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Synonyms: Convention Report
See also: Personal Account, Progress Report
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A con report is the written report a fan makes for other fans regarding a convention he or she has recently attended. In pre-internet days, these reports were printed in zines and fan club publications.

The con report recaps the highlights and tries to summarize things for those not in attendance, as well as providing a bit of a memory piece for those who were there. It tends to include a lot of in-jokes and shout outs and emphasizes a fandom's feeling of community. The con report may or may not include photos.

According to Fancyclopedia,

Most often, conreps are anecdotal, their intent to entertain rather than provide information, so they rarely aim to tell you about every item on the program, just the ones the writer attended, if any, and what the writer and others said and did. A well-known trope is the report that spends more time on the writer's trip to the con, than on describing the event.[1]

A con report should not be confused with a progress report, which is sent out by organizers ahead of the convention.