Starbase Ten

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Title: Starbase Ten, then Star Base One"
Publisher: Starbase Command, a club out of Chicago
Editor(s): Dean Calin & Maria Kumpf (issue #1), Kristen Halversen & Dean Calin (issue #2), Coleen Cunningham (issue #3)
Type: club zine
Date(s): 1975
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Starbase Ten is a Star Trek: TOS club zine for the fan club Starbase Command.

This zine became Fleet.

Name Change

The first two issues were titled "Starbase Ten." The third issue underwent a title change and became "Star Base One." (Star Base 1 on cover)

When Starfleet command was first created. it was only natural that the club's zine have a name of a Starfleet Related Object. The first thing that came to mind, and stuck, was STARBASE TEN. After looking into the name, and what Starfleet really is, SB TEN became inappropriate. You'll understand when we present a detialed explanation of STARBASE ONE in the next issue. You'll be facinated [sic].

Issue 1

Starbase Ten 1 was published in January 1975 and contains 10 pages.

  • Star Trek, Live! by Scott Sodaro (a fan's account of an event on November 7, 1975 at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana; Gene Roddenberry gave a talk, and he showed the blooper reels -- three reels lasting 15-20 minutes.) (1)
  • Contemplation by Dean Calin (a very short introspective fiction-y thing) (3)
  • a single LoC (3)
  • Editorial by Scott Sodoro ("Indeed, Star Trek does live, and it can happen, and hopefully will, if man doesn't go too far with science, mechanics, and medicine and destroy himself first. Star Trek scripts are screened by scientists, doctors, and mechanics before being released, in order that they could take out anything that would not come about by the year 2270 A.D. This was no ordinary science fiction show, it was science FACTion, the ultimate in science fiction, and now it's gone, at least for the time being. Has man gone as far as he can in the world of science fiction? Was Star Trek the ultimate? The limit? Logically, if man can't better himself in this field, the least he could do is return to the past and admit he was wrong, he misjudged the show,hecan't have better than the best. Bring Star Trek Back.") (4)
  • information about the first club meeting on December 14, 1974 (4)
  • UFO by Rudy Linke (short article about the existence of UFOS) (5)
  • this issue has a very short con report for WindyCon (6)
  • SF News by Dean Calin (a report on Discon)
  • List of Members
  • Sweet Surrender, fiction by Kumpf (8)
  • this issue has several small pieces of art and some cartoons by Scott Sodoro

Issue 2

Starbase Ten 2 was published in 1975 and contains 24 pages.

It has a few small illustrations, a article called "Nature's Speed Limit -- The Speed of Light," club meeting dates, some info about cons, some poems, news, some very short fiction, a joke about Henry Kissinger, and some letters (both real and fake). The vast majority of the zine, however, is made up of intricate club bylaws and rules. Contributors to this issue were Kristen Halversen, Dean Calin, Coleen Cunningham, Maria Kumpf, June Matayoshi, Scott Sodaro, Steve Herr, and David K. Vanderberg.

Issue 3

front cover of issue #3 (v.2 n.1)
back cover of issue #3

Star Base One 3 was published in May or June 1975. This is the first issue with the new title.

Printed on 14 double-sided pages, with a light blue cover, the "binding" is three metal staples. Contributors are Coleen Cunningham, Dean Calin, Hank Andrews, Jeff Burton, Owen Jasek, Randy Kaempen, Steve Herr, Maria Kumpf, Rudy Linke, and Scott Sodaro.

  • Star Speck by Jeff Burton
  • Bylaw Changes
  • Flight 743 by Owen Jasek
  • Uniforms!
  • fiction and poems
  • Starship Registry reprinted from the Starfleet Handbook, by Dean Calin & Geoffrey Mandel
  • Space Command Ranking System
  • word find puzzles
  • lots of pen and ink drawings
  • the Denebian Alphabet
  • a Vulcan timeline