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You may be looking for the Michigan con called T'Con.

Star Trek Convention
Name: T'Kon
Dates: 1990s
Frequency: o
Location: The Novotel in Coventry, England
Type: fan-run
Focus: Star Trek
Founder: Susan Whiffin?
Founding Date:
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T'Kon is a Star Trek series of cons that were held in England.


  • the GOH was Stephen Gould

Con Report for 1990

We got back to the hotel to find that the competition lists were up, so we signed up for several of the games, and then went to look at the photos for the caption contest. I then distinguished myself by asking the guest If he knew where the entry slips were! While I'm on the subject, the guest was Stephen Gould, who was a. founder member of Oxford University Dungeons and Dragons and has advised various Sci-Fi writers such as Brian Aldiss on matters such as computer hacking… After supper we went to inspect the graffiti board and add our contributions. Among mine was "I need more Data -- T. Yar," to which someone later added "I need more input -- Data," ha ha ha. We wandered over to the bar, which was serving T'Kon cocktails such as Worf's Water and Data's Delight… [1]


Coventry, England. The Guest of Honor was John Carrigan. October 18-20, 1991


April 1-4, 1994. Venue: The Norfolk Gardens Hotel in Bradford. GOH: Armin Shimerman, John Carrigan

Some photos are here.[2]


  1. for more of this very long con report, you'll have to read IDIC #13
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