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Title: Perceptions
Publisher: De-Van Press
Editor(s): Lynda Vandiver and Joyce Devine
Date(s): December 1984
Medium: print
Fandom: Harrison Ford, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, other Harrison Ford roles
Language: English
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Perceptions is a 98-page zine with fiction, filks, and art based on Harrison Ford characters.

front cover, Cheryl Fint

It includes fan fiction from Star Wars, the Indiana Jones movies, and other films starring Ford. The art is by Suzy Sansom, Barbara F. Simon Cheryl Fint, Cheree Cargill, J.R. Dunster, and Bonnie Burns.

In the submission request, the creators stated that "ALL stories must conform to Lucas guidelines," a nod to the controversy sparked by Open Letter to Star Wars Zine Publishers by Maureen Garrett three years earlier.

From the zine:
It was our goal to open the pages of PERCEPTIONS to all authors - the great, the good, the not so good. Everyone has a right to be apart of the fantasy and we will not stand in their way. We have the pleasure to do it differently.

From the Submission Request

The submission request in Far Realms #6 (May 1984) was detailed and contained a perplexing statement regarding "integrity." It also suggested (likely due to poor punctuation) that the two editors were married to the same man...

a 1984 submission request printed in Far Realms #6

KENNY: What traumas must he face as he tries to put his life back together?

HAN: Freed of carbon but now caught in the "tender" trap, what lies ahead?

INDY: What digs have you explored with Prof. Jones?

HALLORAN: Is there one true love?

TOMMY: Can law-abiding be as much fun as law-breaking?

DECKARD: What memories does Rachael have today?

BARNSBY: The war ain't over yet -- will he blow it again?

As a rainbow catches a ray of light and sprays it into a million colors so Harrison has captured a personality and presented a myriad of expressions. Join us in the delight of sharing these individual expressions with others.


all submissions typed or printed clearly
NO EXPLICIT SEX SCENES don't submit them we don't want to read them even by accident
keep language ACAP (as clean as possible)


pen and line drawings
little or no shading
8X10 or smaller size
photocopy (no originals please)
we reserve the right to reduce your ill but we will not chop it up


1. We don't claim professionalism in anything. This is for fun; we will do our best but English majors we ain't.
2. We will not impose personal opinion on your story, the only requirement is to stay in character and make sense.
3. Prompt response to all material submitted (we don't like waiting six months either.)
4. We're interested in all size pieces from tiny poems to one shots and everything in between but you must fill a page to receive a contribution copy.
5. ALL CONTRIBUTIONS, INQUIRIES, ETC. MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A SASE. (they don't give stamps away at the PO)
6. Deadlines will be met or submission waits until next issue (BIG DREAMERS - issue 2 already)
7. Our target date will be September 1, 1984

We are currently seeking interest in this new venture. If there is an acceptable amount of response before May 1, 1984, we will proceed with publication. We must have all interest submissions, inquiries, etc before this date.

Due to finances and time the zine will run approximately one hundred pages published yearly (maybe sooner but time tables fluctuate according to our husband's indigestion)

Anyone interested in any capacity, please contact us with your thoughts. But due to past experiences I will make one warning: if you don't know what integrity means don't bother submitting. We're like the marines, we're looking for a few good fens.

We are willing to try..... now WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!!

From the Editorial

We hope you enjoy this effort. The glory goes to the authors. We just stuck it together. It doesn't seen a Fan Q Award, we just wanted to give everyone a shot at fandom. We didn't strive for professionalism, we just did this for fun.

Publishing is a once in a life time experience, and that is exactly what we intend to make it. ONCE in a life time. We are writers and that is where our hear lies. We miss the excitement of putting a plot together and watching our ideas grow. We have ideas and no time to work on them. This has been fun and we've learned, but it doesn't meet our creative needs. Several have asked for a sequel to "Journey" -- maybe we'll look at that possibility in '85. Right now, we just want to rest, enjoy the holiday, and wait for the new year. We plan new dreams, new stories, new goals. We're grateful for all the new friends and all the wonderful support we've had during months of work. Your interest has kept us going. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

To the Authors and Artists a BIG thank you......... for trusting us with your creative endeavors. We wish you much success in the field of fan writing and illustrating. We hope you find the handling of your work to your satisfaction. We handled it as we would want others to handle ours, with respect for your efforts and your ideas. This zine is yours. The stories are yours. The dreams are yours. We were only your instruments in offering it to the world of fandom. We sincerely appreciate your allowing us this honor.


  • Editorial (1)
  • Welcome New Authors (2)
  • Dreams - Kenny Boyd, poem by Joyce Devine (3)
  • This Girl is a Woman Now - Marion - filk by Jeannie Webster (4)
  • This Nearly Was Mine - Indiana Jones - filk by Jeannie Webster (5)
  • Tripping the Light Fantastic - Han Solo - fiction by Barbara Anderson ("Why when he's watching the prettiest most graceful dancer alive does Han have that sinking feeling of doom?") (reprinted in Flip of a Coin #10) (6)
  • Hooked on Ford -- Harrison Ford - very personal essay written in November 1982 by Joyce Devine (The topic is her journey to fandom. It also has a focus of how hard and lonely it is to be a housewife and mother, the value of female friendships, and the value of fantasy.) (26)
  • Angel Unawares - Tommy Lillard from The Frisco Kid by Cheree Cargill ("A cold and saddle weary Tommy Lillard rides into the life of a widow." This story was "inspired by the song "Wyoming Wind" by Martie Benedict.") (30)
  • Ford's Philosophies and Tommy's Tora [sic] (35)
  • Metamorphosis - Rick Deckard from Blade Runner by Sally Syrjala ("Deckard takes a moment to contemplate life.") (36)
  • Word Search Puzzles by Lynda Vandiver (41)
  • Play It Again, Han - Han Solo - filk to the tune of "As Time Goes By," by Maggie Nowakowska ("I always thought Han's theme should have a little sax...") (42)
  • The Wedding - Han Solo -- fiction by J. Clark Mason and Cathy Mason ("Han & Leia's wedding days -- need we say more?") (44)
  • Corellian Calendar by Lynda Vandiver (53)
  • Galactic Bumper Stickers by Joyce Devine and Lynda Vandiver (60)
  • Farewells I and II - Indiana Jones -- vignette by Ann Wortham (61)
  • Hidden Perils by Carolyn Golledge ("Han develops amnesia after an accident. Believing Chewbacca has attacked him, he "escapes" from the Falcon only to meet Darth Vader." Another summary: "An injured Han can't remember what happened to him, only that his 'friend' Darth Vader was there to help him.") (reprinted in Bright Center of the Universe #2 and Never Say Die) (65)
  • Service Directory by Joyce Devine and Lynda Vandiver (96)
  • Word Search Puzzles by Lynda Vandiver (97)
  • Ads (98)
  • Puzzle Solutions (inside back cover)