Silver Spheres

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Title: Silver Spheres
Editor(s): Jill S. Wells
Date(s): 1988
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Starman (TV)
Language: English
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front cover

Silver Spheres is a gen 74-page Starman (TV) anthology with stories by Jean L. Stephenson. It has no interior art.

The zine contains fifteen stories and vignettes and two poems. All are prequels, sequels, or expansions of Starman episodes, such as how the Lockharts came to raise Scott Hayden, Jr., Paul Forrester's first meeting with Steven Putnam, Joanna and Eric Kendall talk about Paul, etc. Vignettes with Fox's point of view are interspersed throughout.

From the editorial page:
Poems, stories, typing and insanity by Jean L. Stevenson, support and proof-reading by Bill VandeWater, Anne E. Zeek and Juanita Salicrup, back cover art by Mary Stacy MacDonald and star graphic by Russell Roman. This one is dedicated to all our mothers and to the mother I wish to be... Now, go! Read what you paid for!
From the editorial:

This is a zine taken from the movie and subsequent television series of STARMAN. Now, if you require an explanation, the TV show took the point of view that Jenny Hayden's child might eventually have a need for the father to return. Various adventures ensued.

In these stories I'm attempting to celebrate several of the marvelous aspects of the series: the on-going, steadily growing relationship between father and son; secondary characters with such life and reality that they seemed perfectly capable of supporting stories entirely separate from the mainline; a philosophy that said life and love can be strong enough to change the world; and finally, the interesting character of the very human being whose death left a more sturdy vessel for the Starman's second and longer visit. We mostly learned of Paul Edward Forrester after he died. But what we learned hinted at tragedy—the loss of a man with great talent growing out of a bruised and loving heart....

One important thing. I've only scratched the surface of this delightful series. If you're interested, do look for someone who has the tapes. It rewards a viewer's attention.


  • The Dream ("The Return" and "Like Father, Like Son") (1)
  • The Search (14)
  • The Photographer (15)
  • The Search (26)
  • The Message ("The Return" and "Like Father, Like Son") (27)
  • The Search (30)
  • The Other ("The Gift") (31)
  • Peregrine (poem) (34)
  • The Soul ("The Gift") (35)
  • The Search (40)
  • The Difference ("Appearances" (41)
  • The Search ("Barriers") (58)
  • The Wife ("Starscape") (49)
  • The Search (54)
  • The Spirit ("Fathers and Sons") (59)
  • Tachyon Space (poem) by George Fox (66)
  • The Heart (67-74)