Field Studies (Indiana Jones zine)

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Title: Field Studies
Publisher: Falcon Press
Editor(s): Cheree Cargill
Date(s): 1983-1994
Medium: print
Fandom: Indiana Jones
Language: English
External Links: Falcon Press
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Field Studies is a gen Indiana Jones zine, published by Falcon Press. It was meant to be a one shot zine, but the editor says the "Temple of Doom" changed their minds.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Laura Virgil
flyer for issue #1

Field Studies 1: From the Notebooks of Dr. Indiana Jones was published in 1983 and contains 146 pages. The front cover is by Laura Virgil, back cover by Cheree Cargill and inside back cover by Barbara Stults.

Interior art by Wanda Lybarger, Gordon Carleton, and Martynn.

The flyer says: "This zine contains strong language and adult themes (including one moderately explicit sex scene) which may offend some readers. No age statement required but order at your own discretion."

Another ad says: it contains "some adult themes and language, no same sex."

  • Unto the Well of the Souls (editorial) (2)
  • Dedication Reggae by Martie Benedict (5)
  • By Any Other Name by Cheree Cargill (6)
  • The Jones Family Album by Cheree Cargill and Wanda Lybarger ("A special art portfolio letting us peek at family "snapshots" of Indy growing up, from infancy to his first dig as an undergraduate with Professor Ravenwood!") (7)
  • 1926, adapted by Cheree Cargill (13)
  • Things that Go Bump in the Night by Martie Benedict, art by Wanda Lybarger ("A quiet holiday in the Scottish Highlands turns to unexpected adventure when Indy meets a lovely witch named Sidonie. Belloq is about to plunder the tomb of her ancestor and Sidonie turns to Indy for assistance in stopping Belloq from stealing a fabulous golden treasure.") (14)
  • The Secret of Xicalpan by T.S. Weddell, art by Laura Virgil ("Indy's protoge, Esther Schultz, a talented archaeologist in her own right, brings him an in triguing statuette of a type never before seen. They trace it to a small village in the midst of the Yucatan jungle and there find the remains of an ancient Mayan pyramid. But their incredible find turns swiftly to nightmare as they begin to explore the temple and unlock the secret of Xicalpan.") (38)
  • Thoughts on the Ark, Sallah by Jeannie Webster, art by Barbara Stults (72)
  • One Sunday Afternoon by Kaz Draves, art by Gordon Carleton (""Why didn't you call me last week?" Indy heard when he picked up the phone. "I was in Nepal, Mom," he answered. "They don't have phones in Nepal?" A hilarious visit with Indy's mom one Sunday afternoon.") (75)
  • Word Searches by Lynda Vandiver (80)
  • Mad Dogs and Englishmen by Greg Baker and Roberta Rogow, art by Barbara Stults ("Indy has re turned to Egypt to begin real work on the abandoned Tanis site. But before he and Sallah can leave Cairo, Indy inadvertently intercepts a packet on its way to British Intelligence. It contains stolen Nazi secrets and the Germans are determined to get it back. So begins a fast paced chase across North Africa with Indy and a surprising courier!") (81)
  • The Treasure of Tenochtitlan by Cheree Cargill, art by Martynn ("Indy and Marion, now married, have settled into a quiet life in Connecticut. Quiet, that is, until Nazi agents kidnap Marion as bait to capture Indy and the ancient Spanish map he possesses. The map allegedly shows the location of a cache of Aztec gold and the Nazis mean to have it. Indy is just as determined that they won't and soon he and Marion are involved in a battle of wits and stamina with Nazi agents in the Mexican desert.") (105)
  • ads (147)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Karen River
flyer for issue #2, printed in A Tremor in the Force #3

Field Studies 2 was published in 1985 and contains 126 pages. Fiction (12 stories) by Martie Benedict, T.S. Weddell, Cheree Cargill, Patricia D'Orazio, Ann Wortham, Laura Virgil and Jeannie Webster. Art by Wanda Lybarger, Martynn, Suzy Sansom, Cheree Cargill and Laura Virgil.

From a flyer: "NOTE: This zine contains scenes of an adult nature. Please use your own discretion about ordering."

  • The Past is Prologue by Jeannie Webster (1943 and the war was not going well for the Germans. Hitler blamed it on the interference of an American named Jones. But he was setting plans in motion that would change that.)
  • A Day in the Life by Laura Virgil (Let's put it this way, the attempted rape by five co-eds, the subsequent faculty hearing and his summary dismissal from Marshall College was the high point of Indy's day!)
  • Pact with the Devil by T.S. Weddell (Germany in 1939 was no place to be if you were a Jew. Indy's colleague had managed to get out, but his wife and children remained behind, held by the Nazis. There was only one hope—Indy must retrieve a sacred relic for Hitler. There was no question of his failing; three lives depended on his success.)
  • The Crystal Skull by Cheree Cargill (Indy had only dreamed of ever seeing this incredible artifact, but other parties were determined to have it as well. And everyone overlooked the fact that the skull had a mind of its own.)
  • The Heart of the Scorpion by Patricia D'Orazio (The Sultan of Madagascar had hired Indy to find the bones of his long-dead ancestor. What Indy found was something else entirely...and it led to a large misunderstanding.)
  • Not My Day to Die by Martie Benedict
  • Fate's Helping Hand by Ann Wortham
  • A Long Way to Dally by Marie Benedict (For Indy andWillie, It really was a long way to Delhi...and it was getting hotter and hotter the farther they went!)
  • filks Martie Benedict
  • poetry by Beth Lentz
  • cartoons by Martynn and Suzy Sansom, and puzzles by Lynda Vandiver and Marci Erwin

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Wanda Lybarger
flyer for issue #3

Field Studies 3 was published in January 1994 and contains 126 pages. It features 11 stories by Cheree Cargill, Dani Lane, Z.P. Florian, Debbie Kittle, Juliet Sleeman, Jeannie Webster, T.S. Weddell, and Laura Vigil. Color covers by Wanda Lybarger and Dianne Smith. Interior art by Gerald Crotty and others.

  • Casualties of War by Jeannie Webster, art by Gerald Crotty (Shanghai in 1932 was a wonderful and fascinating place, especially for two young boys learning the ways of the streets. Wonderful, that is, until an act of violence and a tall American forever changed the life of one of them.)
  • Indiana Jones and the Scarab of Isis by Karen Finch, art by Z.P. Florian. (The Carnarvon dig in the Valley of the Kings was a wonderful opportunity for a new archaeologist like Indy. But a mysterious artifact and an even more mysterious woman lead him to a discovery he had not anticipated.)
  • Adventurer for Hire by Cheree Cargill and Laura Virgil, art by Wanda Lybarger (If the places Indy had visited in reality were magical and intriguing, the places in his imagination went one step beyond.)
  • Patan by T.S. Weddell, art by Dani (It had been nearly ten years since Indiana Jones had promised to return and take Marion Ravenwood away. Now, with her father dead, her life in shambles, and her future bleak, Marion knew who was to blame for her misery.)
  • The Last Dragon written and illustrated by Z.P. Florian (A dark castle in the Transylvanian hills, a gruesome murder, and an enigmatic stranger lure Indy into an encounter from his nightmares.)
  • Right Course, Wrong Semester by Juliet Sleeman (Called away to a pending dig, Indy entrusts his Archaeology 101 class to his father - the Professor from Hell.)
  • Decisions and Revisions by T.S. Weddell, art by Martynn (Because of a foolish decision, Indy has lost Marion. Pride and despair bar his way to going after her and it takes a heart-to-heart with his father before Indy realizes that time is too fleeting to allow:regret to keep him from righting the mess he has made of his life.)