Snowfire (Star Wars zine)

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Title: Snowfire
Publisher: Sanctuary Moon Productions
Editor(s): Mary Jo Fox and Yvette Ghilan
Date(s): 1995-2000
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Snowfire is a gen Star Wars zine with an emphasis on Princess Leia stories. It contains stories, filks, art, and poems by multiple authors. It ran for 6 issues. Issue #5 won the Star aWards "1999 SW ZINE UNDER 100 PAGES" award. Issue #6 won the Star aWards "2000 SW ZINE UNDER 100 PAGES" award.

From an ad in Southern Enclave: " The first zines of its kind in over a decade, Snowfire is totally dedicated to celebrating the feminine side of the Force. Join fellow SW fans from around the Galaxy in this loving tribute to everyone's favorite princess/senator/rebel leader/etc."

From an ad in Southern Enclave #38: "Yvette Ghilan and I will be producing a one-time only zine devoted to the hippest girl in the galaxy, Her Worshipfulness Princess Leia. We want art, poetry, stories, filks, cartoons, even essays all about Leia, from any time frame in the SW universe. We want only the best, most positive material you can create: no trashin', no bashin', and no sleaze. This is going to be a lovezine, a celebration of girlpower. The working title of the zine is Snowfire: A Celebration of Princess Leia, and we're shooting for a May 1995 release."

From the flyer for issue #3: "More Leia action than you'll find anywhere!"

From the flyer for issue #5: "Viva la diva!"

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Snowfire 1 was published in 1995 and contains 100 pages. Stories by Pia Rasmussen, Matt Kirby, Mary Jo Fox, John Fredericks, Yvette Ghilan, Amanda Palumbo, Matt Busch, Debbie Kittle, Maikel Das, Kymm August, Brian Harris, and others.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

[comment from the editor]: I'm glad you iiked Snowfire #1. I'm happy to report that I completely sold out of my first printing. Granted, it had a fairly small run as compared with the bigger boys on the block, but I didn't think I'd unload them all so quickly. What's nice is that I think I got together a pretty decent mix of contributors — including male writers who disprove the stereotype that they're only interested in writing Rambo-esque fiction. [1]

Issue 2

Snowfire 2

cover of issue #2, Matt Busch

From a 1995 LoC in Southern Enclave #42 from the editor of "Snowfire": "Now that Snowfire #1 is all done, I'll start plugging for a second issue! This time, 1 want to do a zine-within-a-zine highlighting Leia's relationship with Han, but with a twist: I would like stories told from her viewpoint. This is a Leia zine, after all. Nearly every story I've come across about our favorite galactic lovebirds focuses almost exclusively on what Han's feeling, thinking, etc. Well, what about Leia? And can she feel anything besides apprehension? This is my challenge for #2. Of course, material on any and all other facets of Leia's life are wanted as well. I have finished one about events during her adolescence."

Issue 3

Snowfire 3

cover of issue #3
  • Catalyst by Amanda Palumbo (2)
  • Tortured Solitude, by Paul Michael Kane. With Alderaan gone and with no hope of escaping from the Death Star, Leia loses the will to live. Little does she know about a plan to rescue her. (6)
  • Turnabout, by Richard Pfeiffer. A pirate band is about to learn the hard way not to mess with the Rebel Alliance. (10
  • Maternal Instincts, by Mary Jo Fox. An infant girl miraculously survives an Imperial massacre and captures the battle-hardened heart of a princess. (16)
  • Fate and Favors, by Gina Goad. Fate has stalled Han Solo's departure from Hoth; it's up to Leia to keep him around a little longer. (22)
  • For Friends and Lovers by Wendy Schwartz (27)
  • Healing by Anne Marie Gazzolo (33)
  • A Little R and R by K. Willis Sterling (41)
  • Betrayal by Linda Budinger, translated by Pia Rasmussen (66)
  • Supernatural Birth Maching by Kyla and Amanda Palumbo (71)
  • Father by Anne Marie Gazzolo. Anakin Skywalker's ghost attempts to patch things up with his daughter, but she's not quite ready to forgive him. (89)
  • Leiapunzel, part 2
  • Revenge of a Jedi by Amanada Palumbo (97)
  • Vacation Time by Amy S. Farmer (101)
  • All a Matter of Time, by Matt Kirkby. Leia goes into hyperspace through a wormhole, sending her back 800 years to a showdown between clones and Jedi Knights. (104)
  • Golden Years by Emma Gilbert (113)


