following parties for the contents of Chapter Three: the makers of SPACEBALLS (I tried to avoid the scene, but Denise insisted), Luke (the Jedi Master), the crew of the Enterprise (who were and remain the original victims of Nissa and Tarr's antics), Luke (the Sithlord), Lisa The Editor (whom I forever leave hanging...), and Luke (the Federation Ambassador). We want to seriously apologize to Luke for inhumanly throwing him into this mess, and for ever writing this story about him at all. Sorry, everyone! Are we forgiven. Ace...?") (15 pages)
  • a long letter of comment about the previous issue

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

The front cover was beautiful. I shall be forced to add Melanie Guttierrez to my list of people to be jealous of for their artistic abilities. The way she handles foreshortening and awkward body positions! Sigh... All her other illos were excellent, also, as was the rest of HS's artwork. I loved Melanie's cartoon of the editors!

"Exceptions"— I take exception to the fact that it^s ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER! Otherwise, it was a very good second chapter to the first chapter that's in HS #4. I thought it was cute that Wedge is Corellian, but he stole the FALCON! And wrecked her! I also liked the way Luke and Leia's relationship is handled and am looking forward to the next installment.

"Heroes Aren't Forever" — I always have wondered why Han stuck around. Somehow I can't see Han giving up 17,000 credits, but it was a very worthy and notable act. (You can tell I'm a Han fan, huh?) Luke being all goo-goo-eyed over the Princess seemed very true. But what he and Han see in her anyway?!! (An extremely jealous Han fan) Anyway, it was also a very good story.

I will comment on the LoC from Wendy Schwartz here. All this stuff about "true" fans. I honestly don't see how one can tell a "true" fan from the rest of the bunch by how much that person defends and stands up for the saga. Maybe that came out wrong. Maybe I just don't see how Carrie's book could hurt SW. People who are "loyal" to SW are not going to stop being fans because of her book, and people who aren't fans or who are neutral aren't necessarily going to start being fans anyway. I guess that makes me not a "truly loyal fan" by Wendy's definition, and I would certainly deny that. Carrie's book, the way I see it, is just that — Carrie Fisher's book. Carrie Fisher is an actress not Princess Leia. She may be identified with Leia, but people are going to suddenly turn against SW because of POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE. Excuse me, but Mark Hamill played a sleazy producer on Broadway — did it harm SW? Not the way I see it. Wendy mentioned Sir Alec Guineas' autobiography, saying that it was complimentary and positive on SW, so it was okay to promote it. First of all, Sir Alec's book didn't even mention SW, or if it did, didn't say much about it. (I read it on a long plane trip, that's why I'm a bit hazy.) But even if it had totally panned SW, it would still have been only one person's opinion. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Well, I can finally talk about "As The Galaxy Turns" now!' What can I say, Denise and Barbara, but more! more! more! I've never seen "Practical Joker" (the only TREK cartoon I've ever seen is "Jihad"), but the idea of Nissa and Tarr wreaking havoc on the good ol' USS ENTERPRISE is hysterical. Kirk must have nearly died — I shudder to think about Scotty... I like Tarr a lot. It's just like a Corellian to try to seduce a Romulan officer of all people! I can't wait 'til the February issue to find out more about him. [5]

An issue worth the long wait! BIGGER, give me MORE!

Good job, Rennie, on the "Heroes" story. Han ready to skip out a second time — just like him! The Wook and his conscience brought him back during the battle, but he would feel he had repaid the Alliance in full and Luke, in particular, and be ready to hit hyperspace again. He just never quite makes it. So much for destiny.

"As The Galaxy Turns" — Virgin alert? Really, girls! I still can't decide if this is a spoof or serious. Call me dense. MORE LUKE, please...

Bravo, editors, for issue #5- So gimme #6 already.[5]

First of all, HS #5 was nearly typo-free! That tells me that you spent a lot of time over your typewriter or money for a computer! ((Editors: Computer??? Only in our dreams! Actually, we spend a lot of money on white-out!!)) Either way, it's seen and appreciated!

Love the editorials! I always like hearing how the editors feel. Makes stuff personal, you know?


"Exceptions" — Loved the segments with Wedge and Chewie. They are characters that usually appear only in cameo (if at all) in most SW stories. It was totally funny and believable, the reasons for their drunken joyride. Han's reaction to the Falcon's damage is also terribly funny, and I really cracked up at that sentry's unexpected trip. Spennard Fos is a good character, his disbelief in the rumors of Rebel Jedi interesting. I wonder how he'll react to Luke Skywalker's abilities. The ending of the chapter was a shocker. I hope Leia isn't too badly hurt. The authors really left us a cliffhanger ending. Luckily, HS is a bi-monthly zine or else I wouldn't be able to stand the strain of waiting for what happens next!

"Heroes Aren't Forever" — A good story about Han's decision to stay with the Alliance. Luke's boyish innocence is in sharp contrast to Han's cynical pirate act and shows their differences dramatically. Yet in spite of these differences, the beginnings of a friendship are built. One thing bugged me in the story. The title of Heroes Aren't Forever" didn't seem to have anything to do with the story. What did the author mean by it?


"ATGT"— Complications! Complications! Luke is attracted to Nissa, and her old boyfriend Tarr shows up. Nissa does not want to acknowledge her feelings for Luke, having been hurt in the past. Incidentally, all three must escape from their Romulan captors. Space opera with a touch of soap! I found references to the ENTERPRISE'S personnel, along with Luke's lesson with the communicator, very amusing. Tarr's virgin alert remark was cute, but I was surprised he wasn't killed (by Luke) for it. (If looks could kill, however...) Mention of Luke the Sithlord was intriguing, and I hope you develop that. I do think you could've told a little more about Nissa's background. You left tantalizing hints but no solid information. Is it deliberate or what? ((Barbara, the editor: It's not really deliberate. Nissa is Denise's creation, and in many ways her past is more complex than Tarr's, even though she has a lot less of it t^n he does. I'm finding it very difficult to work her background in without letting her simply have a six-page dialogue with Luke. Part Two of ATGT will give a lot more info; on her family and home, but I'm still working on the rest. Bear with me! Denise is no longer helping me revise ATGT, and I've had Nissa simply dumped into my lap as a result. I'll try to work in more details. ) In contrast, you gave a lot more background for Captain Tarr Masir!

Wendy Schwartz' LoC I'm not commenting on Wendy Schwartz's letter because I don't believe I need to. You're very likely to have a lot of others writing in on this very opinionated LoC. If you don't get one letter about it, SW fandom is dead!

Art: Very nice. I especially liked Melanie's front cover. It had a strong three-dimensional quality that I found beautiful. The Yoda on the LoC page was also a favorite.


About the zine content itself, I think your strongest and weakest asset is your serial stories. Serials are a strong asset because the zine is bi-monthly, and having a segmented story, you can always type the whole-story at once but print it over a period of months. You also know how much you have for future issues. But serials are one of the most difficult forms of writing. A chapter must stand alone in the serial, but also keep the reader interested enough to continue next time. And the whole story must hang together. With two continuing serials, HS #5 had space problems. MS #5 had one short story...

It is a sad statement on SW fandom when people write in about late zines but never send an LoC to editors. [5]

[From a male fan who is fixated on canon, mansplaining, and straightening this female-created zine]:

I like the overall magazine, although I can see a few places where there is a need for improvement. There seems to be too many short stories and not enough news (even if there isn't that much available) and commentary columns. If you can't think of any topics to write a commentary on, I will be glad to! Make it a little more genuine. You could've (and should've) retyped the articles on the next to the last page of your third issue and edited the pictures. Photo copying articles looks a little funny and is not so original. Make it look like your own info, not someone else's... If you re-word a few things and switch the order of a few sentences, you can officially call it your own work!!! It even makes it look like you have your own contacts!!! That's the only thing I think HS really lacks. If you need some original news, I hear a lot of it and would be glad to include some sometime. Although news may be hard to come by these days, you can certainly have fun stirring up controversy. ((Lisa, the editor: First of all, HS is a mini-fanzine. Fanzines, for the most part, do not print ANY news. The only reason that some of our ads call HS a newsletter is because there are a surprising number of people out there who don't know what a fanzine, let alone a mini-zine, is. We will print news that comes from a concrete source, but we will not participate in the spreading of the hundreds of rumors that are flying around SW fandom. We encourage you to write a commentary for HS if you want to. We WANT membership participation. We editors are full-time students and have enough on our hands in putting HS together. As for the articles, I use them as space-fillers for the most part. Anything that is of major importance receives honorable mention in an editor's letter. If I were to type up the article, that would defeat my purpose of losing it to fill in space. Besides, since I am an English/Journalism major, I cannot in good conscience 're-word a few things and switch the order of a few sentences' in order to 'officially call it (my) own work.'))

My idea of a short story Is exactly like the one Rennie Cowan wrote for the second issue. I loved it!!!! It was superb and fantabulous!!! This is close to how I write my stories — like a chapter out of a book. With the exception of one, most of my pieces deal with the "nobodies" living in the SW universe.

The three things I love to see in S¥-related books, stories, etc. are demonstrations of the technology, a fair amount of action, all interlaced with tongue-in-cheek romance. I like to see romance build, not just "WHAM-BANG-and-you're-done." What I'm trying to say is that I am enjoying the way you are fixing up Luke and Allessi in your story, but it seems Lucas has plans for Luke in the last three movies in the SW saga, as he mentioned in STARLOG recently. Although I have no problems with you fixing him up temporarily!! ((The editor: ATGT is an alternate universe story. Unlike most au, stories, it does follow the events in ANH, ESB, and ROTJ, but all other movies are disregarded.)") There is only one problem with ATGT (aside from the title — I thought you crossed out "soap opera" in your introduction to the second issue?????)

