City on the Edge of Whatever Slide Show

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Title: City on the Edge of Forever Slide Show
Creator: Gordon Carleton
Date(s): around 1976
Medium: visual, slide show
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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City on the Edge of Whatever was a Star Trek: TOS narrated slide show by Gordon Carleton that was shown at many cons and fan gatherings.

The first con is was shown at was Toronto Star Trek '76 where Harlan Ellison was present.

This show was made into a zine in April 1977: City on the Edge of Whatever Coloring Book.

flyer printed in Warped Space #22

From a 1976 flyer:

City on the Edge of Whatever started out as a slide show. I wrote the script and drew the panels that became the slides. It is performed with live readings from the script as the slides were shown. City is based partially on Harlan Ellison's original script of 'City on the Edge of Forever' as it was not produced, partially on the aired version of the Star Trek episode, and partially on the Strektacular convention debacles in Chicago and New York City. Mostly Chicago. I gofered that con. City on the Edge of Whatever was originally produced for SeKWester*Con in April, 1976. (How I finished it in time I'll never know.) Since then, City has been on the convention circuit to such places as Toronto, Salt Lake City, New York City, and my living room. Toronto had to be the best. Harlan saw City in Toronto. Harlan liked it. Boy, did Harlan like it!

Reactions and Reviews


Also, for those of you poor derelict souls out there who have never seen Gordon's incredible "City on the Edge of Whatever" -- do try. We hope that it can go to several cons in the sometime future. It rather rakes Harlan and "City..." over the coals, but nonetheless, one of the most enjoyable experiences of the convention for me, was watching Harlan alternately pointing at the screen and guffawing, and oozing gout of his chair, weak from laughter. Maybe WS would publish it as a special edition? The "City on the Edge of Whatever" coloring book.[1]


It's funny, but makes more sense if one attended the con it satirizes. It's best appreciated by those who either love or hate Harlan Ellison, in other words, everyone, and those who have seen [the slide show] more than six times. [2]


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