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Fanosaur hat, design by Melody C.

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Fanosaur is a term for a long-time fan. As seen in the examples, what qualifies as "long-time" varies from fan to fan. It is often ironically self-applied, but some fans also feel that it's used by younger fans as a pejorative label.

Examples of Use

From Swellison: "I am a fanosaur –a new term for an ol--er, long time fan.;-) Over the years, I've written a few stories in several different fandoms, but my three main fandoms are The Professionals, The Sentinel and Supernatural. The Sentinel is the reason I broke down and bought my first computer in 1997, before that I was a zine-based fanwriter." [1]

From Melody C.: "I am stepping back from every fandom but a couple of them frequented by fanosaurs and even that participation will be off-line." [2]

From Solomon Trimble: "I was aware of the huge online fan base of Twilight before I started filming. My sister in law and all her friends were big fanosaurs, way before I was cast [as Sam Uley in the Twilight movies]." [3]

From LJS, a Life on Mars fan: "I get the impression that newer fans don't have a clue what a drabble started out as. Just like they don't know what slash used to be. But what the hey, I'm a fanosaur."[4]

Other Terms

Fan Hag:
"ok, you retain the label of fan hag until we can get someone from before 85." [5]
Old Trekker:

I had a dream the other night. I was sitting at a desk with piles of zines around me looking at a TV camera. On the wall to my left was a giant ticking pocket watch. I picked up Naked Times 3022. "Don't you just hate it when there is a 1.5 inch margin, a half in border and another half inch margin? There's less words per page here than there is in Curious George Rides a Bike."

Then I picked up Liasons II: "Don't you Just hate paying $20.00 for a multimedia zine when you only have one media interest? Does the world need a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea story? I think not." "Don't you Just hate it..."

I woke up in a cold sweat. I was ANDY ROONEY. That whiney, irritating, reason I never watch the last 10 minutes of 60 minutes. Could this be? Unfortunately, my net-friends would probably say, yes. On slash net, I've had the distressing habit of prefacing things with, "Ten years ago..." or "When we first published OUT OF BOUNDS..." .

Then it hit me, I was in the midst of a post adolescent midfanlife crisis. Worse than that, I was becoming something I had ridiculed only a few short years ago, AN OLD TREKKER. In this multi-media age, you don't need to be a Trek fan to be an OLD TREKKER. Being an OT is a state of mind. [6]

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