I may be a SW fan, but I'm NOT a Trek fan. I do like STAR TREK, but I don't consider myself an out and out Trekker. In my personal opinion, combining SW and ST in a serious story is ridiculous. There are many technical reasons against this. For instance, ST takes place in the 23rd and 24th centuries; SW, on the other hand, takes place a long time ago and in a galaxy far, far away... which completely blows holes in the idea of hopping from the SW galaxy right over to the Milky Way. Especially when it took Han a few months just to travel to Etti IV, in the FALCON at lightspeed, which was in the Corporate Sector, a small part of the SW galaxy! Also, in a recent ST:TNG episode it was stated that only 11% of the Milky Way was charted by the Federation and intra-galactic travel was unheard of. There are many other things I could point out, but I think you get my drift. ((The editors: ATGT is not a serious story in the sense that you mean it is, indeed, more like a soap opera, and we know how unrealistic they can be. I am not saying that I'm ignoring the laws of physics. I've had two courses of college level physics — I can't ignore them! Regarding the time difference, I've been waiting to be asked that. The galactic barrier is an unexplored and dangerous area. I am using it as a dimensional warp that also warps time and allows travel between the Alliance and Federation at certain coordinates. As for the time of travel, I have been mentioning the large amounts of time required and will continue to do so.)) I'm not suggesting any immediate changes, but I do think a lot of other "die-hard" SW fans would not like a combo story like this — which would definitely be considered fiction!!! If this story ever comes to an end and you start a new edition, lose the STAR TREK bit. ((There's that term again! The subject of "die-hard/true" fans is not a pleasant one here at HS. Just as others have commented in LoC's this issue, no one has the right to claim themselves more of a fan than someone else just because they don't have the same opinions, like the same characters, or, as in your case, like the same kind of story. You are implying that I am not as much of a fan as you are because I don't mind combining SW and ST and you don't approve. I am a die-hard SW fan, and so is Lisa. If we weren't, we wouldn't have put up with everything we've gone through in a year of publishing this minizine. I am not intending to sound harsh here, but I've been noticing this "die-hard" and "true" fan crap a lot in SW fandom lately — it's getting worse, and IT MUST STOP! If it doesn't, our fandom will become as divided as STAR TREK fandom is, with all the inherent name-calling, condescension, and cliques. SW fandom is too small to survive that kind of split. Think about it, folks.))

Keep HS coming! How about monthly??????" ((Editor: How about when Tatooine freezes over!? [5]

Issue 6

cover of issue #6

Hibernation Sickness 6 was printed in February 1988 and contains 23 pages.

From the editorial:

First of all, to those of you who wrote in wondering just WHERE IN THE SITH your December issues were, you'd make terrible Jedi Knights with your lack of patience!!! I attend [name of college redacted] and I cannot always guarantee that my study load will allow me to get each issue out on time—especially during final exams, as was the case in December. That, along with the fact that it was a double-issue and the number of ribbons I went through in typing the n/l, made for a late issue. (I knew I'd eventually be paid back for all the letters I've written to zine eds inquiring about late issues in the past few years!!)

  • Anakin's Last Stand, poem by Rennie Cowen
  • As the Galaxy Turns, Pt.5, story by Gardner/VanVoohis (7 pages)
  • Star Quiz #3 by Aaron Schofield
  • a review of "The Star Wars Sourcebook" by Lisa ("THE STAR WARS SOURCEBOOK: I was fortunate enough to find a copy of the SW Sourcebook, which is a companion of the SW Roleplaying Game, at Waldenbooks the other day, and I just cannot keep quiet about it.. If you have not seen this book, then by all means stop what you're doing and GO FIND IT! ! This book is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Not only is it full of detailed descriptions of every facet of the SW universe, but it also contains short stories and Imperial Communique simulations. An example of the short stories is a piece written on the Rancor—namely, how it came to be in Jabba's Palace. Very interesting and fim to read. The book also has blueprints of various ships in the SW universe from an Imperial Shuttle to the Millenium Falcon. Photographs from the movies cover practically every page. The book is divided into chapters ranging from Aliens to Lightsabers (which is the shortest chapter in the book—only two pages). Creatures to Villains, Heroes to Vehicles. It's an absolute MUST for every SW collector, even if you're not going to buy the Roleplaying Game itself. The price for the SW SOURCEBOOK is $14.95. I think it is well worth the money, and I encourage all of you to go to your nearest bookstore and see for yourselves just how great it is! I found it in the Science Fiction section of the bookstore here.")
  • Exceptions, Pt.3, story by Mesarthim & Stardancer (11 pages)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

"The Storm Within"—I love stories from other pov's (not just L,L, or H). "Storm" gave quite a plausible explanation for why a lot of people supported the Empire. I'm sure that that was the reason — that people thought it was a good thing. What about the Republic, though? Or I guess there were a lot of people without much contact with it.

""Exceptions"—'Chapter I?!" There'd better be more! Loved the scene where Han was playing Sabaac. (I always wondered about that game...Hmm...) Mutating cards? And the relationship between Luke and Leia felt very true. A great story!!! I hope to see more from Mesarthim and Stardancer, whoever they are... ((They are none other than Melanie Guttierrez and Lorrie Cherry, and they've asked me to let you know just how grateful they are for your kind words on "Exceptions". -Lisa)) ((if you want to learn all you've ever needed to know about Sabaac, read the Lando Calrissian books, Irina. Lando's always playing Sabaac in those books, and the game is explained in detail. It's rather interesting. -Barbara))

Star Quiz — I must be getting a little rusty on my SW trivia. (Didn't do too well.) Yes, but can Aaron quote Greedo's lines in Greedo's language? Ha!

AS THE GALAXY TURNS — (I saved the best 'til last.) Luke is a SITHLORD?! What does Yoda have to say about this? I loved this story, and I thought Hissa and the two Federation spies were too hysterical for words. Wow! Holy smoke! Lord, the ending! That last paragraph was incredible... I think I'd better stop before I run out of adjectives....

Ooof. See what I mean? I always comment on everything...so, like I said, my LoC's turn out bigger than the zines themselves. One last thing, though. In the ads, the 'Only a few left'ad' made me roll around on the floor! Whoever thought that up is wicked!...

Well, anyway, I've calmed down a bit now. Overall, I'd like to say that HS is a good zine, and I'm sure it will get even better. One suggestion, though — it might be better to staple it like SOUTHERN ENCLAVE is stapled. It would make it look more official that way. But hey — who am I to say?

Keep up the great work!! [6]

Issue 7

cover of issue #7, Melanie Guttierrez: "Ewok Exterminator: I Smash 'Em, You Trash 'Em"
"Where Does the Money Go?" -- from issue #7

Hibernation Sickness 8 was printed in (April?) 1988 and contains 41 pages.

The art is by Z.P. Florian, Barbara Gardner, Melanie Guttierrez, Jenny Medick, Aaron Schofield, and Linda Yamashiro.

This was this year's one-year anniversary issue. It "Celebrated one year of dedicated (albeit occasionally undependable) service to Star War fans worldwide (or at least in 22 states & Can.")

  • Medical Logs, editorial, includes "Where Does the Money Go?" (3)
  • Readers Strike Back!, letters of comment (5)
  • The Legend of Luke, story by Lisa Biggs (13)
  • Did You Know? by Lorrie "Stardancer" Cherry (14)
  • Star Quiz #4 by Aaron Schofield (14)
  • His Young Apprentice, story by Z.P. Florian (15)
  • A Dark Lord's Point of View, poem by Barbara Gardner (19)
  • SW Con Report by Geri Kittrell (20)
  • Victory!, story by Lisa Papp (21)
  • Corellian Prayer by Rachel Natasha Mohr (22)
  • Vader's First Day, story by Rennie Cowan (23)
  • As the Galaxy Turns, Pt.6, story by Barbara Gardner and Denise VanVoorhis (25)
  • Starcros'sd Lovers, poem by Tom Parker (29)
  • Conflict, story by Lisa Thomas (30)
  • "I Know," story by Wendy Schwartz (32)
  • Chief Chirpa Chili Recipe by Lorrie Cherry (37)
  • To Kiss a Scoundrel by Rennie Cowan (38)
  • ads (41)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 7

I would just like to say that the anniversary issue of HIBERNATION SICKNESS is the best one I've seen so fare. The front cover was cute, especially with the Ewok's tongue sticking out. I laughed the minute I saw it.

Before I go any farther, I just have to say how much I loved Lisa Thomas' story, "Conflict" It was beautiful! My eyes were watering the minute I read " I wonder if you have her smile?" She wrote Vader's confused feelings nicely. That's the ind of SW I like to read -- the soft and sad ones. Good job, Lisa. The Force is with you.

My second favorite in the anniversary issue is "The Legend of Luke." In the movies, it wasn't really shown that Luke had become a legend or a sort of hero. We only got to see his accomplishments. I like the ending of the story where Anakin, Ben, and Yoda appeared. I could have cheered when Anakin used his Vader voice on those two so-called unbelievers. It was like, "Shut up and sit down! You listen to what he has to say about my son!" By the way, I like the name of the story.

I found the short poem "Did You Know?" very interesting. I always thought, too, that Luke had done all of his fighting and all of his suffering just for his sweet princess. (You can tell I'm upset about Leia being Luke's sister.) Anyway, it was very nice.

Lisa Papp's story (or shall I say letter) was very creative and original. I, too, sometimes think of those other Rebels and about their lives. "Victory" was very good.

Another story I liked—"I Know"—showed the relationship between Han and Leia very well. I found this comforting. Another thing I found comforting is the part when Han and Leia silently spoke "I love you." with their lips. It was cute to see Leia winking back at him like he did to her in the first movie. Wendy Schwartz sure did a good job with the characters. By the way, Wendy's story ended with a kiss.

Did you know that when you turned the page it went straight to a poem I wrote called "To Kiss A Scoundrel?" That was perfect! Was this done on purpose?

For your "Where Does the Money Go?" that was very honest of the editors of HS to actually show the readers that their every penny is spent on them, and maybe even some free pennies.

Overall, this whole issue was a Jedi treat. I would like to thank the makers of HS for printing sill of my stories and poems I've submitted in the past. I've really enjoyed seeing them in the n/l.[7]

Lisa and Barbara, you did a super job on issue From cover to back, the whole zine is very well-organized with nice artwork, stories, and fan correspondence. I know you guys put in a lot of hours, and I appreciate your effort in keeping SW alive. I even read all the stories and poems, etc., which I rarely do because I'm more on the news and business side of reading. But I really enjoyed the eds' and the others' writing ability. I even caught myself laughing and making comments to myself as I read. You gals do a hell of a nice job.[7]

Congratulations, Lisa and Barbara for HIBERNATION SICKNESS' first anniversary. I loved the issue! I see also that, Lisa, you finally listened to your own COMMAND TONE!!

