Supraman: The Movie Parody (slide show)

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Title: Supraman: The Movie Parody
Creator: Gordon Carleton
Date(s): 1981?
Medium: visual, slide show
Fandom: Superman
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Supraman: The Movie Parody was a slide show by Gordon Carleton that was shown at many cons and fan gatherings.

From a 1986 T'Kuhtian Press catalog:
SUPRAMAN: THE MOVIE PARODY is a script! It's a slide show! It's in print! Based on Gordon Carleton's "Supraman; The Movie Parody" slide show, more involved than his "City On The Edge Of Whatever" slide show/coloring book, with more than four times the number of slides, this printed version of Gordon's parody of the four recent SUPERMAN movies contains the complete script and half-tone photo reproductions of the slides, which were combined photographic/drawings. Watch for the slide show at a convention near you!