  • Vision Quest Memorium by Amanda Palumbo
  • Rings of Gold by Mary Jo Fox
  • Confusion by Mary Jo Fox
  • Thoughts/Letting Go by Anne Marie Gazzolo
  • First/Endings and Beginnings by Anne Marie Gazzolo (70)
  • The Rescue by Monique Robertson

Filks, Snowfire Songbook:

  • Silence of the Stars by Deborah Kittle
  • Rebel Spirit by Linda Budinger
  • If Only I Had Known by Deborah Kittle
  • Leia by Linda Budinger
  • If Tomorrow Never Comes by Wendy Schwartz


  • Matt Busch (cover)
  • Rhydderch Wilson
  • Kyla
  • Amanda Palumbo

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, Matt Busch

Snowfire 4 was published in 1998 and contains 77 pages. Art by Rhydderch Wilson, Bert-Olaf Lundin, Linda Buldinger, and Gina Goad. It has a cover by Matt Busch.


  • Wither Thou Goest by Michele Slaughter (After spending only one horrible night on the Death Star, Leia may spend the rest of her life as Vader's prisoner unless she can break his hold on her psyche, as well.) (1)
  • Tears of Fire by Mary Jo Fox (18)
  • Rematch by Kirkby (23)
  • First Contact by Anne Marie Gazzolo (31)
  • Shadows of Night by Linda Budinger, translated by Alexander Lohmann (47)
  • Absence Doesn't Always Make the Heart Grow Fonder by Wendy Schwartz (51)
  • Expectations by Mary Jo Fox (57)
  • A Brother Lost by Anne Marie Gazzolo (68)
  • Sisterly Concerns by Gina Goad (73)


  • Two of Hearts by Anne Marie Gazzolo
  • Wonderings by Anne Marie Gazzolo
  • I Love You by Anne Marie Gazzolo
  • A Jedi, Finally by Gina Goad
  • A Mother's Heartache by Karen Sorrell
  • Dear Mom by Gina Goad


  • Every Breath You Take by Linda Budinger
  • The Princess of Alderaan Blues by Mary Jo Fox
  • Ten Thousand Jedi by Debbie Kittle
  • Star Trails by Pia Rasmussen
  • Crazy for You by Wendy Schwarz
  • Filk #236 by Mary Jo Fox

Issue 5

Snowfire 5 was published in 1999 and contains less than 100 pages. It won a 1999 Star aWard.

flyer for issue #5
From the flyer:
The Emperor tries Stealing Candy from a certain royal toddler. The Smiles of War hide a darker agenda in an alternate tale. The Alliance holds a Stardance. Luke reveals the true story (from a certain p.o.v.) of the Death Star rescue in Leiapunzel Part III: Dianogas Do. Leia adjusts to life on Coruscant one Alderaan Morning. Han may be Good as Gone, but Leia can still feel his presence. The gang celebrates victory at Endor in Legacy. Leia suffers Sleepless Nights while Han is away (and who can blame her). Corellians Make Great Lovers???—read this story before you answer that question. The Subjugation of a Twi'lek slave dancer elicits Leia's sympathy and help. Han's been a bad boy and Leia gives him what he deserves in What A Coincedence II. Tragedy strikes the Solo family in For Omega. A Late Delivery From Alderaan brings a long-delayed message of love. WITH: More stories, Snowfire Songbook, poems, artwork, and other surprises. Also featuring THE coolest color cover art to date! Due out Spring/Summer 1999. SASE or e-mail Alderaan69 © for prices and postage.
  • Stealing Candy
  • The Smiles of War
  • Stardance
  • Leiapunzel Part 3: Dianogas Do
  • Alderaan Morning
  • Good as Gone
  • Legacy
  • Sleepless Nights
  • Corellians Make Great Lovers????
  • The Subjugation of a Twi'lek
  • What a Coincidence, part 2
  • For Omega
  • A Late Delivery from Alderaan

Issue 6

Snowfire 6 was published in 2000 and contains less than 100 pages. It won a 2000 Star aWard.

From the publisher's ad: "The final print edition of Snowfire features stories about both Princess Leia and Queen Amidala. Included are stories, poetry, filks, and artwork by Selinthia Avenchesca, Linda Budinger, Mary Jo Fox, Anne Marie Gazzolo, Gina Goad, Matt Kirby, Diana Lee, Amanda Palumbo, Wendy Schwartz, Rhydderch Wilson, and more. Cover art by Amanda Palumbo. Due out Summer 2000. "[1]


  1. from Southern Enclave #43