Now, as to ATGTs Whatever Barbara and Denise want", Lisa, GIVE CT TO THEM NOW!!! This is no place to leave us hanging, people!

VICTORY _-- Lisa Papp, you did an excellent job. I wonder how many others wanted to write letters to their families but couldn't for fear of discovery? Great job.

CONFLICT (by HS' own Lisa Thomas) — I may just give up writing and let you do the job.

HIS YOUNG APPRENTICE — Z.P. Florian, you have a ton of great ideas in that story. I would love to see a longer one. Human sacrifices? Thanks for the nightmares.

STARCROSS'D LOVERS — It was so cute!!! I read it to my grandmother, and she couldn't quit laughing.

TO KISS A SCOUNDREL — I loved it. What can I say? I love mushy stuff from time to time. HS arrived when I was in a mushy mood. Please write more.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, HIBERNATION SICKNESS. Here's to many more Force-filled years.[7]

I think HS #7 is your best issue yet!! The look and layout (argh! horrid pun!) of it was just superb. I really like the new size and covers — will they be a permanent addition? ((Editor: Are Ewoks cute?! The only way I'd put myself through that with every issue would be if I lost all sanity. Those covers comprised about 80% of the reason the April issue was so late. Once a year is more than enough!)) The graphics, filler art, and lettering were also well-done, and the zine as a whole was really a pleasure to read and peruse at length.

Well, the front cover was totally hysterical—there's simply no other word for it! The idea of Darth going Ewok-bashiing is rip-roaringly funny to begin with, but Melanie's execution of it (so to speak) was priceless. I want a shirt just like that!

I'm not going to LoC the LoC's, although there are a few things I could mention, but I could never get to everybody's, and I don't want to single out any one particular person and put them on the spot. So I'll just go on to the zine, itself...

ATCT—- This is NOT funny, Barbara! I've already told you my opinion of the "writers' strike," but I want to reiterate how scummy this ploy is. You're going to drag out that AWFUL cliffhanger for months, aren't you??!!! Well, I don't care! I have my own predictions! .. .Vader tells Luke of a horrible mistake he made — Luke is actually Palpatine's son! Aghast, Luke gets into a brawl with Tarr and gets his eye poked out. With only one eye, he looks suspiciously like a prune, and his worst fears are confirmed. To soothe his wounded pride (not to mention his eye), he seduces Nissa, who gets pregnant with quintuplets and...

[much snipped] [7]

"Hope you're ready for a LONG LoC, dear eds. ((We always are! We just rarely get them... —eds)) ONE YEAR!!! How time flies when you're having fun and threatening your mailman! Happy Anniversary to us all!

Issue #7 was, umm, different. I'm still rather ashamed of myself for doing that squashed Ewok cartoon, you know. I really LIKE the little guys, so you can cook all the unknown Ewoks you like, Lisa, if you can catch the fiesty little guys, but leave Wicket alone! ((Melanie, are you attempting to ease your own conscience by leading everyone to believe that ^ suggested the April cover concept to you? Au contraire, fellow members!


HIS YOUNG APPRENTICE— What a multi-layered, thought-provoking story and style, Z.P.! There's innuendo enough for an entire novel in there. Cryptic dialogue was stunning. Lingering images and something new each time I read its human sacrifice, controlling Palpatine, total surrender, Kenobi's sister!?! Talk about packing a story with ideas! If you've developed this into a novel, Z.P., please let us know! "...An accomplished Jedi doesn't require light..." WOW!

CORELLIAN PRAYER— You're much too modest, Tasha. Eloquent! As one perfectionist to another, I can assure you that it doesn't get any better than this!

The Lisas were the real surprise this issue...

CONFLICT— Lisa!! You know how I love the psychological approach to the characters! Luke must look more like his mother and I always thought the sight of him would bring memories back to Vader that he had never allowed to surface. Our heads are in the same place, it seems, Lisa. Luke's presence had a greater effect on Darth than anything he could have done. He simply had to stand fast — EXIST! The battle was half-won before the two of them ever stood before the Emperor. You got into Vader's head better than I thought possible. If you keep writing like this, I won't have to stay up nights at the typewriter anymore, Lisa. I'll just "veg" out and read!

VICTORY — This is SO unique that I'm jealous! I'd like to see an entire ZINE of these! Eds, why not ask Lisa Papp to write a "reporter's" column? ((You did it for us!)) Think of the thousands of different viewpoints of the Rebellion! The twists, a documentarist writing home, FILMING the battles, the idea that the movies were made by the Rebellion and used to tell their side, a la WWII newsreels! What more can I say, Lisa Papp? You have NO competition, as far as I'm concerned, for the "unsung heroes" PoV, and no one could write it with more feeling or proficiency! If you don't write more of these it will be a crime!

Before I close, I must thank all who had such kind words for Lorrie's and my first fan fiction, and for the compliments on my illustrations. Most of all, I want to thank my partner in "literary crime"? the only person in this galaxy who would be demented enough to spend the wee hours of the morning on the phone, every night, and not hang up when I say, "I*m stuck!" Logical, organized Lorrle, she of the immortal one-liners. DIDN'T I TELL YA?! Where would I be without you...? Awash in pomposity! Thanks to my best, and only, off-world friend! A.B. Inc. has arrived!


Double cover looks very polished...on the way to major zinedom, I think!!

Another ish worth the wait.[7]

I was glad to see that HS had page numbers this time. Much easier to write about! I liked the cover, especially the fact that it's heavy duty, but I realize that black hole rates and supply costs may prevent you from using it very often.

Speaking of costs, don't worry about the price increase—HS is worth it.

Why is everyone so down on Ewoks? I love them — they keep my apartment dust-free, and I don't burn my hands anymore now that I use them for pot holders. Really, people! They are useful. They're great for mopping floors with and they make amazing bath mats! [7]

It is somewhat of a hybrid, part letterzine, part fiction, but I thought I'd include it because of the stories, Each issue is approximately 20 pages, with letters of comment, short stories, poetry and art by newer contributors.

Issue seven celebrated the editors' first anniversary of publication and was double the usual length. The stories ranged from Lisa Briggs's humorous "The Legend of Luke," to Lisa Thomas's look at Vader's inner torment in "Conflict." Z.P. Florian offers another version of Anakin's fall in "His Young Apprentice," and Wendy Schwartz looks at a second victory celebration in "I Know."

"As the Galaxy Turns," by Barbara Gardner and Denise Van Voorhis, is a continuing saga involving a heroine from the Star Trek Federation working with Luke Sky walker, Jedi Master and Dark Lord. This is aptly named, since it has more twists and turns than any soap opera.[8]

Issue 8

cover of issue #8, Jenny

Hibernation Sickness 8 was printed in June 1988 and contains 21 pages.

From the editorial by Barb:

The writers' strike came to an abrupt end (see the resignation printed herein), but to explain, though, why ATGT will not read 'by Barbara Gardner' beneath the title, I didn't write it. Denise and I did. Six times. For four years. The ATGT appearing in HS is simply a compiled, revised version of the 6 versions in existance. So even thouigh Denise has resigned, she still helped write all of the original ATGT's. I will take the credit for merely compiling them. And for those who may be wondering, yes, she gave away two plots in her letter, but at the risk of being accused again of censoring her letters, I left it alone. Nissa will not run off with Tarr, though. If she does, I'm going to disown Tarr and set a bounty hunter on Allessi for doing that to Luke! And Denise would like me to add unofficially that another reason she quit was due to my sudden change in personality in May, after which I began to come out only after dark, began to mysteriously disappear for several hours each night, and developed unsettling dental changes. I think when I began to pressure Denise to donate blood, she got a bit uncomfortable... I can't understand it. My good co-ed Lisa and our faithful LoCer Irina were elated when I became a vampire... Oh well, I guess some people are just too set in their ways to accept the various changes that life (and undeath) bring. My new...uh...lifestyle hasn't affected my devotion to HS, though, so don't worry.

Anyway, I think that now it is both appealing and fitting to have an eds' strike! What do you think, Lisa? We could demand an all-expense paid trip to MediaWest next year!

  • Reader's Strike Back!, letters of comment (3)
  • I Know, poem by Mesarthim (8)
  • Once Upon a Turtle, story by Tanya Rizzuti (10)
  • through the Ranks, word find by Barbara Gardner (15)
  • Back to Bespin, Ch.1, story by Mesarthim & Stardancer (16)
  • Anakin's Pyre, part 3 of "Anakin's Last Stand", poem by Rennie Cowan (21)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 9

I HATE CONTINUED STORIES.... There are just too many chances that the endings will not be printed, so please, ladies, let's go easy on the continued stories.

ISSUE 8: Better only a single story per issue than one that is never never completed. ((We can't guarantee that. We print what we get, and if all we have to print is a continued story (or two), then that's what we have to print. If you folks want single, complete stories, then by all means get some to us! Our files are very thin, as is usually the case this time of year. Write, write, write!!! —eds)) Now enough gripe.

"I Know"— Wonderful! This is the real Han and just how he would feel.

"Once Upon A Turtle"— In part of this I felt just as lost as Luke and Leia. Our favorite Corellian sure had trouble getting to the point. It was great.

"Back to Bespin"— It starts out swell, but... (*sigh*) Oh well, I can always hope! Loved the illo for it.

"Anakin's Pyre"— Well written, but I got a little lost. Just who is telling the story? The puzzles, ah, the puzzles. Well, there's them that can figure them out and then there's them that can't. I, unfortunately, fit into the 'can't' category. Barbara, you have a devious mind. [9]

"i Know"— WONDERFUL!!!! Excellent work—exactly as Solo would have said it, (The language didn't even slip!) and those thoughts have to be running through Luke's mind.

'Brother' is a cold shower, but not enough of one after 3 years of.. .lusting(?).

"Anakin's Pyre"— Rennie, you've done it again!

