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A Personal Account has more than one fannish application.

Descriptions for Other Fans

One is the descriptions of fans' experiences meeting celebrities/actors/writers/other TPTB.

These personal accounts include visiting sets, meeting celebrities outside of theatres and stages, having meals (and other experiences), visits of celebrities to fan homes, personal one-on-one (or at least with a handful of fans) encounters at cons, and observations in the form of con reports of celebrities at cons.

These accounts are transmitted to other fans via articles and photos in print zines, on personal blogs, and other venues.

See Fans on Sets.

Online Community Space

A personal account is also a person's account reserved for some personally designated use on an online community or social media platform.

Unlike a fandom account, business account, or an otherwise themed account, a personal account generally isn't limited to a certain topic. For example, an individual might choose to have one fandom account entirely devoted to Final Fantasy X fan fiction, while separately maintaining a personal account with everything from cooking recipes, to political rants, to the real life chronicles of everyday living.

Many Internet users prefer to keep their personal accounts separate from their other accounts, in order to protect their real-life identities from doxxing, hate mobs, and other community drama.