Cloud City: Freezing Chamber

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Title: Cloud City: Freezing Chamber
Publisher: Cloud City
Editor(s): Fiorenzo Delle Rupi
Date(s): January 1993
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Cloud City: Freezing Chamber was published in January 1993 and contains 62 pages.

Translations: Doris Bosa, Fiorenzo Delle Rupi.

front cover of issue #1 by Dianne Smith
back cover, not credited
a flyer for issue #1 printed in Southern Enclave

From the Editorial

What you're now holding in your hands is the CLOUD CITY: FREEZING CHAMBER, hopefully the first of a series. As you probably already know, this volume features a selection of stories and articles from our bimonthly Italian zine, plus a thick section presenting our best artwork and cartoons. Everything comes from our Italian club, so it might be adequate to spend a few words about it.

Born in 1990, CLOUD CITY has quickly arisen to the place of first Italian Star Wars association, and has gathered together old and new fins eager to keep on the Star Wars Saga in our country (the SW revival we're living in these days was far away and Italian Sci Fi fandom isn't the, er, most enjoyable place to live in, if you're a SW fan). Anyway, the Force was with us (with even the assistance of its Dark Side, as in the redaction happened to gather longstanding supporters of Darth Vader and the Emperor!), and soon CLOUD CITY was a reality. In the following two years the association grew, getting in touch with foreign SW fan clubs and SW fans, which, of course, appreciated the look of our zine but could tell very little about their contents. It is particular to them that this volume is aimed to, hoping that all of you will enjoy its contents.

Alas, even after this you're not going to have a complete idea of how CLOUD CITY works, as you're going to miss the day to day chatter of the letters, the humour of the less serious articles and the never-ending complains of the editor who, as it is well known, darkly sits brooding over the association's fate in doom and gloom. But maybe this can be helped too, as discussed below.

Since the CLOUD CITY FREEZING CHAMBER I offers a selection from the bimonthly zine you are not going to find long stories, but this is a default we would like to correct in the future volumes; we would like, in fact, to feature original contributions from English speaking authors too, so that Italian fiction and foreign fiction could blend together, being both in this particular edition available to both groups of readers. We are therefore inviting whoever would like to see his work spearing in these pages to send it to us; the CLOUD CITY FREEZING CHAMBER is planned to be out once per year, but if response is good we might accelerate that.

And, finally, there might be the chance of organising an English version of the bimonthly fanzine too, featuring LoCs and news and all SW related subjects that need to be treated with a more frequent basis; in this too, all will depend from your response. How many of you might be interested in it? How many of you would be available to help?

Finally, the CLOUD CITY FREEZING CHAMBER is open to clubs and zines too. If you are looking for advertisement spaces, or want to show around an article or story you are particularly proud of this is a good chance of doing it; the CLOUD CITY FREEZING CHAMBER I is reaching over 6 different countries, including England, Germany and Australia, so we might be a little closer to unifying Star Wars Fandom too.

I am now leaving you to the contents of the FREEZING CHAMBER, with the hope you will like them. Please forgive any mistakes or uncertainties you might find in the translation: they will be due to too much passion and excitement, not to carelessness.


  • Main Title (3)
  • Non-Fiction Section (5)
    • Star Errors by Federico Cappellini & Fabio Marzorati (from Cloud City #3, July 1990) (6)
    • The Two Sabers by Eleonora Sessa (original title: "Le due spade," from Cloud City #4, September 1990) (8)
    • Get a Ride! by Giulia Garbin & Stefano Vimercati (original title: "Tutti in sella!" -- from Cloud City #9, July 1991 (9)
    • What's On Your Head?! by Giulia Garbin (original title: "Ma che cosa ti sei messo in testa?!" -- from Cloud City #10, September 1991) (12)
    • The Magic of Lucasfilm by Yuri Giacobbe (from Cloud City #12, January 1992) (13)
    • The Art of Stefano Vimercati (19)
    • The Art of Sara Ferluga (23)
    • Cloud City Cover Gallery (30)
  • Fiction Section (36)
    • Last Night in Mos Eisley by Paola Cartoceti (original title: "Ultima notte a Mos Eisley" -- from Cloud City #4, September 1990) (37)
    • Disturbances by Giulia Garbin (original title: "Interferenze" -- from Cloud City #3, July 1990) (40)
    • The Ultimate Wager by Eleonora Sessa (original title: "La posta in giaco" -- from Cloud City #5, November 1990) (42)
    • Shadows of the Future by Florenzo Delle Rupi (original title: "Ombre del futuro" -- from Cloud City #8, May 1991) (43)
    • Friend by Paola Cartoceti (original title: "Amico" -- from Cloud City #9, July 1991) (45)
    • Twilight by Florenzo Delle Rupi (new to this zine) (47)
    • Father, Help Me! by Eleonora Sessa (original title: "Padre, aiutomi " -- from Cloud City #6, January 1991) (48)
    • What Is Thy Bidding, My Master? by Giulia Garbin (original title: "Quali sono i tuoi voleri, mio Padrone? " -- from Cloud City #11, November 1991) (49)
  • Cloud Cartoons (52)
  • Cloud City's Safe Port (59)
  • End Titles (61)