Thanks to all who liked "Victory!!" but now you've scared me! How am I going to live up to that type of praise? ((Here's something to scare you even more, Lisa. Melanie has nominated that story of yours for a Fan Q award!! Surprise! — eds)) That story came from Divine Intervention. (Something that has only happened once before. I've the gods to thank. If they would see fit to a) fix my computer or b) get me a job so I can buy a new one, you might be reading it in a book soon!)

Here's a question for everyone — If the Imperials were tracking the shuttle that the Rebels used to land on the forest moon, why didn't they raise the alarm when it dis- -^ppe^ed from their screens? In an area of that much importance, all hell should have' broken loose when it did not land at the landing pad. (it couldn't have, since an entire garrison would have been there waiting for it.) Even if Vader was positive about the identity of the occupants, why~~didn't he send a squadron to meet it, or to at least follow and capture the crew? It would have saved time and lives. (Vader, despite his tendency to kill off the dead weight in the galaxy, is NOT wasteful.) The argument that it would have alerted the Alliance to the Imperial trap is no good, since there was no comm^cation between the shuttle and the armada. (How could there be? Even the 'facilities' were probably monitored for conversations in that sector! Also, Lando and company were surprised when they arrived and discovered that the shield was still up — i.e. there was NO communication.)

So what's the story? Did an editor goof on the story-boards Just an oversight? I'll end with that stimulating question."[9]

Concerning Joe T.'s letter in #7 — Lisa, you were far too gentle when he suggested you 'reword a few sentences' in an article and call it your own. That is plagiarism, pure and simple, and illegal. Also, about his remarks concerning ATGT, cross-pollinating S¥ and ST makes for interesting reading. As a long time Trek fan and SW fan, I would just love to see Kirk try his 'never fail' moves on Leia. If she didn't peel him raw — verbally — the Wookiee would, literally! (For those unfamiliar with Trek-lore, James Tiberius Kirk scored so often in 2 1/2 seasons, his middle name was informally changed to 'Tomcat.' His favorite way to deal with a strong, attractive woman was to seduce her.) As far as being 'fiction' and/or a 'serious story,' well, nothing written by fans is 'official' SW, and it is all equally valid. What matters is: is it entertaining? Well written? Does it mesh with the 'official' SAGA? If it doesn't, is it so well-written that you don't care? Melanie Guttierriez has told me some of what she and Lorrie plan to do. (I read "Exceptions" before it was sent to HS and a draft of "Castling" while being held prisoner in Melanie's bedroom.) It is different from what I would do, but that doesn't make it less valid or make me enjoy it less. The fact that George Lucas will probably do something else entirely, when he gets around to it, makes no difference. The purpose of fan fiction is to explore the possibilities and no one should be so 'die-hard' (in the dictionary definition sense) as to reject something as not SW cause it doesn't jibe with their concept of what SW is. The only arbiter of what is and is not STAR WARS is George Lucas, whose word is law. Regarding Denise's resignation: Perhaps I'm a bit dense, but why was/is someone who apparently dislikes SW so intensely writing for a SW zine? Melanie's remarks seemed quite tame and reasonable to me. (Where is it written, Denise, that everyone must like Trek? Have you ever heard of IDIC? ¥ere you paying attention? The answer seems obvious to me!)

I think a great deal of the anti-S¥ hostility running through ST fandom has to do with the fact that without SW stunning success at the box office. Paramount never would have put up the money for ST I, or II, or III, etc. or The Next Generation. Some people apparently find that fact too galling to swallow and, since they can't abuse Paramount, (they might shut off the money) they take it out on us SW fans. The fact that ILM is doing the Trek effects probably doesn't help. Just think, ST's special effects budget paying for the next installment of SW! There is a certain... balance in that.

Now, about Ewoks. I like Ewoks — and not as foodstuffs, either! I see the problem as a 'pov' question. Ewok-haters see cute, ambulatory teddy bears with high merchandising potential. I see short, upright, bipedal ursinoids who are tree- dwelling with a hunter-gatherer culture living in harmony with their environment. They have the beginnings of basket-weaving, leathercraft, pottery, religion, and engineering — their tree villages are proof of their skill in that science. They are also brave, loyal, cautious, curious, fun-loving, intelligent, and philosophical. (Don't believe it? Read the novel!) And, horror of horrors, they are cute! Some of them, anyway. Chief Chirpa and Logray strike me as being dignified rather than cute. Be that as it may, cute is not a crime.

Short is not a crime. Cute and short do not constitute hanging offenses! Would it help if Ewoks were built like grizzly bears? Do you people realize that Wookiees a) are cute, in a huge sort of way, and b) like Ewoks?! Do you want to annoy a Wookiee?! Please make me the beneficiary of your life insurance! (if nothing else, think of Ewoks as Wookiees with a growth hormone deficiency.) Frankly, anyone—individuals or species—willing to take on the Empire with stone-tipped spears, clubs, logs, triplinesr-catapults, and bare paws is definitely somebody I want in corner when the forces of evil come to call!

"His Young Apprentice" Good, unsettling stuff that corresponds with some of my own ideas about the Sith—definitely not nice folks, these Sith. Z.P., go forth and write more.

"Victory!!" Another delight. Stories about the unsung heroes of the Rebellion are my favorites and the kind I tend to write myself.

"Conflict"-- There are nothing like memories to open a chink in a Dark Lord's armor... I Know ("by Wendy) Personally, I would have used more dialogue (I'm a wordy soul, in case you haven't noticed.) but that didn't lessen the effectiveness of the piece.

"To Kiss a Scoundrel"— Anytime, Rennie. ANY TIME!

"Once Upon a Turtle"— So that's how he did it...Leia has my sympathy.

"Back to Bespin"— Lorrie, maybe you should move in with Melanie so you can write more and faster. (Stuff the resident Corellian in Melanie's closet...)

As the Galaxy Turns"— Pun stuff. I hope Barbara can keep it going, this is no place to quit.

The rest of it All good stuff, although I have missed the full impact of some of the poetry since I came in late. Speaking of late, don't worry — this is one subscriber who isn't going to get on your collective necks because of late zines. As somebody who spent last winter '87-',88) trying (unsuccessfully) to keep a newsletter on schedule while nursing sick spouse, mother, and kids, I am all sympathy. I know you two are working your little tails off on issue #9. I shall do my part by sending, in addition to this letter, a multi-part story . You want submissions, you get submissions! It will be along as soon as it's typed and copied. [9]

Melanie Guttierrez was growled at for simply stating she would enjoy seeing a face-off between the female Alliance leaders (Mon Mothma and Leia) and the male Starfleet Command. Well, I've been as nice as sugar and spice to Trekkies, but NO MORE!!!

To Denise VanVoorhiss I darn sure DON'T like 'Sex in Space', aka Star Trek. ATGT has its good points, but I don't believe ST should be in a SW zine. That's my pov. If a SW fan sent a SW story to a Trekkie zine, they'd send it back letting you know loud and clear that you had sent it to the WRONG people. So, if you don't like SW, don't try to mesh it with ST. You can't mix apples and oranges without making a mess.

Every Trekkie I have ever known is constantly putting SW and its fans down. Well, enough is enough! If you don't like us, then leave us alone. We graciously accept you Trekkies into our small folds because we want to be accepted in the sci-fi community, and Trekkies quickly put knives in our backs. Come on, people, please!

I personally think Kirk is one of the biggest sexist pigs that the Milky Way has ever or will ever see. If he couldn't seduce it or shoot it, it wasn't worth mentioning, and who am I to say just how many times the Prime Directive was ignored? Whew! I finally got to say what I've always wanted to. ((Editor: And I'd like to add that I agree with a lot of it. I am certainly not defending ST fandom — I hate them, too. But I will defend Denise because she's my friend, and because she's not a part of mainstream ST fandom and really doesn't deserve the hate mail. And I'm not angry at you, Lorrie, and I want no hard feelings to come of this. I'm simply tired of the constant ST-in-ATGT put-downs, too, and can't blame Denise for the way she feels. — Babs))

Now, about HS #8... "Once Upon a Turtle"— This was sooo CUTE! It started out serious, and I had no idea what a turtle could have to do with this story, but I finally got it. (So I was a little out of it.) Good work, Tanya Rizzuti.

"Anakin's Pyre"— Rennie Cowan, I'm an Ice Princess, and you're doing a GREAT job of turning this HS reader into a weeping semi-human.. .HUMAN! I, too, agree with you about Luke and Leia, and I will NEVER believe they are bro-and sis.

Well, now that I've insulted the Trekkies and let Lisa know she can safely walk outside again, I'll sign off. [9]

"Through the Ranks"— Fun, Babs—leave it to a Sith to be sneaky.


You're not the only one disappointed with the brother- sister thing! Until the other six films confirm Mr. 'Certain PoV,' I won't believe it either! Gonna have to write you one of these days...

"Once Upon a Turtle"— The title really threw me. Then it started so seriously, I wondered how you were going to get a turtle into it! When Han started with his 'pet parable,' I started chuckling. Sweet and vague— just how Han would handle such an emotional moment! I loved Lando's bragging, Han and Leia's opposite moods, and Luke's brave optimism despite all he'd been through. Han on his knees, and Leia's reaction, and tipsy Ewoks, too! This I would love to see on film.

Now, Lisa... did I ever say you asked for the 'exterminator' cover? Did I?!? NO! Hrrummph! You did mention that Babs would love a Vader cover, and your preferences I know well. So, sweet little me, I decide to make both my eds happy, and what'do I get? Harassed by the ISICSL (Intergalactic Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Sentient Lifeforms), hate mail with paw prints on it, and guilt. Darth's second job, the dead Ewok, even the tongue sticking out were Lorrie's ideas! Left to my own devices, I'd send you covers of LL!

So there! To prove I don't hate Ewoks, I'm gonna time ROTJ for actual on-screen Ewok time. [9]

Enjoyed both 'Conflict' and 'I Know' very much. 'Victory® was good also. Since my feelings about continued stories are pretty well known by now (l hate them) there is no comment on ATGT. The rest of the zine was also very pleasing.

