Cloud City (Star Wars zine)

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Title: Cloud City
Publisher: Italian fan club, Cloud City
Editor(s): Fiorenzo delle Rupi
Date(s): 1990 to at least 1996
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: Italian (with a supplementary booklet in English), and English and Italian (the second issue)
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Cloud City is a Star Wars zine published in Italy. It contains fiction, articles, cartoons, and art. It is in English. There were at least two issues. When the Cloud City club magazine ended in 2000, the club began a new club zine called Dark Side and may have had a hand in The Hidden Wars.

A Description

CLOUD CITY - A SAFE PORT FOR THE STAR WARS FANS is an association created in early 1990 by several of the major STAR WARS Italian fans in an effort to maintain the enjoyment and the love for the Saga alive; Each bimonthly issue of CLOUD CITY features news, articles and fiction by the Italian and American members of the club, fan-made drawings from the vehicles and ships of the movies and one of two issues always features color covers. The zine is published in Italian, but CLOUD CITY also features a booklet containing english texts drawn from the Star Wars Radio Shows. Subscription Rates: six issues for 25.000 lit. [1]

Issue 1

Cloud City 1 was published in March 1990.

Issue 2

Cloud City 2 was published in May 1990.

Issue 3

Cloud City 3

Issue 4

Cloud City 4 was published in September 1990.

Issue 5

Cloud City 5 was published in November 1990.

Issue 6

Cloud City 6 was published in January 1991.

Issue 7

Cloud City 7 was published in March 1991.

Issue 8

Cloud City 8

Issue 9

Cloud City 9

Issue 10

Cloud City 10

Issue 11

Cloud City 11

Issue 12

Cloud City 12

Issue 13

Cloud City 13 was published in March 1992.


Cloud City: Anakin was published in October 1991

Freezing Chamber

Cloud City: Freezing Chamber was published in 1993 and contains 50 pages. It won the 1993 FOREIGN SW ZINE Star Award.

The Force on Air

Cloud City: The Force on Air was published in 1996 and contains 243 pages. It is a series fiction written as radio plays. It is in both English and Italian.

  • A Wind to Shake the Stars
  • Points of Origin
  • Black Knight, White Princess and Pawns
  • While Giants Mark Time
  • Jedi that Was, Jedi to Be
  • Millennium Falcon Deal
  • The Han Solo Solution
  • Death Star's Transit
  • Rogues, Rebels and Robots
  • twelve more stories


  1. from a 1990 flyer