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Name: SaltCon
Dates: October 14-15, 1977
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Focus: Star Trek: TOS & Science Fiction
Founding Date:
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SaltCon was a one-time Star Trek and Science Fiction con in Salt Lake City, Utah that was held on October 14-15, 1977.

Some guests of honor: Amy Falkowitz, Jerry Pournelle, Alan Dean Foster, the Heinleins, Susan Sackett, George Takei and Michael Goodwin.

Reactions and Reviews

Other Trekfan guests were Paula Smith, Judith Brownlee, Carrie Brennan, D.T. Steiner, and Kathy Penland. In my opinion, this was a good con; most of the committee had never run one before, and considering that, it was certainly a better than average con. There were a few minor programming organizational hassles, but I had a good time. I was on five panels; an intro to fandom panel featuring Trek, sf, SCA, and Man from U.N.C.L.E.. Then one Saturday, I had my panel on ST music (almost a flop due to poor scheduling), a ST fanpanel, a fanzine panel/workshop, and a ST-writers panel. Of course, all of us were on these panels, which didn't go too bad given the kind of con (not too many 'active fans') and the film and pro-guest competition we had. The ST fan panel and the fan-writers panel were highlighted by Paula Smith reading aloud part of 'The Secret of Star Hollow' [1] Anyway, aside from some odd bits of mild antagonism between myself and one other fan guest, and a couple of weird happenings, and Jerry Pournelle becoming obnoxiously full of himself at times, it really was a very good con... besides my 'dragon master' robe took first place in Fantasy at the Masquerade and was voted best of show..." [2]


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