I think this part of my LoC is more of a question comment. For the past year or so, we have been told ad nauseam that SW is dying—that there is no longer the same amount of interest as there was 5 years ago, etc. While I will admit there is some truth to this, I also think a bit of investigation might turn up a slightly different picture. First o all, one of the difficulties lies in getting new authors to write. When SW was new, almost anything would go. Now the consumer is a bit more picky, so editors are more up against it to turn out quality material. Another difficulty is the fact that many SW stories appear in multimedia zines, and there will be only a few pages of SW in a gener zine, and putting out $12-$20 for a dozen or so pages of SW is a bit much for anyone. Third, and I'm amazed that this is so seldom mentioned, is the size of the zines. My collection (400) covers all the way from '79 to '88, and it just might be interesting to do a little comparison. The first issue of FLIP OF A COIN (HF characters) was 112 pp. and #11 was 303 pp. The first ish of FAR REALMS was 86 pp.; the last had 292. GUARDIAN #2 had 202 pp. ; ish #7 had 279- GALACTIC FLIGHT #3, an early zine, had a grand total of 146 pp.,. and WOOKIEE COMMODE #4 had 282. If you have zines that are 2 and 3 times as bi as the older ones, it would seem reasonable that there might be fewer of them. As for t interest dying down, well, there are at least 5 different groups advertising in HS as letter, short story, etc., and I'm sure that some of them at least will grow up to be full fiction zines, given time, just as some of the older ones did. In the meantime, all you SW fans keep writing. [9]

I loved everything in issue #8, especially the raving remarks of my fans — May the Force be with all of them!

I'd like to let them know that I have lots of Anakin stories to expand on the hints (Kenobi's sister, etc.) and am trying to scatter them around in all the interested fan publications. I guess I'll have one in the next HS ((Ed: She did. See HS #10's "Springfest Day")), and I hope in the next and the next and the next, too! If the powers above (HS eds) so desire!

MESARTHIM: (This name brings back memories of a great Hungarian novel—hey, whoever you are, do you know about it?) The poem was great! Talk about erotica; Luke fans must be blessing you all over the place!

TANYA: Loved the turtle business. Just like Han. BACK TO BESPIN: whoa! More! More!

RENNIE COWAN: Beautiful. I hope there is a part four! [10]

It is somewhat of a hybrid, part letterzine, part fiction, but I thought I'd include it because of the stories, Each issue is approximately 20 pages, with letters of comment, short stories, poetry and art by newer contributors.


Issue 8 contains Tanya Rizzuti's "Once Upon a Turtle," which has the most convoluted marriage proposal in all of SW fiction. And in part one of "Back to Bespin," by Mesarthinn and Stardancer, the Alliance moves its headquarters to Bespin, much to Lando's exasperation and Luke's anguish.[11]

Issue 9

front cover of issue #9, Melanie Guttierrez
back cover of issue #9, (photocopy) Melanie Guttierrez

Hibernation Sickness 9 was printed in October 1989 and contains 31 pages.

  • Medical Logs, editorial (1)
  • Readers Strike Back, letters of comments (3)
  • Then and Now, poem by Tanya Rizzuti (7)
  • Back to Bespin, Ch.2, story by Mesarthim & Stardancer (8)
  • The Search for Luke, story by Rennie Cowan ("Ed's Note: I had NOTHING to do with this ending, folks! When I received this chapter from Melanie a few months ago, I had no idea as to why she had written at the top of the first page,"This chapter dedicated to Lisa Thomas," but I must admit that I found the ending to be utterly hysterical!!") (13)
  • Pen Pals Wanted (20)
  • Thoughts of a Princess, poem by Wendy Schwarz (21)
  • As the Galaxy Turns, Pt.4, story revised by Barbara Gardner (24)
  • Zine Ads (30)
  • two more letters of comment (31)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 9

Wendy Schwartz, I can't get "Thoughts of a Princess" out of my mind. I could almost feel how Leia felt — the sudden shock of Luke's possible death. I wanted to grab Luke before he walked through the forest so she could have him back! The entire poem was filled with enotion in each line. I loved it!

"Then and Now": Alderaan was once beautiful and blissful. I wish that the first movie somehow could have shown at least one scene of Alderaem so we all could get a clearer image of it in our minds. [12]

Issue 10

cover of issue #10
from issue #10, Z.P. Florian

Hibernation Sickness 10 was printed in December 1989 and contains 18 pages.

From the editor:

Why is this issue so small, as compared to other recent issues, you ask? Because ever since we grossly underestimated the expenses we would incur in making our first anniversary the monster^it was, we have been seeing nothing but red, so it all comes out of our own pockets^until we become organized and financially sound again. That is another contributing factor in our lateness. We're not out to gain sympathy by telling you this, we just want you to understand that there are legitimate reasons for all of this.

Thanks again for your understanding!

  • Legend (from "Voices from the War"), story by Lisa Papp (2 pages)
  • As the Galaxy Turns, Pt.5, story by Barbara Gardner (6 pages)
  • the lyrics to a song: "Watching Over You" by Glenn Medeiros (1 page)
  • Springfest Day, story by Z.P. Florian (6 pages)
  • answer to the word find from issue #8
  • two letters of comment

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 10

"As the Galaxy Turns": I don't think Luke really loves that Nissa chick. I just think he's a lonely, desperate soul with nothing else but the view from his window. "Legend": One must meet the legend before they can call that person a legend. Nice switch of viewpoint.

I didn't really know how many people were disappointed with the Luke and Leia BROTHER AND SISTER thing until I read some of the stuff in the letters column. I think this might have gotten a devilish scheme to formulate in the back of my mind! One of these days, Lorrie Cherry and Melanie Guttierrez, you two just might see a story of mine where we, the people of the "LUKE AND LEIA ARE NOT BROTHER AND SISTER REBELLION" will turn that disaster around, and the romance will return to its rightful place! [12]

Issue 11

cover of issue #11

Hibernation Sickness 11 was printed in July 1990 and contains 15 pages.

The illos are by Melanie Guttierrez, Jenny Medick, Tanya Rizzuti, Aaron Schofield, and Linda Yamashiro.

From the editorial:

Here it is, folks—HIBERNATION SICKNESS: THE RELAPSE!! We're' back, with a slightly new look, thanks to my new word processor. NO MORE WHITE OUT!! This thing is great! Just check out the right margin justification! And it can even type in BOLD!! I had a little trouble at first working around the art, but I think I've got the hang of it now. The only thing that still bugs me is that, because it has an automatic Spell-Right feature, it beeps every time I type names like Leia, Han, Chewbacca, and so on. But it's worth it just for the time it saves me in putting together each page.

Anyhow, my word processor isn't all that's different about this issue. Barbara is no longer my co-editor. Her course-load at [redacted] was really interfering, so Melanie Guttierrez and Lorrie Cherry were gracious enough to agree to help me out with HS from now on. They don't, however, wish to be referred to as co-editors (That way I get slapped with all the lawsuits while they get off scott free) so their official title is "Masters of Post Production" or MO^s for short. They will handle subscriptions/renewals, printing, mailing, and as much PR as they can handle. I'll take care of typing and layout on this end. In other words, they're going to see to it that HS gets organized, or die trying! Anyone who sent submissions to Barbara after June 1989 should contact me ASAP to make sure that I received a copy from her. The same goes for those of you who ordered subscriptions or back issues from her after that date. I just want to make sure that I get ity records in order on this end.

As for the mailing schedule, we're going to five issues per year (I know I said four in that official letter I sent, but I changed my mind once Melanie found a reasonably-priced printer in New Orleans.) Also, a one-year subscription will be $10 until the next postage rate or printing cost increase—whichever comes first.

  • Back to Bespin, Ch.3, story by Mesarthim & Stardancer (12 pages)
  • Shades of Grey, poem by Rennie Cowan (1 page)
  • a bit of news about a possible new movie, and a pro book
  • The Defender, poem by Aimee Neal
  • "Hors d'Ewok," recipe for cooking and eating an ewok, by Jason Piatt
  • two letters of comment
  • some ads

Issue 12

cover of issue #12

Hibernation Sickness 12 has November 1990 on the cover but was sent out later, as the editor wishes people a "Happy New Year". It contains 21 pages.

The art is by Z.P. Florian, Melanie Guttierrez, Tanya Rizzuti, Aaron Schofield, and Linda Yamashiro.

From the editorial:

Well, after much deliberation, we have come up with the eagerly-anticipated new publication schedule for HS (drum roll, please...): March, May, July, September and November. Five issues per year. Since this is the belated November issue, the next issue is due out in March. All right, I know I said this issue would be out last September, but you know what they say: SITH HAPPENS!! (With apologies to Tina Bentrup and all the other Vader fans who may have taken offense by that!)

  • MGM-Star Tours Review by Z.P. Florian ("If there is an official shrine for the practicing SW fan, it is in Orlando, Florida. Disneyworld, of course. The M3M Studios theme park offers two, count them, two doses of the good stuff: Star Tours, and the Indiana Jones show....Photography is forbidden here, but not impossible.") (2)
  • The Last Fight, poem by Tammy Olsen (3)
  • Uniform, "from the Voices of the War series, by Lisa Papp ("AUTHOR'S NOTE: Every war (conflict, rebellion, insurrection, etc. has differing viewpoints. Civilians, soldiers, generals, victims, victors and vanquished all see the same thing in different ways. The VFW series presents these differing perspectives.")(4)
  • Back to Bespin, Ch.4, story by Mesarthim & Stardancer (6)
  • ETC, section on Star Wars in the news, things to buy (18)
  • Portside Culinary Delights, by Z.P. Florian, a spoof on restaurant reviews, by Z.P. Florian (19)
  • Look at the Cost, poem by Stardancer (20)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 12

What do you call that outfit Luke's wearing on the front cover of #12? [we Luke fans can think of several appropriate adjectives! —eds] I can't discern whether it should be provocative or funny! Anyway, once I turned the page and got past that, I started to read.

"Uniform": I guess you can leave it to Lisa Papp to tell us what's happening through different realms of the galaxy! It was well done.

"The Last Fight": When I read the line "It's just you and me", I felt chills crawl down my spine!

"Portside Culinary Delights": Very, very funny! Z.P. Florian, you have a good sense of humor. I couldn't stop laughing! The Jabba's Tummy restaurant — sick! The Alderaan restaurant — not as disgusting, but a little sad. I certainly wouldn't recommend Leia spend an evening there.

