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Dates: 1996-present
Fandom: Star Wars
URL: The
Click here for related articles on Fanlore. is a long-running Star Wars news site. It started as "Texas A&M University's Star Wars Page." In 1997, debuted. The site provides information about films, television, literature and other events related to the franchise.

There is a whole section on the site called Fandom News, with information about conventions, memorabilia, online discussions and more. There is a sister site titled about collecting.

Jedi Council Forums

Much fan activity on the site takes place on the Jedi Council forums, where fans discuss the films, books and TV shows associated with Star Wars. There are forums for fans to discuss their fan activities including fanart, fan films, collecting memorabilia and cosplay.

There is a large community of writers sharing and discussing fanfiction, both Star wars specific fanfic and non-SW fanfic on the forum. Their work was previously post on TFN's dedicated fanfic archive. Since that site went down, much of the fanfic created by this community is only available on the forum, with only a small number of writers cross posting on other archives.

There's also an entire forum dedicated to roleplaying.

FanForce also mantains forums here. Fanforce is an extension of TheForce.Net and is about getting fans together and helping them meet and interact with other fans in their "physical" community. Conventions, movie screenings, book signings, etc., can all be a part of the Fanforce experience.[1]

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