Fanosaur's Delight

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Title: Fanosaur's Delight
Publisher: "Fanosaurs R Us," Requiem Publications
Date(s): May 2017
Medium: print, CD, download
Genre: gen
Fandom: multifandom
Language: English
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Fanosaur's Delight is a gen multifandom 118-page zine of fiction.

It was one of the Fan Q Award's five Honorable Mentions in 2018.

The title of this zine is a reference to the term Fanosaur.

cover by Sehkmet


Summaries from the publisher,

  • Orpheus and the God (Star Trek) by Lorraine Anderson - "The Enterprise encounters an ancient adversary and once again, a bitter Carolyn Palamas is forced to face the consequences."
  • Fanny Remembers (multi) by Esmeralda Strangemother - Dear Fanny has retired, but she's still dishing with another reporter about great stories!
  • Facing His Demons (SGA) by AnnieB - Rodney learns he's human, after all.
  • Nothing to Fear But... (SG1/SGA) by JJJunky - Jack wants Daniel to go back to Atlantis after a prior nearly disastrous trip.
  • The Code (SGA) by Sheila Paulson - A room has been found on Atlantis with a mysterious 'code' on the door - which won't open for John Sheppard!
  • Holding On (S&H) by AnnieB - A trip to the bank does not go well...
  • All the Fine Young Men (M*A*S*H) by Lorraine Anderson - "The death of a young soldier affects Hawkeye in a way he never imagined."
  • Broken Butterfly (The Master) by Sheila Paulson - Max goes to the dentist while McAllister does some banking, and Okasa makes an appearance!
  • No Matter What (Pros) by Lyn - Doyle has a hard time recovering after a difficult case and a bad injury.
  • Partners (Sentinel) by Jeanne O'Donnell - Japanese CEOs are dying in Cascade, but so far no one knows why - or how.
  • The Sentinel Affair (MFU/Sentinel) by J. H. Hindman - The effects of a drug from a long-ago case seem to be resurfacing in Napoleon, making him isolate himself from almost everyone but his partner.