"Look at the Cost": This poem dragged me deep into the context. Each line had a sort of mystery or abstract quality to it that I needed to think hard to figure out. Some people just enjoy luring the reader's mind into never-never land! However, with the line "I see now the man I raised" I'm not too sure what Stardancer meant. Did it mean Vader raised Luke? Or that Vader had raised himself through his manhood or Sith Lord-hood? I didn't quite catch it! [12]

I am writing to say how much I am enjoying the newsletters, having been a new member starting with issue #12. This is the first time I have read a fanzine that is totally devoted to STAR WARS. They are hard to find here in England. I have at last managed to read issues 12 and 13 after a hectic time moving to a new house.

The cover for #12 was well drawn and looked just like >ferk Hamill. It's very hard sometimes to get the likenesses of the characters' faces. I find Han's the easiest to draw and Leia's the hardest. The MGM Studios/Star Tours review was very good. It made me feel even more desperate to get over there to see it. (I was on holiday there in early 1987 but was two years too early for Star Tours!) I cannot understand why photography is banned at Star Tours though. It is a pity.

The poem "The Last Fight" by Tammy Olsen was well written and captured the mood of ROTJ well. Getting the words to rhyme in sequence was also a difficult task. Well done!

"Uniform" by Lisa Papp described well the contrasts between the Rebels and the Imperials. A piece of it even told me something I didn't know — about the area code on the left shoulder and your rank on the right shoulder.

"Back to Bespin" by Mesarthim and Stardancer captured Han Solo's character exactly and the rest of the guys too. Even though Han mellowed a little after being made a general and entering a great relationship, he's still the cocky, arrogant scoundrel spacer we all know and love at heart. Will he and Threepio ever get along? The story about the redesigned B-wing fighter was good but a little hard to follow at tiroes when it got a bit technical. But of course you have to have accuracy when describing the hardware of STAR WARS and the "Back to Bespin" authors certainly know their stuff. I shall have to get the back issues to catch up.

The news page was very informative. I loved that quote you printed from Carrie Fisher on that page. I'm sure there was more to their relationship off-screen than is ever mentioned because of the way she is always talking about Harrison in interviews.

"Look at the Cost" by Stardancer was another good poem and again summed up ROTJ's power in a few words.

The adverts at the back of each issue are very useful too. I never knew there were so many SW fanzines and clubs! That drawing of Grand Moff Tarkin on

that page was good too![13]

First of all, may a herd of rutting Banthas stampede through your office for omitting "Back to Bespin"! It could have been fit in, if the zine was typed single space, small letters...I am trying to survive another few weeks without knowing WHAT happens next, but forgiving is out of the question.

On the other hand, a trillion thanks for letting me know about the SW book (HEIR TO THE EMPIRE). What good news! Finally! I am starting to harass bookstore already!

To Rennie Cowan: The outfit Luke was wearing on my pic was supposed to be BOTH provocative and funny. (As an avid SW doll costume maker, I know MANY ways to dress Luke, just wait!) [Yeah, but what we're looking for are ways to UNDRESS Luke, Z.P.! —shameless eds] I am glad, though, that you liked the Portside Culinary Delights; even gladder that you have felt the touch of sadness in the mockery of the Alderaan restaurant.

"The Other" starts very promising. I do prefer Leia being the other to those stories that make Han into a Jedi, and I am especially delighted to see Lando. His very fascinating character deserves attention. I hope we will learn, in detail, how Boba Fett escaped the Sarlaac — that in itself would be a great story!

May the Force be with you, and I wish more people would do LoC's — writers need feedback![13]

Issue 13

cover of issue #13

Hibernation Sickness 13 was printed in March 1991 and contains 26 pages.

The art is by Steve Denny, Z.P. Florian, Jenny Medick, Aaron Schofield, Linda Yamashiro.

The editorial:


Those were the words Lorrie spoke to me when she called on the evening of March 7, 1991 — a day that will live on in infamy — and informed me that she had ACTUAL PROOF that there would be "a new hope" for SW fans.

Remember way back in issue #11 when we reported that a February 1990 issue of PUBLISHERS WEEKLY had listed three new SW novels as being ready for release by Bantam Books some time after June 1990? Well, that time is quite near! Since we weren't satisfied until we saw the ad for ourselves, we decided to run this latest ad for you folks to see with your own eyes! This comes to us courtesy of the March 1991 issue of a magazine called PREVIEWS, which lists upcoming sci-fi books, games, comics, etc. You might want to reserve yourself a copy of the novel as soon as possible since the first print run of HEIR TO THE EMPIRE will be limited.

Conceivably, this three-novel series could lead us right up to the next SW film (circa 1997). Whether there is another film or not, we are, nevertheless, getting our first "official" look at life after RETURN OF THE JEDI, and we'll see how close fandom has come to matching George Lucas' own vision of what came next in the eight years since ROTJ.

Needless to say this should have an enormous impact on SW fan literature, and it couldn't have come at a better time, when most SW zines and newsletters have folded from lack of fan support. This new novel will open the door on countless new story ideas, no doubt!

Well, seeing is believing, so read it and weep (with joy!)!!

Also from the editorial:

Okay, I guess I should begin by explaining the glaring omission of chapter five of "Back to Bespin", yes? It was just too long to fit into this issue with Jason Piatt's "The Other", which got booted last issue for "BtB". But I promise you it will appear in the next issue, and I also promise you that you will enjoy it greatly! (You think waiting THREE months between parts 4 and 5 is bad, I had to suffer for EIGHT, LONG, TORTUOUS MONTHS between those chapters!! That's how Melanie Guttierrez has earned the nickname "Melanie the Merciless". When I finally received part 5 a couple of weeks ago, I sat reading it in Burger King while my lunch got cold. It's wonderful, trust me!! You won't be able to stop until you've read every page!) I didn't leave it out to be cruel, I assure you. Those are DarkSider tactics!!

Melanie and Lorrie have at last presented me with some notes to you guys that give a little insight into just how much they look forward to the day they receive the master copy of HS from me. (ha!) It reads like a Sam & Libby ad, but at last they have broken their silence!

Well, I hope everyone has a VERY HAPPY EASTER and hopefully by the time the Mey issue rolls around, we'll all be reading our very own copies of HEIR TO THE EMPIRE!! I can hardly wait!! Follow the Force!!

  • Prophecy, poem by Natasha Mohr (3)
  • One of the Best Pieces, story by Z.P. Florian (revised and reprinted in The Rest of the Garbage) (4)
  • two letters of comment (5)
  • The Other, Pt.1, story by Jason Piatt (17)
  • ads (27)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 13

I just received the March issue of HS today. It's not late! I opened to the first page and I went crazy! I can't believe it! A new STAR WARS book after all these years. I think I might go crazy before May gets here.

"Prophecy" by Natasha Mohr was great. It was nice to see something on Luke and Leia's mother. I loved it. Natasha, I wish I could write like that.

"The Other" was great too. I am looking forward to part II.

The cover of this issue was also good, but if I had ray way, Luke would be on the cover of every issue. (As you can probably tell, I am a Luke fan.) [13]


First of all, in issue #13, I thought Z.P. Florian's story "One of the Best Pieces" was so interesting and original and not at all like the usual type of stories found in fan fiction. In fact, the story seems to fit in perfectly with Han's background based on a paragraph in the SW: ANH novel, page 101. It wasn't shown in the movie, but it says: "At their approach, the man sent the humanoid wench who had been wiggling on his lap on her way with a whispered something which left a wise, if inhuman, grin on her face." Suggesting that Han indeed had 'companions' of other species (other than Standard Human) with whom the relationship was more than just platonic.[13]

The cover of #13 was well done: the Rebo band playing away while Salacious Crumb was sneaking in the background, looking as nasty as ever. Artoo should have given him more than an electric charge.

As I turned to the first page, ray excitement reached fever pitch. At last! A new SW novel! And one that takes place after ROTJ! I do not expect the mainstream bookshops over here will sell it at first, but we have a chain of about six sci-fi shops around, so come May I shall be hunting for it harder than Boba Fett in the Slave I looking for Han. I think another SW comic series will appear soon as well. Dark Horse comics are now running an Indiana Jones strip, so SW can't be far from their minds. What a strange story "One of the Best Pieces" by Z.P. Florian was. A very imaginative story, especially the alien, Zomom. But I don't know whether Han would have slept with that type of eye-popping slime. I always thought he had good taste, at least, but with this...

Why on the letters page are they so against Luke and Leia being brother and sister? Keep favorite character Han staying with Leia, I say! It was just meant to be! She picked the better guy! (No offense, Luke). "The Other" by Jason Piatt is the best story in the two issues I have read. All the characters were captured brilliantly. [Yes, but we feel they will escape just as brilliantly as they were captured! —wisecracking eds] The story was excellent and the setting was perfect — having Luke return to Tatooine again and visiting all the places seen in ANH. Having Boba Fett return was a brilliant idea and always makes for good plot development. Let's hope he doesn't get killed off as quickly as in the Marvel Comics story. Having Leia's training begin at Ben's old dwelling was also a good idea. Every paragraph led perfectly into the next.

Now Boba Fett has the Slave II. What happened to the Slave I? I thought it was left untouched on Tatooine. [One word; Jawas! —omniscient eds] Having the holo-disc of Darth Vader was also a neat twist. I like my SW fiction serious with a good mixture of drama, action and characterization. The story had it all, and I shall be looking forward to the second part above all the others.[13]

Issue 14

cover of issue #14

Hibernation Sickness 14 was printed in 1991 and contains 27 pages.

The art is by Melanie Guttierrez and Z.P. Florian.

  • Editorial (1)
  • Readers Strike Back, letters of comment (2)
  • The Battle, poem by Tammy Olsen (4)
  • Han, A Jedi?, story by Rennie Cowan (5)
  • Back to Bespin, Ch.5, story by Mesarthim & Stardancer (9)
  • Latest Outbreaks, column about Star Wars news and updates, by the editor (23)
  • The Future You See, story by Z.P.Florian (reprinted in Renaissance) (24)

Issue 15

cover of issue #15, Melanie Guttierrez

Hibernation Sickness 15 was printed in 1991 and contains 52 pages.

