Chris Potter News

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Title: Chris Potter News
Publisher: Chris Potter Fan Club
Editor(s): Penny Lipman
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1995-?
Medium: print
Size: letter-sized
Fandom: Kung Fu: TLC
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cover of v.1 n.2

Chris Potter News was the newsletter of the "Chris Potter Official Fan Club." At least two issues were published.

Vol.1, issue no. 2 was published in September 1995 and contains 22 pages. It is letter-sized and stapled-bound with black and white photos.

  • news about the actor
  • letters from fans discussing his career
  • description of an amateur hockey game, Ultimate Pick-Up Hockey Game, where celebrities play for charity
  • a fan's description of visiting the set of Kung Fu and watching filming of an episode with a lot of snakes
  • a con report for the first KF Mini Con, at Toronto Trek 9, in August
  • pen pal requests
  • an extensive section about zine ads, zine reviews and things for sale called "A Fan's Guide to Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Fandom" (updates were to be sent to Deb Walsh)
  • a review of Blue Harvest
  • "Tape Pals," a section of fans looking to trade episodes on tape
  • an interview with Chris Potter