The art is by Rennie Cowan, Z.P. Florian, Melanie Guttierrez, Jenny Medick, and Linda Yamashiro.

  • Editorial (2)
  • Readers Strike Back, letters of comment (3)
  • Pencil Sketch of an Imperial Jail, story by Z.P. Florian (reprinted, with new art, in I Have a Bad Feeling About This #2) (4)
  • Funeral Pyre, poem by Tammy Olsen (8)
  • Back to Bespin, Ch.6, story by Mesarthim & Stardancer (9)
  • Maybe, story by Wendy Schwartz (20)
  • The Other, Pt.2, story by Jason Piatt (22)
  • Black Sheep, story by Lisa Papp (29)
  • Somebody Ought to Write a Story About.... SW story ideas from Z.P. Florian, Melanie, and Lorrie (31)
  • The Teacher, story by Darren Gale (32)
  • The Battle Within, poem by Tammy Olsen (33)
  • Skywalker Eyes, story by Rennie Cowan (34)
  • Latest Outbreaks, Star Wars news (48)
  • Case Files, short fan bios (49)
  • six reviews of the tie-in novel, Heir to the Empire (five by fans, one a reprint of a newspaper review: "[Ed's note: I included the AP review basically for two reasons. 1) To provide a 'professional' review of the book and 2) To give a man's reaction to the story, since none of our male members wrote in with their own reviews! (Tsk, tsk, guys!).") (50)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 15

Well, you've done it again — another great issue. Melanie, great c»ver. I loved it. I had no idea that the anniversary issue would be so big. [Neither did we! —(still) reeling eds] Wouldn't it be great if every issue could be that big.

To Mesarthim and Stardancer: Yes, I would settle for having Luke under the covers — preferably in his birthday suit.

OK, now about the stories:

"Pencil Sketch of an Inperial Jail": This story is great. It was nice to see Luke get caught for once. I thought that it would be Vader walking through those doors at 7:30 though. I'm glad it wasn't.

"Back to Bespin": Well, what was behind those doors wasn't what I expected. I had hoped he was with Tais. I don't usually like stories that have Luke still in love with Leia, but this story is good because there is another woman whom the writers could get Luke involved with. I loved it when Threepio found that doll of Leia then the one of himself. That was great. I couldn't stop laughing.

"Maybe": This was good too. I loved it when Han walked into Leia's room.

"The Other": This story gets better with every issue. I love the idea that Luke and Leia have a sister. I hope you develop it, Jason.

"The Teacher": I like the idea that Luke is teaching someone almost exactly like him. Good story.

"Skywalker Eyes": Rennie, you got the right idea — Luke under the covers! It was a great idea to make a 15-year-old fall in love with Luke. Too bad she didn't live long enough so Luke could tell her that he and Leia were related. Anyway, I loved the story.

I also like the idea of having Case Files of all the members. This is a great addition to HS. And last but certainly not least, all the artwork was great. HS has some really talented artists.

May the Force be with you all! [14]

The anniversary issue was superb. Sooo lovely and thick! The cover was fantastic! The zine looks better every time.

"Back to Bespin" is going strong: this installment dared to explore the burning fires in Luke's private hell (!) and then went to a galactic toy store. Last time it was a guy called Shakespeare who could mix tragedy and comedy with such ease. "Maybe" was a really sweet moment. Tamny Olsen's poems are very touching. "The Other" was very exciting, and I hope there is a lot more to come.

"Black Sheep" is an excellent Vader story. Ranmilla is a great character, and the idea of recruiting "rebels" is just perfect.

"The Teacher" looks like a part of something larger, and I'd like to know more about this planet and Luke's problems with the governor. "Skywalker Eyes" shows what happens if our favorite twins keep their family ties a secret too long!

I think the story ideas are a blessing — please keep doing it! Hey, let's make a contest! Calling all HS contributors: one page each, let's do a short story explaining how the Ewoks just happened to have clothes in Leia's size. I DARE YOU to do it! Of course, I am going to do one too, even if I have to wrack my brain for an explanation.

I enjoyed the "Latest Outbreaks" — chock full of news. And I love the "Case Files". It is a good idea. Let's get to know each other. I love the shocking revelations! Lorrie, please, reveal one more bit of that shocker: what kind of jam? Also, I got a couple of good tips on what movies to see, what books to read.


Issue 16

cover of issue #16

Hibernation Sickness 16 was printed in 1991 (roughly November) and contains 21 pages.

The front cover is by Z.P. Florian. The interior art is by Z.P. Florian, Aaron Schofield,and Linda Yamashiro.

This issue contained a "Membership Bio/Survey form." The information gained from it was planned to be used for future "Case Files" columns as well as the zine's own "unscientific survey of SW fandom."

The editor wrote that "thanks largely in part to the fact that several publications, including STARLOG, have printed our ads within the last couple of months, and (so far) we've received several inquires. Let's just hope that more write back!"

  • two [[letters of comment) (4)
  • Like any other boy..., story by Z.P.Florian (reprinted in Renaissance) (5)
  • Latest Outbreaks (some SW news) (8)
  • The Princess That Broke My Heart, poem by Rennie Cowan (9)
  • The Other, Pt.3/the conclusion, story by Jason Piatt (10)
  • Mourning, story by Lisa Papp (18)
  • Skywalker's Destiny, story by Tammy Olsen (20)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 16

GREAT COVER! The picture conveys the deep sense of loneliness that Luke has obviously felt since who-knows-when. (Did the artiste of this illustration happen to be inspired by this line in the ROTJ novelization: "He seemed so lost now, so alone."?)

The stories were beautiful, each in its own slightly mondo bizarro way. The ending to "The Other": very much in the tradition of the movies. The relentless action, the snappy dialogue, the mysticism (which is kind of like Merlin in all the King Arthur legends) — all that was very much what made the trilogy damned good. (One question: When the Sarlaac 'ejected' Boba Fett, did Boba at least give the Sarlaac some Alka-Seltzer for his indigestion?)

As for "Mourning", I loved the idea of a Shakespeare quote at the beginning of

the story. I always thought STAR WARS would have been something Shakespeare would've written if he'd been born in the twentieth century. [15]

As a new subscriber to HIBERNATION SICKNESS, my first reaction is HOORAY!! A steady diet of my favorite fandom—STAR WARS!! I love reading SW material and most of the SW zines seem to come out at or around Media*West. I'm a speed reader, and I can finish most of those in a month or so. Having HS come regularly is a welcome treat!

In issue #16 I especially enjoyed Z.P.'s story of a young Luke. Stories pre-ANH really interest me—so many possibilities and insights into the character.

A big thank you for putting out a wonderful zine and for keeping SW alive! [15]

You're on, Z.P.! I'd like to modify your challenge, however, to include two versions: the funniest and the most probable in keeping with the plot. [We're still waiting on some more stories for that topic, folks! — eds]. Terrific job on 'Like Any Other Boy...'. It was a pleasure to read.

'The Princess That Broke His Heart' was also good. It's so nice to read a poem

(or story) where Luke deals with his feelings without being the drip that some writers portray him as. How about a poem about how Leia feels about the situation? [15]

I loved Rennie Cowan's poem, "The Princess That Broke My Heart". That last line was incredible.

The conclusion of "The Other" was very exciting. I particularly loved the gentle strength of Leia and Zarina, and the surprise that the Drue'a was the Mother.

"Mourning" was short, but gave an excellent picture of how Mon Mothma made her decision to lead the Rebellion.

"Skywalker's Destiny" grabbed a tense moment in ROTJ that the movie denied us: the short trip of Vader and Luke to the Death Star, and perfectly mapped their inner turmoil.

Thanks for "Latest Outbreaks". By this time you know that Lucasfilm Games presented SW on the big screen in major cities as a promotion for the Nintendo games. I have the SW Nintendo game but can't open it till Christmas. As soon as I can play it, you'll get a review. [15]

Another nice issue of HS.

"Like Any Other Boy...": Great. Very nice young Luke. I always have a problem with the way authors treat Owen. Granted, he seemed to be hard on Luke, but it seems to escape everyone that the man was only trying to protect the boy in what could be considered a very grim situation. Even allowing the boy to have a speeder was taking a chance given Luke's talents at flying. He was taking a chance of some Imperial realizing what a find he would be for the Academy. Has it never occurred to anyone that Owen's opposition to Luke going to the Academy might be singly to avoid that, which would have perhaps drawn Vader's attention to such a talented cadet?

"The Other": great reading, but I would have much preferred to read the whole thing in one issue. Talk to any fan, and I think you would find 85% of them detest continued stories as I do.

"Mourning": Very nice, perhaps the first time I have ever read a story of how Leia's planet would react to the news of her death. A nice peek into the social set-up of the people.

"Skywalker's Destiny": Very good treatment of what went on as Vader took Luke to see the Emperor. [15]

Great cover. Keep going, Z.P., I love it!

"Like Any Other Boy..." This was great. I got the impression in SW that Owen didn't like having Luke around except to work. I loved this story. Please write more about Luke when he was young.

"This Princess That Broke Heart": This was great too.

"The Other": I loved when Han reached up over the edge of the cliff. That sounded like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Well, if I read the story right, Zarina was Leia's sister (Luke's too?) and the Drue'a was Luke, Leia and Zarina's mother? This was a very interesting concept. I loved it.

"Mourning": This was very good also. All the stories in HS keep getting better and better.

I saw the articles on the SW Nintendo game. It looks great. Actually, I have the SW game, but I don't have a Nintendo. I guess I am crazy about SW. I get the game and I don't even have a Nintendo! I guess I'll have to rent one.

Well, that's all for now. I'll be impatiently waiting for the next issue. May the Force be with you! [15]

Issue 17

cover of issue #17, Z.P. Florian

Hibernation Sickness 17 was printed in 1992 and contains 25 pages.

The art is by Z.P. Florian, Melanie Guttierrez, Jenny Medick, and Linda Yamashiro.

  • Case Files (two fan autobiographies) (5)
  • A Fine Tale, story by Z.P.Florian (6)
  • Leia's Long Wait, poem by Wendy Schwartz (9)
  • The Evacuation of Yavin, story by Amy Bisson (12)
  • Back to Bespin, Ch.7, story by Mesarthim & Stardancer (14)
  • Forgiveness: From Daughter to Father, poem by Kritina Johnston (23)
  • a review by Joe Terwilliger of "Star Wars: Dark Empire" (comic) (24)
  • results of the 1990(!) STAR aWARdS, as well as info about the next one (26)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 17

Z.P. Florian's "A Fine Tale" had an hysterically funny ending — I was laughing out loud! I don't have the patience that Luke has to have to put up with all that nonsense. I would have walked out halfway through. [15]

HS #17 was a great issue! Visually, the zine looks better and better all the time. And the amount of LoC's...! This zine is on its way to the stars!

A short comment to Ming: Quite possible, that Owen only wanted to protect the boy, and he had a heart of gold under the hairy chest, but for some reason, I prefer to think of him as a domineering, unpleasant guy, who took in the "orphan" reluctantly, and, as Tammy Olsen said, made the boy earn his keep twice over. This background would explain some of Luke's characteristics (humility, insecurity, a tendency to accept hardship and other domineering influence, like Kenobi, Yoda or even Leia...). It took the boy three movies to develop his own feet to stand on.

Nintendo game: a huge disappointment. It is a baby game — a shoot-them-up-jump-high meaningless thing, the kind that kids will sell for five bucks after trying it twice.

Now about the good stuff in HS #17: Wendy Schwartz's poem explored in great detail what was just a flicker in the movie. This is something SW poems can do wonderfully.

"The Evacuation of Yavin" was exciting, but it could have been better, if our heroes didn't get off this easily.

"Back to Bespin", the long-awaited chapter, was once again a delightful mixture of sadness and fun. Han's gift to Leia brought tears (no, I am not going to admit this!), uh, I was deeply moved. I hope I don't have to wait two issues for the next chapter!

"Forgiveness": Another Leia poem, thank God, because her emotions are seldom explored, and we usually assume that she won't be able to forgive Anakin. Good to see a different view.

DARK EMPIRE #1 review: Right on, brother! This is a great thing! And you felt it

right, this is quality, and the second part DOES have epic proportions, and all the good villains are not dead!!! THIS is SW as we like it — don't miss it! [15]

I was delighted when the black hole that exists in my mailbox finally coughed up HS #17. It was really worth waiting for.

"Back to Bespin" gets better and better. The final scene where Han hands Leia a lump of dirt (come on, you all thought it was a ring or something equally mundane, didn't you?) was wonderful.

"A Fine Tale" was very funny. I had flashbacks of trying to clear customs at LAX.

"Leia's Long Wait" offered a poignant look into what is a very brief but emotional moment in the movie.

"Evacuation of Yavin" had a good twist and the ending was a smash (literally!).

The review of the new DARK EMPIRE comic was fun to read since I'd finally gotten issue #2 a couple of days before. It looks like Joe Terwilliger's desire for more epic material will be realized. There was an article about the writer and the artist in STARLOG #175 (Feb.), which gave a lot of background. This was great.[15]

Great cover. Luke has been on the cover of the last two issues!! That's great. Keep it coming.

It's wonderful to see all the LoC's this issue. Much more than in the last few. "A Fine Tale": Wonderful. The ending was great. I couldn't stop laughing.

"Leia's Long Wait": This was good also.

"The Evacuation of Yavin": A great short story. I love it when Han and Leia argue, even if it is only for a few lines.

"Back to Bespin": I like the idea of Luke becoming involved with Tais. Please develop it further. Also, loved the ending.

"Forgiveness...": Very good.

The review of the SW comic was very interesting. I enjoyed it. I thought the comic was very well done. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. I don't like to wait to find out what happens to my adorable Luke. Keep up the good work! [15]

Respect to all of you lovelies! This is the first SW zine I've read since I converted to Force-ness 15 years ago, and I think it's great! The stories, poems, etc. are entertaining, as well as interesting, as each reveals the different perceptions people have on the saga. Anyway, it's always inspiring to see such dedication and creativity out there, since I was usually the only SW buff in my circle o' friends. (In a world full of Trekkies, it ain't easy!) [Amen, sister!! —anti-Trekkie eds]. Actually, some of them gushed over my mini-SW shrine, set up next to my Joy Division and Siouxsie and the Banshees posters.

In any case, I think the new comic book series kicks butt, especially the beautiful covers. Forcing me to wait two months between issues is cruel and unusual punishment. Ditto can be said for the wait between new SW novels (heck, for that matter, even new movies!). At least I can look forward to future HS issues, and I hope to contribute stuff as well. Pleasant dreams in the stars! [15]

Very nice zine #17.

"A Fine Tale"; Well, at least Luke had enough sense to leave while he could.

Situations like this are ridiculous. "Leia's Long Wait": Very nicely done.

"Evacuation of Yavin" was a good story, but I think it would be better to use a generic term such as communication, or comlink or communicator rather than radio. After all, we are not exactly sure what they use as carrying systems to communicate. So generic names seem best.

"Back to Bespin": As usual, well written, and as usual, I do not care for continued stories.

"Forgiveness": Well, it is well done, but I do not think Leia would be quite so understanding. Does one good turn really make up for a lifetime of bad deeds?

Review on new comics: Art fabulous, story about equal to the early Superman child-oriented comics. [15]

"Leia's Long Wait": A terrific poem that accurately describes just what Princess Leia must have felt that night.

"A Fine Tale": Very funny. I share Z.P.'s dislike of bureaucracy.

"Back to Bespin": I missed chapters 1-6 but still greatly enjoyed chapter 7.

It's nice to see some gaps filled in between ROTJ and HEIR.

"Forgiveness": Another wonderful poem about Leia's feelings. [15]

First, I want to thank you for your editorial about the STAR aWARdS. Hopefully, it will kick people in the butt. SW fandom can only die IF we let it. I know that not everyone likes to LoC. So you have editors, writers, poets, artists, etc. who are working like mad to get a nice zine out and then to wonder if their work was worth the effort. Buying the zine is NOT enough. STAR aWARdS is another way to show your appreciation by voting. For the '90 awards I sent out 255 ballots and got back 45!! So far for '91 I've gotten 35 back. You do NOT have to read all the zines on the list — vote for what you HAVE read. Let's make the '92 awards the best yet.

Z.P.: Wish I had a story about how the Ewoks just happened to have clothes in Leia's size, but I don't. I anxiously await the stories that others will write, though. As for your offer in the last issue, Han taking Leia home to meet his mother sounds like a really neat story! Another story that ought to be interesting is Han meeting Yoda!

Cover of #17 was great! Also, one of my favorite things in HS is "Case Files". They are a lot of fun. Keep than coming. [15]

The mention by Z.P. Florian about "how the Ewoks just happened to have clothing in Leia's size" ~ Answer: Maybe they MADE THEM...those Ewoks are very ingenious...or maybe she had something extra tucked away under that battle poncho just in case.

In regard to Joe Terwilliger's comics review column for SW: DARK EMPIRE — about the reference to west End Games helping out with the research for the new comic ~ other than Lucasfilm, West End Games held the brunt of research about the state of the Imperials after the movie trilogy, and also generally helped to "gear" the comic in the directions necessary. West End was also a valuable consultant to author Tim Zahn of HEIR and the two that will follow. I personally believe West End Games has helped to bring a new age to SW again in the 90's with their great roleplaying game material. They will be releasing new games to interact with the existing one based on the HEIR storyline and the ones to follow. I thought I might also add that the DARK EMPIRE comic series takes place SEVEN YEARS after HEIR. (Mr. Terwilliger mentioned it was shortly following.).

I would enjoy it if Mr. Terwilliger would span his review of DARK EMPIRE with the HS issues to come, giving his input on the remaining issues (#2-#6) as one can't accurately make a decision with just one issue on any subject.[15]

HS #17 was fun as usual. I enjoy the news and reviews the most. The DARK EMPIRE comic review was right on target — I'd be interested in reading other viewpoints as well as more reviews from Joe. Enjoyed the news tidbits too, though I must confess I have no idea who Jack Purvis is [one of those pesky Ewoks, and, if I'm not mistaken, he was also a Jawa in SW. —L.]. I was amazed that HEIR had done so well as a bestseller.

The "Case Files" were fun. I didn't know you were going to publish them when I filled mine out, so if you find any references to being raised by nomadic sheepherders, you can ignore them. I was just kidding! Y'all did have good questions, though, and it's a fun way to "meet" HS'ers.

Onto the stories: Z.P. Florian's "A Fine Tale" was a stitch. "Welcome to Sunny Tatooine!" What an understatement!

Amy Bisson's "Evacuation of Yavin" had all the makings of a good story, but it was too short. And I don't think Leia would ever claim to be a better shot than Han. She sure didn't rush for the guns in ANH.

Confession time — I never read "Back to Bespin" 'cause I hate continued stories. If y'all ever finish it I'll go back and read the thing. Now I just scan for Vader references...Sorry.

I liked Kritina Johnston's poem "Forgiveness" naturally since it's about my favorite Sith Lord. OK, Kritina, let's see "From Daughter to Father" from his point of view next...

"Leia's Long Wait" by Wendy Schwartz was sure a long poem! It was a nice look at Leia during what was surely a difficult night. [15]

Issue 18

cover of issue #18

Hibernation Sickness 18 was printed in 1992 and contains 24 pages.

The art is by Z.P. Florian, Melanie Guttierrez, Stefano Vinnescati (cartoon reprinted from an issue of Cloud City), and Linda Yamashiro.

  • Letters of Comment (2)
  • Case Files, two fan autobiographies (5)
  • Back to Bespin, Ch.8, story by Mesarthim & Stardancer (7)
  • Honored Guest, story by Wendy Schwartz (15)
  • How the Ewoks Just Happened to have a Dress in Leia's Size, story by Z.P.Florian (17)
  • The Chest, story by Tara Ludmer (19)
  • "The Replacement". Archived from the original on 2003-12-26., story by Cheree Cargill (Where did Leia get that leather dress she was wearing in the Ewok village?) (20)
  • Remembrances From an Ice-Bound Mind, story by Kritina Johnston (22)
  • I Can Sense It Now, poem by Rennie Cowan (23)
  • ads, cartoons (24)


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